cover crops and nitrates

What research has been done on cover crops and their ability to decrease nitrates into the ground water? If so, what were the results. Also, was there a economic return by doing this?


Marion County Iowa about 2 hours ago

Is it native to central PA

USDA considers Chioanthus virginicus, Fringe tree native to PA is that accepted by PSU extension as true?


Centre County Pennsylvania about 3 hours ago


What drug can boos egg prodeuction


Outside United States poultry about 7 hours ago

Identify caterpillar that's eating my oak leaves?

Found this nasty looking little critter munching on my oak saplings..
He's around an inch an a half long...
Can't find anyone who can tell me what it is..


Travis County Texas integrated pest management entomology insect identification about 20 hours ago

divorce and custody

my husband abused me for past 3 years and one day in arguement after spitting on me i slapped him in face i went to jail and i have proof and evidence and no one will listen or help


Pottawattamie County Iowa about 20 hours ago

Scotch Broom

OMGoodness! The Scotch Broom Has Gotten Out of Control! I hand pulled the first plants when we first noticed them. They were small and not large in diameter. The following year, they seemed to multiply. Focusing on my husband's disabilities, I didn't get back out to pull the new plant shoots. Now, our whole drain field is covered in Scotch Broom 5 feet high. I suppose because it's in a fertilized area!!! What can I do? I don't want poison, as that is what I think caused a part of hubby disability. The Round Up poison in the backpack style sprayer had spilled/leaked on his back. I am very concerned, as, I feel this could be a fire hazard. Obviously, it is damaging the drain field. Does OSU have "practice drills/tests" for students who can remove these weeds? I was thinking of cutting them down with a chainsaw, then, spraying with vinegar, salt & soap. We have tried to pull it, burn it, poison it & have researched to possibly getting weevils to control this obnoxious weed! Can you give us any more info on how to remove this weed? I'd say we have a half an acre or more to deal with. Thank you, Mia


Josephine County Oregon weed issues about 20 hours ago

Composting toilet

Hello, I have a mountain cabin that has an outhouse that I want to convert to a composting toilet. Do do have or know the best source of information regarding this topic? I would appreciate any information you can send my way. Thank you, Jeff White


Linn County Oregon composting about 22 hours ago

Rabbit brush root system

We have rabbit brush that is near the edge of the road. Two questions.
Can the root system of the rabbit brush destroy the road if the bush is not trimmed and maintained?
Does pruning of the brush keep the root system manageable?


Larimer County Colorado trees and shrubs about 22 hours ago

Ag classes for urban kids

I'm wondering if you know of any good agriculture classes for city (Portland) kids and/or families? I would love to learn more about growing food and would love to share the experience with my children.


Multnomah County Oregon horticulture about 22 hours ago

I would like to create a sizable (1 to 6 acres) butterfly garden (flyway for...

I would like to create a sizable (1 to 6 acres) butterfly garden (flyway for Monarchs) and would like to find someone close that could advice me. Location would be 4 mile north of Albany, MN.


Stearns County Minnesota about 23 hours ago

Can the ewe's milk come in AFTER labor?

My Finn sheep are due to have their lambs any day now, and I've been checking on and examining all of them every hour. Anyhow, for the past two days, one of my ewes has been acting quite differently from the rest. She stands and lays down far away from the rest of flock, while staring at the ground and kicking her back legs, (so obvious signs of labor.) Her vulva is swollen and red, and she looks like she's in a lot of discomfort, but her milk hasn't come in at all! She's 4 years old, and has proven to be a great Mom to triplets three different times! Her milk has always come in each time, so I don't think it's a health/mastitis issue.
So my question is: can sheep have their lambs without their milk coming in first?


Clark County Washington mastitis and milking management sheep about 23 hours ago

Soil Test

I recently moved into a new house and the backyard has never been planted for grass. How and where can I get my soil tested?


