Invasive species Medusahead

I'm a student in the Natural Resources Program at MHCC and we are doing a report on Invasive species. The species I chose is (Taeniatherus caput-medusae) My question is actually 3 parts: 1. Where is this usually found? 2. How invasive is it? 3. What are the best methods used to control it?


Multnomah County OR invasive species about 13 hours ago

Controlling scotch broom

Want to control s.b. on 30 racers of logged off forest lands Is glyphosate a safe herbicide to use.


Marion County OR scotch broom about 15 hours ago

flying insects

When I brought my plants indoors this fall, I washed them off and repotted most of them. However, I am seeing little flying insects, black in color (less than 1/8 " in length) and assume they are coming from the soil. Is there a solution other than treating with some type of insecticide? We have grandchildren at our house each week and would prefer not to use anything harmful. Thank you! judy


Ramsey County MN fungus gnats about 15 hours ago

Raspberry bush

How and when to trim a raspberry bush


Marion County OR raspberry pruning about 15 hours ago

Just moved into home closed for 1 1/2 years . Has well water, everything is...

Just moved into home closed for 1 1/2 years . Has well water, everything is orange with brown water. What can I do to clean and drink the water


Stark County OH drinking water water quality about 19 hours ago

Chicken canker (trichomoniasis)

chicken canker soar symptom and how to treat it with drug.


OUTSIDEUS about 19 hours ago

Age requirment for Kids?

I have a 3 1/2 Year old; is that too young for 4-H activities please?


Frederick County MD about 22 hours ago

Duck Prosciutto

An attorney friend forwarded the following recipe to me, ostensibly from a chef that was trained in France (???). It sounds like fun, and as I am a duck hunter I can provide the duck breasts. My question is...will this kill me? The recipe is as follows: I suggest french grey sea salt - le sel de Guérande, grey sea salt. It has a good balance in flavor where Hawaiian sea salt is too aggressive and salty if not used properly. It is also important to use a 100% cotton kitchen towel for wrapping breasts. Take breasts, rinse and pat dry. Pour about a cup of salt into glass or Pyrex dish big enough for 2 breasts. Not too big of dish. Lay breasts on top of salt. Pour a additional cup , cup and half on top of breasts. Make sure it is really covered and coated with salt. Cover with cloth towel, put in fridge for 7-8 hrs. 9-10 hours is really the limit. Remove breasts from salt, rinse all remaining salt off breasts. Pat dry, place 1 breast in towel, apply fresh ground pepper to both sides, herb de Provence (or any fresh sprigs of herbs you have, thyme, rosemary are good choices) fold in towel pretty tight and throw a rubber ban around it. Let sit in veggie drawer for 4 weeks.


Multnomah County OR 1 day ago

Native MD plants

Last year I was intently looking for a community event (or even private nursery) which made a whole host of native Maryland plants available for sale. No real luck and I am seeking some advice. I would really like to do the right thing for our community, but natives are so difficult to conveniently locate. Any help as I plan a community planting event, would help. Molly


St. Mary's County MD 1 day ago

Goose stepping sheep - Astragalus toxicity?

I have a shetland sheep that I have had for almost 2 years. She came to me pregnant and had a normal lamb spring of 2016. She is about 7 years old and started goose stepping about a year ago. She is generally losing condition and strength. My large animal veterinarian has never seen goose stepping in sheep and thinks it must be a brain injury, or a brain tumor of sorts. I have recently run across an article talking about selenium toxicity in Astragalus. I live 10 miles south of Portland. Is this a plant that could be in my pastures and could have caused this problem with my ewe? This is the only sheep out of a herd of 9 affected, and none of my horses have been affected, as far as I know. Thank you for your time and expertise.


Clackamas County OR sheep veterinary 1 day ago

What kind of plastic "paper" did you print the small invasive insect identification flipcards on?

I have a wonderful set of U of MD Extension flipcards showing 8 invasive insect species. Each card is quite small, about 2 x 4 inches or so, and each insect's info is printed front and back on a special plastic card. So the set of 8 cards is on a metal ring, and can be easily put in your pocket and used to identify insects in the field. I am wondering what kind of plastic card you used for the flipcards? Is it Terraslate polyester card for example? And if so what thickness? Perhaps 7 mm or 10 mm? I look forward to hearing what specification is for the card. I ask as I think these identification cards are a useful tool to have. PS I got my cards from Extension at your booth at the Smithsonian Gardens perhaps a couple of summers ago...I am an educator and am making a set of mammal flipcards for the preschool where I work. And I would like to print my cards onto the same plastic paper if I can (ie not laminated). This finish would be nice and robust for the children and adults I work with. Many thanks, look forward to hearing about the product...


