Weed or plant?

Could you please let me know if the attached is a weed or a plant? it is growing in among the echinacea in my side yard; it kind of has a minty smell like minarda but it also has small purple lavendar blossoms. thanks for your help. There was one opinion that it was Canadian clearweed but not sure about the blossoms.


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Howard County Maryland plant identification weed issues about 3 hours ago

lead testing for soil

How do I get a lead test of garden soil? Is it the regular mailer? It says you can get lead testing for an additional fee. How much is the fee? Also, are they available now or do we have to wait for the spring?


Genesee County Michigan soil testing about 3 hours ago

stink bugs

the number of stink bugs trying to invade our house is rising rapidly. how do we trap and kill them hopefully without pesticides.


Washtenaw County Michigan about 4 hours ago

Hornets nest

We have a hornets nest that has been sprayed twice and there are still a few hornets left. I don't really want to spray again-is there a more natural way to get rid of hornets?


Crawford County Michigan about 4 hours ago

I have been losing a lot of my short needle pines that are about 15 years old...

I have been losing a lot of my short needle pines that are about 15 years old for some reason and I cant figure out why. Any suggestions on how to save the rest?


Morrow County Ohio about 12 hours ago

Webinar CEUs

Good Evening, I am a Certified Child Life Specialist looking to gain more insight and development, especially through different resources. Do you have any webinars/webcasts or online presentations that you offer CEU/PDUs for? Live workshops? Thank you Kindly.


Miami-Dade County Florida about 14 hours ago

Hibiscus and Magnolia bushes over winter

Hi, This spring I purchased a magnolia as will as an hibiscus bush. They have flourished over the summer, and now I would like to TRY to keep them alive over the winter in spite of the fact that they are each about 3 feet tall and a bit bushy. Do you think it is even possible to try such a thing? If so, here is my thought. Did them up now, place them in rather large pots and keep them outside for a few more weeks (until the temp is in the upper 50's. Then move them inside for the winter. Any hope that this may work? Other ideas on how to adapt them successfully to my house? Thank you, Letty Lindberg


Hennepin County Minnesota about 16 hours ago

What kind of mint is this?

Grows wild in fields around our house. Smells like mint. We can't seem to find a match.


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Washington County Maryland plant identification weed issues about 17 hours ago

Pickled peppers for canning

In this recipe for peppers to be processed in water bath canner; can the sugar be omitted and the water omitted with the vinegar increased to a total of 6 cups. Thank you for any assistance you can provide. Pickled Hot Peppers Hungarian, Banana, Chile, Jalapeno 4 lbs hot long red, green, or yellow peppers 3 lbs sweet red and green peppers, mixed 5 cups vinegar (5%) 1 cup water 4 tsp canning or pickling salt 2 tbsp sugar 2 cloves garlic Procedure: Wash peppers. If small peppers are left whole, slash 2 to 4 slits in each. Quarter large peppers. Blanch in boiling water or blister in order to peel. Peppers may be blistered using one of the following methods: Oven or broiler method: Place peppers in a hot oven (400ºF) or broiler for 6-8 minutes or until skins blister. Range-top method: Cover hot burner, either gas or electric, with heavy wire mesh. Place peppers on burner for several minutes until skins blister. Cool and peel off skin. Flatten small peppers. Fill jars, leaving 1/2-inch headspace. Combine and heat other ingredients to boiling and simmer 10 minutes. Remove garlic. Add hot pickling solution over peppers, leaving 1/2-inch headspace.


Frederick County Maryland home food preservation about 18 hours ago

Common lot line adjustment vrs Michigan Land Division Act

We own two lots with contiguous border. One lot has our residence, the other is vacant. Each has their own parcel#. The driveway approach for the improved parcel is on the vacant lot, the driveway then meanders over to the residence parcel and ends on both. We would like to adjust the common border and move some footage at the road from vacant parcel to residence parcel to correct this encroachment thereby eliminating the need for a mutual drive agreement. Problem: Both lots have larger depth to width ratios and surveyor indicates this could be a township issue due to the Michigan Land division Act. Note: Both are lakefront with 100ft of water frontage and are approximately 650ft deep and 68ft at the road. Both have meets and bounds descriptions and would not result in a division. Both would remain larger than one acre. Also, these larger than 4:1 ratio lots are very common on this Lake in Antrim County. Since this isn't a "division" and already is grandfathered, and very common, I don't understand why this is an issue. According to the Act, this lot adjustment does not meet the original intent of the ratio guideline. Your analysis and suggestions would be appreciated! Thank You!


Antrim County Michigan about 19 hours ago

Oak wilt

When can I trim my oak trees and feel safe that I am not spreading oak wilt?


Sherburne County Minnesota about 20 hours ago

Whats wrong with my apple trees?

Starting in mid July the leaves on the HoneyCrisp - about 5 years since planting and multiple trees - appear waxy, following by curling and then yellowing of the curled portion. This has occurred for several consecutive years. The trees will bear one or two apples that are misshaped. I do not find aphids and I spray the trees for apple scab on a regular bases. The above symptoms do not appear on the Haralson, honey gold or chestnut crab trees. The sprays used: Captan,(Home Orchard Spray) Sevin, and myclobutanil. I do not use a sticker with the spray.


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Dakota County Minnesota apples horticulture honeycrisp apple about 20 hours ago

Air spading

The Tree we had planted last year (balled and burlap) has turned red several months ago. I asked the place where we purchased, they told me to water more, which I did. We heard something about "air spading" being good for the Tree. What are your thoughts, and what would you recommend? Thanks.


