Northern Red Oak

My northern red oak has had a disease for 3 years in primarily the east side of the tree. The leaves high in the tree are not effective. The closer to the ground, the worse the disease. The west side of the tree is not affected. Initially the leaves are healthy. Late spring, some of the leaves start to die at the edges. As time goes on, the leaves become dry and crisp.


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Wayne County MI about 7 hours ago

What is this insect?

Can you identify this insect?



Grand Traverse County MI about 8 hours ago

Maple Tree Trimming

Hello... I have two maples trees, approximately 9 and 12 years old and I would like to prune the lower branches so I can walk under them. Both are healthy trees. Is this good for the trees? Will it harm them?

Thank you!


Maple_tree_1_300x300%2523 Maple_tree_2_300x300%2523

Washington County MN about 9 hours ago

Gypsy Moths - Help!

I just discovered Gypsy moths all along my gutter line and shed, I see hundreds of cocoons, hundred of moths flying around my 50’ black walnut tree and a few caterpillars around my yard. It’s like all hell broke loose in a day. Can I handle this myself? Do I call pest control? Not sure what to do or where to start. Today is Sunday, July 12th 2020. Thank you.


Macomb County MI about 9 hours ago

Keeping weeds out of seed trays.

I put potting soil in trays, plant seeds water wait and all I get are weeds . How to treat potting soul to eliminate weed seeds and prepare soil for flower seeds.


Oakland County MI about 9 hours ago

Growing all over my back yard

Can you please identify this plant/tree and tell me how to eradicate it? It appears to be coming up along tree root systems. I have additional photos if you need them. Thank You so much for any assistance.


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Dakota County MN about 10 hours ago

How do I plant this blue anemone?

I ordered thus beautiful blue anemone which arrived with no instructions. I don’t know what to do!



Multnomah County OR about 11 hours ago

Ants Everywhere (outside)

I just bought a house in Eagan. It’s on just over half an acre. I bought it for the yard with the intention of fencing it in. The yard is mostly white clover and creeping Charlie. Full sun. I have never minded ants until now. The entire yard is full of them. I only saw a few in the house and took care of them with some Terro. Outside there are big mounds (1-1.5 ft across! - now gone) in the yard, next to sidewalks/edging, small hills in the yard. Under the patio concrete, next to the foundation, under the deck supports. Small red ants. Moderate sized black ants. I did kill one giant black ant that was under the paint on a rotted piece of siding (there were larvae under there too - sealed it and put Terro out, haven’t seen those - I’ll be watching for carpenter ants). My big issue is the yard. If you pull a weed or dig a hole, the dirt is ant hill dirt (loose and gritty). You can pull back the “sod” and see that it’s an ant haven. I’ve put random Terro baits in areas and the bait is gone within a day. I have ordered the actual outdoor bait. Anyway, my actual question is: How deep into the ground can these ants have disturbed the soil? I plan to have a fence installed and many companies drive posts 3-4 feet into the ground now instead of setting them in concrete. I’m concerned that if these ants are deep enough that my fence posts won’t be stable. I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s a true ant farm. Wish I could see all of their tunnels! While I’m at it, what’s the best way to start controlling these colonies. I know ants are good for soil and aerate it (they’ve done a GREAT job of that here!) But I can’t have this many ants. They’re literally everywhere. I have dogs which is why I’ve stuck to the Terro baits versus full lawn treatment. I may just hire someone to tackle this - any recommendations?


Dakota County MN about 11 hours ago

limit Asiatic garden beetle damage now

Hi, In the last couple weeks, Asiatic garden beetles have moved into parts of my small garden. They are the copper colored nocturnal beetles slightly smaller than a Japanese beetle. They hide under ground in the day and ravage my plants at night. I first noticed them swarming in the night a few weeks ago. then a couple weeks ago, they stripped my sunchokes down to the stalk/veins. I moved the sunchokes out of the main garden attempting to limit the damage. When i dug up the sunchokes, i found tens of beetles, probabbly 30 or 40 all over the root ball. Since them, they appeared across my yard and totally stripped the leaves from my sage and a hummingbird bush. They are working on a second humming bird bush, some zinnias, and my luffa. i've been picking them off, smashing them, burning them. But there are just too many. Every morning, I find more damage. I know i can break their life cycle this fall/spring by killing their grubs. That's what I plan to do. But, what can I do now to get rid of them and limit the damage this year? I don't want to spray poisonous chemicals.


Washtenaw County MI about 12 hours ago

New Serviceberry Tree

Hello, I planted a serviceberry tree about a month ago, and the branches are really droopy (see attached picture). When I took it out of the pot the roots were very shallow; only about 6" deep in an 18" deep pot. Are the droopy branches a sign of trouble, and if so any advice on what I can do to help the tree survive. Thanks, Kevin


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Hennepin County MN about 12 hours ago

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