Fairfax VA 1 day ago

Home pest question--need expert referral

Hello, I have a farmhouse built in 1850 and it's all wood. I have some renovation starting soon and we think we have evidence of powder post beetles, as well as some old termite activity in another newer part of the house. I don't mind calling Orkin or something like that for termite treatment, but would like to know if there is an expert I could be referred to who could come out and look at the wood beams and determine if treatment is needed, and if so, perform that treatment. Thank you!


Howard County MD pest control insect identification powder post beetles wood boring insects pest insects and mites selecting pest control company 2 days ago

soil testing

Do you do soil testing at the Talbot County extension? If not is there a particular kit you recommend?


Talbot County MD soil testing soil tests in extension offices plant care 2 days ago

Starting seeds indoors

We live in the city of Sioux Falls. For the past two years, we have started seeds indoors in February or March. Our plants were about four inches tall when we transplanted them to our backyard in mid April or early May. Both years, the starts (all of them) died within a week of transplant. This is farther north than we have lived before, and we don't know if we are not preparing them properly for the roots to transfer or for hardiness in outdoor conditions. We tried adding nutrients and extra soil to our garden plots last year, too. We are experienced gardeners who moved from Missouri/Iowa (earlier stages of our family life). We have had success with seed starts and transplanting, so we wonder if there are different climate/soil conditions in South Dakota that we aren't addressing. This year, I want to just buy plants from a nursery (which is expensive). My husband wants to try starting from seeds again. I just don't want our efforts to fail if we start with seeds. Thank you! Laura Cruse


Minnehaha County SD 2 days ago

Can anyone help identify this soil borne pathogen/s

I had recycled soil in my home and I have a horrible infestation now with no money to clean it professionally and I’m allergic to mold so I’d like to identify what it is so I can figure out my options. Thank you In advance for any help


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Iron County MI 2 days ago

Spider Identification Needed Please!

Good Morning,

I live in Tampa, FL and was wondering if you could help me identify this spider. My son noticed yesterday that he has a lot of bites on his left outer thigh. I took him to the doctor yesterday and they prescribed him a steroid cream. Then this morning he found this guy walking in his bathroom. I want to make sure it isn't a brown recluse or anything bad that I need to take him to the doctor's again for.


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Hillsborough County FL spiders 2 days ago

sainfoin regrowth after seed harvest

I was reviewing the sainfoin : an alternative forage and in it was mentioned that there is good regrowth after seed harvest. I am looking for more information on this - if it could be grazed, if there is time for blooming (this is for honeybees) as well as the control of lygus bugs mentioned in the slide show. Thank you Heather Stegman


Richland County ND 2 days ago

Hello, When does the 4-H membership enroll process being for this year?...

Hello, When does the 4-H membership enroll process being for this year? Thanks, Leveland


Fairfield County OH 3 days ago

Blue Berries

Over the years I've had good success with my blue berry plants. However, in the last couple of years the plants form many flowers in the spring and the berries start to develop well then, for some reason they wither up and drop off. Totally no crop, just like a blight of some sort. What can I do to control this problem?


Clackamas County OR blueberries horticulture diagnosis of plant problems 3 days ago

Plant identification

Can you identify this plant, please? It came up in the middle of my yard this summer and has survived through this cold weather and snow. I would like to dig it up if it is ok to do so.



Talbot County MD plant identification invasives invasive plant italian arum italian arum coming up in lawn 3 days ago

What is this?

It’s coming up all over a hill in my garden. How should I get rid of it?


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Multnomah County OR weed identification weed control 3 days ago

Black Rot


Last year my grapevines and roses both devoloped black rot. I was wondering how do I get rid of this come spring time. How often and when should I start using something? I prefer to go organic if possible. But will do what it takes to elimate this so that I can enjoy a grape harvest and look at my once beautiful roses.

Thank You



Kent County MI grape diseases rose black spot 3 days ago

Composting and Japanese stilt grass

The leaves that I am considering putting in my tumbler compost bin are on top of a bed of (dormant or dead) Japanese stilt grass. If I compost those leaves, am I just spreading the grass seed?


Calvert County MD compost dead stiltgrass leaves 3 days ago

Robins nest

We moved into a new townhouse last spring and a robin had a nest on the top of the garage outside lights. We did not disturb the nest until the nesting was competed. Apparently a nest is build there every year. How can we discourage the robin from building a nest this coming spring. We do have a problem with bird nest fungi in the area of the nest.


Hennepin County MN bird nests birds nest fungus nuisance wildlife 3 days ago

privacy hedge

hi i am wondering which bush or shrub to plant in the spring. i would like one to use instead of a fence. any help would be appriciated. i live in south east owatonna in town


Steele County MN privacy hedge 3 days ago

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