Plant identification

Hello. Can you help me identify this plant/ bush/ weed/ tree? There are plenty of them popping in next to my driveway. Thank you.


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Baltimore County Maryland plant identification sycamore sycamore seedling tree about 10 hours ago

Yard overrun by weeds

my sons new house has neglected yard overrun with weeds. What is the best way to reestablish the lawn? thanks ansar


Hennepin County Minnesota about 10 hours ago

Sugar Maple losing leaves

My sugar maple is about 20 years old and has for the last 2to 3 years has been dropping leaves in the summer. It is like it's early fall and the leaves turn yellow...dry up and fall off. It also looks like there are still seeds on the tree. The "helicopter" dried up but now looks like the seed pod is green and still on the tree. I have attached pictures.


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Scott County Minnesota about 12 hours ago

Plant ID help needed.

This plant is growing in a small (10' x 15') section of my yard that I recently cleared of tall grass. I live in Palmer Lake at 7200'. Any ideas as to what it is?


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El Paso County Colorado about 15 hours ago

Magnolia white flower tree for Minneapolis/ strange growth on some branches

My Magnolia is only 1 1/2 years old. Last year it had a fungus & all the leaves turned brown & YELLOW IN Sept & October & all the leaves fell off. So I only ended up with 7 flowers in the spring. I have been giving a fertilizer around the base of the tree to kill any fungus. So far so good. Now I notice a strange growth bulging out of some of the branches & they have a kinda while powder on the outside. Can you help me figure this out? I have not sprayed the tree with anything yet. Thank you Diane


Dakota County Minnesota magnolia trees about 16 hours ago

No Idea

Can you tell me what kind of hot pepper I planted, I seemed to have lost the stick that had it's name on it.



York County Maine about 16 hours ago

healthy Ash, seeds or sprouts (cont'd)

attached is a pic of the "j" hook sprout found throughout lawn



Ramsey County Minnesota about 16 hours ago

Ridding property of hogweed

How do you get rid of hogweed without using chemicals?


Tillamook County Oregon horticulture weed issues about 16 hours ago

very resistant yard weed

found in my shaded back yard, this plant has a 10" deep root! I've tried several weed killers, not fully effective. what might this be?



Ramsey County Minnesota horticulture weed identification about 16 hours ago

Black Growth on Bark of Apple Trees - How to Treat?

See photos below. I have a small home apple orchard and 2 of the trees have developed a black growth on the bark or lower trunk, now moving up. What is this and can I treat against it?


Tree_1_300x300%2523 Tree-1-close_300x300%2523 Tree-2_300x300%2523

Lane County Oregon fruit trees horticulture diagnosis of plant problems about 16 hours ago

Deformed rose leaves, chemical or virus?

I have 4-5 different rose bushes in a berm that are not right...two almost dead, and others beginning to have this leaf damage on different canes.
three photos rose bush one, has severely little new cane growth, severely distorted leaves, and one rose! Rose bush 2, no new cane growth, very damaged leaves in clusters, Rose bush 3, a climber, with very damaged wisps of leaves at the bottom and middle, dwarfed and thinner leaves, and then normal leaves. a person at O'Tooles said he thought it was chemical damage. Another says Rose Rosette.


Rose_bush_1_normal__tiny_and_distorted_leaves_300x300%2523 Rose_bush_2_dead_canes_and_distorted_leaves_300x300%2523 Rose_bush_3_lower_distored__m_tiny__upper_normal_leaves_300x300%2523

Colorado about 17 hours ago

Rodents raiding vegetable garden

We are having a rodent invasion in our vegetable garden, critters are literally lopping off plant starts. Our neighbor speculates that they are "mountain beavers" (Aplodontia rufa). Is there an effect control for this problem. There are holes in the ground all over the garden. I'm questioning whether it is worth round three of planting--or are we just feeding rodents?

Our professional pest control has placed rodent traps on our property (and in the garden), but we believe the traps are baited for Norway rats.


Tillamook County Oregon wildlife damage management horticulture vegetable gardening about 17 hours ago

Colorado Spruce top dying and stripped?

Can you tell from these photos what the likely culprit is and what we need to do or look for? This happened very quickly on an otherwise healthy 10' tree. Do we have to top the tree and train a new leader then? Would love any thoughts!


Tree_1_300x300%2523 Tree_2_300x300%2523

Douglas County Colorado about 18 hours ago

Can a dicamba be used on my lawn? I have many old trees.

