"cook until clear"

I would like to know how to interpret recipe directions stating "cook until clear." I have an old family recipe for green tomato mincemeat which specifies this. It makes no sense to me, as the spices used (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg) darken the fruit mixture. I've boiled and stirred for anywhere from 1-1/2 hours for a 1/2 recipe to 2-1/2 hours for a full recipe. I never get to a "clear" stage - the juice thickens and remains dark. I freeze the mincemeat rather than canning it. I want to be sure I have cooked the mincemeat long enough. Thank you. Judy Woods


Washington County OR food preparation food safety about 3 hours ago

lawn aeriation

I just started a new lawn service. I did lawn aeriation 3 days ago. I have bare areas under two large linden trees the foliage of which greatly inhibits grass growth. They aeriated my entire lawn. Thatch has not been a great problem for me. How often do you recommend lawn aeriation? I would like your second opinion on this question. Thank you.


Goodhue County MN lawn aeration about 4 hours ago

What is this plant?

Hello, I was surprised to find these plants in my garden this year, The individual leaves are impressively large, about 4-6" long, and the plant is about one foot tall, and 18-24" wide. They put out long stalks with small yellow flowers at the tip. I've included a photo of the flowers in bloom and another that shows the individual seed heads. Can you tell me what these are? Thanks, Beth


Yellow_flower_heads_300x300%2523 Yellow_flowers_300x300%2523 Foliage2_300x300%2523

Talbot County MD plant identification flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 5 hours ago

Fescue Seeding

How long will fescue seed remain viable if I seed now and we end up with a dry fall? Can it still germinate in the spring?


Barren County KY barren county kentucky horticulture seeding about 6 hours ago


We have rabbits eating our fall plants. Do you have any suggestions on what to do. When should I pull tomatoe and green pepper plants up. What is the best soil to use in my area.


Montgomery County MD wildlife soil and fertility issues about 7 hours ago

Planting garlic

I live with n silver spring and would like to plant garlic. Please advise on which fall veggies to plant in my area. Thank you.


Montgomery County MD fruits and vegetables garlic fall planting about 7 hours ago

Affiliation between Maryland University Ext. and Borna University of Afghanistan

Dear Sir/Madam, I, Safar Hanif, the representative of Borna University (BU) of Afghanistan would like to know the possibility of establishing affiliation between Maryland University Extension and Borna University in Afghanistan ( I would like to have a meeting to discuss further on this matter. Looking forward to have a chance to meet a counselor of Maryland University.


Howard County MD about 7 hours ago

Tree issues

A local person called and explained that he has a weeping cherry tree approximately 5-6 years old that isn't looking healthy. For the first couple of years it was very healthy and bloomed a white flower. After that the leaves are green but they are curled up and there are no blooms. The bark seems to be peeling and sometimes a mushroom type fungus will form on the bark. Is there any ideas what could be happening to the tree? What can be done to bring it back? I will try to include pictures if needed.


Wicomico County MD trees and shrubs trees about 8 hours ago

armillaria mellea?

A mature oak in my yard, and another in the neighbor's, has what I think are armillaria mellea growths around the trunk and roots. What is the best way to treat this? Reading on the internet, it seems that removing the fungus (with a shovel and saw?) is the best way. Should I be cutting away at the roots and trunk at all, or just getting the fungus off? Any other guidance?


Prince George's County MD trees and shrubs trees about 8 hours ago

Hard wood maple tree damge

A hard wood maple tree, guessing it is maybe 200 years old, was damaged by a storm this summer. It lost a lot of limbs but still has some. Will the tree grow any new foliage? I know that when they lose all their limbs the stump dies.


Wright County MN about 8 hours ago

Health risks of Aspergillus Penicillium

What are the health effects of long term exposure to Aspergillus Penicillium mold in a 10 year old child. Will it cause permanent problems.


Linn County OR mildew and mold control human health about 16 hours ago

can botulism grow without moisture?

I recently purchased a vacuum sealer that seals mason jars. I wanted to use it to vacuum seal the fruits and vegetables that I dehydrate, Particularly tomatoes but also onions and garlic. I know Botulism grows in a zero oxygen environment, but is there a risk of it growing if there is no or low moisture?


Washington County OR home food preservation food safety about 17 hours ago

How do I treat rust on my lawn?

I have had rust on my lawn and in my gardens for the last three years. I spoke with a horticulturist at Bachman's in April and was advised to spray INFUSE, a systemic disease control for lawns. I used it on my flower gardens, too. The gardens did show a significant improvement. But only recently have gotten white mold. The lawn did not shoe any improvement. Is there anything I can do this fall to prevent rust next spring? Should I do a weed and feed or just a good fertilizer on the lawn this fall? I have Ringer Restore but was told not to use it after the lawn was determined to have rust. I appreciate any suggestions you may have!