Dakota County Minnesota horticulture transplanting trees about 20 hours ago

Seeding and use of seed blanket

I am going to plant grass on a small hill next to my house. 35-45 degree slope. Do you recommend using a seed blanket for this to avoid the seed getting washed downhill when watered or by rain? Also - the area has some shallow roots from amur maple trees nearby. Should I attempt to dig those up to allow the seed to get a better foothold?


Hennepin County Minnesota about 21 hours ago

Picture for previous sauerkraut question

I asked a question about my sauerkraut, but did not attach a picture. The kraut I made is in 1/2 pint jars and I did not have enough liquid to fill the jars. I just went ahead and canned it with 1/3 to 1/2 juice in the jars. Is this ok?



Marion County Oregon home food preservation food safety about 22 hours ago

Plant sales at the u

Hi, I am relatively new to the Cities and am wondering do you ever have plant sales to the general public? I’m looking for perennials that were developed for this climate. Please let me know when/where if there are sales available. Thanks.


Hennepin County Minnesota about 22 hours ago

Yellow Nutsedge and when to treat

Hi, I think I have a nutsedge problem in my yard and look help identifying it is nutsedge or another weed (see attached images). This starting sprouting earlier in the season in the backyard and I saw some success from using Ortho Nutsedge, but it did come back after two treatments. Now, after having aerated and power raked, this weed is all over the yard which it wasn't previously. My two questions are: one, is this nutsedge or something else and two, what product should I use on it and do I still have time this year to treat it or do I need to wait until next year. The Friday before Labor I overseeded the whole yard with Ramy Turf's Tuff Turf and am under the assumption that I should wait another week or two to just allow the new grass a bit more time to do its thing before treating with a herbicide. Thank you for any help, Josh


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Washington County Minnesota about 22 hours ago

carpet beatles...will they ever go away

I have had carpet beatles for the past few years and find the larvae or shells unfortunately on a regular basis and I have read for years about sanitation and proper storage yet still am upset on a regular basis when I pull out a shirt and it has holes in it. I live in an old 1800's apartment with lots of nooks and crannies but think I do a good job cleaning. I have tried lavender and cedar chests and crazy vacuuming and it really seems like it is an impossible situation. So my question is- when cleaning is not enough is there a professional bug spray or extermination tool that I can take advantage of? Thank you in advance.


Harford County Maryland pest control carpet beetles about 22 hours ago

should I transplant peonies in the fall or in the spring?

Should I transplant peonies in the fall or in the spring?


Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture peonies about 22 hours ago

Rye with Ergot in distillation of Rye Whiskey

Hi UVM Cooperative Extension:
We're a distillery in Vermont. A Vermont farmer wants to sell us some rye that is over the ergot limit for feed for use in the making of Rye whiskey. We are interested in 2 things. 1. Is there a risk of hurting people by making rye whiskey from ergoty rye. (we mean besides the fact that drinking quantities of 40% alcohol can cause harm to oneself and others) 2. Usually we give our spent grains to farmers to use a animal feed (usually cattle). Will this hurt the livestock? Google has failed us. Any answers, or even directions to look would be a big help. Since identifying us by even county and state would identify us, I'd prefer not to make this public unless we strip all locational information away.
Thanks for any help you can provide.


Addison County Vermont about 23 hours ago

I have an unusual spider in my back yard that I have never seen before. It is...

I have an unusual spider in my back yard that I have never seen before. It is bright yellow and has a black back with 6 yellow markings in 3 groups of two. It is at least 1 1/2" inches long.
The web from the center to the bottom of the web looks like a zipper or ladder pattern about 1/2 to 3/4" wide in the middle of the web very unusual. What is this and is it poisonous. Sorry I don't have any photos


Franklin County Ohio about 23 hours ago

Lawn Rust

My dog is having significant issues with allergies and we suspect that it may be related to a recent development of rust in our lawn. Is rust something that will eventually go away by itself or are there chemicals that we can apply to eliminate the rust?


Linn County Oregon disease issues horticulture lawns and turf about 23 hours ago

lawn reseeding and overgrown creeping charlie removal

This lawn is a shade lawn under Maryland's Champion Ash Tree and a flowering, non-producing fruit (pear?) tree. I need a recommendation for grass type, please, and intend to use an iron rake and hand cultivator and fingers to remove charlie. Should I then use a vinegar, dawn detergent veg oil mixture after remaining, if any charlie foliage remains or should I simply reseed? I have read on one site a recommended overseeding in the fall season ? And whichever you advise should I carefully cultivate with iron rake the soil and remaining grass. Hmm, checking details .. think that covers it. Thanks,


Baltimore Maryland lawn shade lawn creeping charlie about 23 hours ago


Hi, I am building out my canned soup stash for the winter and had a question about sizes. Is it 'ok' to can soup in 1/2 pint jars for 'single serving' options? If so, what is the recommended processing time? Thanks, Hailey


Multnomah County Oregon home food preservation food safety about 23 hours ago

Large green worm with big eyes

I saw a large green worm in my yard. He had eyes that were large . He was about 2 in. long and about 1/2 in. In diameter. I have only seen the one. I so wish I had kept him.


Caldwell County Kentucky horticulture caldwell county kentucky insect identification about 24 hours ago

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