Aggressive vinage

I have a problem with very aggressive vines that vine up into trees and reach lengths over thirty feet. My grove is becoming a vineyard. I have pulled them up, cut them to the ground, sprayed with 24D and Roundup. The stuff is ruthless! Can it be overcome?


Lincoln County Minnesota about 1 hour ago

Maple with black spots and brown powder

My 6 year old silver maple has black spots on the leaves on the green side and on the silver side has a brown powdery substance. On the green side there are yellow marks that correspond with the location of the brown powder on the other side. Any help on how to treat would be appreciated.


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Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture maple trees about 3 hours ago

Deformed plants

I have several different species of plants and even a tree in my yard that have deformed growth on the leaves. The top of Japanese lilac tree is deformed and several different hydrangeas as well a bloomerang lilac. It is most prominent in my hydrangeas. My climbing hydrangea is extremely effected as well as most of my annabelles. Wondering if you have any suggestions on how to treat.


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Hennepin County Minnesota abiotic hydrangeas about 3 hours ago

Doug fir seedlings

I have 25 seedlings with uniform 7 inch root balls in plastic sleeves. I can't plant them until the rains start in October sometime. At the moment, I have them propped up in pint canning jars - still in their plastic sleeves so I can water them. Is that sufficient for a couple of months or will I drown the, cause root rot or..? Shall I get some plastic pots and plant them in drainable dirt instead?



Washington County Oregon about 5 hours ago

Strawberry plants

Hi, I saw that you have some publications on Growing Strawberries in Minnesota and/or Northern Minnesota. Also on diseases and pests. I also am growing asparagus, rasberries and blueberries any publications about that would be helpful. My mailing address is: Barbara Jenkauski-Cocker PO Box 1245 Baudette, MN 56623 I am presently experiencing a problem with my strawberry plants and would like to know what is wrong, when and what to treat it with? Will it damage next ye as crop? Thanks,Barbara


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Lake of the Woods County Minnesota horticulture strawberries about 5 hours ago

What variety of Apple tree is this?

We bought this house recently and don't know what type of Apple tree this is? Apples are falling of the tree and we are thinking they must be ripe for picking. Are they an baking apple or for eating? Should we be picking them now? They are not red , more of a gold color. Please advise. Thank you, Dawn



Wright County Minnesota about 5 hours ago

What variety of apple tree is this

Apples are falling off the tree. We bought this house and don't know what is the name of the apple and if we should be picking them now. What do you advise? Thanks, Dawn



Wright County Minnesota horticulture apple identification about 6 hours ago

How do I sent pictures from my gmail with the right format?

I took pictures but failed to send them.


Big Horn County Wyoming about 6 hours ago

Diseases of apricot trees?

Our apricot tree in Bemidji has grown very well since 2013, and bloomed for the first time this year. Fruit set, but most fell in the first weeks. Then, we started losing leaves, and the rest of the apricot fruit fell. Now we have clear sap oozing out, and more than 90% of the leaves are gone (see photo). None of our books have been helpful in diagnosing this problem. This is the only apricot tree in the orchard, and our cherry/apple/pear trees are unaffected. We use organic methods for pest/fungal control. What is this, and can we save our tree?



Beltrami County Minnesota about 7 hours ago

Ash tree leaves

My very large, 25 year old ash tree is losing bright yellow clumps of leaves already. Other ash trees in the neighborhood only have a few yellow clumps. My tree has had to compete for sunlight for years because of the neighbor's 2 large ash trees, so I had many dead branches which I had removed last summer. Is this tree slowly dying? Is there something I should be doing?


Ramsey County Minnesota ash trees tree health about 8 hours ago

Moles are driving me crazy!!

How can I eliminate moles in my garden and around my house? We Live on 2-acres next to Starker and McDonald Forest so I realize it's going to be a continual problem. We've lived here for 11-years and they just appeared that last 2-3 years.


Benton County Oregon wildlife damage management moles about 8 hours ago

saving a spruce tree

My spruce is older and scraggly because Virginia creeper and grape vines choked it and smaller trees have grown up around it. I trimmed off the lowest branches that died, and the top 20 feet is clear and healthy. Will the spruce regenerate some greenery as more of it is exposed to light and not crowded? Should I cut off all lower branches that are almost dead? Should I cut down the smaller trees around it even if they do provide some privacy from neighboring houses? I could substitute bushes for them. Thanks.


