Raspberry problem

Something, an insect or possibly a worm/slug? is cutting the tops of my raspberry shoots about 4 to 5 inches below the buds. It's a clean cut like if you took a scissors and clipped it. I can't see any insects besides some ants and bees.


Steele County Minnesota 13 minutes ago

Tree planting and gas lines

How far away from a gas line should I plant a crabapple tree?


Washington County Minnesota about 2 hours ago

grape vines

I have grape vines that the leaves are growing green nods on the underside of the leaves. In some cases there a twenty or more on one leaf. What is this? Japanese beetles are in the area. Any way to help with them?


Linn County Iowa about 3 hours ago

Brown recluse?

Is this a brown recluse or wolf spider?


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New Haven County Connecticut spiders about 3 hours ago

Beetle Infestation

The ground outside my girlfriend's house is crawling with these Beatles. What are they, are they harmful, how do you control them, and what's their story?



Washington County Oregon insect issues insect identification boxelder bug nymphs about 11 hours ago

Honey Locust problem?

My honey locust tree was planted last fall. This spring the branches appear to be growing but have not leafed out. Leaves have appeared on the trunk. Is this common or is my tree in trouble?


Ramsey County Minnesota about 15 hours ago

Hi, I have what I think is a Dwarf Mistletoe infection of about half the...

Hi, I have what I think is a Dwarf Mistletoe infection of about half the lodgepole pines in my 3/4 acre yard. I've pruned most of the lightly infected trees, but have read that pruning is ineffective for "severely infected" trees. Just what constitutes a severely infected tree? Naturally I don't want to waste my time/energy on a worthless endeavor, plus the more heavily involved trees are just that much harder to prune, since you have to go up higher and need more equipment to do the job! I'm in Idaho (in Donnelly 83615). While it's not Oregon, the PNW Handbooks website referred me to you on the "Ask An Expert" prompt, plus It's quite close to the Oregon border so thought I'd ask. I've enclosed a picture and you can see the dense jumble of mistletoe-infected branches with yellow tips, ie. starting in the middle third of the tree. (top half of tree, only partially visable, looks healthy) I've trimmed about 8-10 feet below where you see infected branches and removed the branches, as seen in the pile to the side. But this remaining 6 foot or so will be harder to access, and I'm unsure whether its worth the effort. Thanks for any help you are able to give me!

Ed Miller



Idaho County Idaho mistletoe about 15 hours ago

Heritage River Birch browning leaves

Hi, I have several Heritage Birch about 5 years old. They died back upon planting but recovered and grew well until this year. Several areas didn’t leaf and some that did the leaves turned dark brown. We are in the Catskills and have had a very wet spring and start of summer. Any ideas of what could be going on? Last year we a one that rotted through but I cut several “dead” branches- no signs of rot.


Delaware County New York trees and shrubs about 15 hours ago

A big Red Aquatic Spider?

Thirty years ago or so, when walking on the beach of a small lake in Mason county, MI, near the town of Scottville, (Saint Mary's Lake), I observed a very large (big as or bigger than a 25 cent piece), Red spider walking towards shore in the shallows. It was about a foot from shore, in about four inches of water. It saw me and turned about and proceeded to retreat to deeper water. I was taken aback inasmuch as I had never heard of a spider that walked on the trapped air in its hair to make it buoyant... being that it was walking on the bottom, I assumed it was heavier than water. In short, the only aquatic spiders I had ever heard of were those that dwelled on the surface, not one that walked on the bottom. Can anyone confirm that such a spider exists? It has bothered me for many years.


Mason County Michigan spider identification spiders about 16 hours ago

Moth Idenitifcation

I live in central eastern Iowa. I cannot find ANYTHING that remotely looks like this, I believe it is a moth due to the feathery antenna but past that: ?



Iowa County Iowa insect identification about 16 hours ago

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