Fig tree wood - what to do with it?


I just completed a massive pruning of an out of control fig tree on my property. I know it fruits nicely, but no idea what the cultivar is. Now I have a ton of fig wood on my property - what can/should I do with it? Can I burn it, mulch it, or am I best off clipping it down every few weeks into my yard waste bin? If I can burn it, how long should I dry the wood for? Thanks!


Multnomah County OR about 16 hours ago

Hello, I am a novice gardener, but I am looking for better water alternatives...

Hello, I am a novice gardener, but I am looking for better water alternatives for watering my plants. I live in Stow, OH and out here water our is city water and appears to have many suspended particles in the water around 250-350ppm. I do not know if this influences the plants and how it could harm their soils. I read on some online aquarium forums that it may be beneficial to water your plants with the water from an aquarium. In my aquarium at home, I have an 85-gallon tank with all freshwater fish, live plants, natural substrates, and actual wood within the aquarium. I was not sure if this information was useful or not, but I do have to change 1/4 of the water in my tank every week. Do you have any knowledge or data on water from controlled aquariums being beneficial in watering your plants? Let me know when you can. Thank you,


Summit County OH about 19 hours ago

Fruit Trees... use compost or mulch or both or neither

We have 6 fruit trees. 2 peaches, 3 apples, 1 Italian plum. About 7 years ago we planted the bare root peach trees, which grow vigorously but do not bear fruit. 5 years ago we planted young, small apple & plum trees. They are not bearing fruit and do not grow vigorously. The photo shows that we weed around each tree. This is unpleasantly labor intensive. Recently we applied white latex paint with bone meal to all of the trunks (applied after this photo)
We have been reading about compost and mulch for fruit trees. There are conflicting opinions. We would like your opinion and advise. Thank you!!



Multnomah County OR about 19 hours ago

Whitish powder near blueberries

I have 5 blueberry plants in my front yard, south facing. When I rake or cultivate near them, I sometimes see a white powder arise from the soil, like a fine dust. I wonder if it is a fungus? I do seem to have a lot of mushrooms in my yard, though not within 25 feet of this area. I'm sorry this powder doesn't photograph well. Any ideas what this is? Should I treat it? How? Thanks.


Clackamas County OR about 19 hours ago

Compost Worms

We live in SW Portland and are trying to find compost worms for our new bin. Any suggestions on where to get them locally? Thanks!


Multnomah County OR about 20 hours ago

housefly maggot

What do housefly maggots feed in manures?? which fruits peels can be used as alternative to manure in terms of composition??


OUTSIDEUS 1 day ago

Shrub identification

We bought a property with several mature plants. We need help identifying these three. Both pink flower plants bloom in May and the tree with the white flowers blooms in April. Any help is appreciated.


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Marion County OR 1 day ago

Rhodendrum problem

I have five rhodies in front of my house in Gold Beach, Or. Three are looking great but two have drooping, yellowing leaves. Do you know what the problem could be or what I need to do? Thanks! Kathy Mooney


Curry County OR 1 day ago

Avocado Plant - Potted and Leggy!

Hi from the UWS! I sprouted an avocado seed in June ‘20, then tossed it in a pot on my balcony and forgot about it. A couple of months later it had grown into a lovely little plant! When it got tall enough I trimmed it (per the internet’s suggestions) in an effort to make it shorter and bushier, but that didn’t work. Now that it lives indoors for the winter it’s grown a tall, spindly shoot with leaves on the top. I’m afraid to cut it again because I want it to live. I read an article suggesting I bend it and weigh it down, which would encourage leaves to sprout along the side of the long stem. Would that work? Open to any and all advice. I know it will never fruit but I love it and want to keep it healthy. Thank you!!


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New York County NY 1 day ago

My rock

Hello I was wondering what kind of rock I have and how much is it worth and it is bluish green with red and light red on it.


Los Angeles County CA 1 day ago

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