Sem Ash Leaf Spirea

We planted 50 bare root "sem ash leaf spirea" on a hill this spring to eliminate the need to mow. My question is if the "bottom leaves are starting to turn brown" are they getting too much water or not enough? The ground seems wet enough with some watering and the rain we have gotten but we are concerned if they will make it? They have all leafed out and most of them have flowered, the flowers are also turning brown, is it too early in the season for the flowers to turn brown?
Thank You Mary Sollenberger


Ramsey County Minnesota about 2 hours ago

Very tiny black bug

Any idea what this bug is I found it while redoing my bedroom they were under a window by the baseboard heaters also when killed they smear a black stain and run fast



Nassau County New York about 2 hours ago

Lawn fungus?

Hello! Looking for some help. Noticed a half circle shape in our yard last year. It's back and seems to be killing my yard and nearby plants. Second photo shows shrub that does not look as nice as others in the area-this one is closest to ring. Hostas near by are yellowing. It grows fungus mushrooms when really wet-after we get lots of rain. We live in St. Francis-Sandy soil. Built here and laid down sod when we built 15 years ago. Fertilize regularly, bag our grass when we mow. We have a sprinkler system, runs maybe 2-3 times a week when no rain in a while. Wondering what our next step is. Thanks for your help!


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Anoka County Minnesota turf grass diseases about 6 hours ago

Help with struggling blueberries

My blueberry plants are just not thriving. The first two I have pictured did produce maybe a quart of berries combined but they are at least 4 years old so Id expect them to produce more. Any suggestions as to the problem wpuld be appreciated. But also, when is the best time to fertilize or try to raise the soil pH of blueberries? Thank you! April


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Ingham County Michigan blueberries soil ph blueberry soils blueberry ph lowering soil ph about 10 hours ago

ID help?

Found this in my backyard in southwest minneapolis. Interesting green bumpy pod in center. Have been unable to make id. Any ideas? Thank you!


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Hennepin County Minnesota about 19 hours ago

What's happening to my catalpa tree?

I planted this tree around 2007 or 2008 along with one other one. They were both seedlings probably two or so years old taken from a friend's farmyard. This one had better soil than the other one and has grown rather rapidly. I don't think I've ever fertilized it, and only watered it during severe droughts. It has now reached a height of probably 18 or so feet. This year it bloomed beautifully as usual and had a lot of new growth, as usual. A few weeks ago, after a rather severe hot spell and then rain, leaves started turning brown and falling off. I am including pictures. The other tree, which is maybe 200 ft away is in very sandy soil and has not grown nearly as fast even with more frequent watering and fertilizing. In the last couple of years it has started gaining ground. This tree has not been affected. I am hoping you can give me some insight on what the problem is and what can be done, if anything. Thank you, Jeff Kirkpatrick


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Rice County Minnesota about 20 hours ago

Asian beetles

Is there any creature that will kill and/or eat these darn pests? Like guinea hens or ducks? Thanks


Hennepin County Minnesota asian beetles about 21 hours ago

What part of this Rose is the rosehips?

Can you please tell me from the attached photo what part is the rosehip? What does Rose hip look like? What is the green bulb part of the plant in thisbphoto?


Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture roses about 22 hours ago

What is this tree?

Please help us know what tree is producing these seeds.


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Ramsey County Minnesota about 22 hours ago

Grandmas Mystery Flower

Recently my wife and I went to my grandmothers and seen this plant. Nobody knew what it was or what it looked like. It is planted behind some others where you can’t see. My wife grabbed a couple of pods to dry out and use the seeds. What could it be?


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Sanilac County Michigan plant identification 1 day ago

Asian long horn beetle in MN?

Hi I found what I think might be an asian long horn beetle in Bloomington today. I didnt think that these beetles had made it to MN. Can you identify the species of this beetle? Attached is a picture Thanks Matt


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Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

Large gray larva

What are they doing in my compost ? I'm careful about what foods go in compost, no meats, no milk, limit sugars. What have I done wrong? I will go to next compost class I find. I've put off going because I've making dirt and learning as I go. These critters are too much for me . Have I created a Frankenstine?


Lane County Oregon compost insect identification insect issues 1 day ago

Powderly mildew

What is good to help wth this problem?


