Sowing Sugar Maples

I asked the other week about trying to germinate some sugar maple seeds. I've put a few in the freezer to wait until next spring, but have a handful in the fridge for fun. They're in a sealed plastic bag with some moist peat moss. The problem I'm having is that they're all starting to brown. Is that part of the process or is that death, decay, or fungus? Is there anything I can do to keep them alive until they sprout?


Ramsey County Minnesota sugar maple seeds about 12 hours ago

what is this potted house plant?

This plant has large leaves that are green on to and reddish purple on the back side, what is it?



Livingston County Michigan about 12 hours ago

What is this plant.

Could you let me know what this plant is please. There is a few clumps of it in my garden and has recently begun to flower. I live in Kidderminster, England.
Many thanks



Outside United States flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 15 hours ago

Thyme or oregano?

This is growing in my herb garden next to a lemon thyme plant. The leaves on this plant are larger than the lemon thyme. Is it oregano?



Ottawa County Ohio herbs plant identification horticulture about 16 hours ago

What kind of eggs are they? My friend near Carpenter posted some pictures on Facebook. More than one 'nest' by the side of the road.


Nebraska eggs about 17 hours ago

What plant is this?

I have a plant growing in my yard and don't know what it is. Could you tell me?


Tia-274727846_300x300%2523 Tia-594382589_300x300%2523

Maricopa County Arizona plant identification wildflowers and native plants about 18 hours ago

Plant identification

What is the name of this plant that produces yellow that produces yellow flowers from late spring thru July?



Oconto County Wisconsin plant identification plant id flower about 18 hours ago

is hydroponics harmfull

generally man life span is 60-70yrs,is there any decrease of life span by using Hydroponics due to chemical usage?as we are using only chemicals in hydroponics is there any solutoin?


Outside United States hydroponics about 19 hours ago

Grass Seed & Torrential Rain

I've recently de-thatched, core aerated, amended, overseeded, and fertilized my lawn. There's been a lot of rain during the past couple of days in my area. In anticipation of potential seed washout, I purchased straw bales and thinly covered the lawn. However, lowest part of my lawn began puddling after last night's rain. At this point, my concern is more about grass seed rot. I'm not sure if the seed variety matters but if does, I've seeded with a blend of bullseye, cochise iv, ls1200 tall fescue and midnight II KGB. I don't believe any of my seeds have germinated prior to the rain. How long can the seeds remain in such a puddle? And what type of short term remedies that will improve the chances of the seeds recovering from such puddling? Thanks,


Howard County Maryland seed lawn rain about 19 hours ago

Picking wet apples

Is it ok to pick wet apples right after a rain or during rain?


Genesee County Michigan apples about 20 hours ago

Soil test Results

I recieved the results from my soil test brought to the UofM. Your recommendation for fertilizer is 20-10-20. Applying 1/2 the total in late spring and late summer. Does that mean 10-5-10 for those periods? Also I have a Scott's broadcast spreader what do I set the setting on for proper appication? And finally I plan on aireating my lawn this fall. Fertilize first or fertilize after aireation?


Ramsey County Minnesota about 20 hours ago

Getting rid of tree stumps 4" in diameter in yard.

We've cut several tree stumps down in our backyard and now we'd like to treat them with something so they won't continue to grow. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.


Hennepin County Minnesota about 21 hours ago

Daño por agallas en encino virginia (virginia oak galls)

muchos arboles están muriendo no se la razón pero encontré que las raíces están llenas de agallas. las raíces tienen una bolas de diferentes tamaños algunos arboles tienen pocas en otros la raíz ya esta totalmente deforme por la acumulación de estas agallas hace tiempo murieron mas de 300 arboles con 3 pulgadas de diámetro y 4 metros de altura el grueso de estos arboles tenia deformaciones en su raíz con proporciones de casi 10 centímetros en el tamaño de una sola agalla estos arboles se están plantando en la ciudad. Me preocupa la propagación de esta plaga many trees are dying not the reason but I found that the roots are full of guts. the roots have balls of different sizes some trees have few other root and is totally deformed by the accumulation of these galls died while more than 300 trees with 3 inches in diameter and 4 meters high the bulk of these trees had deformations at its root with proportions of about 10 centimeters in size one gill these trees are being planted in the city. I worry about the spread of this pest MEXICO CIUDAD DE QUERETARO


