Plant that looks like Japanese Knotweed

I am trying to get an ID of a plant that I thought was Japanese Knotweed but probably isn't I would like to e-mail pictures to someone who can help me figure out what it is. I have mire pictures and a side by side of the leaves of knotweed and this other plant Thank you



Erie County PA over 4 years ago

My wife is chemically sensitive. Our apartment complex is doing extensive...

My wife is chemically sensitive. Our apartment complex is doing extensive landscaping and putting down lots of new topsoil and mulch. Do you know if topsoil/mulch are normally pre-treated with pesticides or herbicides before sale?


Baltimore County MD mulch topsoil over 4 years ago

home grown vegetables

I am having trouble with radishes & beets-- planting with seed strips so crowding is not a problem-- most of the plants grow too much tops but do not develop into good size root of eating size -- frequently go straight to flowers-- does not happen to some of plants which grow normally -sent a soil sample in last year when an increase in N was suggested-- I do fertilize with Miracle Grow early-- soil is clay heavy but have added compost-- carrots are OK-- why do some grow fine but most do not ?


Hennepin County MN fruits and vegetables gardening horticulture over 4 years ago

cutting back Concord grapes

I have some very old Concord grape plants that were severely trimmed early spring due to the arbor they were on fell down. I now have to figure out a new way to trellis or arbor them. It would help if I could trim them back even more. Is July too late to do any cutting back of the main stalk or the vines? I have a wild and tangled mess. Help!


Jackson County OR grapes horticulture over 4 years ago

Locust tree bark problem

I have a mature locust tree in my yard which has bark missing in two places at the base, and one place about 10 feet up in the tree. One place is about 1 foot square, and the other two ar about 6 inches square. The bark is completely gone, leaving a hard yellow surface showing. the problem showed up after we were gone for 3 1/2 weeks.
Is this likely a disease, or is it a rodent problem? What can we do about it?


Denver County CO trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

To whomever: I recently bought a new house in Levitt Bowie (for reference),...

To whomever: I recently bought a new house in Levitt Bowie (for reference), which has a variety of landscaping existing. One of the shrubs appears to be a mature (very mature) Eunonymus Grandifolius. It was a bit overgrown, so I got to trimming it yesterday. Once I sheered it back from where it was intruding on my porch, I noted it is significantly infected with gnarly growths. It appears to me (I am not noted for green thumbs) that the shrub is thriving, but it has these growths ALL OVER it.. (perhaps "crown galls?") Is it something to be concerned about? Is it treatable? Does the shrub need to be removed? Any feedback you could provide would be welcome.. Thanks, Paul


20130707_0006_300x300%2523 20130707_0007_300x300%2523 20130707_0004crop_300x300%2523

Prince George's County MD shrubs euonymus crown gall over 4 years ago

4-H Climat Change resources

I have been asked where a cooperative extension intern can find youth climate change resources.


Tompkins County NY over 4 years ago

Limited English Proficiency

How many Land Grant universities have an LEP plan?


Franklin County KY limited english proficiency plan land-grant universities over 4 years ago

Huisache herbicide

What are the best herbicide treatments for huisache, including those that can be used by a non-professional, non-licensed individual?


Jackson County TX herbicides horticulture over 4 years ago

Black fungus taking over my yard

Hi, we have a small fenced back yard with Bermuda or what was. It appears its being over run by some type of black fungus. I read online that using dawn dish soap (weird) would work, also lemon juice ( I assume for the ph) would help. Neither have worked and its spreading. The fungus has a terrible odor as well. We also have a dog that uses the yard, I'm sure it doesn't help. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the fungus? What's the best way to defend the grass from dog urine?


Img_0488_1__300x300%2523 Img_0489_1__300x300%2523 Img_0490_1__300x300%2523

Greenville County SC lawns and turf disease issues horticulture over 4 years ago


We have two female chickens. A quick back story of why we only have two: We started with six. One died as a chick; one escaped as a teen; the two roosters were getting very aggressive so we had to let them go to a farm; and now there are two. The female is a Sultan, about 3 years old. She is the one we are concerned about. She was always very loving and sweet. Now she's rather grumpy and sometimes tries to peck me when I try to pet her! The other female is a red sex-link the same age. She is definitely the boss, but in a friendly way! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


Pasco County FL poultry over 4 years ago

Question about Painted Maple tree for Colorado

At the Denver Botanic Garden there is a wonderful painted maple tree. I'm just wondering if this variety would grow well in Louisville, Colorado, east of Boulder. My soil is a mixture of clay, sand, and is quite rocky.



