White spots on maple tree

My husband & I were trimming our maple tree today and noticed white spots on the bark. The trunk is the worst with very large areas of white. Is this a sign of disease?


Thurston County Washington lichen about 11 hours ago

What is this plant?

It grows in my yard in big bunches. I can't find it in any plant books.


Kitsap County Washington weed rumex sheep sorrell about 13 hours ago

insect ID

I have a Cherry Tree infested with these two bugs. Can you help me to identify them and suggest a treatment?


Skamania County Washington aphids insect identification about 14 hours ago

Ivy on a tree

I'm wondering if you can tell me if the ivy growing up this tree is ok or will it harm the tree?


King County Washington ivy about 15 hours ago

I have a very old Crab Apple tree that needs pruning. Do I need to wait for...

I have a very old Crab Apple tree that needs pruning. Do I need to wait for winter to do it? It also has a lot of suckers and water sprouts. Is that normal? IAre Crab Apples subject to Fire Blight? Thanks


Ramsey County Minnesota about 19 hours ago

I purchased on-line a bluebird rose of sharon. The website said it was hardy...

I purchased on-line a bluebird rose of sharon. The website said it was hardy in zone 4, but I think not. is there any thing that i can do to keep it alive this winter if I keep it outside? Otherwise what are my options?


Anoka County Minnesota about 20 hours ago

everbearing strawberries in pots to survive winter?

I have some straw berries in pots and would like to keep them for next year. What do I do? May I bring them into house?


St. Louis County Minnesota about 21 hours ago

Unusual root crop name?

My dad used to grow a large root crop that is the size of a sugar beet but looked more like an over sized carrot. He grew them for deer bait. Do you know the name of this vegetable?


Wexford County Michigan about 21 hours ago

Weed or Plant Identification

This grew in my garden. I believe it is a weed. Can you identify it?


Bucks County Pennsylvania about 21 hours ago

Hi there, I have a Haralson apple tree which has developed some white-ish...

Hi there, I have a Haralson apple tree which has developed some white-ish discolored growths near the top of the tree, and I was wondering if you could tell me what it may be and how to treat it (if possible). I don't know how old the apple tree is - it was "big" when we moved into this house 20 years ago, but it could potentially be 40+ years old. Thanks for your help!


Ramsey County Minnesota about 22 hours ago

What is this shrub?

We just moved to a new home, can you tell me what this shrub is & how to care for it? Photos are attached.


Goodhue County Minnesota trees and shrubs plant identification horticulture about 22 hours ago

Winnipeg rose

I received 2 Winnipeg roses for Mothers Day. I am not sure of how I should prepare and winter them. They are beautiful so i want to do the correct thing.


Ramsey County Minnesota about 22 hours ago

I like the look of a plant when it is NOT wild and out of control. So I am...

I like the look of a plant when it is NOT wild and out of control. So I am wondering this fall (now) if I can trim back the following plants and how far back can I trim them. They are all plants that were planted last year so they are currently not over-grown. Here is my list - if you could tell me when I can trim them and the length to leave (not cut off) that would be fantastic. flame-grass Purpurascens, Hosta Snow-Cap, Heuchera Micrantha-Palace Purple, Physocarpus opulifolius-Donna May, Berberis Thunbergil-Maria Gold Barberry, Incrediball - Hydrangea, Weigela florida - Minuet Flowering Shrub. In addition, please share what I should do with Rosa Winnipeg Parks - Shrub Rose. Thank you so much!


Wright County Minnesota 1 day ago

Long needle pine trees

I've noticed for the last two years the long needles are browning and falling far more than previous years. Is this because of the draught? I do have one tree in the back which gets water when the flower bed does, but it is worse than the others. What's the story?


Josephine County Oregon tree health plant problem diagnosis horticulture 1 day ago

Lime tree leaves

The leaves form this marks and bend in, new leaves grow on top of in.


