Spots on elderberry and meadow rue

I have spots on leaves on several plants that I haven’t seen in the past- not sure if they are related but they have somewhat similar appearance . I attached pic of black lace elderberry, lemon lace elderberry, meadow rue.


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Hennepin County Minnesota about 3 hours ago

Treating Hydrangea scale eggs on ground

I have jus removed an infested hydrangea how do I treat the ground that is now laced with white pearls ? Would boiling water and dish soap work?


Outside United States hydrangea about 4 hours ago

What is this large thing?

This came up along my fence, and I can't find it on your website. Should it be removed? Thanks!


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Hennepin County Minnesota about 5 hours ago

spots on basil and marigold leaves

Hello! Wondering what this is and if the basil leaves are still edible. (not sure if the same thing is causing the spots on the basil and marigold leaves, but they look similar)


Img_20190626_183324845_300x300%2523 Img_20190626_182721323_300x300%2523

Hennepin County Minnesota about 5 hours ago

Coral bark maple and solar-powered spot

My coral bark maple is a few years old, not new. A couple of years ago I took down another tree that had been shading it and it has done beautifully. The bark is redder and the leaves have more color. (It is planted at the NE corner of the house.) Last week I installed a solar-power, 40-lumen spot. I noticed today that the leaves in the area where the spot shone are brown, dry, and curled up. Is it possible that the spot light damaged those leaves? I didn't see anything on the side where the second spot was shining. I immediately removed the spots to avoid any further damage if they are the cause. Thanks.


Lancaster County Pennsylvania about 5 hours ago


My bindweed has round leaves, not arrow-shaped leaves. What’s the difference?


Skagit County Washington about 6 hours ago

Rhubarb bugs

What is eating the Rhubarb leaves and what do I do?



Dakota County Minnesota about 8 hours ago

River birch

My river birch (approximately 5 yrs old) has 1/2 the leaves it has had in the past. The leaves seem smaller but healthy. There are no bug marks or yellowing. There is just significantly less foliage per branch. Is this a cycle river birch experience? Do I need to fertilizer it? Please advise. Kari


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Hennepin County Minnesota river birch about 8 hours ago

Why would this Aspen have such huge holes in it?

Aspen on edge of town that was planted about 10 years ago is really declining. It does have good drainage and has not been around spray. It does have a lot of wildlife around. Why does it have huge holes in it and why are leaves turning brown?


Aspen_susan1_300x300%2523 Aspen_susan2_300x300%2523

Minnehaha County South Dakota about 8 hours ago

Shrinking Water Supplies?

I read some articles about the ongoing fight over water from the Klamath lake; that it is a dwindling resource for farmers there. QUES: What is the Best Resouc e for Info on Water Access in an area of Oregon [Prior To] Moving there? OSU Univ or a 'State' Agency? Thanks, Josh in Orlando, FL.


Florida about 8 hours ago

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