New to gardening

We are new to our neighborhood. I have a big yard but mostly shady. What should or what can I plant? I am retired and I want to learn about plants. Appreciate every help I can get.


Ramsey County Minnesota about 9 hours ago

Tilted Tree

Hello! I planted this tree about 6 years ago. The lean has gotten progressively worse. We have tried to prop it to encourage straighter growth but that has done little to no good. Is it to late to straighten out? If not, what is the best way to do it? Thank you so much!!



Washington County Minnesota about 9 hours ago

Sycamore tree

Hi, I planted an American Sycamore tree 2 summers ago. This spring, only the top half leafed out (see attached picture) the branches with no leaves do not appear to be dead. Is the tree dying? Is there something I can do to save it? Thanks.



Livingston County Michigan about 12 hours ago

Brown tips on rose leaves

I live in Utah. We've had excessive rains for months. Some plants have brown tips on the leaves. I use systemic treatments every 6 weeks. What do you think is causing the browning?


Utah County Utah about 13 hours ago

Using a perennial's own seeds for replanting

I am growing Iceland poppies. After deadheading and drying the seeds, can they be used for replanting?


Lane County Oregon flowers seed saving poppies about 14 hours ago

Japanese Maple

I have had this Japanese maple for 10 years and it has done fine. Only a few leaves came out this spring. Now, there are a few more leaves coming out on other branches. It still does not look good. Will it survive? From the photos I sent with this question, I am wondering what the white circles are on the bark. The other question is what caused the bark to split like that? Thank you.


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Ramsey County Minnesota japanese maples winter damage about 14 hours ago

Pigweed flea beetle infestation in native plant garden

I have a large native prairie plant garden for pollinators. It is suddenly infested with what appear to be pale-striped pigweed flea beetles. They are tiny, black and yellow striped with orange-red head and they both jump and fly. Leaf damage is evident on many different species such as Monarda, Giant hyssop, Vervain, even Creeping Charlie! My research tells me that my method of no cultivation, just cutting back old plant stalks in the spring, may be allowing adults and eggs to winter over. The garden is four years old in the same spot. I do not want to use even organic controls that will harm other insects. Do you have advice for me?


Hennepin County Minnesota about 15 hours ago

Pagoda dogwood dying

Can you tell what's wrong with my little pagoda dogwood? This spring several branches died, and leaves are yellow, brown edges, drooping. All parts have fine white webbing on them. Thank you.


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Ramsey County Minnesota about 15 hours ago

Wild Columbine or Honeysuckle?

This has several people divided on answers and I'm trying to end the discussion one way or the other with your help please! Given the attached pictures would you tell me which one it is? Columbine or Honeysuckle? I did taste the inner yellow part and it did not taste sweet. It grew on it's own, I did not plant it. I am including pictures of it . It grew next to my overgrown Bleeding hearts. I'll await your reply, thanks so much!


1-img_9196_300x300%2523 1-img_9198_300x300%2523 1-img_9201_300x300%2523

Mille Lacs County Minnesota about 16 hours ago

Oak leaf hydrangea issues

I recently planted this oak leaf hydrangea but it is not looking so good. I also recently sent MSU a soil sample but have not heard back yet. I planted it with compost, peat and bone meal mixed in with mostly clay. Any suggestions?


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Ottawa County Michigan oakleaf hydrangea trees and shrubs about 16 hours ago

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