Spider identification

I was hoping someone could help me identify this spider. It is a smaller version of several larger ones we have found around our house lately. and I’m hoping they aren’t a poisonous species. Thanks you, Holly



Clackamas County Oregon spider identification about 6 hours ago


Hi, I am gardening at the Rochester garden plots along the Zumbro River this year and have a question about the possibility of contracting CWD through eating garden vegetables. The deer visit my garden frequently even though I have a plastic fence up. In one instance, the deer ate some lettuce and I proceeded to pick what was left and washed off the leaves and did eat the remaining lettuce. I know that e.coli can be a problem with deer scat, so I know that is a risk also. If a deer with CWD comes into my garden, should that be of concern to me?


Olmsted County Minnesota about 9 hours ago

Deer rub damage

Hello, I have a quaking aspen tree that is about 5in in diameter. It has just suffered damage from a deer rubbing on half of the trunk (one side), about two feet in length. Is there anything I can do to help the tree heal? Thank you!


Scott County Minnesota about 10 hours ago

Planning a pollinator friendly garden

Hello, I have a place in my yard that is currently landscaped with large evergreen arborvitae shrub and I would like advice on how to remove this and remake the space to support pollinator friendly plants. It is on the south side of my home and I am really hoping to get some ideas on how to proceed


Dakota County Minnesota pollinator gardening pollinating plants about 13 hours ago

lawn mold?

We discovered several streaks of what might be slime mold on our relatively new backyard tall fescue lawn today. Does it appear to be slime mold? Is this likely to do extensive damage to our lawn? Any suggestions for dealing with it? Thank you. Paul Wertz


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Lane County Oregon slime mold about 13 hours ago

Rhododendron fungus

I have 7 PJM rhododendrons planted along the east side of my house in NE Portland. This summer I identified lace bug too late for the spring drench. They have been sprayed by me twice and twice by com Erica, sprayer. They now look as I’d they have a fungus. Portland nursery looked at some branches as did Master Gardeners (via internet). Both really did ‘t Know what was wrong. Does your website have pictures of possible Rhodie diseases? I can’t find any .


Multnomah County Oregon rhododendron about 15 hours ago

Lawn brown spots

I have round brown spots in lawn. They are 3 to 6 “ in diameter. Had them last year and this year. Not all of the grass in circle is brown.


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Cass County North Dakota about 15 hours ago

Hydrangea too big

Hello, I bought a house last year and there is a very nice hydrangea bush in the front yard. In the spring, I cut it back to 3-5 inch stems and it grew very nicely and was really big. My question is how to make it smaller. It has taken over the part its part of the yard and I would like to put in a few other things nearby, but am not sure how to minimize it's size. I feel like pruning will just make it grow bigger. Should I dig half of it up? Thanks for your help!


Ramsey County Minnesota pruning hydrangeas about 17 hours ago

Honey crisp small apples

Last year I got nice size apples. This year they were small. What would be the reason for this.


St. Louis County Minnesota apples fruit size about 17 hours ago

Any ideas on what's up with this broccoli? Last year all the plant had this...

Any ideas on what's up with this broccoli? Last year all the plant had this right away as heads were forming, in a well-mulched raised bed, regular water and sun. It stunted and twisted them. My friend moved the bed, tried different seed and things were OK until this month.



Ramsey County Minnesota broccoli not forming heads broccoli pests diamondback moth about 18 hours ago

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