Lawn Dead Grass

I was in my lawn today and noticed a small area that just dead grass laying on an area which was perfectly fine in the fall. Not sure if this was from a rodent or something else. Looking for suggestions and help going forward.

The photos are after I lightly rake the dead grass off.
Thank you


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Kent County Michigan winter lawn damage about 6 hours ago

Peeling bark off big old tree

Hi! My name is Laura Lewis. My husband, Addison, and I have lived in our home in Richfield since July 2017. We one large old tree in our back yard. We are unsure what type of tree it is. We are concerned about worsening bark peeling off the tree. At first we were concerned that our young puppy was causing the damage however after working with him to avoid the tree, it has continued. We also see peeling further up on the tree where he could not reach. We see this occurring around all sides of the tree. I’d estimate that 95% of the branches have sprouted buds over the last few weeks. There are two small branches that appear dead. We are so hoping there is something we can do to save this beautiful tree. We would be so appreciate of any direction for action we should or shouldn’t take. Thank you! The Lewis Family Go Gophs!


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Hennepin County Minnesota tree loosing bark about 8 hours ago

picnic area under evergreens

Working in a community garden, I started clearing weeds under two large evergreens where employees can come to eat lunch at 3 picnic tables. I want to put down mulch to keep weeds down, but do not want to do anything the big trees wouldn't like. The natural state supports weeds and weedy grass, which isn't so nice for enjoying lunch, and would require ongoing weeding. We get our mulch products from Mt. Scott Fuel, so without checking their price lists, (which would also be a factor!) my choices include: Dark Fir, Fresh Fir, Hemlock, Cedar Chips, and Small or Medium Nuggets (a fir product),


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Clackamas County Oregon mulch about 10 hours ago

Rangoon Creeper not growing

Hi, I planted two Rangoon Creepers last year around July. It was monsoons in India then. While initially the plants grew in size but they stopped growing after a point. They have bent a little and the leaves are shedding from one of the plants. Infact, it looks very thin and not bushy and dense how I have always seen Rangoon Creeper. I water the plants everyday or once in two days when the soil seems wet enough. Where am I going wrong?


Outside United States rangoon creeper about 10 hours ago

Mountain Hemlock Needle Drop

HI there! I have an *adorable* 3 foot tall Tsuga mertensiana that we planted about 2 years ago. It looked exceptionally wonderful earlier in January February. Of course we have had a strange Winter this year with a lot of wind and not too much rain (and snow late in the season).
I just went out today and was alarmed to see that it had dropped *alot* of its needles. They are in a puddle on the ground! The top 1/3 of the tree still looks pretty good, and the lower 2/3 has sparse needle coverage. I DO however, see some little tiny budlets on the ends of the branch tips, little tiny. I am wondering if this needle drop will result in it pushing new growth here soon. No wooly bug action, no webs of any kind. I did water it and few other conifers in our landscape as I felt that the wind had been brutal with not much moisture from rain. This was a week ago. I did just water again, trying to water deeply. Any ideas?? Thanks


Multnomah County Oregon trees and shrubs 1 day ago

Best trees for Clarkston, MI

I have a new home (to me) in Clarkston, MI. The yard is 100' x 300' with the house in the front third, front faces west. The yard is pretty flat, drains well (had a couple small standing water "lakes" in the front this year) and is pretty sandy. Almost all of the yard is in full sun. I want to plant many trees and have a handful of questions about choosing the best, hardiest trees. I will likely plant a couple Sugar Maples for color and shade, keeping them away from drains and septic field. 1. Spring color. What are the best spring color fruit trees? I don't care about dropping fruit. 2. At the back of the property, the east boundary I want to plant a row of evergreens to shield my view of the neighbor. Left to me I would plant Blue Spruce, White Pine and Concolor Fir, as I have had success with them. Suggestions? 3. I have it in my head to plant a birch forest between the house and east evergreens 20 to 40 seedlings. I had a River or Paper Birch at previous home. Any suggestions? 4. Had a Marine Locust at childhood home. OK for the area,? Certainly did well in Livonia. 5. Do you know the name this tree, also from Livonia home. I think it had multiple dark green leaflets, 7 to 11 per stalk, roundish canopy, shallow roots (we had a support rope most of the time). The one striking detail was the small 1/4" to 3/8", round, hard, orange berries in the fall. I only recall the birds eating them a few years./ Any help is appreciated Mark



