Soil testing

Do you do comprehensive soil testing? Looking at crop and ground cover yield.


Clackamas County Oregon soil testing about 1 hour ago

Succulent with webbing on it

I have a small succulent I bought some months ago. In recent weeks I have noticed webbing on the plant. I wiped this off one time but it returned. I don't see any insects or anything crawling around. What is this and how do I get rid of it? I have heard it is not a good idea to spray succulents with any insect killer material whether chemical or non chemical as they don't handle it well. Thank you.



Anoka County Minnesota spider mites succulent pests about 2 hours ago

Mason Bees

Hole size parchment paper ???


Marion County Oregon about 2 hours ago

Damage to my Japanese Holly bushes, Sky Pencil variety

I have just noticed some damage to several of my Japanese holly bushes. The one that is the worst exhibits dead brown leaves that seem to stick together with it appears insect webbing (spider web?). It appears to have no damage to the woody parts of the plants. I know they are susceptible to root problems, hence the wood looks good so I think we can eliminate that. If it is spider mites or moth damage, how should I treat the problem. I suppose I can get any spray I need online and also, if I want to chance it, I could go to Ace. Please let me know what you think as I just got the 12 or so plants planted last fall and I would hate to lose them all and have to start all over again. Thank you, Linda Klaus Sorry, I am not a techy so cannot send you an image.


Washington County Oregon japanese holly about 3 hours ago

African Violet droop

I have many african violets. Im noticing the one on the right in the picture the center leaves are upright, but bottom/larger leaves are drooping down. What causes this? They are self watering with a wick. There is violet fertilizer in the water its drawing from.



Hennepin County Minnesota african violets about 3 hours ago

Roof Rats eating the red berries out of my Magnolia grandiflora tree?

I wanted to ask about my magnolia grandiflora. This winter, at night, something was up there eating the red berries out of the seedheads, knocking them to the ground and feasting on them. It's not squirrels - they're never in the tree. My best guess is that they're roof rats. It's only at night. I haven't been diligent about prebaiting my rat traps in the past few months. Of course, that would be good to do once I can get a chance to get to my peanut butter. Anyway, my question is do you think it's possible that it is, indeed, roof rats eating those red berries on my Magnolia grandiflora?


Multnomah County Oregon wildlife about 3 hours ago

Solarization of the soil

Hi, I am going to prepare a 40’ x 70’ section of my yard for seeding as a bee lawn. I want to use solarization to kill the current vegetation and weed seeds. I have a pin oak and a Crimson King maple in that area. Both trees are about 5 inches in diameter. Should I leave an area around the trees free for the plastic so that the trees roots aren’t harmed by the heat generated? Or is this not a real concern? Thanks, Pauline Schottmuller


Washington County Minnesota about 4 hours ago

vanderwolf pine and pine tip moth

I have a a Vanderwolf pine in my back yard (approx 15-20 ft tall) , that I recently noted to have a red dead needles at the crown of the tree (approx 2 feet red). I had Monster tree service come out last week to look at it and he thought it was a beetle problem. I do not see any bur holes, or sawdust at the trunk of the tree. I had a Rushton tree service come out today and he thought it was a pine tip moth causing the damage. The problem is that the treatments (pesticides) are different for both insects. I was wandering if you could help determine what is causing the damage.


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Denver County Colorado about 4 hours ago

Garden table (raised bed on legs) Construction Idea

Hello there! About 3-6 months ago I was browsing your site for Master Gardener information and came upon a deep tray table design that was useful for perhaps older gardeners and that design was created by ( a woman?) who was on staff or submitted an idea to the news letter or forum. There are so many files and pages to navigate that I cannot find it. My fiancé has a birthday today and I was trying to inspire him. He got a kidney transplant last July 31st so this type of gardening is right up his alley. He really wants to grow peppers and tomatoes to eat healthy. Thank you so much for your help! Sincerely, Barbara Mullauer.


Anne Arundel County Maryland vegetables salad table about 5 hours ago

Sale of black walnut tree

I have one very large black walnut tree in my back yard that sheds multiple walnuts each year. Would like to sell it ASAP. Philadelphia area


Philadelphia County Pennsylvania about 5 hours ago

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