Onion Type Weed

I have a pervasive fast spreading onion problem!! If left to grow, it forms large onion bulbs under ground. It doesn't pull up and is everywhere in my large yard. My neighbors don't seem to have it. I don't use chemicals because I have set up my yard for birds. I pull weeds, but that isn't working with these weeds!! There are way too many to dig up! Any solution. Thank you, Patty O'Toole Tigard



Washington County Oregon about 10 hours ago

Oregon Grape jelly

I have juiced my Oregon grapes Now I am ready to make Oregon grape jelly, I have no recipe for this . Do you have one that I can get going with?


Jackson County Oregon home food preservation food safety about 13 hours ago

worming chickens and geese

What medication and how much do I give my flock for worming?


Baker County Oregon poultry about 17 hours ago

What is this?

Hello, Recently, thousands of these bugs showed up in our garage and concrete patio. They don’t seem to match any of the Colorado beetles I found online. Could you please help identify them?


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El Paso County Colorado about 23 hours ago

Ash Tree

I have a Green Ash tree. For the past four years I have been treating in late April with the Bayer drench product, carefully following dosage directions. Do I have a fair chance of saving it from the emerald ash borer? Would an injection by an arborist be more effective? Or am just I postponing the invevitible?


Iowa County Iowa 1 day ago

Lights for Seed Starting

I would like to buy a 4-feet T8 fluorescent fixture from Home Depot and use it for seed starting in March (tomatoes, basil, etc) to transplant in my backyard garden. Will that work for growing seedlings? Should I be looking for a specific wattage or anything else like lumens or 4100K (I see that thrown around and am not sure what that means).Everytime I grow them by the window, they get real leggy so I want to try indoor lights. Also, how many lights would I need, especially if I have a lot of seedlings. I see some fixtures come in two-bulb strips and others come in 6. If I cover the sides of the shelf with aluminum foil so the light will bounce and reflect, would that mean I don't need as many lights? Or should I not line the sides with the foil so the plants can breathe? Or should I just line the top and one side with the foil? Thanks!


Howard County Maryland vegetables herbs plant care lights for seed starting 1 day ago

New Zealand clover

When to plant. Need erosion control on hillside forbrains


Coos County Oregon ground cover 1 day ago

New planted grass dying

This pass summer I planted grass seed around two trees, it came up great all summer. But just before it got cold it all died. I placed around 2 in of compost down 1st then 2 in of black soil from my Garden. Added a small amount of starter fertilizer and mixed it in. Waited 3 days then added grass seed and mixed it in. Watered everyday for the first couple of weeks until grass started growing. Then watered each week along with the rain. Do not know what I did wrong, the seed in my Garden came up great and is still growing.


Waukesha County Wisconsin lawns 2 days ago

Hello! I'm hoping you can help point me in the right direction. I am looking...

Hello! I'm hoping you can help point me in the right direction. I am looking at buying a house in Warren County, and the yard backs up to what seems like a conventional farm field. I am an avid organic gardener, myself, so I am worried about this for two reasons: 1) pesticide drift & 2) my seed being contaminated by GMO crops. Where could I learn more about local regulations regarding agricultural practices near residential areas (particularly applications of pesticides)? Do you think there might also be a way I could learn what crops are in rotation in the field abutting the property? Thanks so much for any help, Brooke


Warren County Ohio 2 days ago

No fruit

I recently moved to this area. I have a cherry tree which bore no fruit. Prior owner says roots need treatment spring and fall. Can you enlighten me?


Clark County Washington 2 days ago

Identification of houseplant which exhibits an odd and rare growth behavior

Dear Extension Service, I am trying to identify a houseplant which displays a remarkable, but very infrequent, odd growing behavior. More than a decade ago a coworker allowed me to transplant a portion of a plant that she kept on the windowsill of the laboratory where we both worked. The coworker did not know (or had forgotten) what kind of plant it is. The small to moderate size (about a foot tall) plant, seems like a cross between a bamboo, fern and asparagus. It grows by sending up new shoots that emerge from the ground (like a bamboo) and begin to “leaf” out while the older shoots slowly yellow and die. I have attached two photos of the plant (bottom and top part). In general, over time, the size/height of the whole plant doesn’t change that much. BUT! and here’s the weird thing: Every once in a blue moon (like every two or three years) one shoot will arise that keeps growing and growing and growing (like a Jack-in-the-Beanstalk occurrence) and doesn’t leaf out (until way, way later). About two months ago one of these rare shoots emerged. This shoot is now over five feet long -and that is measured not from the soil surface but from the normal top of the plant. As it rapidly grows (and I swear it does so near an inch a day) the shoot looks and feels just like a hard thin green wire. It doesn’t have any suckers to hold on to anything and just grows upward (but it will occasionally curve somewhat or even may fall over if not taped to the window in back of it. Although it has no suckers, it does have “nodes” about every two inches and at the node a very small almost indiscernible sharp appendage protrudes from one side. The appendage can prick the skin if the stem is not handled with care. The nodes and appendages are not unique to the long shoot but appear on the regular shoots as well. (On the photo showing the top of the plant you can see -center right- just the first few inches of the weird shoot rising up and exiting the photo frame.) I have attached one additional photo showing the shoot itself. It is not a very good photo. I had to put some cardboard behind the shoot (over the window panes) because the outdoor (sun) light was too strong. Also my camera didn’t want to focus on the shoot but rather on the street scape outside. But I think you can still make out the curvy line that crosses the panes. P.S. The shoot shots were taken about three weeks ago and currently the shoot (which turned to growing vertical again) has reached the ceiling!


