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I have a raised 4 by 12 foot raised bed that has been half bush beans and half carrots. I am considering a crop of carrots and some lettuce for the fall. How would you suggest I amend and prepare the soil? I realize that the bean half is likely nitrogen rich at this point. Also any additional crop choices would be appreciated. Thanks, Wes Denton


Clackamas County Oregon vegetable gardening about 5 hours ago

Is this what a lily should look like?

Hi, I recently bought some lily bulbs and I just wanted to know what kind it is!?


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Will County Illinois lily about 6 hours ago

Who is living in this cocoon?

We found this cocoon attached to the end of a very hard“web” of sorts that went up a window, and the cocoon was inside the window track/frame. Whatever is inside is dark in color and seems to have a hard casing around it. It is about 2”long and 1-1.5” wide.



Dakota County Minnesota about 6 hours ago

Will stump stop drawing water

Last Wednesday, August 21 I had a black walnut tree cut down. Attached are photos of the stump I wanted left to be a decorative part of my garden. Will the stump stop drawing water naturally or do I need to do something to stop it? I don't want to remove the stump unless I have too.


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Hennepin County Minnesota about 7 hours ago

Strange growth on wild flowers in garden

Hi, I saw this strange growth on wild flowers in my garden today. It kills the flowers from the middle up. Do you know what this is and how I can treat it? The flower bed is under a cherry tree which also recently has branches that die , with leaves turning brown. But I don’t see the same growth there. Thanks for any help you can offer, Matt


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Marion County Indiana horticulture about 8 hours ago

Sod worms

Will my lawn come back next year


Delta County Michigan lawns and turf about 9 hours ago

Rose hips

My roses don’t produce rose hips. They are quite mature and I believe all roses should produce rose hips. I have taken cuttings from roses that I found which had lots or hips, and i’d Like to know how to propagate the cuttings. Also why would my roses not produce hips?


Dakota County Minnesota rose hips about 10 hours ago

White patches on my lawn

White patches on my lawnThis white substance just showed up on all the bare spots of our lawn. It is all in the shade. What is it and how should I treat it?


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Hennepin County Minnesota about 10 hours ago

When to treat lawn for Wild Violets

What month is the best month of the year in Minnesota for treating lawns for wild violets?


Hennepin County Minnesota wild violets about 11 hours ago

hawthorne tree dying?

I have a hawthorne which is about ten years old, in in the last two summers the branches are about 50% dead. The leaves don't seem to be diseased. pictures of the branches and the leaves and berries are attached. Can anyone tell me if it is dying or if this is normal for a hawthorn tree? Is there anything that can be done to bring it back to health?
Thank you


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Scott County Minnesota about 12 hours ago

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