Boulder County CO trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

E coli and Houseplants

If my well water is contaminated with e coli, and I water my houseplants with it; will the bacteria kill "some" of the plants? I have a 20 yr old pregnant onion plant/pearls/seeds is how it continues to propagate over the years, I recently moved to Iowa from Texas and California is where I brought the plants from 20 yrs ago. The plant looked and grew better and bigger for the last 2 yrs and went through 2 springs and birthings, due to the move in mid-April of this year, and now it's leaves have all died; the bulbs are intact and healthy, not squishy. I lost a Vicks plant as well, but the remainder of my house plants survived and thrive. I am very puzzled and this is a pride and joy and rare plant indeed, its ancestor seeds spring from Germany in the mid 1800's.


Kossuth County IA over 4 years ago

Parentucellia Viscosa

Help, My back pasture is full of parentucellia viscosa and I understand it may be poison to livestock. How do I kill this weed?


Lane County OR weed issues horticulture over 4 years ago

New lawn turning brown

I started over with the lawn in my back yard two years ago. I killed what was there and reseeded. I have worked hard to keep it watered and weeded and the lawn has been looking lush and green. I also have been fertilizing with Turf Trust 4 times a year according to their instructions. I have been very happy with how it has looked but this spring (2013) brown patches have appeared and have spread over much of the area. Do you know what the problem is?


Prince William County VA over 4 years ago

dead and dying ants in our house

We have been inundated with large black dead and dying (convulsing) ants. We don't use pesticides or other chemicals around our house. Can we get these ants tested? What is going on? Thank you, Aaron (living in Portland)


Multnomah County OR insect issues ants over 4 years ago

Rutger's Dogwood Trees

Hello I have two Rutger's Dogwood trees growing within 15 feet of each other. The conditions are identical (both trees are approximately 4 to 5 years old). They were planted by Waterloo Gardens . One tree has leaves that appear to be shriveled at the top. The leaves on the lower branches appear normal. This cultivar is supposed to be resistant to the disease that has plagued dogwoods. Have you any suggestions? Waterloo Gardens (who planted the tree is out of business).


Rutger's_dogwood_lower_leaves_dsc0041_300x300%2523 Rutger's_dogwood_top_of_tree_dsc0038_300x300%2523

Philadelphia County PA trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

cherry tree

I am renting a house and have two cherry trees. I thought I should wait for the fruits to be the stereotypical red, but at that point they are rotting on their stems. The ones that are just a little red seem sweet. I tasted a few with no red and they are sour, but I cannot tell if it is because they are not ripe or because they are supposed to be sour cherries. The home owner does not remember what it is- I think his ex-wife planted them, lol. Attached is a picture I took of the blossoms this spring



Worth County IA fruit trees over 4 years ago

Almond trees

I was wondering if almond trees would do well in the texas panhandle... if so , what kinds do best... Thanks!
Amarillo Texas


Randall County TX trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

Garden Boxes

I have some raised garden boxes, but it appears they are made from treated lumber. I have a concern regarding the toxicity of the plants growing in them. We found a dead rabbit that appeared to have eaten a bean plant. The boxes look new (within the last year).


Berrien County MI fruits and vegetables over 4 years ago

We have a large red fungus growing on the bark and foot of one of our trees...

We have a large red fungus growing on the bark and foot of one of our trees in our back yard. The fungus resembles large red mushrooms and in some cases it looks like a flower. We have removed it on three occasions and it just seems to stimulate the growth. Can you tell us how to get rid of it? Thanks


Montgomery County OH over 4 years ago

crazy cabbage

I bought some cabbage plants and when they started to grow they looked like it may be Chinese cabbage. But then all of a sudden a shoot from the center started to grow and it got about 2 feet tall and have small yellow flowers. It is not broccoli or cauliflower because I have grown those before. Any ideas what kind it may be. Thank you


York County ME fruits and vegetables chinese cabbage bolting horticulture over 4 years ago

Large Beatle

We have large beatles flying around our yard, they don't seem to see very well but they are aggressive. Do you know what they are? They are as large as bumble bees and have some have a green marking on their backs. I have never seen anything like it before. Do you know what they are. My phone number is 717-792-4768. Thank you. Michele Wallick


York County PA over 4 years ago

What is the matter with my William Baffin climbing rose?

This well established rose has been blooming quite well but now looks sickly and leaves are coming off. Can you tell me what I need to do to restore it?


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Ramsey County MN horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

Is there any chance that if I leave them in the ground that they may come back????

I planted 12 sweet pepper plants on May 27th and put on an insect grade floating row cover. They were growing beautifully. Then this past Friday when I removed the row cover to take a look, I found that 5 of them were completely wilted. They were all the smaller of the 12 plants and the others are growing perfectly. However, even though they are wilted, the leaves are completely green and when I tug on the plants, I can't pull them out so the roots must be solid. What could have caused this???? Thanks, Barbara


Howard County MD vegetables peppers floating row cover sweet peppers wilting sweet peppers sweet peppers leaf wilt peppers wilting over 4 years ago

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