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Outside United States about 22 hours ago

Austrian pine - severe sudden changes

Hi I have a Austrian pine that is quite large. Hi I have a Austrian pine that is quite large I noticed it's needles starting turning brown and branches seem to dying rapidly. I started to observe other Austrians in our area which is Bloomfield Royal Oak or Birmingham I started to observe other Austrians in our area which is Bloomfield Royal Oak or Birmingham and it is clearly evident That all that I observed have a similar condition. Because of our drought this summer and the excessive heat do you believe this is something besides a seasonal change. I do not believe it is a fungus. Mite. Or gal...... Sparty up!


Oakland County Michigan trees and shrubs about 23 hours ago

Boxwood decline

Several sprouted English box show branches with pale green leaves, while most of the plant is of normal color. These are about three or four years old. Is the decline dangerous to my older boxwood, or is it systemic within each plant?


Montgomery County Maryland boxwood shrub pale leaves about 23 hours ago

Order of lawn care steps

I live in Catonsville and have tall fescu lawn. What are the best practices for lawncare? In which order should I aerate, overseed and fertilize? Can I do the three at the same time? Should I leave plugs on yard or rake them away as part of thinning the thatch? Should I leave sometime, e.g., a couple of weeks, between each step?


Baltimore County Maryland lawn best practices seeding 1 day ago

can reveille be used in fl.

i live in palm coast fl which is half way between daytona and st augustine. is reveille ok for my area and is it weed resistend? name of a dealer in this area? thank you tony.


Flagler County Florida 1 day ago

What type of snake?

We have this snake that comes into our yard. Is it a cottonmouth or copperhead?


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Flagler County Florida snakes 1 day ago

I am Allergic to Poison Ivy

I moved from Vt to Va 14 months ago. I am experiencing poison ivy like 5 times. In some cases it shows up on my upper leg or stomach which no way I touched it directly. I am thinking my small dog is rolling in it. How long does Poison Ivy stay active? I live in Woodlawn, Va (southwest). I guess it must be possible, I have had many people who are familiar with it say that is what I keep getting. I was not getting anymore in VT for years. Is there a vaccine for this?What is it called?


Carroll County Virginia 1 day ago

Is it too late in the season to transplant phlox, hydrangea, forsythia, and ferns?

I am cleaning extra plants / shrubs out of my yard / gardens, to give to neighbors. I am wondering if it is too late in the season to transplant phlox, hydrangea, forsythia, raspberries, and ferns? I don't want them to die over the winter because this was too late. Thanks.


Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

Ever bearing Golden/Yellow Raspberry Recommendation

Hi! Could you please recommend an ever bearing Golden/Yellow Raspberry, hardy, disease resistant, shade tolerant, and overall good for our climate?!?! I live outside of Philadelphia, zip code 19444. Thanks so much!


Montgomery County Pennsylvania 1 day ago

My previous question.

I submitted a question about growing near redwood roots on 9/23. When do you guess I'll receive a response?

Sheila Colombana


Mendocino County California 1 day ago

Hostas and Black eyed susans

I want to clean up and add color to my island. Hostas and black eyed Susan have taken over. Not sure if the hostas are healthy. A pic is attached but they are 10 plus years old. Should I pull out and start over? Any recommendation is appreciated. Holly


Img_0017_300x300%2523 Img_0021_300x300%2523 Img_0027_300x300%2523

Macomb County Michigan flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 1 day ago

norway maple bark peeling very badly

Davey Tree company said cut bark off, nothing else to do....I feel like I don't have correct tool, what would work well, and shall I wrap nov/april to help protect bare trunk. anything else I can do, tree i probably 50 years old.


Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs 1 day ago

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