someone told me that you should pinch off the extra shoots coming off the plants when they are getting very that true? My tomatoes are of different varieties...6 kinds...but they are getting very long ...


Hennepin County MN about 2 hours ago

Dracaena plants

I believe that these are dracaena plants Should they be separated or transplanted together into a larger pot?



Sherburne County MN about 2 hours ago

Please help me identify this creature.

Please help me identify this creature. I believe he belongs to the fly family.

Thank you!



Allegheny County PA about 2 hours ago

Japanese Beetles

I live in Garnet Valley, about 3 blocks from the PA/DE border and I have rose bushes and plum trees. I normally get a moderate amount of japanese beetles that I deal with manually, but have a huge infestation this year. I'm interested in different ways of combating japanese beetles in different stages of their life cycles. Thank you for your time, Andrew


Delaware County PA about 2 hours ago

Unexplainable hole

We were moving some patio blocks and found a strange hole under one of them. These blocks were put in my me around 2005 and this hole was not there then. Also, these blocks haven't been moved since. We do have a problem with moles but this hole is nothing like any we've seen before. It's had smooth sides and is 11 feet deep. It looks more like what a hole would look like if a core sample was taken? Can you offer any sort of explanation as to what caused this hole?


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Ramsey County MN about 3 hours ago

Fertilizer for spruce

Thus young spruce was covered with new growth in the Spring. every branch had light green new growth. Should I be fertilizing Now? Or in the Fall? What type? Do fertilizer stakes work best? This tree is part of a privacy hedge so it’s very important that it continues its wonderful growth. Thanks for your help Wow now that I went to send you pictures I’m a bit alarmed! What are these brown things on the branches? They are clusters and at then extending from them is a brown twig with no needles. Yikes is my tree sick? Please let me know as soon as possible


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Hennepin County MN about 3 hours ago

Cranesbill - no blooms

I have 5 plants which have been prolific bloomers in past summers. This year there are spots on the leaves, some reddening, and no blooms. Any idea what’s the cause?



Berrien County MI about 4 hours ago


I hate the Zelkovas planted in Oak Grove as street trees. There are literally THOUSANDS of seedlings in my flower beds and groundcovers. It is impossible to remove them all! This tree is a pest!! and should not be grown here. Whose idea was it to introduce this tree in State College?


Centre County PA about 4 hours ago

grapevine crisis: Marquette

My previously very healthy Marquette vines are dying rapidly. The leaves are turning brown and drying out, the fruit is brown, hard and shriveled.


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Anoka County MN about 4 hours ago

Mulching Blueberry Plants

I just planted eight 4 foot tall blueberry bushes. Should I mulch them now with sawdust or wait a while before I do? I was told to use only fir wood shavings - Is this information correct? And lastly how much wood shavings should I use around each plant when I do use it and how close would you place it around each plant? Thank you ahead of time for your answer. Vinnie


Clackamas County OR about 5 hours ago

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