Gardenia never grew or blossomed

I received a gardenia plant June 1, 2019. I put it outside in its own pot after it got acclimated to the summer sun. It has grown very little and doesn't have any blooms. Now I'll be bringing it back indoors for the winter. Re watering, I do stick my finger down into the soil 2" or so, and if feels dry, I water it. It has drainage in the pot. Thankfully, there are no bugs, etc on it. Leaves turn yellow despite it not being overwatered. Any suggestions?


Hennepin County Minnesota about 5 hours ago

Dying oak

My oak is completely full of dead leaves. 50’ tall. What can be done?


Hennepin County Minnesota about 6 hours ago

What’s happening with my star magnolia?

My Star Magnolia is under a lot of stress, trying to recover, I don’t know how to treat. This is the 2nd summer tree has been this unhappy. Is it Japanese beetles? To much moisture? Is it some type of disease? Sun damage? What can I do and how do I trim the dead branches? Thank you for your time I had an arborist out he said sun damage, but I don’t believe it. Linda m


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Scott County Minnesota about 8 hours ago

Pear tree fell over

Were had a 6 year old pear tree loaded with pears and I went out to look at it cause it was kinda listing to the south. I pushed it and it fell over. It looks like the root are gone. The base is all rounded off and no roots? Do you know what may have caused that to happen?


Columbia County Oregon fruit trees about 9 hours ago

Pantry moths

How do I eradicate an infestation of pantry moths in my kitchen and garage?


Marion County Oregon pantry pests about 9 hours ago

Whats wrong with my plant?!

I got these vine things from my grandma and they dont seem well. At first glace its a good looking plant but they seem very yellow in some spots and seems to have lost alot of leaves! Some of the leaves turn yellow and just drop off. Upon further inspection i find little brown spots all over it! Im no good at identifying bugs or fungus. Can someone help me identify whats wrong and how to fix it? Is this contagious to my other plants? Also i have no idea what kindof plant this is so if you have any idea please let me know!


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horticulture about 9 hours ago

Cutting a root

A root from a maple tree runs under the water pipe for my sprinkler system and is causing problems with a connection. The root is bigger than my wrist and smaller than my fist about 8 feet from the trunk. Can I cut the root without causing major trauma to the tree? Should I do something to help it heal? Thank you.


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Hennepin County Minnesota about 10 hours ago

how and when to prune a Red Bud Tree

We need help in pruning our Red Bud tree. When is the best time to prune. We pruned it last spring -it looked good through the summer; but we need to take off more . Thank you


Jackson County Oregon pruning trees horticulture redbud cercis spp about 10 hours ago

Wildwest carrot or wild caraway

Hi, I found this plant in our field and would like to identify it. Any ideas?


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Lyon County Nevada about 10 hours ago

Quality produce farmers

I’ve been testing the Brix value of various produce and don’t find ,other than grapes, that test above average. Was wondering if you keep track or work with farmers that do proper modern soil management that produce high quality produce. I find even farmers markets don’t have high quality!!


Oakland County Michigan about 10 hours ago

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