Linn County Oregon about 24 hours ago

Oak Wilt

I have 4 oak trees on my property that I would like to trim. My neighbor mentioned something called "Oak Wilt" and said I would need to trim my oaks between October and February. I haven't had the opportunity to trim my trees (mainly because of bad weather recently) but I would like to trim them this weekend. However, today is March 5th and I'm wondering if it is too late. Does the "October through February rule" have to do more with the actual month or the temperature/climate? We are expected to have lows in the 30's and highs in the 50's this weekend with sun...finally! Thank you.


Williamson County Texas horticulture trees and shrubs 1 day ago

joining 4-H

Can my son still join a club in March? His friends are in 4-H and he really wants to join.


Webster County Iowa 4-h clubs 1 day ago


My hens have been laying eggs with blood spots what might be the problem


Outside United States poultry eggs 1 day ago

A 500 birds Capacity housing design in a tropical environment

could you please provide a comprehensive design and specifications for a 500 birds capacity housing in a tropical environment in northern Nigeria?


Outside United States poultry poultry housing 1 day ago

oak wilt

hi we're in des moines, and we might have a whilte oak with oak wilt another healthy white oak (we're told) in the front yard, and 3 healthy white oakss (we're told) in the back yard is it best to cut the tree entirely out? or just trim out the dead branches before weather gets any warmer? thank you


Iowa County Iowa 1 day ago

Raised Garden Beds

What are the benefits/down falls to raised vegetable garden beds versus beds directly in the ground?


Deschutes County Oregon horticulture gardening 1 day ago

Bad soil for gardens

I am outside of Prineville at an altitude of 3800. My soil is sandy, but mushy when really wet. It is lousy. It is difficult to grow plants out back, much less attempt to grow grass. What do I need to do to amend it?


Crook County Oregon soil and fertility issues 1 day ago

Soil Fertility by county

I was just curious where I may find the data describing the soil fertility in various regions, specifically in Allegan county as I am working on a project for a prospective vineyard and was just wondering where I might find something as simple as NPK levels, short of taking a flight to michigan, sampling, and waiting to hear back from the lab. Thanks!


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Allegan County Michigan 1 day ago

Growing fruit

I live in Spring TX, just north of Houston. I would like to grow nectarines, plums, peaches and pears. I'm confused about pollination. Do I need two trees of each fruit or will these four trees pollinate each other? Also how do I choose the right tree that will withstand the weather and produce fruit?


Harris County Texas horticulture trees and shrubs 1 day ago

Where can I find square straw bales to use in straw bale gardening?

Where in Nicollet County can one find for sale the straw square bales used in straw bale gardening? It is really is hard to get an answer to that question.


Nicollet County Minnesota straw bale gardening lrk 2 days ago

Rats under my house

I have a rat problem. One of the crawl space has a hole in the screen and rats h been coming and going. I am about to repair the hole in the screen and make the crawl space rat proof. I would like the rats to leave before I make the repair and realize that the rats just will not lesson and leave. If I leave the rats that may be in the space and seal it up the rats just may chew in to the heating duct work in hopes of getting into the house. That's not a good thing so I am trying to get rid of the little varmints. If I put poison into the space and kill the rats all is good but if one of the rats eats the poison and some how gets out one of my dogs might get the rat and eat it and be poisoned also. Any help would be great. Dave


Benton County Oregon wildlife damage management rodents 2 days ago


Please allow me to pester you all just one more time on this subject. The perfect tree for my potentially very windy front yard at the top of the hill in Pendleton will be somewhat open (wind), 20' wide, 30' tall, minimal mess, leaves etc that all drop quickly early in the fall, and a sort of minimal root spread. The ash we have in a different location is ideal but I think it would probably grow too large for the new site. I have 2 fairly young birches and a snow something crabapple in other locations. Thank you so much for any suggestions.


Umatilla County Oregon horticulture trees and shrubs tree selection 2 days ago

Hope for plant


This plant took a short but unfortunate ride in the back of a truck on a cold night. Is there any hope for it? Anything that can be done to salvage it?


Arapahoe County Colorado houseplants 2 days ago

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