Dripping Oak Tree

Hello! Can you help me figure out why my very large, very old oak tree is dripping sap-like liquid from the very top branches? Pictures attached are of the tree itself and also the pavement and patio furniture below it with the sticky, liquid splatters.Someone mentioned aphids to us, and if that is what is causing this, is it harmful to the tree? And if harmful, what can we do about it on such a tall tree? Thank you so much for your help! -Ann


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Le Sueur County Minnesota about 2 hours ago

Why does my prone have yellow leaves

My peone is 2 years old. This year it had several lovely flowers. Soon afterwards the leaves turned yellow. I believe something must be missing in my soil. Help welcome!


Outside United States about 2 hours ago

small flying black butterfly type wings only live a short time and dies less...

small flying black butterfly type wings only live a short time and dies less than 1/8 inck in size


Amherst County Virginia about 3 hours ago

Frog Infestation

We recently moved to a new condo development on the outskirts of Coralville. It’s a lovely area with a man made pond and fountain feature in the middle. But since June 12, the day we moved in, the pond has become increasingly noisy with frogs, primarily the low constant croak of the bullfrog. The noise is strange, loud and goes on from dusk (often sooner) until past 10:00 in the morning. When I walk past the ponds edges (all around it) they squeak and leap into (skimming) the water, and there are literally hundreds of them. I saw no tadpoles. The big ones are slippery, shiny and bright green. How long will this noise go on? Is it common? What can the HOA do? Thank you.


Johnson County Iowa about 4 hours ago

Bird mights

What type of bird might is this


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Laramie County Wyoming about 6 hours ago

Mixture & Pesticides

Please advise on 1. Best mixture for front yard garden and for vegetables (yellowing, browning leaves edges, snails, millipede, etc 2. Pesticides for attached images.


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Outside United States about 12 hours ago

Acronicta Funeralis

I found this caterpillar on my rosebush in Grants Pass Oregon. I have researched that they are rare, is this accurate? Would you be interested in one for your school?


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Josephine County Oregon about 13 hours ago

Small species of yellow jacket in Portland?

I killed a yellowjacket nest under the eve of my Tigard house last week. It was about the size of a cantelope when I destroyed it. However, I noticed that the wasps were noticeably smaller than those I'm used to here, only about 1cm long instead of 13mm. Common species we normally have here (Western, Common, German) are generally at least 1/3 larger. I thought wasps emerged after pupating as full sized adults. Am I wrong or are these an uncommon species in this part of Oregon? I have a few dead wasps and a fragment of comb... Photo attached.

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Washington County Oregon about 14 hours ago

Greenhouse tomato plants in bad shape

The first two pictures are of plants grown from cuttings, and are third-generation tomato plants. The bottom halves of the plants (grown indoors over the winter here in Cheyenne Wyoming) appear to be healthy, and even have normal green fruit on them, though I did notice a few leaves are yellow. The top half of the plants (most of this growth has taken place out in the greenhouse since they were transplanted in the first week of June) are spindly, tall, and ALL the leaves are curled upward. There also appear to be a “normal” amount of flowers, but they too are curled. The last picture is from a cherry tomato plant I started from a seed this spring, and the top leaves on this plant curl so dramatically they seem to form little balls instead of leaves at all. I have a second cherry tomato plant that has been healthy overall, but today I noticed some leaves barely curling on one side of the plant. Some material I’ve found online point to herbicide drift, but we haven’t used anything like this in the backyard at all - nowhere near the greenhouse. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

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Laramie County Wyoming about 14 hours ago

How do you take Clematis viorna cuttings

I purchased what I thought was Clematis texensis many years ago at Rice Creek Gardens. Only it wasn't that. Brushwood Clematis Nursery identified It is a viorna type and I have no idea if it is a cross or the real thing. I like it though and it seeds itself around my garden in a pleasant way. I have several now. Again I don't know what pollinated them but they look pretty similar to eachother. However there is one that is dark purple, most are mauve (not an exciting color really) but what I appreciate about them is their delicate bell form and the fact that are highly attractive to bees. So I would like to propagate this particular vine. I know that some species like Clematis texensis (which I finally purchased from Brushwood Nursery) don't propagate well from cuttings. I am wondering if this is also true for Clematis viorna. Also I have never successfully rooted a Clematis cutting so I would like some tips on how to best try this. I have included pictures of the mother plant and the vine I want to strike cutttings from.


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Ramsey County Minnesota about 14 hours ago

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