my poor farfigium

is it slugs or bugs or something worse?


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Multnomah County OR slug damage about 12 hours ago

is this tree healthy?

It was planted earlier this year, it seems to be getting brown, is this normal seasonal change, or is it dry, or is there another issue?


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Clackamas County OR trees and shrubs about 12 hours ago

Dry leaves

I'm growing greenhouse cannabis for the first time and the leaves are dry and Sandy any advice would be appreciated the plant looks healthy otherwise.



San Joaquin County CA greenhouse production about 17 hours ago

Looking for Organic Mushroom Mulch in Bulk

Hello, I had great success last year after spreading organic mushroom mulch over my beds in late fall last year. I am having trouble locating bulk mulch this year. Do you all have any recommendations for reliable organic mushroom mulch in the tri-counties area?


Multnomah County OR mulch about 19 hours ago

Blue Spruce tree possible drought stress

I have two large blue spruce trees in the front yard which are for some reason this year showing problems. There is excessive needle dropping and I can see through trees now. In fact, there are many bare branches. I'm not sure if this could be drought stress. Don't see insect infestation. The two tress are at least 55 years older probably planted in 1964 at unknown age.They are in a watered front yard, they have true west exposure and get full noon sun. I would like your thoughts on what could be wrong.


Arapahoe County CO about 24 hours ago

Scabs and bumps on head

I woke up with my head itching and felt some small bumps and scabs so i bought lice shampoo and did what it told me the next morning there was a bump on my head almost the size of a half a cutti orange and it is very painful if i didn't know better id say someone hit me on my head. Head still itching is there some type of bug or mite feeding on my head the lice shampoo is not working can lice cause this if one is infested i feel them on my eyes in my nose ears please help my family thinks im crazy


Grand County CO 1 day ago

Hello May I ask what kind of plant is this?

I found this weird plant and I tried to search via app by capturing a photo but zero result. The fruit of the plant looks like mustache of man. Sometimes one part of it, sometimes it’s a mustache, the fruits definitely looks like mustache. If u know this plant, please email me. I would be so happy if someone or an expert answer me. Thank you



New York County NY 1 day ago

STEAM supply check out.

Another childcare director told me about "kits" that can be checked out to use within our childcare center. If this is so, where can I find more information about this program?


Linn County IA 2 days ago

Wheat type for bran

We are soapmakers and include Red Wheat Bran for scouring. A customer is attempting a certification process and needs to know whether the latin name for the wheat would be Triticum vulgare or Triticum aestivum.


Multnomah County OR wheat 2 days ago

Adding an acre of new soil

Hello, I live in Franconia and like most spots in my area, we have lots of sandy soil. I have made attempts for 3 or 4 seasons to grow a wide variety of vegetables, planting multiple fruit trees, using irrigation, trying organic weed control methods and its been an uphill battle the whole way (I took a year off in 2019 just to save my sanity). I have tried some bagged manure as soil amendments, but the results were negligible. If I am considering giving it another go in 2020, i'm going to do it with a bang. I tested the soil (over the counter type) and the numbers were "good" but i'm considering some nutrients rich amendments. Whereabouts does one go to get enough quality soil for maybe an acre's worth? Are there master gardener folks that will take a look at peoples situation and make recommendations? I have a compact utility tractor with a 55" tiller as well if that helps with the answer. Thanks, Nick


Chisago County MN compost 2 days ago

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