Pine Trees

From a distance my pine trees look nice, but when I look at them from the back side you can see that the needles are dying on the inside of the tree Are my trees dying, or it is a disease or fungus?. I look forward to your reply.


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Dakota County Minnesota pine trees horticulture diagnosis of plant problems about 17 hours ago

(deer resistant...) trees, bushes, plants for mn riverbank

Greetings. It's my understanding that the area I am speaking of (where I live) is an oak savanna - what (trees, bushes, perennial plants) would you recommend to plant on the mn riverbank that 1. will assist in reinforcing the ground (it is soft / much top soil...) 2. are deer resistant 3. disease resistant 4. would be a food source for migrating birds and 5. and would provide shelter for wildlife...etc In advance, thank you for your time and attention.


Hennepin County Minnesota landscaping deer resistant plants deer resistant plants for slope slope stabilization about 20 hours ago

yellow wilting leaves on mature phlox

I have well established phlox in my perennial garden that when fully developed have yellow spots and curling leaves. This problem has been occurring for 2-3 years. The phlox are quite crowded and have been spreading over the years. I am hesitant to pull because there are lupine that have seeded themselves among the phlox. What is the best course of action?


Kanabec County Minnesota garden phlox overcrowding about 21 hours ago

Killing our lawn due to creeping charlie

We would like to know how to go about killing our lawn due to creeping Charlie and when to begin the process.


Dakota County Minnesota creeping charlie lawn renovation about 21 hours ago

deer manure in my garden

I gathered deer manure and buried it in my vegetable garden and recently found out that was not a good idea. Will I ever be able to use that garden soil again or should I just make a new garden?


Monroe County Pennsylvania about 22 hours ago

Payment for program

Good Day,

Can you tell me the cost associated with completing this program? I understand the steps involved, but want to make sure that the funds are within my budget. Will the 50hrs of volunteer hours annual, keep from a cost occuring to be a master gardener?

Third — fill out an application and go through a short interview. Applicants are notified of their acceptance in early July and payment is required at that time.


Clark County Nevada 1 day ago

Freezing puréed potato soup with milk in it?

Hello, I would like to make a big batch of puréed potato soup with skim milk in it and I wonder if it will freeze well. From what I've read online, the key is to thaw it out slowly before you heated up. What do you think?


Lane County Oregon home food preservation food safety 1 day ago

testing kit

How do I obtain a kit to test my lawn's soil?


Oakland County Michigan soil test 1 day ago

Help! I want Tomatoes This Year!

How do I keep the flea and Japanese green beetles away from my tomato plants? They always eat the leaves and tomatoes. Also, how much water a day do I give them if I am planting them in soil? What is the best way to grow tomato plant in hydroponic?


Washington County Minnesota 1 day ago

Low maintenance hill

Hi , I have an inaccessible slope on my property, it's about 8 feet wide, slopes about 1 foot up for every 2 feet across, and stretches a full 170 feet. I can't mow it and want to do something there that will be low maintenance and not turn into a weed factory. Shade ranges from full shade behind the neighbors house to partial shade due to nearby trees. What I'd like to do is plant native grasses and wildflowers to support the native birds and bugs, but 1. I'm not sure how to go about doing this and 2. I'm not sure if it might be too shady for this idea. Another thought was to plant a bunch of evergreen shrubs because I've heard that the acidity of their needles suppresses weed growth. Do you have any thoughts on developing a space like this?


Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

Sowing directly or transplanting seedlings?

Hello, I am planning on doing some gardening and had some questions about if I can direct plant the following seeds or if I need to transplant seedlings? I don't have the option right now to start seeds. I am mostly concerned about cole crops (broccoli and cauliflower specifically) but am interested to know the same about the following herbs as well: fennel, oregano, rosemary, sage, and thyme. Thank you, Liz Schlimgen


Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture vegetable gardening seed starting 1 day ago

Newbie repair lawn

Backyard lawn has tire tracks and some bare spots. How and when do I begin repair on this as affordably as possible?


Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

Does CSU extension give talks on Xeroscape plants?

Broadcom in Fort Collins would like to have a Lunch and Learn Event on Wednesday April 19 with the topic of low water usage plants. Do you have anybody that could come and give a talk or make a suggestion on whom to contact to educate us on this topic?


Larimer County Colorado 2 days ago

mason bee houses

I purchased a mason bee house without a removable back. When do I put it up, how long is the season, what is the best location and do I put it in a our backyard shed, house and all for the winter? Thanks for your help.


