moss on our deciduous trees

We have three very large deciduous trees in our backyard and there is moss on all of them. Is there something we can spray them with. They are too big to pick it off.


Washington County Oregon trees and shrubs moss moss control about 15 hours ago


Hello. I live in Klamath Falls, when should I start tomato seedlings indoors? Also, I would like to have my soil tested for lead. Can you recommend a kit I should buy or a place where I can have this done? Thank you Erin Reynolds


Klamath County Oregon tomatoes soil testing about 19 hours ago

Bermuda grass

I wanted to turn front yard & dog run to Bermuda. What would be negative.
The front yard use for heat control & watering.
Dog run less dog urn kill.
What your experience or advice


Jefferson County Colorado about 20 hours ago

Marek's Disease testing

I am trying to figure out how to test my flock for Marek's disease. Is there anywhere you would recommend? I had a rooster that died six months ago with symptoms congruent with MD, but the rest of my flock has been healthy since; so healthy in fact that I have twice as many hens as I want. My chickens are Icelandic landrace, direct from great breeders and I hate to waste the great genetics since they're somewhat rare, but I can't in good conscience sell any until I make sure they're not spreading disease. Buyers keep pestering me so I need to actually get this figured out. Help!


Clackamas County Oregon poultry poultry health mareks disease 1 day ago

Cottonmouth or water snake

Could someone please tell me if I need to worry about this snake? He’s been on my dock for three days now and I’m afraid for my animals.


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brown watersnake nerodia taxispilota 1 day ago

preventive treatment for Emerald Ash borer

Do you recommend the injection method with pesticide Tree-age -G4 (emamectin-bebzoate) or injectable imidacloprid into the tree trunk, versus poring the chemicals around the base of the trees. My trees are currently healthy and I've been using the later method the last few years. This is for prevention of the Emerald Ash borer.


Larimer County Colorado 1 day ago

Innovative pump for water

Is there an opportunity to apply a new type of pump to move water for irrigation? I have a patented and patent pending internal combustion pump design that could replace existing engine driven water pumps. It will offer lower fuel consumption and reduced maintenance. I am just beginning to ask if such applications exist. Do growers use (or wish to use), engine powered pumps for irrigating crops located where there is no electricity service? How can I best learn about the state of the art in water pumping?


Deschutes County Oregon irrigation and water management 1 day ago

landscape design

Is there a program which can help a local resident in yard landscape design?


Weld County Colorado 2 days ago

dying thuga occidentalis pyrimidals

Thuga occidentalis pyrimidals form a privacy border of 160 feet of my yard. Many are turning brown and dying not only in my yard but throughout my neighborhood. Is there anything I can do to stop and prevent this die off? I look forward to any information you can provide, Ken


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Macomb County Michigan occidentalis pyrimidals trees dying 2 days ago

moss eradication

When is the best time of year to apply moss killer. It is so hard to get rid of on our aggregate patio surface.


Yamhill County Oregon moss 2 days ago

Ash Borer Mitigation

Does anyone have resources on effective mitigation for the emerald ash borer?


Larimer County Colorado 2 days ago

Fitting in a spraying

I know to spray when it's not freezing, and have heard that you want it to stay above 40 degrees for a 24 hr. cycle after. I also know you should spray when it's not likely to be wet for the next 24 hours. Those options have been limited in the past 2 months and I'm losing ground for spraying. I have some anthracnose in my apples and have so far been successful keeping it at bay with copper dormant spray. How important are these guidelines re moisture and temperature? Can I spray on a foggy day such as today, even though it's likely to freeze tonight?


Lane County Oregon apples spraying fruit trees 2 days ago

Sedum rupestre

There is a lot of a sedum groundcover throughout my landscape (see lower left corner of attached photo). I believe it is Sedum Rupestre. In many ways, it is a great groundcover. However, the flowering/seeding phase tends to leave the whole landscape looking sloppy. With few mature trees near my home, most of the landscape is low-growing so having these flowers pop up anywhere and everywhere leaves the yard looking like a mess, almost as if I have failed to mow my lawn for a few weeks. I can tolerate this for the relatively short flowering phase, but then the flowers dry, leaving the tall seed pods which do not seem to naturally separate from the plant. I have removed these by hand for each of the last several years but this is very time-consuming. Perhaps this just isn’t the best ground cover for large areas, but before I start replacing it, I would like to learn more about the plant. Is there a better solution? Is there a way to shorten the flowering time? Or a better way to remove the seed pods/flowers? How does this plant grow? My observations have been that the flowers grow from the older stems which, rather quickly, grow taller with increased petiole spacing. Is this really a biennial? It grows very well in my yard and spreads easily. I have had to trim it aggressively in some areas to keep it from crowding out other plants. I appreciate the winter color and the varied texture it provides to the landscape. I would much rather find a way to work with this plant than get rid of it. Do you have any recommendations?



