Covering parsley plants for the winter

I have an Italian parsley plant trimmed at the bottom and wondering if I should cover the plant with leaves for the winter to see if it will continue to grow in the spring


Luzerne County Pennsylvania horticulture about 23 hours ago

Plant ID

What type of plant is this?


Riverside County California plant identification horticulture 1 day ago

Why is my plant shaped like this?

My plant used to be flat but now it is growing upwards is it ok?


Suffolk County New York horticulture 1 day ago

Windmill Fan Palm trees

My wife and I just bought and planted three Windmill Fan Palms. We are now concerned about the cold weather that is on the way. We're thinking this might have been the wrong time of the year to transplant these trees? Is there a way you could recommend to protect them through cold weather? Thank you, Jerry Norcia Creswell,


Lane County Oregon 1 day ago

Ingredient substitution

I am baking a brownie bottom peanut butter pie for the first time. I am not able to have dairy cream and am wondering if substituting cool whip for the whipping cream will be an acceptable substitution. The whipping cream is mixed with creamy peanut butter, powdered sugar and cream cheese. I will also be substituting dairy cream cheese with Tofutti cream cheese. The Toffuti cream cheese contains some soybean oil & soy protein. I am hopeful I will still get a creamy filling that is not too oily and will hold together.


Clackamas County Oregon food preparation 1 day ago

turkey broth

I have a container of turkey broth from December of 2010. I know, I know, what the heck?? I actually forgot it was in the back of my freezer. I am in need of additional broth to make gravy for 17 people this Thanksgiving - can I use it? It was frozen solid the whole time and still tastes really good (thought I'd better try it myself :).


Iowa County Iowa 1 day ago

immature graye squirrel...flying squirrel

has the warm weather provided an opportunity for squirrels to bread again. How do they get into homes?


Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

Urgent: fern

Can someone please help me identify this fern? Outside of the picture is its root that looks like a long and fuzzy caterpillar.


Outside United States plant identification 1 day ago

A Teacher Looking For Help For 6th Graders

My name is Chris Fitzgerald, a 6th grade teacher in Kimberly, WI and a native Iowan (and a huge Iowa State fan!). I am teaching my students about soil conservation. I have presented them with a situation about a farmer who needs help in farming strategies. I was wondering if there was a way my kids could have a Google Hangout, Skype, or email with someone in the agriculture field about seeking advice for farming strategies to prevent soil erosion and produce a high yield of crop. Any information would be great.


Outagamie County Wisconsin 1 day ago

garden leaves

what would you reccomend would be the best way to get rid of garden leaves in terms of safer for the enivornment and better for the community


Queens County New York compost 1 day ago

Failing grades

My daughter is a student at Ia.St. She is a freshman and is struggling in her classes and just found out she failed Icon and is so distraught.., What advice can you give me to help her and who does she talk to..


Polk County Iowa 2 days ago




Outside United States 2 days ago

Merge Facebook Pages without having admin login to one of them

This Facebook Page was created several years ago: “Mountrail County Extension Service (NDSU)”.

The person who managed that Page is no longer with us, so we can’t delete or merge it into the new one that was created by a new staff person: “NDSU Extension Service – Mountrail County”

We would like to merge the old one with the new one and retain the 107 likes, photos and history we had and bring it over to the new one.

If you go to the original page you’ll see the Page options (in the 3 dot menu under the cover photo) don’t give any options to merge, probably because we don’t have admin access.

Do you know the best way we could merge the old with the new?


Cass County North Dakota 2 days ago

Need advise why my peach tree is not bearing or holding the peaches

Hi my name is Urmila and I am writing with a concern I have with a peach tree. I have an 8 year old peach tree about nine feet tall. The first 2-3 years it bears plenty healthy and delicious peach ripe to pick. Around the 4th bearing season it was loaded with peach but after about the size of a large grape they started drying out. ever since it has been like that. Please advise me what I can do to help it bear healthy fruits again. Thanks so much.


Harford County Maryland fruit peaches not develpiing 2 days ago

What are your thoughts on clover planting on residential vacant lots?

Wouldn't white clover become a problem eventually as an invasive into neighboring lawns?


Muskegon County Michigan lawns and turf 2 days ago

Hollow rutabagas and potatoes

We have a garden in Northern Pine Co., 100 miles North of the metro. A lot of our rutabagas and potatoes ended up to be hollow this year and we are wondering what would cause this. The plants themselves seemed very healthy. Please give us as idea what to do. Thank you. Tom and Sissy Brabec


Pine County Minnesota 2 days ago

What type od rose?

I would appreciate help with identifying the type of rose this could be. It has not bloomed so it is difficult for me to distinguish. Can it be identified just by its leaves?


Outside United States hibiscus plant identification 2 days ago

overwintering pond plants

Do you offer advice for "water plants"? I have a bowl-type fountain I run in the summer and every year I buy a few small plants to put in it and then discard in the fall, but I heard that some plants can be overwintered and reused the next year. Two plants I have right now are Thalia dealbata and Ruella brittonia chi chi.


Harford County Maryland water plants water gardem thalia dealbata thalia ruella brittonia 3 days ago

meat storage

I have a 10 lb boneless fully cooked ham, sell buy date Feb. 2016. I would like to cut it in half and save part for Christmas. Can I wrap it good and keep in my refrigerator or must I freeze it?


Cambria County Pennsylvania food safety 3 days ago

Does this heritage rose have a disease?

Hello, I'm sending in this question on behalf of my friend Emily. She has an heirloom rose trailing over a fence. From the fringe on the petioles and the overall habit, I'd guess it has multiflora ancestry. She obtained it from her grandmother many years ago and it has grown well in her garden in Prince George's County for many years. One problem that Emily and I are aware of is that several invasive vines have grown into and around the rose creating water/nutrient competition, poor air circulation, and shade. We are developing a plan to save the rose by removing all these invasives, but it will be a lot of work. It would help to know if the rose already has a disease, and if so, whether that disease can be treated. Here are answers to some of the bullet questions on your website: old rose trailing over fence about 3 to 4ft tall Emily first mentioned the invasive vines 2 years ago, and noticed the possible disease this year some of the leaves are spotted and yellow the plant was originally in full sun but over time the area has become more shady and sheltered she hasn't applied any pesticides the leaflets in the photo are typical size for multiflora The photos attached - one shows the progression from sick leaves at top of cane to healthy green leaves where the cane has hit the ground - one shows a close up of the yellow, spotted leaves - both photos taken Oct 26, 2015, at beginning of dormant season thanks!


Prince George's County Maryland shrub black spot rose black spot rose 3 days ago

White substance on grass blades

Hi, Our grass blades in the backyard are covered in a white powdery substance. We had a few patches in the spring and now with fall it is much more prevalent. Could this be some sort of mold or fungus. Our dog has also been having GI issues and I'm wondering if this could be causing it. How can we get rid of it? Thanks, Stephanie Stevens


Montgomery County Maryland lawn lawn disease lawn fungus lawn mold 3 days ago

Manistee County, MI

Will there be a How to Start a Successful Cottage Food Business in Michigan offered in Manistee County or Wexford County?


Manistee County Michigan 3 days ago

Fall cover crop—too late?

Is it too late (Thanksgiving) to plant a cover crop in my vegetable garden in the west valley area? If not, what plant(s) might do well? Most of my 600-ft garden is under a 6.5-ft high tunnel. I'm hoping to add some nitrogen and have better, less compacted soil next spring. Thanks you.


Yamhill County Oregon cover crops horticulture 3 days ago

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