Cuyahoga County Ohio 2 days ago

Cutting back and pruning

How do I cut back my wild flowers including Black Eyed Susan's, Cone flowers, and daises? How do I cut back my Karl Forester grass? How do I prepare my Kashmir Rose bushes? Cut off dead blooms? When do i cut off the dried blooms on my Hydrangea bushes and tree? When should I do these tasks? Can I start now? Do I need to do anything for day-lilies? Do I Cut back my perennial sunflowerS? Can I prune my shrubs now?


Hennepin County Minnesota 2 days ago

What might be the best location in my yard for planting peach trees?

I understand that peach trees like full sun and well drained soil. I understand that most peach trees fruit about one in five years in Fort Collins. I am wondering if planting the trees in a certain location in my yard might help the trees to blossom later, thus reducing the chances of losing those blossoms to frost? Any advice regarding the best location? I am currently looking at planting three Elberta peach trees: Would the trees be more likely to produce better if we planted three different varieties of peach trees, rather than three of one variety? I would appreciate any advice regarding planting and caring for peach trees. Thank you, Cassie


Larimer County Colorado trees and shrubs 2 days ago


I have moths in my home. One is an Indian Meal Moth - easy to ID. The other not so easy. I've tried to take a picture with my phone and load on computer then put that file here but it doesn't work. I'l like to forward the picture from my email if I can get an email address


Larimer County Colorado 2 days ago

Plant replacement

I have several shrubs around my house that have been destroyed by rabbits over the last few years, we are at the point of no return now, there is nothing left. What should I replace them with. There is an image attached of the front of my home, the plants are right below the large window. Also, what is the best time to plant these? Is it still too early in the year? Thank you for your time.



Hennepin County Minnesota shrubs horticulture plant recommendations 2 days ago

Worms in backyard compost

We have a compost pile, about 4' x 5' surrounded by a wire fence. What are the issues to consider re adding some worms to the compost? For example -- Would worms speed up the composting process? Are there environmental concerns? Would the worms need to be contained in the compost? If we added worms and later put compost on the garden or flower beds, the worms would be spread around. Are there worms native to Minnesota that would be a preferred choice? We do some fishing so night crawlers could be used as bait in addition to contributing to the compost pile, if night crawlers are OK. Thank you! Russell Myers


Anoka County Minnesota 2 days ago

blackberry (thornless) rust

I noticed orange rust a couple of years ago and finally dug up my 10 yr old blackberry last fall. could I safely plant a fig or kiwi in the spot? what should I do to help the soil recover?


Baltimore Maryland fruit blackberry rust 2 days ago

Japanese Maple bark issues

Middle of last growing season my Maple started shedding its bar in spots. Its starting to bud this season so clearly its not dead but is this something I should be worried about or is there anything I can to to help it out? Sorry about the depth of field issues in the photos.


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Prince George's County Maryland tree japanese maple bark issues 2 days ago

Plants with Tricky Sun/Shade

Flower bed 40 square feet, gets sun 8:30 a-1:30 p. Recommend plants for an area too hot for shady and not enough sun for sun-loving? Zone 7a, amended clay soil. Montgomery County, MD. Thanks.


District of Columbia County District of Columbia plant selection flower sunshade flower bed 2 days ago

hello, there is an evergreen shrub that i find in a couple of places around...

hello, there is an evergreen shrub that i find in a couple of places around where i live which is very beautiful and always green. it is somewhat uncommon, i don't know why.i would like to know what its name is. i brought i cutting of it last year, it is alive inside a small can and has grown big roots; i change the water every other day. thanks, bina


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Bergen County New Jersey plant identification trees and shrubs 2 days ago

impossible gardenias

hi, i have a passion for gardenias but can never keep one alive for long. i have tried everything withing my power and sought expert advise from various sources including the n.y. botanical garden folks, but still no success. i just bought a small gardenia plant. during the day it is near a southern window later i am using special grow lights and providing humidity. couple of buds have become brown though 2 did bloom soon after i brought it home. tomorrow i'll get a 0-10-10 morbloom to fertilizer the plan what more can i do, what am i doing wrong? thanks..


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Bergen County New Jersey houseplants 2 days ago

Pest on our hedge

I think we have a laurel hedge and is got an infestation of tiny white bugs on the leaves and branches. The hedge is dying and we'd like to try to save it. I do keep bees so I don't want to spray a toxic chemical on the hedue, is there anything we can do?


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Multnomah County Oregon laurel hedges horticulture insect issues 2 days ago

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