Insect pest

I have small white organisms that show up on my furniture. We are getting insect bites. What are we infested with?


Iron County MI about 15 hours ago

Altitude adjustment on bundt cake

I am preparing to make a cake from the Better Homes and Garden Magazine Nov. 2018-- the Apple Maple Spice Cake on page 132. I need to know how to adjust the cake recipe for use in my altitude of 3600 feet. Can you please advise me?

Also I would like to substitute all-purpose flour in place of the whole wheat flour the recipe calls for.


Potter County TX about 17 hours ago


When to plant for overwintering


Clackamas County OR horticulture about 19 hours ago


The septic guy said that huge roots are in our tank. And will ruin our system. He recommended Rootx. I bought it but it looks horrendous. We have a very old large oak tree right over tank. I don’t know what to do and I’m not surprised we have this problem. Thoughts!


Baltimore County MD septic systems trees huge roots in septic tank about 20 hours ago

Growing grapes at home

On the web, i see a lot of sites about home grape growing to make your own wine. However, I am interested in finding out if there are any seedless grape varieties that can be grown in Carroll county that i can just eat. I'm not interested in making wine.


MD grapes fruit plant selection about 20 hours ago

Fungus on Spanish Oak

My 50" girth Spanish Oak has a fungal growth about 15' up. The semi circle shelf like fruiting bodies are whitish on top and I believe brown underneath. The growth area is about 6' long and 8" wide and located on a major branch. The tree has undergone major pruning about 10 years ago and is in need of one now. It appears healthy overall however. I am trying to decide between hazard pruning it or taking the tree down now. It is within 40' of our house. Any recommendations would be very appreciated!



Anne Arundel County MD fungus wood rot trees hazard tree about 20 hours ago

Tree Identification Question

Good Morning. I am trying to identify a conifer type tree in my Ashland, Oregon home. Can you let me know what tree this is and whether I can plant other shade loving plants such as ferns beneath it. I have not tested the soil but I assume the tree would gradually acidity the soil. Is that typically the case? Any other helpful resources or feedback regarding planting near this tree?


Image1_300x300%2523 Image2_300x300%2523 Image3_300x300%2523

Jackson County OR tree identification about 21 hours ago

Conifer planting- is it too late?

Hello, I just received several gorgeous 1-3 gallon conifers that I had ordered online a few weeks ago, thinking it would still be warm enough to plant them. As you are aware, we have since had a long and brutal cold snap. Three of the conifers are DeGroots spire arborvitae. However, I also received a Wassels Saguaro False Cypress (barely a zone 4 plant) and a Dragons eye Korean Red Pine. Is it too late to plant them as a result of this awful cold snap? I just read that conifers need a little warmer planting time...:( If it’s not too cold, how can I ensure they get the best possible chances? If it is too cold, how do I overwinter them? They are bare root. Help!


Ramsey County MN about 22 hours ago

Programs and admission

Hello, I was interested in changing careers and have been interested in learning about agriculture. While I have been looking at many different farms, and educational programs available, I find most would like you to have some sort of farming background, association, or prior college degrees. I wanted to know what is the prerequisite for your agriculture courses.


MD miscellaneous about 22 hours ago

Putting in wildflowers on 2 acres

I'm thinking of putting in wildflowers on 2 acres. Is there government money available? Government help? Presently the 2 acres is in hay, slightly rolling ground.


Barry County MI wildflowers about 23 hours ago

Gardenia bonsai

Got this as a gift last week. What area of house to put it in n water every day or so? Anything else?


Hennepin County MN horticulture bonsai about 23 hours ago

What kind of sac is this?

I found a spider egg sac on these bananas after I got home from the Safeway store. My son has been obsessed with Brazilian wandering spiders for years and is convinced these are on our bananas. The sac is a little bigger than a marble, up at the top of the bush in between the stems. It’s super thick.


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Clackamas County OR spider identification 1 day ago

Identify by picture a possible tree frog

Was in a conversation with another friend who had a picture of a supposed grey tree frog in his back yard. I remembered I had an earlier picture this summer of a similar, but it distinct, but very odd, yellow and black patterned markings on rear legs and would like to find out what I had by use of the photograph. Researching all Iowa frog photos on internet I couldn’t identify anything that was very similar...



Story County IA 2 days ago

Backyard brushpiles

I built a backyard brushpile for wildlife,can it be possibly be harmful to my dogs?


Frederick County MD miscellaneous brush piles 2 days ago


Will Rhododendrons grow and survive the winter in Chisago City, MN?


Chisago County MN 2 days ago

Shrub ID Help please

Seen in Silver Spring suburb, the following gorgeous 7 or 8' tall shrub: leaves are alternate, not toothed, nor aromatic when crushed.


Img_0089_300x300%2523 Img_2154_300x300%2523 Img_2155_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD plant identification shrubs 2 days ago

To wrap or not wrap Techny Arbs for the winter

These five Techny Arbs were planted in April 2017. I watered the heck out of them all summer and fall, and we wrapped them in burlap for the winter of (2017-2018). They seem to be doing great and have grown. My question is, do we have to wrap them again for this winter or are they well-established enough to survive? They are growing together now so it will more challenging to wrap them. They are in the north-west corner of my lot if that matters.



Wayne County MI 2 days ago

What are the white spots on this maple. It dropped its leaves quite early...

What are the white spots on this maple. It dropped its leaves quite early this fall. Are these thing related ?



Livingston County MI 2 days ago

Grub/caterpillar identification

Can you identify if this is a grub or caterpillar and which one it is? Is it native to OR?


Img_3073_300x300%2523 Img_3074_300x300%2523 Img_3076_300x300%2523

Multnomah County OR insect identification 3 days ago

Bacterial Gastroenteritis

I helped a friend shampoo/wash off two dogs and then I give them some pets. I did not wear gloves while washing. Afterwords friend's wife brings out sandwiches etc. which I ate without washing my hands (dumb). Next evening I have lot of gas and loose bowl movement. Next day I begin to have some stomach discomfort then I throw up. Two days later I develop severe pain in upper middle stomach.Could this be a case of Bacterial Gastroenteritis?


IA 3 days ago

Planting Pawpaw trees

Is it too late to plant Pawpaw trees in Berlin? They are small ones is plastic cups.


Worcester County MD fruit trees trees paw paw 3 days ago

Mushrooms! Invasion?

I've lived in Cottage City, MD for 30 years and have never seen a mushroom. I just cleared my back yard of leaves and they were every where - big ones, little ones, clumps of mushrooms, single mushrooms, on the ground, along the wooden fence, on the tree roots. Everywhere. I also have a puppy that chews on anything that doesn't chew back. Two questions: Any reason for the invasion? and, most important - Is June Bug safe? I've cleaned them all out, but I assume they'll be back. Thanks!


Prince George's County MD mushrooms lawns green june beetle 3 days ago

frozen squash

I have some squash that froze in the garden. Is there anything I can do to keep them?


Brown County MN 3 days ago

Hello. What is this plant?

This first plant I received from a friend and don’t the name or how it’s cared for. Next, I’ve had this plant for 25 years. First, what is the name of it? Second, I can no longer keep it safely upright in my LR. Can it be cut down and propagated. If so, what steps do I take? Or, do you know of any place or person who would want this?


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Ramsey County MN plant propagation zz plant dracena 3 days ago

Pine needle mulch - seed germination

Hello, Does the use of dried -brown pine needles as mulch inhibit vegetable seeds from germinating?


Broomfield County CO 3 days ago

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