Groundhogs are huge—living under our deck. How do we get rid of them?


Oakland County MI about 3 hours ago

Bell Pepper Colors

I just read this morning that red and yellow bell peppers are just green bell peppers that are more ripe than green bell that correct?


Grand Traverse County MI about 3 hours ago

Gingko Bilboa Chi-Chi

Hi. I saw the ginkgo shrub, Chi Chi variety, at the arboretum. I would like to purchase a shrub for my yard but am unable to find one. Help?



Hennepin County MN about 10 hours ago

Eggplant skin spots

Hello! I harvested some eggplants over the last few days, and was trying to save enough to make a recipe. The fruits were blemish free when I harvested. Then after a few days in the fridge (oldest eggplant may be about 5 days old), they developed some brown spots. I am attaching a mild one (newer), a medium one (note when cut open the flesh is normal and white), and one that’s pretty severe. They’re still firm to touch as a normal healthy eggplant would be, not shriveled, just has these terrible looking spots. Any idea what is causing this? Inherent to eggplant or is this something in my fridge? I’m tossing the worst ones but wondering if the milder one could be salvaged if I remove the skin for my recipe?


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Olmsted County MN about 12 hours ago

Big identification and remediation

Help! This week I started to get a few of these bugs on one of our windows. Any idea how to remediate? Thank you in advance!



Jefferson Parish LA about 12 hours ago

recently cut down oak tree & oak wilt

We recently cut down a heathy oak tree. We have 13 other healthy oak trees. My neighbor requested that they keep the logs from that tree. They are stored near our other oak trees. Will the scent from the freshly cut logs attract the beetles that carry the oak wilt disease? If so, can we paint the cut ends of the freshly cut logs or would it be best to remove them from their yard?


Washington County MN about 13 hours ago

Stink bug!

How do I get rud of the stink bugs in my vegetable garden? Found one on a pepper plant do I’m sure there’s more. What can I spray or dust? How do I kerp them out of the house?


Kent County MI about 14 hours ago

Ant infestation

What impact do ants have on wildflower growth. I hss as be a hand sown wildflower garden on a south facing hill that is doing quite well with the exception of about a 2 foot swath under an oak tree that is saturated with black ants. Every time I try to replant anything to fill in, I am covered with ants and they bite. I have also found some galardia that appear to be dying off, but have ants on their leaves. Is this coincidence and are the ant colonies just more apparent because there is no growth or are the ants prohibiting the plant growth? How do I get rid of the ants


Crow Wing County MN about 15 hours ago

Lawn fungus

UPDATE: This apparently is a relatively harmless, if unsightly, slime mold and can be controlled by mowing, vigorously raking and cutting back on watering. Thanks! Can anyone help me identify and combat this apparent fungus that’s recently been appearing in my lawn. I suspect I’ve been overwatering, so today cut my sprinkler schedule In half in hopes that this might make a difference.



Denver County CO about 16 hours ago

canning food

where can I take my pressure cooker to get it tested?


Iowa County IA about 17 hours ago

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