Bush with yellow “flowers”

Any idea what it is?



Clackamas County Oregon plant identification about 4 hours ago

Are Codling Moth Traps Effective In Stopping Infestation Of Honey Crisp Apples

I live in the Stonegate neighborhood of Parker, Colorado. Last year, I purchased a small honey crisp apple tree. It did produce a few small apples, but many of them had frass. I was told this was due to codling moths. I was also told that I should buy codling moth traps to hang on the tree this Spring. I would just like to know if these traps are the answer to my infestation problem, and, if so, how many should I purchase for my single tree, and when should I put them out on the tree. One more question - does it matter which type of codling moth trap to buy, or which brand to buy? Thank you


Douglas County Colorado about 9 hours ago

Planting American Cranberry and Service Berry

What width do we put between each shrub we plant as we use these two species (American Cranberry, or Service berry) as a screening or border to our property?


Kandiyohi County Minnesota about 10 hours ago

Planting flowers in a containers

1. What is the best soil mixture to use in planting flower annuals in a patio containers? 2. Can I use the same soil that I planted my evergreen winter patio pot 3. Whats the best container to use. plastic, metal, or clay.


Anoka County Minnesota about 11 hours ago

Range of Japanese beetle in Colorado?

Is there any information on the extent of the Japanese beetle infestation in Colorado? A map would be wonderful, if it exists.


Maryland about 12 hours ago

Goathead/puncture weed control

I am a Washington state native and 2017 Snohomish County MG grad. My husband and I are looking to buy at least a one acre parcel with a house in Western Colorado. I want to start a horticulture therapy program. My brother-in-law has cerebral palsy and is largely wheelchair confined and there is really nothing available to keep him active here. We are looking at Either Delta or Montrose county. One of the sites we are considering has been allowed to be infested with the subject weed. I walked around the one acre lot for maybe 5 minutes and had 10 to 15 seed heads embedded in my shoes. We don't have this weed in Washington and I am researching what sort of work I would be looking at to control this weed and get a program going. I see that you can mulch with a think layer, but haven't seen how thick. I would like to grow mostly vegetables in raised beds and would like to avoid chemical controls. Another site we are looking at doesn't appear to be infested so I am looking for help weighing the pros and cons from a gardening perspective. If we have time this trip, my plan is to try to visit the Delta or Montrose extension office, but I am not sure if they are staffed this time of year. I will try to call today, but our time is pretty limited so any help you insight you can provide would be appreciated.


Delta County Colorado about 13 hours ago

hoya houseplant

care of hoyas


Hennepin County Minnesota hoya about 23 hours ago

Bird mites and anxiety

For almost a year now we’ve been plagued by crawling sensations and dry, whitish rashes and red bumps. Initially we were convinced they were bed bugs and got fumigation. Then, on spotting no such bugs, we took to believing they were black Mold spores. The distress they contributed would recede and increase over the past year. I would experience crawling even when far away from home, for example in another country. Was starting to think it was all psychological when it suddenly became much worse. The crawling is turning into stinging and one morning I woke up covered in visible bites, which has rarely happened before. I have to take heavy doses of benzos to fall asleep (I have anxiety) and I feel aggravated each time I get into bed. We live in India and the understanding of pest control is exclusive of anything but bed bugs. This is deeply frustrating and as I am easy to fluster, it is contributing hugely to my anxiety and my belief that the mites (or whatever seemingly invincible creature is eating me) will never leave. Please help.


Outside United States 1 day ago

growing a sapling

I have a tropical mango fruit that grows specifically in Guatemala, here in Portland Oregon and it has three leaves and about 3 months or older but is struggling to grow and the leaves are starting to turn brown. Is there any suggestion on how I can help give it a boost to grow?


Multnomah County Oregon tree health tropical plants 1 day ago

Green moss growing on Ash tree trunck

I have moss growing on the bottom three to four feet of an Ash tree trunk, Should I be concerned?


Adams County Colorado 1 day ago

How many times do I need to treat with Premethrin

Hi there. I've had my chickens for about a year and just the other day noticed fowl mites. I went to my local store and got premethrin dusting powder, and dusted under their wings, their vents, and the hen house. I was sure to remove their food and water before dusting and also to use a gloved hand to pat it under their wings and on their vents. I've noticed from your above comment that we can keep eating the eggs, which is a relief. But I was wondering if I need to do this process again and if so how soon? And how many times? Thank you in advance!


Oakland County Michigan 1 day ago

Aluminum in Water

Hi, I have a well that has aluminum and can not use for drinking or house water. It is over twice the EPA limit of .02 (.0428 mg/L). I was wondering if I could use the water for my garden? I have read that aluminum can harm the roots of plants, but I don't know what level that would be. Also, would it be safe to eat berries watered with this level of aluminum in the water? Thanks for your help, Marianne


Oregon water quality irrigation 1 day ago

Pine boards used for raised garden beds

Is there a safe (non-toxic) way to prevent termites from attacking pine boards that I am using for raised beds in a vegetable garden?


