Spring raking

Is it too soon to rake our lawns?g


Dakota County Minnesota lawn care about 11 hours ago

Gold flame spirea

I planted 8 gold flame spireas 30 years ago and they are getting a little spindley. I’ve never pruned them or cut them back. Would cutting them back to 4-6 inches be advised now? Tx Peter


Ramsey County Minnesota about 12 hours ago

Pine trees with Rhizosphaera

Hi some pine trees in my yard that have Rhizosphaera. We just moved into this home. They allow privacy. I was planning on spraying them with Mancozeb and Neem this spring. The lower branches are very sparse devoid of needles. Are there any evergreens that I can plant close to them that won’t be affected by the needle cast, allowing some more privacy to the home. I can eventually removed the diseased pines if the new evergreens can be planted close by and get a chance to grow bigger. Thanks for your help!


Hennepin County Minnesota needle cast rhizosphaeria about 12 hours ago

Pavers between Doug Firs

Hi, We have three Doug Firs about 20 feet and 5 feet from each other. Two of them must be at least near 100 feet high. We would like to make a sitting area of pavers and pea gravel between them to enjoy sitting under these beautiful trees. Will this be a problem for the trees, e.g. causing a problem for the roots underneath? Thank you!


Clackamas County Oregon root compaction about 13 hours ago

What is this bug?

Hi- Could you please tell me what this insect is? It sort of looks like a box elder bug, but not quite. Thanks for your help.


Box_elder_beetle_lookalike5_300x300%2523 Box_elder_beetle_lookalike8_300x300%2523

Benton County Oregon insect identification about 15 hours ago

Plant ID?

Can you ID this plant?


Img_6120_2_300x300%2523 Img_6106_300x300%2523 Img_3099_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland plant identification flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 19 hours ago

Crepe Myrtle Failure To Fully Bloom

My two crepe myrtles get fully loaded with flowers, but never totally unfurl completely. They are fairly mature, have been in the ground at least 15 years and are about 8-9 feet tall. Probably half the blossoms do unfurl, the rest just languish and dry up. I have tried watering them more and putting Miracle Grown on them. I also sprinkle coffee grounds on the soil. I think that has helped somewhat. I want to see them in their full glory this year. Any suggestions?


Douglas County Oregon about 19 hours ago

Overgrown and burnt yews

When I attempted to burn some dead grass around my yews a couple of the bushes burnt back to the trunk, the branches seem to be still alive but absolutely no needles. Can I trim back to the trunk or near the trunk and have them regenerate (resurrection)? I also several of the other yews are very overgrown and am considering pulling out but if I can cut them back and have them regenerate I would prefer to do that. So how severely can I trim my yews?



Goodhue County Minnesota yews about 20 hours ago

soil testing

Where can I get my soil tested? How much does it cost? Can someone explain the results and implications?


District of Columbia County District of Columbia soil testing plant care about 21 hours ago

Fall planting Tulip bulbs

I recently purchased sprouted tulip bulbs and planted the root ball, per directions, even with the soil level. When the tops are finished, do I need to re-plant bulbs at a deeper level?


Carver County Minnesota spring bulbs planting depth about 21 hours ago

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