Pruning roses

Is it too cold this year to prune roses now?


Columbia County Oregon rose pruning about 8 hours ago

Testing Lumber used?

We are looking at buying a home that has lumber edge on the garden areas. Is there a way for us to test if it would be safe for vegetable gardening in the area?


Minnesota about 9 hours ago

Pruning plum tree

What is the proper time to prune our 30-year-old plum tree? Buds have started to form. Is it too late? This tree produces a ton of fruit. We want to control the shape a little bit. We aren’t sure what to do.


Douglas County Oregon plum trees pruning about 13 hours ago

Orientation of raspberries planted in a row: N-S or E-W?

I am going to plant some raspberries here in Jackson county. I need to know whether row orientation of raspberries has any effect. North to South or East to West? I have room to go either way.


Jackson County Oregon raspberries 1 day ago

MN Wisteria variety on a fence?

I've got a 3.5 foot sturdy fence. Is it enough to support this, or do I need something much taller?


Hennepin County Minnesota wisteria 1 day ago

When do I start fertilizing my garlic. It's up. Ground is hard. I'm in...

When do I start fertilizing my garlic. It's up. Ground is hard. I'm in Cincinnati. Home garden.


Hamilton County Ohio 1 day ago

Wanting to know whether this goose egg is fertile or not

I incubated this egg for about 24 hours . Then I broke it's shell to look for the bulls eye which is supposed to be indicative of fertility .

Is this white round spot on the yolk bulls eye ? Was this egg fertile ?


Img_20190216_200103_300x300%2523 Img_20190216_195703_300x300%2523

Outside United States poultry 1 day ago

Green rose hips

Do green hose hips have the same content of vitamins and are they edible


Outside United States rose hips 2 days ago

Ham Storage

In December I bought a 20 pound spiral-cut ham, and when I got home the power was out, so I left it in the trunk of my car overnight. The car was in a metal, three-sided garage. The temperature got down to 48 degrees. I put the ham in the fridge the next morning. Is it OK to use, or should I toss it? Barbara


Lane County Oregon food safety 2 days ago

Peas and onions

I understand peas and onions do not grow well together due to their very different nutritional needs. Do onions harms peas in other ways? How far away from peas can onions be planted?


Multnomah County Oregon companion planting 2 days ago

Why is my Amaryllis red tearing on the leaves

I am new to this plant and have been reading up on how this plant grows. I know it has red blotch and I have things that will help till I get some seeds but I can't find anything on how to stop with the tears on the leaves. There are four total and two look dried up while the others look somewhat well, if you could tell me what I'm doing wrong that would be a lot of help thanks.


20190215_181234_300x300%2523 1550272380318263212458_300x300%2523

Bronx County New York amaryllis house plant 2 days ago

Gull on Apple Tree

We have found multiple of these bumps/gulls on our apple trees. Have any idea what might be causing them?


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Washtenaw County Michigan 2 days ago

Bush ID

This bush has fragrant spiked flowers at the end of winter. There is no green foliage at this time.



Delaware witch hazel winter blooming shrub hamamelis virginiana 2 days ago

Back yard soil test

I would like to know how and where to send an soil sample of my back yard soil. The grass is depleted and I would like it to be full and healthy.


Montgomery County Maryland soil testing 2 days ago

How to Best Transplant Blueberries

Hello! Can you share a few resources about how to successfully transplant blueberries to a new (sunnier) location? If I'm going to be planting one (of the pair) beside our home, what kind of spacing should I allow for growth? Many Thanks! Kim


Multnomah County Oregon 2 days ago

Salmon and parasite

I would like to make salmon lox with wild salmon at home. A regular freezer does not get cold enough to kill parasites. Would dry ice in a cooler kill parasites in the fish that would be eaten as lox


Washington County Oregon food safety food storage 2 days ago


I live in an area with a very hot summer, dry and mild winters. I bought a rosemary plant and it was good and then I started to dry and then I died.


Outside United States rosemary 2 days ago

Raised bed soil quality

I've been using raised beds for several years to grow veggies in the summer. I used to fertilize every spring with a 2-2-2 organic chicken manure but over time the soil got too "hot" and if affected my yield. The past 2 years I mixed in plain peat moss to tame it down a bit, but then this past summer most of my tomatoes and quite a few bell peppers suffered from blossom rot. I understand that lime should help the rot, but I'm also wondering if I should be adding nutrients of some kind now so that they can fully leach into the soil before planting time arrives?


Multnomah County Oregon soil raised bed gardening tomatoes 3 days ago

What rock is this?

I have a weird grey rock with thin white circles and lines


15502494031855490275222776092465_300x300%2523 Dsc_0214_300x300%2523 Dsc_0217_300x300%2523

Outside United States rock identification geology 3 days ago


Where do I find an abortist?


District of Columbia County District of Columbia trees 3 days ago

Catching yellow jacket queens

I want to put out traps to catch the queens as they emerge from their winter hiding spots. I am in a rural field setting outside of Portland. Is there a certain month to set out the traps. I figure if I catch one queen, that is one less nest around my house this summer. Also, what would be the suggested bait. I found meat is good bait for workers in the summer, but maybe the queen is looking for a different nourishment as she emerges. Thanks for any suggestions.


Clackamas County Oregon wasps yellow jackets 3 days ago

What Zone Am I

I recently asked about container plants that could winter-over and the answer I got said to plant 2 zones hardier. Question: What zone am I and which zone(s) would be two zones hardier. I am at: 219 Glenrae Dr., Catonsville, Md 21228


Baltimore County Maryland plant selection plant care hardiness zone 3 days ago

Goose or duck?

The bird in the attached picture was with a flock of Canada geese in an industrial park on SE international way in Milwaukie. (The industrial park itself has plenty of lawn, is bordered partly by a protected wetland, and is close to the Willamette River.) There’s a bit of a debate amongst my friends and I as to whether it’s just a different kind of goose or a duck. Can you settle the debate?



Clackamas County Oregon 3 days ago

composting Alpaca manure


Can you please give me a step by step procedure for composting alpaca manure? I have a 3 bin composting system with each bin measuring about 1 cubic yd. Those piles rarely get hot. I'm also thinking of starting a larger pile somewhere. What materials do I need to add to the alpaca manure? How long will it take to kill potential pathogens (especially if it's not heating up)? How often to turn it? Thanks!


Portage County Ohio 3 days ago

Ten yr old Desert Museum Palo Verde dying?

I have two ten yr old DM palo verde trees planted in my front landscape. One of them has lost a lot of it's leaves leaving it sort of scruffy looking. Small, sparse leaf cover, the other tree looks full and normal. Now the green of the tree trunks themselves in that tree seem to have a yellow cast which is noticeable because the second tree 40 or 50 feet away is still normal in color. I used a treatment for root borers recommended by the local nursery but the tree seems no better, maybe worse. I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.


Pinal County Arizona 4 days ago

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