Wicomico County Maryland termites raised beds vegetable beds pine raised beds pine wood raised beds termites eating raised bed wood 1 day ago

Indoor Fruit Trees

Hello, I would like to know where I can buy dwarf citrus trees like lime,lemon, and grapefruit? Thanks!


Ramsey County Minnesota 1 day ago

Manure or compost?

Hello, I am managing a community garden and for the past 5 years we have ordered compost for our gardeners to use. This year, some gardeners have asked for manure instead of compost. Can you provide advice on if this is a good change to make? is there any efficacy and literature that studied manure vs. compost in small gardens? There are 10 plots that are 6x6 feet each at the community garden. Most of the participants grow vegetables and some flowers. The garden is in Bloomington, MN


Hennepin County Minnesota compost 1 day ago

Red Maple

Hello- We are going to plant a red maple in honor of my neighbor's sister that died this winter. I will receive a free 2-3 foot red maple from the Arbor Day Foundation, but I wonder what is the best size/age to plant a new red maple in MN? I want it to have the best chance of survival. Is it worth it to spend more money on a bigger tree from a nursery? Thanks! Abby


Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

Canned green beans turned red?

I've canned green beans before, but this is the first time the beans turned red during the pressure-canning. We used pole beams instead of our usual bush beans. This is the first time at our current home. Our soil is orange (lots of iron and clay) and our well water also has iron in it. My hunch is that is what caused the beans to turn red, but wanted to make sure they were safe before feeding them to the kids. :) We watered the plants with our well-water and the water in the jars is also our well water. We are in North Plains. Thanks!



Washington County Oregon home food preservation food safety 1 day ago

landscaping under a Blue Spruce - in Loveland

Just moved to Loveland. I have a 10x12 front yard with a northern exposure. My neighbor has a Blue Spruce, planted 6" from property line that is over 2 stories tall and branches that cover 1/3 of my yard. The front of my yard has 2 large junipers. The yard was landscaped with shredded rubber (and rock) - most of which I have removed! Weed barrier was under that with a greenish clay soil under the fabric. I would like to create a wildlife habitat in my yard, but don't know what to plant given the Blue Spruce, northern exposure, and small size of my yard. Can you help? or can you direct me to a good landscaper who could help?



Larimer County Colorado 1 day ago


In a general law township, is there a deadline for reviewing a special land use application that was tabled at the applicant's request? It has been one year since the applicant requested that it be tabled.


Muskegon County Michigan community planning and zoning 1 day ago

When is the 4-H enrollment deadline?

When is the 4-H enrollment deadline?


Portage County Ohio 1 day ago


How do you get rid of voles. How can you be sure they are gone after treatment?


Frederick County Maryland wildlife pest control voles pest 1 day ago

jade plant dieing

I have a number of jade plants from an original that is greater than 30 years old (they even flower!) The originals have stems that are >6" diameter. I tend to fight mealybugs most winters and have been challenged with mealybugs on 2 of them this year. The first died--either from too much horticultural oil (not my first choice of insecticides) or it got too cold when I left it in the garage one night after treating it. The other is dieing from something I have never seen before (mealybugs not quite gone)--it is getting dark brown spots that start anywhere but more frequently near the attachment of the leaf to the stem and spread over the whole leaf, then the leaf dries up and is covered with a lot of clear, dry material (that is so light and thin, that you can't feel it) that sticks to the leaf and drops off it. Many of the leaves, but not all are yellowing before the brown spots start. I have treated the plant this winter with orthene, then diazinon, then horticultural oil. Are you able to tell me what is wrong with it and if there is anything I can do to save it.


Harford County Maryland houseplants jade plant mealy bugs mealy bugs on jade plant jade plant yellowing leaves jade plant leaves dying pest control 1 day ago

holly bushes

Last year I planted 10 carrissa holly bushes. Most of them have significant leaf drop - I assume from all the freezing weather we had. There is a little green on most of them. Will they survive? Is there anything I can do? Thank you!


St. Mary's County Maryland shrubs holly carrissa holly holly dropped leaves in winter holly with winter leaf drop 1 day ago

Pruning lavender

Hello, I have a lavender plant in container outside. It seems to have survived the winter. I now realize I should’ve pruned it back before winter but didn’t know I was supposed to. What should I do now, let it be or prune it? Thanks!


Montgomery County Maryland flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials plant care 1 day ago

Mysterious bug bite? Or something else

I woke up today and found this lump on my arm. Its yellow and kinda translucent, and the skin around it is yellow. I've never had anything like this before. Does anyone know what it might be? I was thinking it might be an allergic reaction to a bug bite (maybr mosquito?? ) or one that is infected, but am not sure. If anyone knows what it is pls let me know!!


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Outside United States 1 day ago

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