Oakland County Michigan trees and shrubs 1 day ago

Pruning large lilac shrubs

We have two very large lillacs that we’d like to trim back, almost to the soil. We read that this should be done in the spring, but when? Now? When buds appear?After it leafs out? WhT precautions should we take?



Livingston County Michigan trees and shrubs 1 day ago

Crabgrass & Weeds..

Live in Monroe county. Ten years ago I had one of the best looking front yard lawns in the neighborhood.. Today , it’s pitiful.. Crabgrass has invaded my property to the point of more crab than grass, so it appears.. Can you recommend a plan of sort where as I can regain control... Crabgrass killer, reseeding, whatever... I am ready to counterattack... thanks, Bill/Monroe


Monroe County Michigan lawns and turf 1 day ago

cat feces and blueberries

I know not to grow vegetables is my raised beds since our feral cat has and is using them as a latrine but can I now plant blueberries or raspberries in them?


Jefferson County Washington berries 1 day ago

Black/grey bugs with unusual pattern

i have recently over the past few days been finding tiny grey bugs with black spots that almost look like ladybugs from a small distance does anyone know what these harmless pests are called and how to get rid of them


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Outside United States 1 day ago

Fig tree

Can anyone tell me if this is ok, healthy, or a problem I read this is fig rust but I’m not sure and if so how do I treat should I take off leaves and will it survive


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Hennepin County Minnesota tree diseases 2 days ago

what is the name of these weeds ?

can anyone help me to identify the name of these weeds? the images were acquired in the carrot field.

thanks in advance


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Outside United States plant identification 2 days ago

boxelder bug infestation

We live in the foot hills of the Coast Range. Above the Casino. (Spirit Mountain) Have lived here 28 years. It's only been the last few years that we have had the problem with the Boxelder's. This last summer / fall has been the worst. The siding on our house is cedar shingles, probably the worst scenario. There were millions, the whole wall was black. They were crawling under the shingles. When this would happen I would get the pressure washer out and use it to wash them away and wash under the shingles. They have found ways to enter the house through the winter. We have the Shark cordless vacuum beside us at all time. We have oak, maple, and some fruit trees close to the house. I have tried to find them in the trees but have never seen them. Will the nest in any of these trees? How far will they travel? Can I start spraying this spring around the house and trees to try and eliminate the bugs and what would be the best spray to use? I did look at a couple of sites on the internet. One site recommended Lambda Star UltraCap 9.7 to spray the side of the house and around trees. I will wait to hear from you regarding the problem. Thank you Larry Ediger


Polk County Oregon box elder bugs 2 days ago

Worm Bin and Soldier Fly maggots

We have used a Worm Bin that has 4 levels of interlocking boxes for food and garden scarps that we have used for the last 15+ years when in Los Angeles. The red wigglers were happy and ate our leftovers like kings. We moved to southern Oregon several years ago and set up the worm bin last summer for our food scraps. I built a small table to keep it off the ground (like in LA) and set it outside the garage door in our side yard and got started with a small cupful of red wigglers. After about a month of feeding the bin the worms seemed fine. Then I noticed the bin got quite heavy and I saw it was full of liquid and all of the scraps were gone (?). That's when I noticed the worms were gone and replaced by a swarming pile of maggots (yeck!). We were so sad. We loved our worms. I was told these were probably Soldier Flies laying eggs in our bin. At first I thought that there was an opening in the side were they were getting in. I put the maggots in our yard for the birds and repopulated the bin with new worms. I closed this up and put gardening cloth over the bin and made quick deposits when feeding the bin. The maggots did come back for short periods but it was getting colder and maybe they died as winter came on. This batch of worms did survive. I brought the whole bin into the garage as we were not used to worms in freezing weather. I did read that 'some' people like the maggots as they devour everything like overnight, but the YUCK factor is too much for us. We loved our slow moving worms. Can the worms survive the Southern Oregon winter outside? If these are Soldier Fly maggots, how can I keep them from taking over our worm bin that worked so well for years in LA? Thank you, Philip