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Baltimore Maryland houseplants asparagus fern asparagus fern tall bare stem asparagus fern climbing stem asparagus setaceus fern looks like asparagus 2 days ago

Starting a small homestead

My name is Joey Sais. I live in Avondale. I want to start a small organic garden and get some chickens. I would like to have a future small 1 acre farm, fruit trees, pinon trees, christmas trees, horses, goats, chickens, peacocks, turkeys. Maybe a cow and a pig or two.
Right now, I have no experience, not much finances to work with, and no farming or ranching knowledge. I need help with a plan on where and how to start with milestones and goals to one day maybe get there. I do have 7 acres and plenty of water.


Pueblo County Colorado 3 days ago

Spider nest?

We recently found a nest, and we’re trying to figure out what is responsible for it. My stepfather has been in the landscaping business for 20 years and has never come across anything like it before.


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Oregon insect issues webbing 3 days ago

Shefflera and another blossoming plant

I brought them in and they are in filtered light temp approximately 74 degrees. They are each alive, but dropping leaves badly. Shall I cut the back, ? tent them, quit watering What is my best bet. I cannot remember the blooming plant but is common in this area thought I could bring it in Im in caroline county


Maryland houseplants abiotic issues shefflera shefflera dropping leaves brought shefflera indoors scheffera schefflera dropping leaves 3 days ago

Safe Ice Melt

Can you recommend the safest and environmentally friendliest method or product to treat ice on sidewalks?


Maryland miscellaneous plant care melting ice ice melting environmentally safe ice removal environment 3 days ago

Wolf or Recluse

Someone please help me, is this a wolf spider or a brown recluse I have a 5 month old baby and I am pretty paranoid right now!!



Solano County California spiders 3 days ago

We own a 14 acre piece of ground that for years was farmed with various...

We own a 14 acre piece of ground that for years was farmed with various crops. Several years ago a road widening project needed a place to dispose of excess soil. We allow them to dump and spread the soil across part of the property with the intention of getting the ground to a higher elevation (approximately 4 feet) to reduce the frequency of flooding. My question is how long of a period of time should we wait for the poor soil (road way spoils including lots of clay and rock/gravel)to reconditioning before we can plant and expect a good crop? What process would you recommend for reconditioning the soil?


Montgomery County Ohio farm ground soils 3 days ago

Turf die-back...

See attached pdf please.

Mushrooms bloomed this summer and grass died...

The area is hand-watered so the regime does vary a bit, but not major changes that I can think of.

What to do? Treat? Reseed?



Larimer County Colorado lawns and turf 3 days ago

Bird ID

Good Morning! My husband and I are avid bird feeders/watchers in Edgewood. This morning we saw an anomaly that has us dumbfounded. Is this a pic of an albino finch? Or maybe sparrow? It wouldn’t get any closer than the shot you see. Thanks for any insight! Joyce


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Kenton County Kentucky kenton county kentucky horticulture bird identification 3 days ago

winter watering?

With all this warm and dry weather, should I water my lawn and trees in winter? If so, how often?


Weld County Colorado 3 days ago

I need a pattern for a Beaver Skin Hat for a male

Do you have a pattern for a Beaver Skin Hat?


Alaska 3 days ago

What kinda spider is this

What kinda spider is this



St. Clair County Michigan 3 days ago

Aquaponics Green houses

I was wanting to know if you would be interested on advising me about building a aquaponic greenhouse in the Paducah ky area. I would like to build a 7,920 sq ft greenhouse. I am not sure if I have a market for my produce.Your help @advice would be most apreciated. thank you for your time. A.C. Noel


Graves County Kentucky aquaponics graves county kentucky agriculture 3 days ago

What is average cash rent paid for non-irrigated crop land in Mercer county, ND?

What is average cash rent paid for non-irrigated crop land in Mercer county, ND? Thanks for your help!


Minnesota 3 days ago

Help with identifying this spider

I was wondering if you could identify this spider. I live in Ohio and it was on my bathroom wall during daylight hours.I feel it may be either brown recluse or nursery web. Thanks!



Montgomery County Ohio spinder identifcation 3 days ago

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