I am starting a square foot garden next spring and I need to find good compost for my soil mixture. Where can I find diverse compost?


Oakland County MI about 8 hours ago


I have lost 2 of my oaks to borers i have 2 more that are dead.and 2 more that show simtums. .i am not certain sould i do some kind of spray or injection of a pesticide.i have 3.5 arces of oaks and my neighbor


Linn County OR about 8 hours ago

browning of braches

Our Blue Spruce tree has several entire branches turning brown. This has never happened before during the fall. Is this from lack of water?



Denver County CO about 10 hours ago

Flower's name

I've been dying to know what the name of these blue seasonal flowers is. They always grow around fall.


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OUTSIDEUS about 11 hours ago

Maple sprouts

Hello, I have fronds/long stringy sprouts coming out of branches on two of my Japanese maples....should I cut these? And if so, how far down on the branch? One tree has been well-pruned so it is surprising; the other tree is bushier and needs considerable thinning in any case. Also, might there be a reason why these are appearing? Many thanks, Britta Gordon


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Multnomah County OR about 11 hours ago

Small insects found in bathroom

I had sent in a question last week regarding some very small insects I’ve been finding in a bathroom. There haven’t been very many and they are usually on the floor near the baseboard. I found one on a counter. I didn’t have a photo to send in then but now I do and will attach it. The insects are about 1/8” long, and the penny in the photo may help with scale. Thank you.



Washington County OR about 12 hours ago

Soil testing

Hi friends, Im interested in finding a local, reputable place to get my garden soil tested. I moved in last year and planted a few things in the raised beds, but they did only medicore. I'd like to find a place that tests for nutrients, ph, lead and heavy metals and other toxins (I live in an older house). Thanks as always! -Laneia


Multnomah County OR about 12 hours ago

Oak Wilt

I believe my trees have oak wilt. The first picture is what I believe is a healthy white oak. The following pictures are , I think my infected and dying red oak and pictures of what I think are black oaks with possible infection


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Benzie County MI about 13 hours ago

Tri-colored beech tree

I have a 40 foot tri-colored beec that has gotten aphids in the past I have been getting ground injections for three years and it has taken care of the problem. The company I had did not come this year but luckily I didn't have any aphids. I had two other people come out and say I don't need to do anything. Its too big to be sprayed. It's a beautiful tree I would hate to lose it. Spraying after I had aphids the first four times did not work. The early spring injections in the ground did however. Thank you


Wayne County MI about 14 hours ago

Tree - Spruce - Browning

Rumor has it that the three spruce trees we have were planted after the civil war. They are huge. We have not noticed this pattern in past years however, there is browning on the needles throughout the entire trees.

In the immediate area these events happened this year: Our pine tree went completely brown and we are assuming it is dead and there was juniper tree we found with cedar apple rust in the spring.

Do the spruce trees have a problem? What is it? Can they be saved?


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Hillsdale County MI about 15 hours ago

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