Formula for Epson Salts

To kill weeds what else do is use besides Epson Salt formula ?


Josephine County Oregon weed control about 5 hours ago

Apricot tree wilting

I have a young apricot tree planted last year. This year the tree is very weak or dying. The tiny green foliage appear then next day they start to wilt. It feels like water is not getting to the green foliage. The trunk is covered by these tiny horizontal slits I’m not sure if this is a disease. But the tree is wilting and dying altogether


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Alameda County California apricot trees about 10 hours ago

Container planting

If I add pine cones to the bottom of my large pot before I add soil and plant my plants will it cause the soil to be too acidic and damage the plants.


Washoe County Nevada container gardening about 11 hours ago

Heavy Shade Shrubs

My Aunt is trying to create privacy in her backyard along a chain fence line and wants to plant some shrubs. However, the area is in heavy shade. Shes tried american cranberry viburnum and hydrangeas but thinks they werent getting enough sun. The soil is relatively sandy and is mostly shaded by maple, oak, and pines. Theres definately enough room for bushes to expand, but they cant be too tall due to a power line. She'd also like to plant native and polinator friendly if possible. Is there anything she can plant there?


Ingham County Michigan about 11 hours ago

Hummingbirds and Black and Blue Salvia

Hello, I am a professional illustrator and photographer (and a good grower – I won 2nd place ribbons for my squash at the MN State Fair the one time I entered). Last September I visited Longfellow Gardens. I was amazed at the number of hummingbirds and their behavior. I've only seen single hummingbirds at nectar feeders. This was an entirely different hummingbird experience. After viewing my photos I noticed that they fed at the black and blue salvia the most. I want to grow salvia and other plants to attract hummingbirds. Do you recommend salvia? Any other hummingbird friendly plants you recommend? I have decent soil and am willing to amend it to suit hummingbird friendly flowers. Any info you can give me to help grow hummingbird friendly plants in Golden Valley, MN will be greatly appreciated. I attached a screencapture of an illustration showing how I used the hummingbirds and salvia in my art, just for the heck of it. Thank you in advance. George Peters



Hennepin County Minnesota about 14 hours ago

Flowering Shrub

What is this called?



Cobb County Georgia plant identification about 14 hours ago

Transplant 1’ to 2’ high fir trees

I have many small firs that are growing well in my yard and would like to save them by replanting nearby. Can you advise regarding the depth of their roots and how I can avoid damaging them while digging them up for moving? Thank you , I am in Halfmoon Bay BC VON 1Y1 Canada


Outside United States tree transplanting about 17 hours ago

Lesser celandine



Multnomah County Oregon weed control about 17 hours ago

What is wrong with my pothos?

I’ve just bought my first few plants two weeks ago and I’m worried about my golden pothos. I know they are pretty hardy but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m doing something that’s hurting it. It is currently in my bedroom which is in the basement. I’ve heard a few people say it can even survive in artificial light which is why I bought it. My window is about the size of an average pillow and barely counts. I’ve found that many of the leaves have some subtle white mostly around the edges and where the leaf meets the stem. It’s fairly clear(ish) and looks like water stains but I water directly on the soil. I’ve heard that powdery mildew starts with white spots that look much more defined and it’s not really looking like that so I’m not sure if it has that or not. Many of these leaves are closer to the soil. The other problem is that a few leaves closest to the soil are discolored. The yellow variegation has turned very pale and looks close to white. These leave are are no longer waxy and have more of the white stain mention before. Is it somehow my poor lighting? Is it mildew? I’ve never had houseplants before and I’m afraid I’m doing something that’s hurting it. The clear/white doesn’t really appear on camera but I’ve attempted to send a photo of the edge of a leaf anyways. The other photo is one of the discolored leaves. Thank you so much for taking time to read my wordy questions.


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Ottawa County Michigan pothos about 17 hours ago

Boxelder Beetle

How to destroy these beetles, so that we can enjoy our backyard this year? Last year we moved to Josephine County, Oregon, and became inundated with these creatures. They land on everything humans animals food drink books magazines anything we take outside to enjoy our backyard area. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Lori R.M.


Josephine County Oregon nuisance insect box elder bugs about 17 hours ago

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