Can a dicamba be used on my lawn? I have many old trees.


Hennepin County Minnesota herbicides dicamba use about 18 hours ago

Bitter Sweet Nightshade

over the past couple of years, my back yard has become inundated with this pesky vine. I can't seem to get a handle on getting it out of my yard. I don't use pesticides due to gardening, fruit trees, and my dogs that go out into the back yard. Any suggestions?


Douglas County Nebraska about 18 hours ago


This wasp is new to our landscape. We think it might be a Cicada killer. There are also what look like sand/ mud nests where they are " hanging out." Can you ID for us? Thanks!



Hennepin County Minnesota about 19 hours ago


We have an ever-growing bat colony that lives (as best we can tell) under the tiles in our roof and tucked into every available nook and cranny between the house and roof line. We also suspect that they are in parts of the attic. What can we do to encourage them to move on? Our main complaint is the bat guano that is getting on the deck, windows, etc. We love bats and certainly do not want to hurt them, but the guano is pretty gross. Also, what started out as a cute little group of bats now numbers in the many hundreds (if not thousand). Thanks for any ideas!


Deschutes County Oregon bats wildlife damage management about 20 hours ago

Pruning apple trees now

We have several small apple trees - all about 15 years old. They are bearing fruit this year but it is all infected despite our regular Neem treatments. I would like to simply prune the trees now, removing all fruit and extraneous limbs (and hopefully the disease vectors), and start over again next year. Will this harm my trees in any way? Any other thoughts?


Washington County Oregon disease issues pruning horticulture about 20 hours ago

Noxious weeds

I live by a Black Hawk Co. Park owned by City of Waterloo. The field next to my home is full of Canadian Thistle and has been getting worse over the years. It would be nice if the City would mow this but they won't. The thistle is in my yard and over the 30+ years of living here they have not maintained it other than letting what was a pheasant cover now fill with thistle and small trees. We were told that they would burn it to keep it for pheasant. Never done. The thistle is also a problem for the neighbor across the street who farms for Farmer's Market. Is there anything that can be done? The location is the 1100 blk of Martin Rd. Waterloo, IA.


Black Hawk County Iowa about 20 hours ago

Little bugs on the basswood trees?

We own a resort in Orr, MN and our grounds have many basswood trees. We recently noticed tiny little bugs on the leaves. We have never seen bugs like this before. They are eating the leaves. We don't know if this is related, but all around the trees on the ground is extremely sticky. We hope you can tell us what these bugs are, why they are showing up, and how we can get rid of them. Thank you!


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St. Louis County Minnesota about 20 hours ago

Big Branches Falling From Walnut Tree

I have a walnut tree about 60 feet tall. This summer, big branches from high atop the tree are breaking off and falling to the ground. These branches could hurt someone badly. We have had little rain and no storms or wind. These branches are loaded with walnuts. What is causing this to happen? It has happened three times within 10 days. I hate this, as it's a beautiful tree and has always looked healthy.


Jefferson County Missouri horticulture trees and shrubs about 22 hours ago

Pool Build and Tree

Hi, my wife and I are considering putting a pool in our back yard. Due to wetland/property setbacks, we are left with only one spot that would not encroach on these and that is next to a very large oak tree. I do not want to harm this tree, so my question is how close to this tree can we get without doing so? Attached are a few pictures to get an idea of this location. My guess is that there will be about 10-15 feet between the tree trunk and the pool.


20170727_090837_300x300%2523 20170727_090851_300x300%2523 20170727_090845_300x300%2523

Hennepin County Minnesota about 22 hours ago

Utility work damaged my Miss Kim lilac hedge

What is the best think to do? One (in a row of 11) was rolled over be a backhoe tread. Now lying on ground. Branches mostly broken They dug about 1 foot from a couple others. I think the crushed one should grow back. The lilacs have been there for many years and are over 5 feet high.


Hennepin County Minnesota about 22 hours ago

What is the name of this tree

Good morning. I took this picture of a beautiful free in San Francisco and need to know the name of it.
Does anyone know? It has such beautiful flowers and bark.
Thank you.



Fresno County California plant identification about 23 hours ago

Plant identification

Hello - Could you please tell me what type of plant this is and if it can be grown in the Portland, Oregon climate? I took the pictures in Lincoln City, OR. Thank you!


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Clackamas County Oregon about 23 hours ago

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