What is this thing?

I woke up and it was on my arm, and my parents are concerned it might be a tick, but it didn’t look like the ones on google



Montgomery County Maryland pest control carpet beetle pest insect and mites 24 minutes ago

Best type of mulch

I have been using cypress mulch but I now have two reservations: 1) that cypress trees are over-harvested; and 2) that cypress mulch is less effective at facilitating water drainage into the soil. Are these legitimate reservations? If so, what type of mulch do you recommend?


Hennepin County Minnesota mulch about 2 hours ago

Defoliating Viburnum

How do I treat the Viburnum Leaf Beetle problem. I live in St. Cloud, I saw what I thought was a "fly" under the leaf of a viburnum. That shrub was defoliated last summer, I have other viburnum's in my yard, so far this is the only one that seems to be affected. But am hoping to treat it and bring it thru. Lots of buds on it this spring. My e-mail is


Stearns County Minnesota garden pests about 2 hours ago

Can you please ID this bush?

Hello Attached pics show a bush that likes our flood plain. Many ID books/booklets have similar, but not exact descriptions of it. I do have more pics available. The oldest is growing right on the bank, feet almost in the water, of the SB of the Raisin River. Then some younger ones are further in on the floodplain but beside a vernal pond. So obviously they love moisture. Their leaves are glossy/shiny which is different than the similar pics I have found which always state leaves are soft or fuzzy. Hopefully you can help me out or suggest someone who can. Thank you very much!


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Lenawee County Michigan plant identification about 3 hours ago

altitude canning

I process at 10# here is oregon. I've been told i cannot move to Wyoming with my home canned food as they process there at 15# is that so???


Marion County Oregon home food preservation food safety about 3 hours ago

Mulch for tomato plants

I've planted my mortgage lifter heirloom tomatoes. I have pine needles and oak leaves. Which are usable to mulch my garden, and which is better?


Duval County Florida mulch tomatoes about 3 hours ago


How do I get rid of moles...or voles in our lawn?


Arapahoe County Colorado about 4 hours ago

Trimming crab apples, spruce, and firs in April

HI there,

I have two crab apples, and three evergreen trees. They are all in dire need of a good trim. Is April a safe time to trim them? The crab apples do not have buds or leaves just yet. We live in Denver.

Thank you!



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Denver County Colorado about 4 hours ago

Weed infestation after application of Berwyn Heigts community compost to grow grass

After applying this local compost, a weed infestation emerged before spring. It became clearer as the spring came in, that the compost was not heated properly. I have been pulling most of these weeds by hand, but they are so aggressive I can no longer keep up. I have planted the small Lilly's and encouraged the wild strawberries. With the v.mild past winter and late emergence of grass, I am truly overwhelmed, and the neighboring yards as well. Is there a grass seed or grass seed mixture that can more successfully crowd them out?


Prince George's County Maryland lawns and turf plant care wild strawberries compost with weed seeds invasives about 4 hours ago

when to pick transplanted rhubarb

Last summer my aunt gave me some wonderful rhubarb plants, and I transplanted them into my backyard garden. They are growing like gangbusters this week, and I'm excited to be able to use and share them with neighbors. Question: Is it "okay" to harvest the rhubarb this year, or "should" I wait another year before harvesting?


Hennepin County Minnesota rhubarb about 4 hours ago

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