Ottawa County Michigan ornamental ground cover 2 days ago

kermes scale

Do I need to treat my red oak for kermis scale annually. The oak was treated last year once with a spray and again with injections into the trunk. Do I need to repeat this treatment this year? If I do it this year is it something I will have to do every year?



Arapahoe County Colorado trees and shrubs red oak kermes scale oaks 2 days ago

Planting Pollinators: Climate Driven Decline in Arthropod Abundance

After reading about the climate driven decline in arthropod abundance and its disturbing implications for the survival of life on our delicate planet (, I would like to not only plant as many Michigan-native pollinators as I can in my own garden, but I would also like to gift seed packets to local community gardens, friends, and family. Unfortunately, I am living on a tight budget. Where can I buy seeds for Michigan native pollinators as cheaply as possible? Buying in bulk and creating my own seed packets is not a problem.


Macomb County Michigan attracting pollinators wildflowers and native plants 2 days ago

Bed bugs !

Help! We dont have money for a bed bug treament of any sort. Been battling with bed bugs for a while and need help getting rid of them! Please!!! Please!!! Please!!! We have 2 children in house !!!


Lamar County Texas 2 days ago

feeding my garden

we've got a vegetable garden. I've heard it's best to 'feed' it in the winter. Years back we put manured compost on the garden. seemed to work ok if i remember. This past fall, however, i didn't have the chance to put anything on the garden or to till it. I've heard that if i put manure on the garden that it could burn the plants, but the seeding won't take place probably until april or May.

Is it too late to feed the garden? If not, what do you recommend that i feed it. Is tilling recommended?

thank you.


Harford County Maryland fertilizer soil testing vegetables 2 days ago

Iceberg Rose Shrub

I have started rose pruning for spring. Next in line is a bare root Iceberg shrub, which is old but currently small. It has diseased/damaged branches and a very brown crown that is sitting above soil level. I intend to cut off the diseased branches but am not sure what to do about the crown. Should I cover it with soil? mulch?


Marion County Oregon 2 days ago


When should I prune my roses short? I usually do them on Presidents day but it was so frozen I was afraid to. Can you help me?


Polk County Oregon 2 days ago

Girardia Parasite in Soil

I am a landscape contractor and one of my customer's dog picked up the girardia parasite. My customer was wondering if the lawn can be treated with some chemical to prevent further human spread or prevent reinfection of the dog. Is there such a chemical? The dog had diarrhea and spread feces all around the yard, also likely spreading the parasite. I read that the parasite can last up to 7 weeks in cold wet weather....which we have had. Any pointers?


Clackamas County Oregon 2 days ago

Shore Pine Health

Hello, I recently purchased a Lot approximately 2 blocks from the beach on the bluff in Bandon. The lot is forested in shore pine mixed with some gorse. We've begun clearing the gorse out and thinning the pines. We would like to keep as many of the larger pines (12 to 15ft tall) as possible. The trees are quite old and are not able to grow much taller than they are. They have been crowded and now that we have thinned they looked somewhat stressed. Many of the needles look dead and are shedding. Is there anything I can do to give them a boost? Fertilizer? Or should I give them time to adjust? Any advice would be welcome. I don't expect them to grow taller, would just like them to grow laterally and look greener and bushier. Thank you, Corinne Barclay


Coos County Oregon shore pine 2 days ago

ration supplements

what type of feed can fishmeal be classified as


Outside United States poultry 3 days ago

Where to get bare root fruit trees

I live in PG county and have been doing a lot of research about fruit trees. I have learned a whole lot but have found little about where to actually get the tree. Are there any good nursery’s to get plant material from in the Central or Southern Maryland area, or are there good web sites to order from? I am especially interested in Diospyros virginiana, Prunus americana, and possibly something more fussy like an apple variety.


Prince George's County Maryland fruit sources for bare root fruit trees 3 days ago


What happened to medium and small eggs?


Arapahoe County Colorado poultry 3 days ago

Hazelnut sprays

What sprays are commonly used in hazelnut orchards? Are they likely to harm my bees?


Washington County Oregon pesticides hazelnuts bees 3 days ago

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