Unknown Grass/Weed/Fern in Yard

My lawn is invaded by grass/weed/fern shown in the attached photographs. What is it and how do I get rid of it - lime does not work. Thanks!


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Clark County WA lawns and turf weeds poa annua about 4 hours ago

Flour beetles?

I have the same infestation and the odd thing is the timing, only once a day in the late afternoon but they seem to just appear and evidence suggest they are burrowing through a glue seal which worked for about a year.


CT about 8 hours ago

Frost Peach Stem “canker”?

Hello, I live in Sandy, OR and I am attempting to grow a Frost Peach. I planted it three years ago and it seems to be doing pretty well. However, I went to prune this year and noticed a few “canker” looking wounds on the branches, see attached photos. I am not sure if this is a problem or not, and if you can tell me what this is? I am wondering if I need to cut the branches off that have these or just prune back past the “infection.” Is there is an organic treatment that you could recommend? I know peaches might not thrive in Sandy at appx 1000’ but I’d like to keep it as healthy as possible. Thanks for any advise you may be able to offer.


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Clackamas County OR about 10 hours ago

Give your own food product names and logos

Here is my question: I want to sell ketchup with my own name and logo on the bottle. But where do I get the ketchup, as I do not want to make my own ketchup. Are there companies that make ketchup and sell the ketchup to others for bottling? I have been looking on the internet for such companies but as of yet have not found such companies. I will appreciate any information you can give me. Thank you.


Josephine County OR about 10 hours ago

Landscape designer search

Hello! My husband and I are looking to hire a designer for drawing up plans for us for our wooded lot. We are focused solely on the design, however. We are not interested in hiring a "design and build" firm, and it would seem that every one we have contacted won't just sell you design plans - it has to be a part of a work project. Do you know of any resources? Thank you!


Ramsey County MN landscape design about 11 hours ago

soil testing at OSU?

Do you do soil testing? we have a 15 acre hay field - would like to know what fert. mix to use.


Lane County OR about 11 hours ago

Wood chips versus sawdust for blueberries

Wood chips versus sawdust for blueberries. We recently had some Douglasfir, and redwood trees pruned and have chips available to cover our 90 blueberry bushes. Will chips suffice instead of sawdust?


Washington County OR blueberries about 13 hours ago

Identify toads

What species of toads are these



MD about 15 hours ago

Can I give vaccine straight after antibiotic

My chickens have been sick and have treated for Coccidiosis for 5 days then antibiotic for 3 days as other got sick and losing balance ! I want to vaccinate the whole flock but do I need to wait a few days from the antibiotic first before I start vaccine drops ?


OUTSIDEUS about 17 hours ago

fertilizing fruit trees

The OSU publication, "Fertilizing Fruit Trees" is helpful, but I have a few questions. 1) Reference the following paragraph "Another way to gauge if your fertilization is adequate is to measure the amount of new wood your tree is making each year. If your apple or pear tree is under 8 years old and is making less than 12 inches of new shoot growth each year, you should apply more nitrogen. If your tree is making between 12 and 18 inches of new growth per year, you are fertilizing correctly." My question, does this refer to all new growth including "water spouts"? I have both pear and apple espalier trees. They are now 4 years old. Although both trees blossom profusely in the spring, I harvested less than 10 pears on the pear tree, but last year got about 50 nice big apples on the apple tree. Both had numerous water spouts up to 2 feet or more in length, but the ends of the laterals have grown only inches in four years on both trees. I have fertilized both with Down to Earth Fruit tree fertilizer at the recommended rate. 2) I've read somewhere that a more reliable way to determine fertilizer needs than a soil test is a leaf analysis. Is this worth doing and if so where can I get it done? Thanks!


Coos County OR 1 day ago

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