Zucchini being eaten

I have my zucchini covered with chicken wire. Zucchini came on something ate part of fruit. Don't see bugs on plant. Help.


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Arapahoe County Colorado zucchini about 1 hour ago

Hay Baling Assistance / Service

Does anyone know of a company or a farmer that can come to Clarksville to cut and bale 10 acres of hay for me? I am more than happy to pay for it!


Howard County Maryland about 2 hours ago

Fine line buckthorn plants

We have just planted fine line buckthorns and they are not looking healthy. They are dropping Leaves, turning yellow, and falling down not growing upward? And suggestions as what could be the problem?


Cache County Utah trees and shrubs about 9 hours ago

Voodoo Lily

I've had voodoo lilies for years here in Chicago IL. I always had treated it like an amaryillis have the bulb in a would either grow a stalk with leaves then that would die I'd bring the pot inside and around early spring it would either shoot up the stinky flower or another stalk. Over the years I"ve gotten lazy and I planted the bulbs very close to the house and they've come back every year. This year however they sent up the stinky flower and when the flower died the stamen? started developing what I'm sending you a picture of. Its still in the ground and the berries? have turned from green to orange. I've never had this happen before I've always have had the tubers multiple like potatoes but never this with the flower.


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Cook County Illinois lilies about 12 hours ago

my 60' pine tree has scrabbly (obviously diseased) lower branches.

As shown in the pictures, all upper branches are also affected but not nearly as bad as the lower. I don't see any damage to the 17" diameter trunk. Since removing the tree would cost up to $5,000, I hoping to leave the tree as is. If I do that, will the tree stay strong enough for another 10(?) years or more??
The tree is only about 10' from my home. Should I worry?


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Kent County Michigan diseased pine tree about 15 hours ago

Pittosporum near black walnuts

We are considering planting some pittosporum as a privacy hedge in a 50 ft area between 2 old black walnut trees. Would they tolerate 1) the Juglone and 2) the partial shade (about 4 hrs of sun per day)


Santa Cruz County California black walnut tree black walnut allelopathy about 17 hours ago

Dying Lilac Bushes

The first 20 feet on one end of a 50 yard row of mature lilacs bushes started to brown up in June, with leaves dying. Please see pictures. We planted these lilacs 25 years ago and have never seen them brown up and die in the mid summer like this. Lack of moisture isn't the issue. We also planted a new lilac bush among the dead growth, hoping it would fill in a gap we had. That wasn't a good idea obviously, because it too is showing brown, dead leaves. Looking at the pictures, can you diagnose this, or do we need an arborist to visit and confirm the disease? Thanks!


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Anoka County Minnesota about 18 hours ago

canteloupe melon root disease.

All my melons got this problem early in there growth and I have never had this problem with my melons. The melons never had a chance of growing well. they are starving for water. What is this disease and how do I treat the soil so it doesn't come back. the picture is the main root coming out of the ground.


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Hennepin County Minnesota about 19 hours ago

Rose droppings

I’ve been cutting roses and putting in vase on white windowsill inside kitchen. Plenary of light in afternoons. I notice a day or so later little black specs of something in window sill. What could they be? Bigger than, say, black pepper. They resemble seeds as they are elongated in shape. Pic taken from 3” above.



Bucks County Pennsylvania about 19 hours ago

Poor multiplication in Shallots

This is Joe Simon in Cascade Township and I am a gardener as is my brother in Berwyn, Illinois.

We have both noticed that our shallot crops are yielding fewer bulbs over the past 2 years. Some planted bulbs yield only one or two bulbs instead of three, four and five bulbs per planted bulb. This is true for both fall planted bulbs in Illinois and spring planted in Michigan. Our garden beds are fairly high in organic matter.

I have been searching for reasons for this thinking it has something to do with soil conditions or our culture techniques, but have not found any information addressing the issue.

Would Extension have any thoughts on the subject? Thank you.


Kent County Michigan about 21 hours ago

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