Doug fir, yellowing needles

Hello! I have had this fir in my front yard for 15 years and have never see the needles turn yellow in this manner. We have not made any changes to the trees environment. Is this something that I need to get treated? Would be so sad to see the tree succumb to disease.


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Multnomah County OR about 14 hours ago

Creeping Charlie

Should I remove all my creeping charlie now in the Fall or will it die off over the winter??


Anoka County MN about 15 hours ago

My rhododendron is dying

One of my rhododendron bushes turned brown and appears to be dead, since about mid August. Now other bushes in the group are turning yellow and dropping leaves. I checked the backs of the leaves to see if there are aphids but I can’t see any insect damage. Any advice?


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Howard County MD drought abiotic issues rhododendron shrubs about 16 hours ago

What’s happening to our maples?

The maples have steadily looked worse this year, thinning on one side, seems to be happening in the entire neighborhood, any ideas? The maples run down an entire street.


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Clackamas County OR trees and shrubs about 17 hours ago

Foliar feeding

Hi- I’m a small sustainable grower that sells veggies and herbs at the local farmers market. I’m wondering if you are aware of a liquid organic fertilizer that can be used for foliar spraying of salad mix and intensively grown lettuce, close to harvest date? My concerns are mainly food safety and bacterial issues. I double-wash salad mix and lettuce after harvest and before product sale. Some of the types of fertilizers that I’ve been considering for foliar application include fish emulsion ( I’m aware of potential odor problem so I’m guessing this alternative might have too long a needed gap between application and harvest), and kelp solution and also a commercial formula sold by Fox Farms called a Big Bloom. I’m open to other options (like blood meal which has good nitrogen levels, but I’m wondering about bacterial levels). Fox Farms technical experts said that their Big Bloom product could be used right up to harvest date, but I think I need a second opinion since Big Bloom contains bat guano. Any help would be much appreciated. First cuttings seem to be doing well but second harvest is less and I think the crops could use a little bit of a boost before harvest. So I’m looking for 1) a type of fertilizer and 2) need to know the estimated gap between application and harvest. Feel free to pass this question on to Anyone you feel that could best answer it. Don’t you just love these types of questions?!?! Thanks much, Paul hickner MSU OFTP graduate Williamston


Ingham County MI foliar organic fertilizer about 17 hours ago


what with and when should I fertilize my fall lawn?


Washington County OR lawns and turf about 18 hours ago

Bee Keeping

I'm interested in learning about Bee Keeping. Will you have any classes in the future? Ellen Crenson


Baltimore County MD about 19 hours ago

Gardening in a greenhouse on the coast

What greenhouse can withstand the wind on the coast. Will a greenhouse allow me to grow tomatoes.


Lincoln County OR coastal gardening horticulture about 22 hours ago

Pests in raised beds

Hello, This summer I had infestations of aphids and whiteflies on my kale, and leaf miners on my chard in my two large raised beds that I built from old cement pavers. Now I’m fighting hoards of snails devouring the kale, which I haven’t pulled yet as it’s still putting out new growth, which is edible when I can get to it before the snails. My question is: do I need to replace the dirt in these beds before I replant in the spring? I wanted to put cover crops in, but now wonder if I have to start over because of all the pests. Are they breeding in the dirt? These beds were filled with organic garden soil from Lane Forest Products at the beginning of last spring. I was hoping just to add compost when it’s time to replant, but I’m afraid I’ve got such a pest problem I may have to start over. This is was my first summer gardening in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks very much for your help! Vanessa G


Lane County OR insect issues 1 day ago

Eliminating unwanted baby trees and wineberry with herbicide....?

I let several areas and beds in my yard "go" with no mowing or care. In the spring and last fall I simply cut down young trees close to the ground. They have grown back !! Some are quite large. Would it be wise to cut them again and immediately apply a herbicide to the fresh cut? Would this herbicide harm the soil and make the area not fit to plant new material? Or would there be an alternative method to get rid of these trees? The wineberry has also gotten very overgrown. I previously would dig out as much of the roots as possible, but now they are massively many and tangled. What do you suggest for them??? Thanks so very much for your advice !!


Baltimore MD weeds invasive plant care wineberry wineberry removal 1 day ago

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