Boxwood yellowing

Good day I have noticed yellowing on one of my boxwood now in Winter it seems to have spread to three others can you tell me by the pictures what I am facing and is there any hope and saving them from further damage. Thank you so much in advance will your answer to my questions!


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Wayne County MI boxwood decline about 13 hours ago

pear tree pests

I have a pear tree in my backyard that produces a high yield of pears but they almost all have worms in them. Is there a safe way or even a one-time spray that we can use to stop this from happening?


Lane County OR fruit trees about 16 hours ago


Hello - The government in charge of our two cities has a law that grass/weeds should not grow taller than 6" - I heard on the news this might change, so bees can pollinate. In addition, I leave my lawn organic, so I can eat dandelion greens, which shot up faster than a blink of the eye. Please tell me who to contact about this new change. Who do I contact about the one year funding to help residents re-plant their yard? See article below. Carolyn


Ramsey County MN bee lawns about 17 hours ago

Measuring standing timber

Is it difficult to measure trees and something the average person can do.? I want to gather information on the trees I could sell. What should I take afield with me.? Would it require an assistant or can I do this alone? What information does a timber buyer look for?


Chippewa County MI about 18 hours ago

Abandon eggs

So my polish and cochin went broody around the same time, didnt count on my polish staying the whole time so I didn’t keep track of how long she had been on them. Meanwhile my cochin is sitting like the good little sitter she is and hatches out 5 of 9.. gets up 2 days later there’s still 4 that aren't out yet.. so I put them under my polish who is still sitting on her how ever old egg, (there growing I candled them twice) the 4 hatch the next day. She gets up 3 days later.. now her original 2 eggs are cold.. (mean, meanwhile i have 4 in the incubator in the house. 2 weeks in..) so I put mommas 2 eggs in with my 4!! I candled them when they were cold, still movement! Responded to my “peep”, and they almost take up the whole egg.. what should I do now?? I don’t really have room in my incubator to hatch and incubate at the same time. And what do I do about humidity and temp and the auto turner and HELP!!!! I’m new at all this!



Nottoway County VA poultry embryology chicken incubation about 18 hours ago


When is the best time of year in Minnesota to trim or prune Maple Trees. I've heard it's late February into March. Your advice please. Thank You


Washington County MN about 19 hours ago

Planting Vegetable Gardens in Maryland

Hello, 'Living in the Triangle' magazine for Crofton, is having a vegetable garden contest. When would you suggest would be the best month, week & day to judge the vegetable gardens? What would you suggest the major factors for judging? I'd really appreciate a quick response. Thanks, Nancy


Anne Arundel County MD vegetables about 20 hours ago

Fuji and Gala Apple trees: Can they polinate each other?

I planted a gala and a fuji apple tree in 2018 assuming they would pollinate each other. However, in spring 2019 I observed that they did not flower at the same time and I didn't see evidence of cross-pollination. Looking ahead this spring, if they don't flower at the same time again, is there anything we can do to achieve cross-pollination?


Baltimore County MD fruit apple trees about 21 hours ago

Seeding a Septic Drainage Field in the woods

I am building a new home on a small wooded lot. My goal is to not own a lawnmower at this property. I would like some suggestions on how to manage the septic drain field. It measures approximately 100’ x 35’. It is on the west side of the house and will not be fully shaded for several years, if ever. I plan on mulching most of the other disturbed soil around the home and slowly adding native shrubs and ground covers as I become familiar with the property, it’s sunlight patterns and grade requirements.

I would like suggestions for the septic drain field, should I just mulch it? Is there a native wildflower mix you would recommend? Are there native ground covers that would be up to the task? There is some Japanese stilt grass down by the road and I’m hoping to avoid a complete take over by that. I’m trying to not introduce non-native plants.

I’m located in central Frederick County, MD.


Frederick County MD planting over septic drain field wildflowers and native plants 1 day ago

Watering trees

Do you need to water established trees beyond rain & snow melt?


Larimer County CO 1 day ago

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