Black sooty mold on my camellia

One of my camellias has black sooty mold (exactly like the photo on the Timber Press Web site of 5.31.2012). It is a large bush (about 8 feet tall) and seems to get morning and afternoon sunlight, depending on the season. The mold is not on all the leaves, mostly on the shadier side of the plant and more of the leaves at the bottom of the plant than at the top. The flowers are gorgeous currently. I see no evidence of ants but do see evidence of small, white, soft, cocoon-like things on the back of some of the leaves. How can I get rid of this problem? Should I cut back some of the infected branches to increase the amount of sunlight into the plant's interior? What is neem oil, and should I use it? Thank you in advance for your response.


Douglas County OR disease issues camellias horticulture about 4 years ago

How to ammend clay soil?

I live in Houston, TX. My back yard has one patch that has lot of clay. St. Augustine grass does not grow in that patch. I am looking for suggestions to fix the problem.

Will adding gypsum help break clay?


Harris County TX horticulture about 4 years ago

sloping ground

How best to apply fertilizer on a sloping hillside? Also, is lime beneficial for treating moss, and if so, how to apply on slopes?


Whatcom County WA about 4 years ago

Wood Ash

I burned wood in my garden. Should I remove the ash or work it in the soil?


OUTSIDEUS about 4 years ago

Limbing Pine Trees

I have been told that since pine trees get their nutrition and water from their needles, cutting off healthy limbs of pine trees can reduce their nutrient and water supply and expose them to wind-born fungal diseases and insects. Please comment and clarify this for me.

Thank you


Park County CO trees and shrubs about 4 years ago

How do we start a community garden?

Our church wants to start a community garden, but we don't know how to begin. We have talked about it for about a year now and need information on how to get started. We haven't decided if we will be planting in containers or on our church property, and what kinds of vegetables/plants to grow. We are willing to start small and expand later. We just need help getting started.


Scott County IA about 4 years ago

Gopher spurge

Is gopher spurge considered invasive in Oregon? There is a lot growing in my front yard and I'm wondering if I should pull it up. Thank you.


Douglas County OR weed issues weed management horticulture about 4 years ago

Yew tree transplant

I have a Yew tree next to the driveway that I would like to move. The tree was here when we moved in ,18 years ago. It's not really a tree, we have kept it short. It's only about 3 ft. tall with a 4'' trunk. The reason I want to move it is so it can really grow. Is it possible to move this tree without damage or would I be better off to leave it where it is?


Multnomah County OR trees and shrubs horticulture about 4 years ago

I have used a systemic control for my Hibiscus plants for the last two years...

I have used a systemic control for my Hibiscus plants for the last two years after I bring them in for the season. Each plant is robust with 20 to 25 buds as typical. The Blossoms do well but no new blossoms. Does systemic pest control cause failure to bloom? Plants thrive,they become as big as 4 ft.


Mille Lacs County MN about 4 years ago

Will artificial light (light from a light bulb) affect/harm my plant's dormancy?

Will artificial light (light from a light bulb) affect/harm my Venus fly trap's dormancy? I do not know how old the plant is. It's about 3 inches in diameter. It is still in the container I bought it in (a small plastic pot with moss). I plan on repotting it in a bigger pot later. The plant has some traps (or however they're called) that are black, and the whole plant is limp. I found some information that said this is normal for the plant when it is in its dormancy period. Since it needs to be cool during dormancy, I have kept it on the sill of a west-facing window in my dorm room (the only cool place in the room). The temperature there specifically is in the 50s even though the rest of the room is in the 70s. I would like to keep it there because the sunlight it gets is controlled by the real world and not by me. However, during the night, a light is turned on outside the window that hits the plant. Will this artificial light affect the dormancy? If so, will shutting the blinds/blocking the light at night fix the light problem? I cannot shut off that light or nor do I have another window.



Douglas County NE houseplants lrk venus fly trap about 4 years ago

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