recently cut down oak tree & oak wilt

We recently cut down a heathy oak tree. We have 13 other healthy oak trees. My neighbor requested that they keep the logs from that tree. They are stored near our other oak trees. Will the scent from the freshly cut logs attract the beetles that carry the oak wilt disease? If so, can we paint the cut ends of the freshly cut logs or would it be best to remove them from their yard?


Washington County MN about 3 hours ago

Magnolia scale

Hello, in looking through the extension website it appears I have a case of magnolia scale on 2 trees. As a result it also appears I have a swarm of wasps, including some nasty looking ones with white heads and tails. I have children and obviously don't want them to get stung. I am wondering what I should do to first remove the wasps (if anything) and of course the magnolia scale. Of course I can't get too close to the trees to treat them because of the wasps! Any help you could provide would be so very helpful. Thank you - Ryan Ries


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Ramsey County MN about 5 hours ago

Ant infestation

What impact do ants have on wildflower growth. I hss as be a hand sown wildflower garden on a south facing hill that is doing quite well with the exception of about a 2 foot swath under an oak tree that is saturated with black ants. Every time I try to replant anything to fill in, I am covered with ants and they bite. I have also found some galardia that appear to be dying off, but have ants on their leaves. Is this coincidence and are the ant colonies just more apparent because there is no growth or are the ants prohibiting the plant growth? How do I get rid of the ants


Crow Wing County MN about 6 hours ago

What is the name of this plant/flower?

We were at the willamette river yesterday and seen this flower/plant. It does look pretty nice though.



Linn County OR about 8 hours ago

Ground Cherry Problem

Hi! This is my first year growing Ground Cherries. I have 6 plants in separate tubs and five are doing well and producing fruit but one appears to be rejecting the unripened fruit through the husk. Any ideas on a solution? Thanks!


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Polk County OR about 9 hours ago

Brown Knapweed

I have brown knapweed that has taken over a good portion of the sides of my driveway and is spreading everywhere. What is the best method of killing it and can you treat it now with any adverse effects to other plants or animals? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated


Pine County MN about 10 hours ago


We are currently being being overrun by several varieties of mushrooms . Is there anything that I can put on the lawn to eradicate them , that isn't harmful to pets.


Anchorage AK about 10 hours ago

Cherry tree diagnosis


We've been trying so hard to take good care of this tree so any guidance would be greatly appreciated! We planted a cherry tree in our front yard this past spring. A few weeks ago I noticed it had oozed some sap in one spot on its trunk. The sap hardened and didn't get any worse. But today after all this rain I saw that the sap "scab" had broken open and this white, gelatinous substance was oozing out. Pretty gross. Anyway, I attached a picture. As far as I know it has not been injured. The area at issue is about three feet off the ground. The tree is maybe eight feet tall.

Can someone advise if this is a symptom of a known disease or pest in this area?




Cumberland County PA about 11 hours ago

black spots & oozing from our peaches this year

We have 2 peach trees: 'Frost' & 'Oregon Curl Free' This year a fair # of the peaches have black spots on them, spots that look like sap oozing out of the peach. As a result we have to cut out all the defects before we can eat them. Our orchard has been in for over 6 years, and this is the first year we have seen it.


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Polk County OR about 11 hours ago

This is the biggest hornet I've ever seen much less captured around...

This is the biggest hornet I've ever seen much less captured around Willoughby Ohio. Does this BELONG here and what is it?


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Lake County OH about 11 hours ago

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