Madrone disease in Southern Oregon

I have noticed a lots of madrone trees, including ones on my property are dying. Can you tell me what is causing the trees to dye?


Jackson County OR madrone about 12 hours ago

short list of butterflies in Portland

We have set up native beds and pollinator gardens at our local elementary school to encourage bees, butterflies & hummingbirds. Do you happen to know the sort list of what butterflies we're likely to see in Portland? I'd like to provide a list with pictures for the kids, but the closest i can come is butterflies of the North West which includes rural & mountainous bio systems not found in Portland. Thanks! Sue


Multnomah County OR pollinators about 13 hours ago

Pollinator friendly?

Is the cultivar Autumn Magic Black Chokeberry as attractive to pollinators as the native aronia melanocarpa?


Blue Earth County MN autumn black chokeberry about 15 hours ago

herbicide shelf life

Hi, We are in the process of removing buckthorn. As we move to the section to be removed for this year, I am wondering if the herbicide left over from last year will still be effective. It is Fertilome stump and brush killer (active ingredient, Triclopyr).. There's no expiration date on it. Does it still work after one year? Two years? Even though we soak the stump thoroughly after it is cut, a little herbicide goes a long ways. We still have quite a bit left in the container. Thanks! Karla McKenzie


Dakota County MN about 16 hours ago

Madrone firewood pest

What wood boring insect infests my madrone firewood? Is there anything I can do to treat the wood after it has been split and stacked? Is the insect pest in the wood(madrone) before it is cut and split or does it
inter the wood after I cut and split it?? The madrone I cut is dead or partially dead.


Jackson County OR madrone about 17 hours ago

Grass and Trees

I have a difficult time with bare spots in my front yard and it doesn't seem to matter how many times I overseed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated? My front yard has three mature sweet gum trees. In addition, my front yard gets full sun. I do water daily. When I dig in the yard, the soil is dry and there is a fine web of roots. In the enclosed photo u don't see the bare spots, but you can see where the grass is brown. Thanks in advance, Frank



Middlesex County NJ lawns and turf turfgrass about 19 hours ago

Chicken gangs or cliques

I have 18 laying hens all free range, oh and one Issa brown that thinks it's a dog..

My question is do hens who free range form little groups of three to as many as five that always hang out together? It sure seems like it even tho I can't tell our chickens apart..
Thanks Curtis


Madison County KY poultry about 20 hours ago

Is this snake venomous ?

We found this snake in our backyard. Want to make sure it’s not venomous



Harris County TX pantherophis obsoletus lindheimeri texas ratsnake about 21 hours ago

Myrtle plant (myrtus communis) leaves browned edges and falling

I have a little myrtle plant that recently has been having its leaves turn brown juuust along the very edges. It looks like this browning is sort of eating back at the leaves, as most of them are just half of a leave with a browned edge. Also, the browned edged leaves and just regular leaves are falling at a higher rate than I've noticed before.
What is causing this? What can I do to help?


Browned_edges_leaves_300x300%2523 Fallen_myrtle_leaf_300x300%2523

OR trees and shrubs 1 day ago

What moth is this?

What is this?


20191020_141006_300x300%2523 20191020_141044_300x300%2523

OUTSIDEUS insect identification 1 day ago

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