Hennepin County MN about 18 hours ago

No fruits

I have a lemon tree for more than five years. It ilooks normal- leaves and height fine, but has never given fruits. I have tired some fertilizers, no results. I am considering to cut it down and plant something else in its place. Grateful for your advice. Josian Perne Mauritius


OUTSIDEUS lemon trees about 19 hours ago

stinky bugs in michigan

This year we are being clobbered by stinky bugs. I everyday between 1 and 6 they are all over my windows and the back of the house .Im scared to look at the map because I havent read what we are doing about this. can we be proactive ? what exactly are we doing as this bugs spread across the map and causes million of dollars worth of damageI think about moving but there isnt anywhere to go to assure me that this bug wont come there next


Berrien County MI about 20 hours ago


How to start a new compost bin? What elements do I need before adding regular stuff?


Deschutes County OR horticulture composting about 20 hours ago

End of season

What can I do in the fall to the soil after all the veggies have been cleaned out. Is there other ways to amend the soil other than green manure. I used annual rye grass to my garden at then end of the season of 2016. The grass grew well,but kept on growing in the spring. It became more of a nuisance that a help. Looking for ideas. Thank You


Dakota County MN about 20 hours ago

Mile a minute covering pachysandra

I have a small area pachysandra on a hill it is now being invaded by this mile a minute Vine and I can't seem to get rid of it no matter how many times I pull it out any suggestions


Essex County NJ about 21 hours ago

Apple bitter-pit

Does bitter-pit in apples adversely effect the flavor of cider? Is there a percentage of apples with bitter-pit that would be acceptable in making non-fermented cider?


Washington County OR food safety home food preservation apples about 22 hours ago

Brwoned Grass Pulling Out in Clumps

Thanks for your time. I have a great front lawn. My back lawn, however, has large spots (6 x 10) that have turned brown and lost all roots. The grass pulls up with no effort and shows no root system. I have checked for visible bugs and grubs. I found nothing but a few earthworms. I have watched the watering system and checked to be certain that the lawn has been watered correctly. I'm thinking "maybe fungus", but I don't know how to ID which one it might be. Any advice or thoughts. Thanks!

Terry Timm
1413 Silk Oak Dr, Fort Collins


Lawn_300x300%2523 Lawn2_300x300%2523 Lawn3_300x300%2523

Larimer County CO lawns and turf about 23 hours ago

old, over-sized juniper hedge

hi, i had an old (30+), over-sized juniper hedge that i have cut down to about 8-12" of trunk, what is the best way to remove the root and trunk? i have been told two things, 1)they need to be pulled out completely or they will regrow 2) stump grinding will get rid of enough of the root to kill it.



Alameda County CA about 24 hours ago

Plant id

Growing in Memphis backyard where my son lives what is it? Shiny leaves, white underside, insignificant white fragrant bloom now Shrub 5-7 ft tall but sends out runners on new growth that reached 40 ft in length which wrapped tree limbs Thorns on new growth Pruning today and wondered what we are pruning Thanks PS I am in the city of Memphis but cannot change the location from Fl


Img_0334_300x300%2523 Img_0336_300x300%2523 Img_0337_300x300%2523

Shelby County TN trees and shrubs about 24 hours ago

Red worms composting system.

I'm moving soon and can't take my red worm composting system with me. I tried giving them away but wasn't able to find anyone who wanted them. Need to find a place for them.


Ramsey County MN 1 day ago


I believe I have a grub problem in a small proton of my yard. I have attached photos. I would appreciate a treatment plan recommendation with attention to timing, pesticide active ingredient, pre cautions with seeding, etc. Thank you.


20170925_161624_300x300%2523 20170925_161539_300x300%2523 20170925_161552_300x300%2523

Howard County MD grubs grubs in lawn lawn grub control timing 1 day ago

Irish Soda Bread Muffin Recipe

I'd like to make some irish soda bread muffins but I know they won't turn out unless I modify the ingredients for higher altitude. The reicpe calls for 2-1/4 cups flour, 1/2 cup sugar, 2 t baking powder, 1/4 t baking soda, 1 egg, 1 cup buttermilk, 1/4 cup butter, 1/4 cup canola oil..........among other ingredients.
I know they should be baked a hotter temperature & shorter period of time but I'm uncertain about reducing and/or increasing the above ingredients. Can you help? Thanks


Weld County CO 1 day ago

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