canning rataouille

I made a batch of ratatouille using the Moosewood Cookbook recipe. Can I add lemon juice and do hot water method of canning? Can I do something to make this recipe canning-safe? My other choice is the freezer, but prefer to can it-- it has tomatoes, zuchini, onions, eggplant and seasonings.


Multnomah County Oregon about 3 hours ago

current hog prices

with the fairs canceled we have some hog to sell, i have buyers but dont know what the current prices are. I have tried searching online and calling slaughter houses but cannot find current prices (only last years, or I get the " I dont know..look it up online"). what are hogs currently selling for, live weight and hanging weight?


Montmorency County Michigan about 4 hours ago

Southern magnolia or sweetbay magnolia?

I have several small plants that last year, when I discovered them in my yard, you said were magnolias. I assumed you meant sweetbay but I think they may be southern magnolias. The largest leaves are 9” long, alternate but not rusty-coloured on the underside. There are several growing in an area about 100 square feet and mostly in the shade. If they are southern magnolias, I clearly need to move them. Before I did up the lawn, where there is lots of space and full sun, can you confirm which kind they are. I live in the country and, as far as I know, there aren’t any magnolias in the area. Thank you


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Talbot County Maryland about 4 hours ago

Rhody problem

What can I do for this creek side rhody. I tried iron, magnesium, blood meal and heavy pruning. It is on a hill creek side. The rhody right next to - 3rd picture is healthier but barely


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Multnomah County Oregon about 4 hours ago

Steam leak around the lid

My canner had a steam leak today but the pressure held on the gauge at 11psi. I have an All-American so I have both of Gage and The Rocker is the food okay.


Athens County Ohio about 5 hours ago

Strawberry maintenance?

Hello, I have a raised bed planted in June-bearing strawberries that have grown quite dense since I planted them two years ago. What can I do now to keep them healthy? What is the right time of year to thin them? I read that I should have mowed or cut them to 2” above the crown in August (oops) — should I do this now or is it too late? Thank you! Master gardeners rock. :)


Multnomah County Oregon about 5 hours ago

Egg Plant issue

I have an egg plant issues and couldn't find the answer anywhere online. My plants look healthy, the fruit is nice shiny and purple although on the smaller side. But, when I cut it opened the seeds and inner area are black. The rest of it is creamy colored and the correct texture. I cannot figure out what the problem is in order to correct it. I've attached a picture so you can see what I'm talking about. (The mold is from sitting in the trash overnight. It's normally just black in the seed area with no fuzzy mold.)



Oakland County Michigan about 6 hours ago

Killing frost date hardness zone

What is the best guess date for the first killing frost date for hardness zone 5b Denver co


Denver County Colorado about 6 hours ago

Forgot to add lemon juice

Hello, I remembered that I didn’t add lemon juice to my canned salsa. It has been 36 hours since processing. Is it safe to add the lemon juice and reprocess. All jars were sealed and popped accordingly when I opened them


Jefferson County Colorado about 7 hours ago

My Oak Tree Died in Weeks!

We have several mature oak trees in the yard - white and red, although i don't know which is which. Recently one just died in less than a month. it had never had any issues previously and the top branches showed empty dead branches and then the whole tree went brown!!! We are very concerned about this and will have it removed in the spring if that's ok. We burn wood for heat and would like to take advantage of burning the wood but currently have several cords that we need to burn this winter to make room for more. I am concerned if the tree is hosting some type of bug or fungus that may affect other trees and maybe needs to be removed and hauled away immediately or if we can wait. And if it will affect any other trees or bushes. I'm attaching photos of when this started around July i guess and the full blown deadness of the tree a month later.


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Virginia Beach Virginia about 7 hours ago

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