What type of poultry is best for small flocks?

Hello there! I was reading your article about small turkeys. It says that technically there’s only one breed of turkey, but many varieties I guess you mean: there’s only one species of turkey, but many breeds. You may want to check your article, since at the end of it says: ask our experts! Mahalo


Hawaii County Hawaii poultry about 4 hours ago

Please ID this shrub

Please ID this shrub


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Hennepin County Minnesota shrub identification about 7 hours ago

I have a 4 year old Japanese maple that the bark is splitting from the bottom...

I have a 4 year old Japanese maple that the bark is splitting from the bottom half up to where there is a knot on the trunk and the tree is dying(?dead). It is located 3 feet downstream from hydrangeas that I treated with elemental sulfur and 2 of the hydrangeas have partially dead branches but the plant is still viable and thriving again now. Could this be from the sulfur or do I have another problem. I have many deer on my property.



Livingston County Michigan trees and shrubs bark splitting about 10 hours ago

Redbud lichen and seeds

We have 2 redbud in our south facing front yard. Both planted about 10 years ago. One tree is covered in lichen and is loaded with seed pods. The leaves are looking stressed, turning yellow early. Any idea what is happening here and what we should do? Because of its placement, the stressed tree is watered less. Might that be an issue? I have included 3 photos. The third is of the healthy tree as a point of comparison


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Kent County Michigan tree decline about 14 hours ago

Type of coneflower that has an odd blooming problem.

So I got this plant from a nursery last fall so this is its first full year in the garden. The tag seemed to get lost over the winter so not sure what it is.The plants flowers seem to die without blooming I'll get that spike head for the flower but alot of them just seem to die before actually blooming. Those black and brown flower heads never had any petals. Just kinda curious what's going on if I need to do anything special for this plant. It's the only plant in my garden with this problem. It gets full sun after noon.



Scott County Minnesota coneflowers about 15 hours ago

Found a snake

What kind of snake is this



Wake County North Carolina about 15 hours ago

Spider identification

I was hoping someone could help me identify this spider. It is a smaller version of several larger ones we have found around our house lately. and I’m hoping they aren’t a poisonous species. Thanks you, Holly



Clackamas County Oregon spider identification 1 day ago

Name that shrub.

Can you tell me what type of shrub this is? It grows quickly.


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Kent County Michigan plant identification trees and shrubs 1 day ago


Hi, I am gardening at the Rochester garden plots along the Zumbro River this year and have a question about the possibility of contracting CWD through eating garden vegetables. The deer visit my garden frequently even though I have a plastic fence up. In one instance, the deer ate some lettuce and I proceeded to pick what was left and washed off the leaves and did eat the remaining lettuce. I know that e.coli can be a problem with deer scat, so I know that is a risk also. If a deer with CWD comes into my garden, should that be of concern to me?


Olmsted County Minnesota chronic wasting disease 1 day ago

Deer rub damage

Hello, I have a quaking aspen tree that is about 5in in diameter. It has just suffered damage from a deer rubbing on half of the trunk (one side), about two feet in length. Is there anything I can do to help the tree heal? Thank you!


Scott County Minnesota 1 day ago

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