Jackson County Oregon earthworms composting 2 days ago

Wala Walla onions going to seed

I typically grow Walla Walla sweet onions for bulbs. I have problems with the onions going to seed, before they die back. This ruins the bulb, in my view anyway. Am i doing something wrong? Lack of water maybe? Thanks for any help you can give me.


Washington County Oregon onions 2 days ago

Root bound arborvities

I bought some 18 in. tall plants that where in 6 in. pots. They have long roots growing up on the insides of the pot. Are these the tap roots? Can they be trimmed while planting or do you have to dig a wider hole to accommodate.


Clackamas County Oregon arborvitae trees and shrubs 2 days ago


I have a peach tree which gives me peaches every year, but their small, about the size of a silver dollar. What do I need to do to get regular size peaches?


Washtenaw County Michigan peach tree fruit production 2 days ago

Potting soil for vine maples

What soil mix should I put into 24” cube-sized fiberglass planters to grow vine maples on patio? Thanks.


Clark County Washington potting soil horticulture gardening 2 days ago

Permanent damage

We have a tree which is approximately 30-40 feet high with a circumference of 101 inches that has a swing on it. It has developed quite a large crack about 18 inches deep and about 8+ feet tall. I think that this is a frost crack/sun-scald from what I have read. My biggest concern is the integrity of the tree. I am thinking that this tree should be taken down. Please advise.


Ramsey County Minnesota tree damage frost cracks 2 days ago

Pruning to Balance Apple Tree

I have been working on pruning my apple tree for fruit production. My question is how best to prune the area to the right of the picture. It was the area of most fruit production last summer, but extends out from the strongest support in the center of the tree. Any advice would be much appreciated.



El Paso County Colorado 2 days ago

Pet Geese and Lawn

I have 2 pet geese that have full use of my backyard. Unfortunately, over time their waste has killed my grass in much of the yard. How do I amend the soil so that the grass will come back and not die again?


Hennepin County Minnesota 2 days ago

Prune Young Cherry & Apple?

1. For pruning are young apple or cherry tree, this site suggest pruning any branch smaller than the diameter of the trunk. However, the trunk tapers from bottom to top, as all trees do. From How high on the trunk do I measure the diameter? 2. All the branches on this young Apple tree droop downwards. I can’t cut them all!


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Hennepin County Minnesota fruit trees apple trees pruning fruit trees cherry trees 2 days ago

Soil For Raised Container Garden

I am starting a raised container garden this spring. What type of soil should I fill it with? Thank you.


El Paso County Colorado 2 days ago

Could broccoli and cauliflower grow in a raised bed where Squash Bugs killed zucchini plants?

The last two years, squash bugs (grey shovel-shaped ones that lay tiny round golden eggs in clumps beneath the leaves) attacked and ruined my zucchini plants. This year I want to try to grow broccoli and cauliflower in that same raised bed. Is this possible?


Morrow County Oregon horticulture 2 days ago

Who to contact on drainage and erosion

What type of expertise should I contact to plan and implement erosion control and/ or rain drainage control? We have a steep slope from our house down to the bottom of the yard, 12 feet. The drainage between our suburban houses causes a fast stream across the yard at the bottom perpendicular to the slope when it rains hard. Having erosion (bare ground now) along the bottom plus now slumpage of the slope.


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Howard County Maryland stormwater management 3 days ago

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