Friend or Foe

Hello, This caterpillar has been found hanging and climbing from a single web strand on I believe an oak tree and various other areas of the wooded yard. Can you help identify this?


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Missaukee County Michigan insect identification insects about 2 hours ago

Preserving yellow squash

Are there ways to safely can yellow squash ?


Curry County Oregon home food preservation food safety about 3 hours ago

Significant Bark Damage - Maple Tree

My son and a friend had a terrible idea one day on Sunday, August 18, to chop down a tree in our backyard with a plastic axe. I discovered what they were up at about the time when they had torn off a significant portion of the bark on one side of the tree (pictures attached). My husband, son, and I taped the bark back on the next morning after I "googled" how to save a tree. I read that we were supposed to put the bark back on in the same direction to save the phloem so that is what we tried to do. The tree is a maple variety and is about 25 feet tall and has been here since we moved in almost 11 years ago. I'm so worried about this tree so I have a few questions now that it's a month later:
1. Does it look like this tree will survive?
2. Are we doing the right thing to treat the damage? (Taped bark on in place and wrapped in burlap).
3. The leaves started turning red almost immediately after the damage which in my non-expert opinion was a shock-like reaction to the damage. The picture shows the red leaves are on the same side as the damage. Does this seem like a logical explanation or should I be worried? We have a 2nd tree just like this one and it has not started to turn fall colors yet.
4. As part of the treatment, my husband, son and I also wrapped the base completely in burlap which is removed for pictures. Is that something we should keep on?
5. How should I protect the tree during the cold fall and winter months to give it a chance to survive?

Thank you in advance, I really appreciate any help I can get.

Sarah Lindemann


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Cass County North Dakota about 4 hours ago

My Lawn has pink spots!

Hello, Over the past few weeks our lawn has developed pink/orange spots. It was thatched and limed in the spring, we mow once a week and collect the clippings. Fertilizer was not used this year. My guess is this is a fungus. What is your opinion and suggested remedy. Regards, Larry Garner


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Anchorage Alaska about 5 hours ago

Could you identify a large black bug?

My wife caught one of these in church and I found one cruising down the hallway at work. When I approached it with a paper tissue to wrap it up, it opened its mandibles wide and raised its tail, so I retreated and found a plastic cup instead, and it crawled right in. They are all black - top, bottom, and legs - and I would say they are not shiny. They are slightly longer than an inch, as seen in the photo with a ruler held under the cup. The abdomen is flexible, and the thorax looks like it is composed of two sections. They do not have wings. We are wondering if these are termites, but they are so large! Can you tell us what they are? Thanks, Fran



Washington County Oregon about 6 hours ago

Maple tree disease?

I have several large soft maple trees in my yard. Some of them have black spots on their leaves. Large pieces of bark are coming off. There are some holes in the bark. I saw a few small insects with white triangular wings on one tree. Are my trees OK?


Eaton County Michigan maple trees about 6 hours ago

Carolina allspice

I have the soil test results ("Shrubs" Soil Test Report for Jolene Shrake "allspice area" (Aug 29, 2019, #72B29N)) . Could you please tell me the name of some products that fit what has been suggested: the slow release, water insoluble nitrogen, urea nitrogen 46-0-0. I can't find any listed on the internet.


Oakland County Michigan about 6 hours ago

Well house recommendations.

When a water well pressure tank can not be housed indoors what is the best way to handle it, currently the pressure tank is buried next to the well and needs to be replaced.


Cass County Michigan water about 7 hours ago

How long will it take a persimmon tree to have fruit?

My persimmon tree is a 4 years old


Hennepin County Minnesota about 10 hours ago

Vanderwolfs Pine

Hi, we live in Hudson, Co. and are considering purchasing several Vanderwolfs Pines (possibly from a local home improvement store). Would like to know your thoughts on these trees for our area. Concerned about winter burn. Are bare root or container trees better? We are looking for evergreens that will eventually serve as a large privacy barrier. Are there better options for our area? Thank you.


Adams County Colorado about 10 hours ago

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