What are these bugs, found in bed

A few days ago, my daughter work up with bites on her leg, thigh and torso. The same happened to my son last year. I did a deep clean of her bed, and found these bugs living mostly in dust in screw holes and other crevices of her bed. Same with my son's bed last year. They are easily visible in light and also were on the spare mattress in her trundle.


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Montgomery County Maryland insect or spider id pest insects and mites carpet beetle larvae about 6 hours ago

Can indoor lady bugs be re-homes?

My neighbor is online seeking an exterminator for lady bugs inside her home. Something she goes through every year. Is there a way that they could be caught and re-homed to my yard? "Warm weather means lady bugs and the red/black bugs will be out soon and they somehow get inside." I've shared HGIC ladybug information with her. What else can we do?


Prince George's County Maryland beneficial pest control about 9 hours ago

Starting liatris bulbs indoors

Hi, I am planning a butterfly garden for the front yard and would like to start blazing star liatris indoors. When is the best time for me to start the bulbs? Any other ideas for a butterfly garden are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


Ramsey County Minnesota about 19 hours ago

Too Late to Spray Peach Trees for Fungus?

Hi- I have two and three year old peach trees. The trees have had problems with fungus in the past. Is it too late to spray them for the upcoming peach season?


Baltimore Maryland fruit plant care peach bmp about 20 hours ago

ID a Flower

Can you identify the flower in the attached picture?



Dakota County Minnesota about 20 hours ago

Find Answer

I have asked a question but am not sure how to find the answer if it has been answered. Unfortunately, I guess I used too ordinary a title because there were so many answers when I searched. Can't figure out the order of questions/answers. They are not apparently in chronological order. If the answer is supposed to come to my e-mail address, guess it hasn't been sent yet. Maybe I didn't "make it public" so it's not on the website. Thanks.


Kerr County Texas about 21 hours ago

Ash tree restoration

Our Ash tree, (about 13 inch diameter trunk) has had several branches, (1-2 in dia) die. Is there a treatment to help prevent more branches from dying?


Iowa County Iowa about 23 hours ago

soil warming

what does it mean when the instructions on the seed packet say to plant "when the soil starts to warm"? also, what does it mean when they say "as soon as the ground is workable"? do these mean the same thing? is there a rough temp i am looking for? i live in mount hood parkdale which is about 16 miles south of hood river off the 35 if that helps.


Hood River County Oregon soil seed starting 1 day ago

What is the best time during the year to treat Ash trees with trunk injection...

What is the best time during the year to treat Ash trees with trunk injection for the Emerald Ash Borer.


Franklin County Ohio 1 day ago

Instant Pot high altitude adjustments

My old pressure cooker called for adjustments to cooking times due to our high altitude. Can you give me some guidelines for adjusting cooking times with an Instant Pot cooker? Thanks.


Jefferson County Colorado 1 day ago


Do you know of any program that pays for or helps pay for ponds to be built on farms for wildlife conservation?? I'm in Louisa county. Thanks


Louisa County Iowa 1 day ago

Tree trimming

Is there a tree service in Owensboro that you can recommend? My parents live in Owensboro and have several large trees and would like to get a quote on having them removed.


Daviess County Kentucky daviess county kentucky horticulture tree removal 1 day ago

Day lillies

Were is the best place to buy the Lillie's best for mn. That will bloom the yr. I plant them. I live in clay soil so they will be in raised beds. I'm in zone 3 love bloom y Summer long..?


St. Louis County Minnesota daylilies 1 day ago

Grass invaded by ivy & strawberies

Over the tears my lawn is being overcome by ground ivy & wild strawberry along with some violets. My fault for using if it’s green it counts! This year we had some really hard freezes, below zero, & those weeds were hit hard. Is there something I can door to help me recover my grass? If so what, when & where? Thanks for any help. I really dont want to kill everything & start from soil


Carroll County Maryland lawns and turf weeds 1 day ago

Avocado tree

We have a huge avocado tree in our yard in Southern California, which has hundreds of fruit. However, they are the same size as 6 months ago...not growing larger. What could the problem be?


