Yard Mushroom ID

Found this lovely mushrooms in my woodpile in Beaverton. Can you help me identify it? I have searched several mushroom sites and am not finding it. Thanks for your help!



Washington County Oregon mushroom identification schizophyllum about 2 hours ago

cash rental rates

Older farmer here. Where do I find your cash rental rates Winnebago county. ? Thanks Ron Abels


Winnebago County Iowa about 2 hours ago

Magnolia question

Hello I have a question about my Magnolia and after reading this note, if you could direct to proper person to answer my question I would greatly appreciate it. I live in Plymouth MN and have had a beautiful Magnolia tree for about 10 years. It flowers every year and even some in the summer. This fall the leaves turned brown like they do but have not fallen off the tree. Strong winds do not seem to disturb the leaves and I am a bit concerned that they are not dropping. We had a concrete brick wall built about 15 feet from the tree and with that, they were cutting the cement block with a saw creating much dust in the air. I am a bit concerned that the concrete dust could have done something to the tree preventing the leaves from falling. Do you have any ideas or suggestions or should I not be concerned. Thank you for your time Kathy Severson 3825 Minnesota Lane No Plymouth MN 55446 612-670-7169



Hennepin County Minnesota about 7 hours ago

Help with Snail Problem

About 3 years ago I started to notice a snail or two either in one of my planters out front or sticking to the siding on my house. I don't think I'd ever seen one before here in Tigard until recently, or in the other towns I've lived in here in the Willamette Valley: Wilsonville and Canby. I buy my flowering plants from local nurseries, so I'm guessing that's where the snails came from. Now of course there are more, big and small and I am wondering if this is a relatively new invasive species in this area, and if I should try to eradicate them the same ways I go after slugs. Help please! Thank you. Ruth Bollen


Washington County Oregon snails about 14 hours ago

canning cranberry butter

I found a recipe for canning Highbush Cranberry Apple Butter from Can I use our regular Oregon cranberries in this recipe? I haven't found a canned recipe for
cranberry butter in our regular sources.


Jackson County Oregon home food preservation food safety about 20 hours ago


I’m concerned that my aloe shoots are too heavy as they are not growing upward like other aloe plants I’ve seen do. Should I be concerned? Currently, I have sticks holding up the heavy stems as seen in the third pic. Is this harmful or helpful? I know it looks tacky but not sure what: if anything needs to be done. Thank you


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Multnomah County Oregon houseplants aloe succulents about 21 hours ago

Selling Cheesecake

Where can I get information on selling cheesecake from my home. I understand that with the Colorado food cottage law you can not sell it but if I am working out of a commercial kitchen is it allowed?
Thank you


Yuma County Colorado 1 day ago

what is this bug on my plant

hybiscus, in the office now. was outside an I used Bonide Insecticidal Multi-purpose Insect control soap. ready to use. and some stuff you put into the soil. It looked good until this week when I got this stuff on their flowers and leaves by the flowers. Mary Skuza


20171116_133827_300x300%2523 20171116_133831_300x300%2523

Scott County Minnesota insect identification hibiscus 1 day ago

Is there something wrong with this tree?

I'm not sure what kind of tree this is but it is driving my husband nuts. If it isn't shedding needles, it sheds these pods all over our drive-way. My husband is constantly blowing the drive-way because he says if the pods get ground up in the asphalt it is hard to get the stain out. It seems like it is shedding pods more often than it used to. We have lived here for 11 years and the tree is part of our landscape but my husband wants to cut it down now because he is so sick of the needles/pods. He knows I would be upset so he hasn't. Could there possibly be anything wrong with the tree to make it shed more than it used to? Is there anything we can do to help with the health of the tree? Thank you for your help!


Img_0839_300x300%2523 Img_0840_300x300%2523 Img_0841_300x300%2523

Clackamas County Oregon 1 day ago

Pruning hydrangeas

I have had a hydrangea for over 30 years. It has never bloomed, and I now understand that it is because I cut it down every winter :) I believe it is a lace hydrangea. It is in the very front of my house, so I will consider leaving it up this year, but I will see how bad it looks. Meanwhile, there are many branches that are sprawling on the ground. What do I do about that? Also, will the dead leaves fall off? Any suggestions to make it look better? Can I shorten it?


Carroll County Maryland hydrangea pruning pruning hydrangea shrub pruning 1 day ago

Fig tree

What should be done with a fig tree to winterize it? When is tee best time to move a fig?


Harford County Maryland fruit plant care winterizing figs 1 day ago

Aspen Trees

After some recent grading on our property half a dozen small aspen trees ended up with about 2 to 3 feet of earth piled around their trunks. I've read that this could be bad for some trees but cannot find anything definitive with regard to the impact on aspens. Should I unearth my aspen trees? Thanks for any insight.


