Ground cover...

So I am going to mow flat, an area 65x90x50 and cover with fabric weed barrier. Ugly, so I wanted to ask if straw on top of the weed barrier will be okay in the real prevention of any growth...cause I don't wanna mow it any more!!


Clark County WA about 3 hours ago

Domestic blueberry plants

What is the best variety for SE Alaska, specifically Klawock?


Prince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Census Area AK about 5 hours ago

Dime size holes in and around vegetable garden

Recently I have noticed small holes, up to dime size, in and around my vegetable garden. I have no idea what cased them. They could be small garter snake,although I have not seen any. Could whatever made the holes be a potential problem, and if so what treatment/deterrent should be used. Thank You! Donald Becker Crystal, MN 763-537-1867


Hennepin County MN about 8 hours ago

Why would a cricket be inside a squash stem cket found inside squash stem with squash borer larvae?

Hello, I recently came back from a week long camping trip to discover that my acorn squash plants were wilting. Upon inspection, I quickly discovered squash borer larvae but was surprised to discover a cricket inside one of the damaged stems that I initially cut open. The cricket appeared dead after I removed it, but now I am curious why it was there. Was it there to eat the squash stems opened up by the squash borers or was it there to eat the larvae or eggs?


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McLeod County MN about 9 hours ago

Maple tree problem

Hi, I have a maple tree in Rochester, MN that has begun to lose it's color at the ends of the leaf, but the center remains green. Eventually the leaves turn brown and die. I've attached a few photos of the problem. Is there a pest or disease causing this issue?


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Olmsted County MN about 9 hours ago

Em Tree question

Many of my Elm Tree leaves look like cheese cloth with multiple small pin sized holes. After too many holes the leaves fall off. Landscape Garden Center said it was the Japenese Beetle. When I asked them how I should treat it they remarked that soon the Beetles would be leaving the tree and going back into the ground. Since you folks are the local experts i wanted your opinion. Thanks so much! Phil Olson



Minnehaha County SD about 10 hours ago

Prune tree bugs

These bugs are all over my Brooks prune tree this year. There are also a few on some other plum trees. They appear to be burrowing into the fruit. Have not seen them before but they are almost on every prune. The tree is only 6-7 years old. Is all the fruit ruined? Should we spray and if so what?



Benton County OR about 10 hours ago

The seeds from China

I live in Assisted Living in Lakewood. I have no vehicle to take these anywhere and I am not supposed to have any contact outside the building or go to any store. I heard on tv not to throw them in the trash. What do I do with them?


Denver County CO about 10 hours ago

Reuse Water

Can the water used for canning be reused for another batch or do you need to pour it out and start with new water?


Saginaw County MI about 11 hours ago

When to add honey supers

I purchased 3 NUCs this year in late May. One seems to be doing very well. I put a second hive body on about a month ago and it looks like it's ready for a honey super. At what time of year is it too late to put a honey super on? Also, would it be a good idea to just put another brood box on, and then at the end of the Summer, take it back down to two boxes and switch those frames out with some empty ones in my weaker hives? I'm not really looking to harvest any honey this year. It just seems like they'll need it all for this winter. My weakest hive has just about filled up it's first brood box. Is it too late in the season to add a second and then do I leave that one on all winter? My middle hive, I added a brood box a couple of weeks ago. They haven't done much up there yet so I think they'll be busy the rest of the Summer and good to go with the two brood boxes for the Winter. Thank-you so much for your time and any insight you can provide!


Jackson County OR about 11 hours ago

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