Bird Safe deer exclusion fencing

I need to build a deer, groundhog, rabbit exclusion fence around a garden. I would like it to be bird safe. I'm planning to use aluminum 'mesh' or plastic, but I'm concerned that birds might get injured by it. What size should the openings be to be sure that birds 1. see it, and 2. don't get caught in it. What other animal exclusion, or safety issues should I be concerned about? I have attached an image from the internet showing what I have in mind. Also, how do I keep rabbits from getting in under the gate? Thank you, Ann



Howard County MD vegetables fencing about 3 hours ago


How do I get rid of slugs


Lincoln County OR slugs about 3 hours ago


I have 4 wisteria plants in 4 different locations around my house. They grow like crazy but do not produce flowers. What am I doing wrong? Is there a good fertilizer I should be using?


Sussex County NJ wisteria about 5 hours ago

Rhubarb toxic after hard freeze?

I keep hearing that the oxalic acid can travel from the leaf to the stalk after a hard freeze and then the stalks become toxic but many universities like IA say it's not true. Is it true?


Anoka County MN about 5 hours ago

Need help identifying a mystery weed in my yard

Hello, I live near Tumalo. Our front yard isn't really a yard, just a lot of dirt and juniper trees. We have a lot of different kinds of weeds this year, I presume from all the snow we had? I'm attaching some photos of a weed/plant that I can't seem to identify. Hoping you can help. Thanks, Jacqui Robinson


Weedmystery_300x300%2523 Weedmystery2_300x300%2523 Weedmystery3_300x300%2523

Deschutes County OR plant identification about 6 hours ago


What kind of tick is this and does it carry Lyme disease? Found embedded on my 1yr old.


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Livingston County MI tick identification ticks about 6 hours ago

Lemon Cucumber Pest

I planted Lemon Cucumber's in my raised bed, and something ate them. The only sign of them is one stem. Would that be spiders? So, I bought 2 more, but am keeping those in my Green house. Away from any bugs in my soil. Plus, maybe to early to plant in the ground? Now, I am afraid to plant Lemon Cucumbers in my raised beds.


Douglas County OR about 7 hours ago

Planted Vegies too early- what to do now?

I just went out and did an assessment of my vegetable garden and am surprised so much has survived through our cold/ snow last week. Other than the cukes and squash, everything seems to be okay. The tomatoes and peppers look a bit droopy, but are clearly alive. My question is: are they so compromised as to affect productivity and should I pull and replace them???


Boulder County CO about 7 hours ago

Stinky Tree (shrub)

Can you identify the attached image? The flowers smell like cat urine, very nasty! Thank you, Julie Sheehy



MN about 7 hours ago

Subterranean termites SW colorado

We have subterranean termites in our home (SW Colorado). After receiving a quote from a licensed pest control company, I am wondering if there are any cheaper, DIY alternatives (that actually work)?

What information can you share about the introduction of nematodes into the colony? Is it effective? How do you manage the nematodes?

If chemical management through a licensed company is best recommendation, what health risks do I need to be aware of related to the chemical used to kill termites? (I do have two kids age 4 and 7).

Thank you.


La Plata County CO about 7 hours ago

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