Jumping larvae in cocoa bean shell mulch

Hi. I bought Hull Farms cocoa bean shell mulch at Menard's and some of it eventually developed little white jumping maggots. After much search online, I decided they are either cheese skippers or Euxesta notata, Picture-winged flies in the (Ulidiidae group . A lot of other people seem to have had these larvae appear in their cocoa bean shell mulch as well. Do you know anything about them? Are they a danger to my plants?


Pennington County South Dakota about 1 hour ago

Identifying bees

I would like help identifying the type of bees that have taken up residence in a crevice of a large oak tree in my yard. They seem extremely active for many hours a day, very different from the bumble bee colony also on my Minneapolis lot. Are they even bees? Maybe wasps or hornets? I'm attaching some photos and hope you can tell me what type they are, or at least if they should be a cause for concern for the tree's health. The oak is quite large and seems perfectly healthy. Thank you. Karen


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Hennepin County Minnesota insect identification honeybees about 2 hours ago


Please see attached pictures of peppers; Can you advise what we can do to prevent this?


Baltimore Maryland about 2 hours ago

I've never seen this before

These little flying pests have invaded my back yard, mainly my patio umbrella. I've never seen them before. What is this, and how do I get rid of them?



Shelby County Tennessee urban integrated pest management about 3 hours ago

Stems sagging and dying before flower has opened

I have a hybrid T rose that I have had for many years; always flowered beautifully. This year the stems started drooping before flower opened. I can't see any insect damage or other damage, I have been watering it and applying fertilizing it. Thank you


Rice County Minnesota roses bud blast about 3 hours ago

mass of caterpillars eating milkweed and other leaves

I am seeing masses of cream-colored caterpillars with black heads eating leaves in our neighborhood so that all that is left is the veins of the leaf. They leave reddish-brown frass on the leaf below. What is this?


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Hennepin County Minnesota about 4 hours ago

Common Bottle Fly

I am a first time gardener in southern MN. On Monday, I went and checked my garden and noticed my cherry tomatoes were almost ready. Today I go out to pick them and they are infested with, what I think, is the Commone Bottle Fly. They have eaten almost all of my ripe cherry tomatoes. How did I get them? How do I get rid of these? Any information and help is appreciated! I attached some photos also.


Img_20190719_130106_800_300x300%2523 Img_20190719_130106_799_300x300%2523 Img_20190719_130106_806_300x300%2523

Blue Earth County Minnesota about 4 hours ago

tomatillo pollination

I am in need of someone who can answer a gardening question. If a plant needs 2 plants to pollinate it and we only have 1, can I self pollinate it? My neighbor has a tomatillo plant and it has plenty of flowers, but no tomatillos.


Carroll County Maryland vegetables plant care pollination about 5 hours ago

PesTab on Herbs

I was recently spraying pestab outside my home because of problems with Japanese beetles. I sprayed around all windows and doors as well. Unfortunately, some of the product dripped off of a bay window onto the potted herbs below the window. The herbs in the pot are cilantro, basil, and green onion. I’m wondering if I can wash and still use the herbs or if there’s a period of time I need to wait in order to be able to use the herbs. If I plant new herbs in the pot will there be systemic absorption from the soil? Thank you! You can reach me by email or cell phone. 507-312-4530 or



Winona County Minnesota pesticide safety pesticides herbs about 6 hours ago

Tomato problems

Bought form a reputable green house and growing on my deck. I use a moisture meter and water when not too wet and not too dry. Growing in Estes Park. These fruits were on the plant when purchased. No new flowers or fruits


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Larimer County Colorado about 7 hours ago

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