Ramsey County Minnesota tree health about 9 hours ago

What plant is this?

I found a weird shrub with little black berries on it. It was not very attractive but it got my curiosity, do you know what it is? And is it something that people are chickens could consume? I found it in a parking lot



Multnomah County Oregon plant identification horticulture about 9 hours ago

Fast spreading

What is the name of this weed and how do I get rid of it?



Oakland County Michigan about 11 hours ago

Identifying mushroom

Several of these mushroom caps were thrown in my yard with my dogs . My veterinarian and I are unsure how to identify them can you help ?



Washington County Oregon mushrooms about 11 hours ago

Planting Black Currant Bush

Bought & planted a Black Currant Bush with berries this spring...will it produce berries next year OR do I need two bushes to produce berries? If two bushes are do I know a male from a female? P.S. I live in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada and attended a workshop last fall with presenters coming from Alaska and other parts of Canada to talk about gardening and plants, etc.


Outside United States about 12 hours ago

Varigated maple

I planted a variegated maple tree and watered it consistently. I'm concerned that I got a bad tree. what does it mean when the leaves are brown around the edges and have holes in the leaves?


Anoka County Minnesota about 13 hours ago

Canning tomatoes

I tried a new method this year and am worried they may go bad. I cut up my Roma tomatoes And put them in pints and added 1/2 tsp each of salt and lemon juice ( left peels on). I didn't squeeze them down in the jar so they are very chunky. Will they be okay?


Oregon home food preservation food safety about 14 hours ago

Blotchy tomatoes

Earlier our tomatoes grew beautifully uniformly red, Now they are blotchy in appearance. We are using 30% shade cloth above, but shade cloth is not touching the tomatoes. Are the tomatoes safe to eat. Should we cut out the light spots? Leaves still look good.



Howard County Maryland vegetable tomatoes spots stinkbugs about 14 hours ago

Wilted new growth on newly planted Dogwood

I planted a new 7' Dogwood in a shady (spotty sun) area of my backyard but the new growth is wilted. Does it need more sun or treatment?


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Oakland County Michigan about 14 hours ago

Bad neighbor

My neighbor decided to cut back my Leland Cypress trees so he could cut the grass that runs down our community driveway. Needless to say I will be taking him to court for destruction of property. He cut all the bottom branches off my trees about 5 foot up. All the way down my property line. These trees were beautiful and full. Now they look terrible. Will the trees branches come back? Will they ever get full again? Will this kill the trees.


Maryland leyland cypress tree pruning about 19 hours ago

Mold and Health

Some years ago my wife was in contact with someone who use to be at the Columbia County Extension office and then relocated to the OSU University campus that knew the ins and outs about mold and how it effects a person's health. I currently have a friend in Bearverton that this seems to be a problem that he is dealing with and I told him I would try to help him make contacts with someone he could talk with. Can you or do you have anyone that can help with this problem? Thank you for your help and response.


Columbia County Oregon mildew and mold control human health about 22 hours ago

Large scary plant with bifurcated seed pod with spikes

A contractor scraped a road on our property in Polk County last winter. Now there are two plants that I have never seen before. The leaf looks like a pig weed but the larger plant is over 2 feet tall. The leaves are around 4" long. About a week ago, the plant put out a flower that I only saw when closed. Now it has a bifurcated seed pod that is green and has spikes like a chestnut. This thing looks like something that I don't want to get away from me, so I will probably kill it, but wanted to find out what it is first.

I have since discovered that the plant is jimson weed. What do I do with it?


Polk County Oregon plant identification horticulture weed issues about 23 hours ago

Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea blooms turning green

Hello. My 2 vanila strawberry hydrangeas had incredible blooms this year and were very creamy white. Some started turning very light pink 3 weeks ago but the past 2 weeks most started turning more pale green than white and definitely not pink. Any thoughts why that is happening? This did not happen last year altgough they didnt turn dark pink last year either... just very light pink then brown. I was hoping for deep pink or at least all pink but not green


Oregon about 24 hours ago

neutering 2 month old nubian goat

I have a 2 month old nubian buck, and I am womdering when is a good time to neuter a male goat to avoid future problems with calculi? when is the urethra completely develope? I guess i read that if the urethra is not completely develope they can have future problems with stones? but others say is more an effect of diet? Also, he is living with his mom and sister. Can he get them pregnant at 2 month? Thanks for your opinion an advice. Patty


Benton County Oregon about 24 hours ago

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