Soil For Raised Container Garden

I am starting a raised container garden this spring. What type of soil should I fill it with? Thank you.


El Paso County Colorado about 5 hours ago

Who to contact on drainage and erosion

What type of expertise should I contact to plan and implement erosion control and/ or rain drainage control? We have a steep slope from our house down to the bottom of the yard, 12 feet. The drainage between our suburban houses causes a fast stream across the yard at the bottom perpendicular to the slope when it rains hard. Having erosion (bare ground now) along the bottom plus now slumpage of the slope.


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Howard County Maryland stormwater management about 6 hours ago

Fruit tree native to MD?

Hello, We have 12 protected acres in N. BaCo, 6 acres are not wooded but landscaped with small groves of trees throughout. Is there a type of fruit bearing tree that we can plant (which has fruit that is edible to both humans and animals)? We were thinking apple etc, but not sure if there is a somewhat native variety of a fruit tree. Thanks, Renae


Baltimore County Maryland plant selection native trees fruit about 7 hours ago

Honey bees

How to move an old active hive? A friend has a very old hive on the second story wall of his garage. He said the bees may have come from Univ of MD colony.


Prince George's County Maryland beekeeping about 8 hours ago

SWD in fall raspberries

Hello. I have been growing fall bearing raspberries in Oakland county for the last 15 years. I am a backyard gardener. Due to a increasing weed problem I decided to move my patch and start a new area of about a 100 ft of new plants. Reading now about SWD I wonder if it is worth the investment. I don't mind dealing with a few bugs and don’t sell my fruit. I do not want however to be ignorant about the growing SWD issue. Am I just asking for trouble planting raspberries at this time? Are there any effective control methods on the horizon? I hate the thought of not having the berries but also don’t want to have a whole crop of infected fruit. What say you?


Oakland County Michigan fruits and vegetables raspberries swd spotted wing drosophila raspberry insects about 10 hours ago

Japanese Maple - Bihou - Gray Branches

I planted a Japanese Maple, Bihou variety in my back yard. Over the winter the leaves fell and all the branches were yellow. As the winter progressed and we are now approaching spring, some of the branches have become gray on top. The bottom parts of the branches are yellow like they should be and leaves are sprouting. Is the gray on top normal and is this something that will go away as spring progresses? Is this normal? If no, what should I do?



Sacramento County California maple trees about 16 hours ago

Getting rid of bamboo

I recently purchased a small lot in the town of Garibaldi. In the back yard there is a large clump (approx. 40 feet long x 8 feet wide) of bamboo. It has been growing there for many years. I want to do my best to get rid of it. How's the best way to start, and how do I keep it in check for years to come? Is it actually ever possible to get rid of it entirely?


Tillamook County Oregon bamboo control about 20 hours ago

Soil Testing

I have 5 raised beds, the soil in which is a combination of equal parts compost, vermiculite and peat moss in which I grow a variety of vegetables. This mixture was suggested by the book "Square Foot Gardening". Is there any reason to have the soil tested and can a lab adequately test this soil mixture?


Frederick County Maryland raised bed gardening soil testing vegetables raised bed soil raised bed soil testing plant care about 20 hours ago

trimming Euonymous

My Euonymous vine is overgrown, especially on the top. How do I prune it back without hurting it. It is over 20 years old.
It grows in, up and around a fence.



Boulder County Colorado about 21 hours ago

Compost ratios

Greetings, 3 related questions- I was informed that compost needs 30 parts carbon (leaves) to 1 part nitrogen (grass). Are the leaves measured roughly by volume or weight? Big difference between mulched leaves and raked leaves. 2) Are dead grass clippings still considered an effective source of nitrogen? I get plenty of green grass clippings during the Spring/Summer/Fall, but no leaves. Then plenty of leaves in the Fall but no grass clippings. 3) My compost pile (4 cu ft) stopped decomposing in January. No more heat, even now (3/21). I suspect far too little grass clippings. Would turning the pile again and adding a nitrogen like bone meal get it going again? Any other suggestions?



Charles County Maryland compost plant care compost ratio greens to browns ratio in compost carbon to nitrogen ratio in compost about 22 hours ago

Spider bite

Started out with a itchy burning then a quarter size cluster of small blisters.but I had stomach cramps and chest pains and shortness of bresth.body aches and jus didn't feel right.what could it be


San Joaquin County California about 23 hours ago

Woodpeckers making holes in weeping willow trees

I live in a town home, and association-members are wanting to take down a tree where there are 6-8 holes (about 4 inches in diameter) which have been caused by a woodpecker/ we assume. 1. How do we determine if the tree can survive, in spite of the holes/? 2. Is there something we can do to deter further holes in the tree? 3/ Can we plug up the holes? 4/ Please give us advise/recommendations--suggestions. Thank you. Lois Anderson


Ramsey County Minnesota woodpecker damage about 24 hours ago

I have baby praying mantises that hatched in my house yesterday, 03/20. We...