Lexington County South Carolina trees and shrubs horticulture 1 day ago

Berberis buxifolia Die Back

Hello, I have a row of Berberis buxifolia plants that are showing a large amount for browning and die back. Plants receive enough water and are 12+ years old. I have attached several pictures as examples. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Kirk


Washington County Oregon trees and shrubs diagnosis of plant problems horticulture 1 day ago

Soil Test(#4FAA29)

I had a soil test done and it said I needed more Potassium and I was above optimum for P and Mg. To give a little history; about 5 years ago we had our backyard fertilized, it looked great, then we got a dog(male). We stopped fertilizing both the back and front yards. Our front yard did not change that much but the back yard looks awful. Most of it is dying in the back, but closer to our driveway it looks better. The area in the back gets more water and sometimes it pools. We don't get why it is just dying. I have noticed that the grass has a silver/grey tint. The sample I sent was for the backyard. Any ideas why this is happening?


Oakland County Michigan 1 day ago

What kind of spider is this?

Recently I have spotted large and tiny "baby" spiders that look like this. I'm scared it might be a brown recluse. This is a zoomed in photo of the small one. The only one I've been able to photograph properly.


Dickenson County Virginia 2 days ago

pruning large hibiscus trees

I have 2 very large hibiscus trees in pots on my deck. I want to bring them inside again this fall but they are so large they will be hard to bring inside. I want to prune them but am finding information that they should only be pruned in the spring. Should I prune them anyway to get them inside. Should I go big and take 1/3 off or just enough to get them inside.


Frederick County Maryland hibiscus houseplant 2 days ago

Oak Tree Droppings

Read your answer and then read my comments below it.. I don't think the answer was correct... please let me know ... Gordy Kircher

Here's the response to your question:

They are a type of oak gall and are harmless to the tree. We have been getting many reports of these this year.

-dennis mn Master Gardener

That isn’t what they are… they are tiny soft balls and there are tons of them, just like acorns so I would say they were immature acorns… and in the 31 years I have lived here, I have never seen them… I looked at the St Paul Paper Bulletin Board today to see if they came up with an answer and this is what they printed…. do you agree?? Gordy Kircher

Ask Bulletin Board

Or: Is there an arborist in the house? (responsorial)

Wednesday's Bulletin Board included this note from Mrs. Romance: "Do you have a tree expert on board? [Bulletin Board says: Do you mean 'on Board'? We don't know ... but are about to find out.]

"We have lots of oaks in our yard, and some years we get a bumper crop of acorns -- I mean bags full; just acorns. This year, there is something different. In place of acorns, we have a gazillion little fuzzy balls. These things rain out of the trees, and the yard is covered with them. To me they look like the center of an acorn that forgot to grow a shell.

"Anybody? Do I have to call a tree service?

"Thanks. I know I can always count on the readers of Bulletin Board."


But if this proves to be the exception, don't mislay today's Websites of the Day [University of Minnesota/Extension: Trees, Shrubs, and Vines, at and Ask Extension, at]."

We presently took a call from Jimbo of Inver Grove Heights: "This is in response to Mrs.

Till death us do partWrites ANN of St Paul quotIn an earlier BB this year someone wrote about making a Heathkit radio My husband

Romance and her question about acorns:

"I have studied oak trees for many, many, many years, and every eight-and-three-quarter years, they produce immature acorns. This is caused by the weather, the moon phase and many other factors.

"And if you believe any of this, I will sell you a bridge I am having built. It's called the Lafayette Bridge -- but I cannot guarantee you that it will ever be finished."

Our birds, ourselves


Washington County Minnesota 2 days ago

Walk MD

Is there anyway that we can reset our walk md map back to zero miles?


Wicomico County Maryland miscellaneous 2 days ago

Spider identification

Can you tell me what type of spider this is? Sorry it's a squished. I keep finding them everywhere in my house here in Oregon. I have a fear of spiders so I can't ever bring myself to get a live one to take a photo. If you can't tell by the photo I understand. Someday I'll catch one in a cup but they terrify me.


Lane County Oregon insect issues urban integrated pest management spiders 2 days ago

When is it a good time to transplant blueberry or raspberry bushes?

When is it a good time to transplant blueberry or raspberry bushes?


Hennepin County Minnesota 2 days ago

Drying green beans in the garden for seed

Can the drying pods take a frost?


Somerset County Maine home food preservation 2 days ago

Mushroom ID

I have white mushrooms on my willow tree. I am wondering if they are poisonous. Dogs are dying from eating mushrooms and I have two bulldogs. I would like to bring in a sample if it would help in the Identification. Thanks. Mary Beth Young, 651.484.8607, home and 651.231.7107, cell I am sending three images of the white mushrooms.


Ramsey County Minnesota 2 days ago

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