Orange County California avocados 1 day ago

Grazing horses and spring grass

I have my horses at home and not boarded and for the first time, I will be in charge of their grazing habits. At the boarding facility, they were always on dry (mud) lots for the winter, only eating hay, so introduction to pasture came very slowly in May. I now have a dry lot, a "throw away" couple acres of field/grass, and a brand new pasture that is still being fenced that has never been grazed. I have let my horses wander and munch on the dormant grasses all winter long in the throw away lot (a pipeline is going through, so I don't care if they eat it down and turf it until pipeline done). If I continue to let them have access to this area for 10 - 14 hours a day as the grasses come up and mature, do I have to worry about the spring grass? There will likely be a big difference in the grasses between the lot they are in now and the new pasture, so I would introduce them more slowly to that area after we get a cutting of hay off of it.


Wayne County Ohio 1 day ago

Help resolving lawn overrun with fig buttercups

How can I, a homeowner in Silver Spring with a large back yard overrun with fig buttercups, prevent them from growing and spreading further this spring--especially into neighbors' yards? We have dogs, so would prefer a non-poisonous method of getting rid of the fig buttercups: Dig them out with a shovel and put them in trash bags for disposal, hire a company to remove and resod, cover with plastic tarps, put mulch everywhere? We used to have zoysia grass that grew well, but now there are fig buttercups in the spring, then wild violets and creeping charlie. Our yard is doomed. Can you help me?


Montgomery County Maryland invasive lesser celandine fig buttercup control of lesser celandine 1 day ago

Growing Peanuts

Just for fun, I would like to grow some peanuts. I tried it once before and the plants actually grew well and looked healthy, but the peanuts were not quite mature enough by the time of our first frost. Anyway, I would like to try again. Do you of any local source of peanut seeds and do you recommend any certain variety for Minnesota?


Hennepin County Minnesota peanuts 1 day ago

Canning food

I have been wb for about a year now, I am looking for information on a pressure canner I was gifted. I know it is in good working condition, however I’m not sure how to use it and I can’t find any information online anywhere. All I have managed to figure out is this type of canner/model came out in 1918. If anyone is there who could take a look at it and help me I would greatly appreciate it!



Cecil County Maryland 1 day ago

crape myrtle pruning

What is the latest date in the spring to safely prune crape myrtles in the metro DC area?


Montgomery County Maryland shrubs plant care pruning crape myrtle 1 day ago


Hello. I live in Bowie. I know I have moles, because I have raised tunnels in my yard. My question is holes in my landscaping that are 1 - 1 1/2 inches wide. I poke a stick in these holes, and the stick does not go down to a tunnel. The stick does not go far into the ground, maybe an inch or two and it stops. I think and question these holes cannot be vole holes because the depth of these holes is shallow. Wouldn't a vole hole go down to the mole's tunnel? I want to place a mouse trap w/PB and cover with a pot and brick, but feel I won't catch anything because the holes don't travel far into the ground. The holes are perfectly round, and do not look like bird or squirrel holes. Another question, do voles and moles escape the ground and walk on the surface? Thank you for your help.


Prince George's County Maryland wildlife moles voles grubs squirrels digging up nuts lawn and turf 1 day ago

Species specific lice

Are lice specific to species? Can a human get lice from a goat?


Marion County Oregon livestock livestock pests goat lice 2 days ago

Stink bugs

What is the best way to rid a house of stink bugs?


Washtenaw County Michigan insect issues 2 days ago

Hello: What is the average life span of the typical backyard-raised Rhode...

Hello: What is the average life span of the typical backyard-raised Rhode Island Red? Thank you


Lake County Ohio 2 days ago

Mutiple colors

In the 90s I had a Christmas cactus with all different color co flowers on it that bloomed all year. What is it called and where can I get one?


Hillsdale County Michigan 2 days ago

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