Spider mites

How do i get rid of spider mites on my mandevilla


Winneshiek County IA about 18 hours ago

how to cook Symplocarpus foetidus

Could you recommend a online source for safely cooking Symplocarpus foetidus Thanks Jo


Prince George's County MD food preparation horticulture skunk cabbage about 19 hours ago

What bug is this?

What bug is this ? Is this a bed bug ?



OUTSIDEUS insect identification 1 day ago

No more fruit

My tree when it had fruit it was only 4 or 5. Last year it had 3 and only 1 ripened. This year no fruit. Tree is over 10 years old and is american. What is its problems?


Tuolumne County CA fruit trees 1 day ago

winter pruning

Due to the higher winter temperatures this year, i would like to know if it's ok to start pruning my orchard in january?


Montgomery County MD fruit plant care pruning 1 day ago

Raised beds soil composition

We are building beds 24 inches and 33 inches high for seniors to garden in. What proportions of garden soil and compost should we use? to what depth? Could we use cardboard to fill the bottom of the 33 inch beds? All are 4 x 8 feet.


Pierce County WA raised beds gardens 1 day ago

identifiable rooster characteristics in a chick

Can the saddle be seen in a chick? Can the cape?


Linn County IA poultry 1 day ago

grape vines

When is the best time to prune overgrowth on grape vines


Shiawassee County MI pruning grapevines 2 days ago

Thorny Viney tangled mess taken over state park

I took these photos a few days ago (January 2020) so maybe that's why there are no leaves on these thorny vines, but there are still lots of green stems. Taken at Pocomoke River State Park Shad Landing on Maryland's lower Eastern Shore. The thorny vine tangles are so dense and so pervasive that you can't walk through the woods. Are these native or invasive?


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Worcester County MD plant identification vines native smilax greenbrier 2 days ago

grounds management

What advice could you offer as regards "rewilding" or the allowance of a yard to promote the native species and a natural ecosystem?


Washtenaw County MI natural ecosystem native species 2 days ago

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