I have baby praying mantises that hatched in my house yesterday, 03/20. We What can I feed or do with them? I would hate to see them die.


Clark County Ohio 1 day ago

Thuja wilting, yellowing, and dying?

The Thuja were only planted last fall so this was their first winter. It has been rainy and I suspect that they are waterlogged and drowning. If that is true, can we save them by digging them up and letting them dry out and then planting them again once the soil is better drained? I took photos of about 5 of them and there are probably 12 to 14 in total.


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Hartford County Connecticut trees and shrubs 1 day ago

Pear Tree Fungus/Mold

I have an old pear tree that for years has green mold/fungus growing on its limbs. I've noticed that the leaves fall off in Aug which is sooner than they did years ago. Last year I saw an article about pear tree disease & wonder if that's what it has. Is there a treatment for it or will it need to eventually be cut down?


Montgomery County Maryland trees fruit 1 day ago

Crop Share Lease Percentages Trend

What would be a typical Landlord/Tenant ration for Crop Share Lease arrangement in a 5 year alfalfa production lease? i.e. 33:67, 40:60, 50:50. in Weld County
Thank you,


Weld County Colorado 1 day ago

golf course greens big problems

I am on the board of our local golf course. The course does not have the financial means to hire a trained greens keeper. Our greens are getting worse and worse by the year with large dead spots increasing in size. We fertilize regularly, punch 2 to 3 times per year and use a dethatching knife several times per year. I would like to take some samples of the dead areas and have them analyzed., Can you direct me to someone who can help me with this please?


Josephine County Oregon lawns and turf 1 day ago

Ground cover

We live North of Waverly on 2 1/2 acres on the edge of a farm field. The house was constructed in 2017, the ground around the house is bare and we would like ground cover but don't want a traditional lawn. There is a medium height grass that is growing on the property further from the house, but I don't know what it is. I would like to seed something so we don't have bare dirt (mud) around the house but am not sure what is recommended.
We would prefer something xeric and low maintenance. Any ideas?


Larimer County Colorado 1 day ago

White Foam on Mature White Pine(s)

Several large pines on our property show white foam at their base. Should we be concerned? Is this a sign of disease?


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Howard County Maryland pines white pine sap on trunk trees white foam on trunk white foam on white pine insect issues 1 day ago

pruning marionberries

We did not prune our Marion berries last season and now need to do so. Is it too late? We live in Olympia, WA. If I can still prune them, how do I do that?


Thurston County Washington berries 1 day ago

Where to buy?

Working on starting a bee colony, but would like to increase the native Maryland plants on my property. Could you recommend where one could purchase some of the plants listed on the Extension site?


Baltimore Maryland native plants native plant nurseries 1 day ago

Rearing Predator Mites

Hi there, Through some google searches I have found the article: Rearing predator mites for orchards and glasshouses, Cushing, N. W.alon, M., Extension bulletin E Cooperative Extension Service Michigan State University: 86 (1872). I have not been able to find the full text though. I would like to try and raise Mesoseiulus longipes myself as they are very expensive to purchase online for spider mite control in a greenhouse. Do you know where I might find the full text of this article or other information on how to raise predator mites? Thank you!


Michigan mesoseiulus longipes spider mite control 1 day ago

White clover as a lawn

Hello, I was wondering about using white clover to patch our weedy back lawn. We already have some clover, and I saw in your "weeds" section that it was at one time part of turf grass seed mixtures. Our so-called lawn is really mostly weeds, and we only care about having a green swath running through our many flower beds. Is it practical to plant more clover in the hope that it will choke out the other weeds, provide flowers for the bees, and look nice? If so, please advice the best source for seeds that are not treated so as to be harmful to the bees and other pollinators.


Montgomery County Maryland lawns and turf groundcovers plant selection 1 day ago

Garden Roses - leaf skeletonization, tiny worms

For the last several years my climbing and bush roses have been infested with very tiny larvae/worms that almost completely skeletonize all the leaves. Natural methods haven't worked and I'd like advice on what kind of pesticide to use and how to apply it. I want to be proactive this year! Thank you, Anne B., Williamston Township


Ingham County Michigan worms 1 day ago

Azaleas and junipers

I planted an azaeala near my pipe line . It has been there for a long time . I didn’t know about the root system and what it might do to my pipes. No problems so far . Should I dig it up . My daughter is getting my home and I don’t want to leave her with problems. I also planted a Bonsia tree and it has grown big . I do not know what kind it is and what the root system can do . Thank you so much .


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Maryland shrubs shrub roots and pipe line normal growth 1 day ago

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