Dry tulips

I saw these tulips at a friends home. She said they never properly matured, and now they are dry. Seems odd considering all the rain we have had. It appears there may be more than one issue, I’m wondering if this is tulip-fire? Thank you, Louise



Clackamas County Oregon tulips tulip fire about 4 hours ago

Is this a fungus and how do I get rid of it?

I have this white fungus type thing in one of my perennial gardens. It's in the mulch, attaching to my clematis, the garage and now stakes in the ground. I'd love to know what it is, how to get rid of it, and how to prevent it from returning. Thanks so much!


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Ramsey County Minnesota fungus about 5 hours ago


If I prune a grape vine now when it has buds starting, what will happen?


Linn County Oregon grapes pruning about 5 hours ago

Eradicating Quince

We had an approx. 20+ yr old, out of control quince that was cut to the ground & covered with mulch. Naturally, it wants to sprout suckers. What's the best way to get rid of it. Roundup Super Concentrate & black plastic or...?


Multnomah County Oregon plant eradication about 7 hours ago

Tree identication

I have a tree in our backyard (a volunteer) that was hidden behind a large birch tree we needed to remove. It seems to have grown about 5 feet or so in the past 1 or 2 years. See attachments. What kind of tree is it? Thank you, Carl


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Washington County Oregon plant identification about 7 hours ago


This Cherry Laurel in the ground 5 years.....this Spring leaves are showing round yellow dots with dark round centers...then the leaf slowing turns yellow and drops to the ground. I took all yellow leaves off a week ago...these are all new yellow leaves a week later. HELP! I do not want the bush to die!


Chester County Pennsylvania about 7 hours ago

crabgrass and grass seed

Hi! We have a large section of our yard that is largely crabgrass. We would like to put preventative down to keep it from coming back. After we do that when can we seed? Or what order do you recommend? Thanks so much!


Anoka County Minnesota about 7 hours ago

Best soil amendment for clay soil

I've done some research on how to address two separate issues and it appears one local lawn service utilizes a method that would potentially resolve both. One issue is how to amend hard and bumpy clay soil and, a means of achieving good seed to soil contact for over seeding. The lawn service video said both can be aided by doing the following: core aerating the lawn first, then applying the seed, then applying a mixture of 70% sand and 30% peat moss to a depth of a 1/4 inch (then obviously keep moist with water). I just came across another article where two soil experts (one from UC Davis and one from the University of North Carolina) state that using sand (in less than a 70% mixture) will actually turn your clay soil into concrete if you will. The article also states peat moss is not a good choice for a soil amendment. I know lawns are very specific to local conditions. My questions are; Would you recommend using the 70/30 top dressing sand/peat mixture? If not, what would you recommend using to achieve both a good amendment for hard clay soil AND good seed to soil contact for over seeding?


Hennepin County Minnesota about 9 hours ago

Old bushes

I have 11 bushes that line my property..they are related to the Bridal veil. They haven't done well the last few years--a lot of dead limbs and not much new growth--they are probably about 20 years old.I just cut 4 of them back--but was wondering--do you think they're worth saving ? And if you say yes--what else can I do ?


Genesee County Michigan trees and shrubs about 10 hours ago

How well do Birch trees do in this climate?

Hi There,

I am trying to decide between a Spring Snow Crabapple and a Birch for my front yard. I am reading that the Crabapple might be a better choice for this climate.

Do you agree?


Boulder County Colorado about 10 hours ago

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