Macomb County Michigan 1 day ago

Wisteria not blooming

My wisteria is growing well but not blooming. It’s at most 2 years old.


Wright County Minnesota wisteria not blooming 1 day ago

advice on large red oak

I have a very large red oak (5.5' at shoulder level and 16.5' circ.). It has some large cavities (up to 5' deep). Do you know of any foams or such that could be used to strenghten or stabilize the tree, as we would like to save it if possible? Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well. Pics of the tree are attached. Thanks, Brian.


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Eaton County Michigan 1 day ago

Yellow Spots on Leaves

I am wondering what is wrong with our willow tree. Every year it looks great in the spring/early summer, but then as the summer progresses the leaves turn yellow with black spots and fall off. The tree is pretty bare by the time fall comes around. The tree continues to grow every year what seems like normal. I just noticed the bottom of the trunk is splitting. What is wrong and how can we fix this? Thanks, Becky


Picture_1_300x300%2523 Picture_2_300x300%2523 Picture_3_300x300%2523

Sherburne County Minnesota leaf spot willow frost cracks 1 day ago

Caterpillar on False Indigo

I have a 3 year old False Indigo. I noticed that it has caterpillars and webs on the leaves. I read that the caterpillars will eat the plant. Will it kill the plant? What can I do to get rid of the caterpillars and will they be a problem every year? Thank you Deb


Ramsey County Minnesota 1 day ago

top of large pine tree died

20 feet of my 0ld 75 ft, pine tree died. I cut off the dead part and saw no bugs or worms. There was a white coating in spots on the dead part. What do I treat the tree with?


Wayne County Michigan trees and shrubs insect issues 1 day ago

Is This a Tick or Not?

Hello, I hope this is the right place to submit this query. My wife and I found this insect in our home. I am confident it is not a tick, but she would like professional opinion (we have a 3 week old baby!). Thank you for your time and help!



Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

Mystery Plant

This plant sprouted near my summer squash patch. It has certain squash-like characteristics but I suspect it is a "weed". It is producing fruit covered in spines, as the pictures show. What is this visitor?


Img_1251_2_300x300%2523 Img_1252_2_300x300%2523

Mecosta County Michigan 1 day ago

When to add fertilizer

My soil test came back saying to add 10# of 24 24 2 fertilizer per 1000sq ft of garden. Should I add the fertilizer in the fall or the spring?


Alpena County Michigan 1 day ago

How to start wisteria

Hi, I'm moving into a house with a sturdy arbor facing south in Minneapolis, MN. It's bare currently. What is the first step for getting wisteria started? I'd have to plant it on the west side. If not wisteria, what may work well? How soon might I see some results? Please find attached images of the area I'm wishing to cultivate a healthy, happy vine to add interest in all seasons. Advance thanks for your thoughts.


Screen_shot_2018-07-21_at_1.16.19_am_300x300%2523 Screen_shot_2018-07-21_at_1.16.38_am_300x300%2523

Hennepin County Minnesota vines 1 day ago

What is this plant?

I am baffled about this plant. Thought they were Ironwood saplings as a tree grows nearby. Yesterday (7/19) our 12 week old puppy found the berries hidden under the leaves of this woody plant. Right above ground, the woody stem separated into two branches. One had only leaves on three stems off the main that are identical to our Ironwood tree. Total height about 18”. The other branch, at about 10”, had three 2” stems, each holding berry clusters. Each cluster is ball shaped and has about 17 berries on it. Berries are fragrant. Kept them on the bedroom vanity overnight and I could smell them when I walked over there this morning. Blue-black, round, with a small flare at their tip, but no “belly button” as I call it. If anyone knows what this may be, I would much appreciate your thoughts. I am just past the Crow Wing/Cass border in Outing. Will be happy to submit photos of the surrounding plants if that would help. Thanks!


Berries_300x300%2523 Leaf_300x300%2523

Cass County Minnesota plant id 2 days ago

Leaves of green beans

Leaves on my Climbing green beans are small and cup shaped. I ee no aphids, bugs, or mildew on them. The leaves are still green with no yellowing.


Brown County South Dakota 2 days ago

Brown Patches in lawn

Every year at about this same time I get brown patches that are 4-6 inches in diameter in certain areas of my lawn. What is the cause and how can I prevent/address?


Dakota County Minnesota 2 days ago

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