Lincoln County Wyoming 1 day ago

Sick Guinea Hen

The other day I noticed one my young guinea hens had puffy eyelids and wasn't as active as the rest of the flock. She was hatched this year and usually very active running all around the place but now she just sits on the fence all day. I haven't seen her drink anything and she hardly eats. I don't know what's wrong with her and I don't know how to help her. She keeps her neck close to her body with her feathers fluffed up. What should I do to help her?


Img_2514_300x300%2523 Img_2512_300x300%2523

Davidson County North Carolina guinea fowl 1 day ago

Should I mow grass after frost?

Now that we have had a killing frost, I wondered if I should give my grass a final cut. Is it harmful, helpful or neutral in terms of its effect on the grass?


Carroll County Maryland lawns and turf plant care last mowing of season 1 day ago

What should I use to clean our floorboards in-between the first and second...

What should I use to clean our floorboards in-between the first and second floors of our home where a large beehive with lots of honey and wax has been removed! We realize we must get the wax smell out of the floor. The bees left about 2 months ago. Incredible sight when we opened up the floorboards and found honeycomb!


Hamilton County Ohio household cleaning 1 day ago

Name of this plant

i think it is a fern ???


20170817_093055_300x300%2523 Imu_300x300%2523

Newaygo County Michigan plant identification 2 days ago

Name of this plant

it looks like a duster, short stem and filaments


20170817_093745_300x300%2523 20170817_093837_300x300%2523

Newaygo County Michigan 2 days ago

What snake is this?

found in my backyard.

I live in the Philippines.

Can anyone identify what snake this is?



Outside United States chrysopelea paradisi flying snake paradise tree snake 2 days ago

plant id attempting to attach photo

My neighbor's shrub, it's fabulously fragrant Now (mid November). I've never been able to zero in on it, cuz never could find a shrub in obvious flower, but it is now. Aha. The flowers are teeny, seem connected to stem, and the leaves are 1-2" long and 3/4" wide. Leaves are by 2, 180 degrees apart. thanks!


Lane County Oregon 2 days ago

Hi, My name is Adam and I am a 7th grader doing a science project on water...

Hi, My name is Adam and I am a 7th grader doing a science project on water filtration. I am testing a commercial instant sip filtration type product with tap water with a homemade water filter. Can you provide any coliform bacteria kits to test drinking water safety? Or do you sell them at a good price. I am in Columbus, Ohio so my mom or dad could come pick them up at an office there at campus. Thank you very much. Please respond on my parents email below.


Franklin County Ohio 2 days ago

Herb garden problems

Hello! I am trying to grow cilantro, basil, sage, parsley, and thyme in my apartment. The basil is doing fine. But the rest of them are looking a little sad. The cilantro and parsley are drooping and brown at the place where the stems enter the soil. The sage was doing fine until I came home this evening to find it dropping. The plants are in 5 separate small pots and get morning sunlight (as much as possible with Minnesota weather). What am I doing wrong? Thank you! Asha


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Hennepin County Minnesota 2 days ago

How are aspen "eyes" formed?

Hello, can you tell me how aspen eyes are formed on the tree trunks? I noticed them on the big aspen trees in the Como cemetery in Park Co.unty. Thanks!



Park County Colorado trees and shrubs 2 days ago

Everbaring Golden Raspberries

I have everbaring Golden Raspberries in give gallon buckets. Over the summer they grew quite large. Now that freezing temperatures have arrived, I have taken them inside. Can I cut them back for the winter months? Should I? Like I said they are quite big and I have 7!


Durham County North Carolina horticulture 2 days ago

urban 4-h clubs

Hello, my Name is Adele Macatee. I am a freshman at Cecil college. I am writing an essay in my college English class on problems within my community. I have chosen 4-h as the community that I am apart of, and for this essay I must research a problem within the 4-h community and state solutions to said problem. The problem that I chose was that there isn't enough agricultural science or 4-h opportunities available to youth within cities. I chose this because I figured they don't have all of the resources or land availability to do some of the activities or programs that we could do within Cecil county and other more rural areas. I myself am in a Cecil county based 4-h club and so I know the types of things that we do would be difficult to do in the cities. I was curious if you know of any places where I could find information on the lack of 4-h involvement within cities? if so feel free to respond back to me, thank you.


Cecil County Maryland 2 days ago

Choosing indoor plant lights

Hello, I'm looking at plant lights online and see many options, some only 10 watts but with good reviews, and others at 1500 watts. I'm wondering what I need for starting seeds (maybe a few flats of them) and possibly for giving a boost to houseplants that aren't doing so well, like African Violets and a small jasmine I've brought in for the winter, or for culinary herbs. Thank you! Catherine


Dakota County Minnesota grow lights growing herbs indoors 2 days ago

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