Apple Tree ID

A friend recently told me it will cost $400 to determine what kind of apple tree she has in her yard by using DNA testing. Is this cost accurate? If so, is this the only way to find out what kind of apple tree she has?


Scott County MN about 2 hours ago

Rose Bushes

Hello. We have two rose bushes that are almost 7 feet tall and almost that in diameter. We want to trim them back dramatically. What is the best way and best time of year to do that? Thank you


MN about 4 hours ago

We think it's order Hemiptera but we're stuck on the id

We found this guy in the kitchen, and are wondering what he is. From Dad's MSU circa 1960 courses, he went online and decided it's probably of the order Hemiptera, but we couldn't get any closer. Can you help? Thanks so much!


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Oakland County MI about 5 hours ago


I bought some herbs in potted plants at the grocery store and I was wondering when I can plant those outside I live in Williamsport Pennsylvania


PA horticulture about 5 hours ago

What happened to Marie Hill?

Recently I read Angela Y. Davis' book "If They Come in the Morning." In one chapter she outlines the cases of many Americans who were jailed because of their political opinions or their race. One of the cases she mentions is that of Marie Hill, a 15 year old black girl charged with murdering a middle-aged white man. She was denied a lawyer for a week and was coerced into signing a confession. Despite the prosecution failing to provide any evidence placing her at the scene of the crime, the jury found her guilty of first-degree murder. She was sentenced to life in prison. The most recent information I could find about her is from a Rolling Stone article from 1972. At the time it was written she had served three years in prison and requested that her lawyers give up trying to appeal the sentence because she would be up for parole soon. So what ever happened to Marie Hill? Was she released on parole? Is she still in prison (she'd be about 65 now)? Did she die in prison? What happened to Marie Hill?


Washtenaw County MI about 18 hours ago

Harbin pear tree

I am thinling about ordering this tree from Sherbune Soil and water conservation district. Will this tree be hardy enough for wrigt county and produce fruit. Thank you


Wright County MN pear trees 1 day ago

fertilizing amaryllis

I have six amaryllis bulbs which I've just replanted. They are several years old and last year they didn't bloom. What kind and amount of fertilizer should I use this year, now when they have no foliage and later when they do have foliage and hopefully blooms. Also, what kind and amount of fertilizer should I use after they have bloomed? Thank-you. Anne LaPorte


Lyon County MN 1 day ago

aphids in soil in my greenhouse

I had aphids on my tomatoes in my greenhouse last fall. I pulled the tomatoes all up and got rid of a lot of aphids. Can I treat the soil with something to kill the eggs if they overwintered in my greenhouse. Or, what would you suggest? Thank you, Sandy


Pope County MN 1 day ago

Speeding decomposition of downed trees

What is the best way to apply fertilizer to downed trees to speed up their decomposition? It seems that using liquid fertilizer would be preferable to solid, but I have no experience with either technique. I have a herbicide spray system that I think would work, but don't know about dilution either. Can you help?


Hennepin County MN stump removal tree removal 1 day ago

spider id

Curious spider found in a pint of fresh organic blueberries from New Zealand. Thanks



Snohomish County WA 2 days ago

Online WPS Train-the-Trainer Course for Pesticide Handlers

I see how to access the online Train-the-Trainer course for training pesticide workers. Is there an Online WPS TTT Course available for training Pesticide Handlers?


Tippecanoe County IN 2 days ago

Vole damage in lawn

Every spring we notice a few trails in the lawn from voles. We basically rake out the dead grass, and it re-grows. However, with the snow gone, we now have trails but also many places with heaps of piled up grass and large patches of bare dirt. We have never seen anything like this destruction. We are wondering if the fall fertilizer would attract more voles to our lawn if it wasn't fully dissolved? Are there any measures we should take in the fall before the snow falls to discourage their presence?


Brown County SD 2 days ago

Apple Tree

Is there an apple tree that is "self pollinating"? One of our clients wants us to install the tree. Thank you, Suzanne Wyman Garrett Churchill Inc. 215-657-9160


Montgomery County PA 2 days ago

Garden Blight

I have finally figured out that my vegie garden has blight. About two to three weeks after planting, everything seems to start wilting and rotting, tomatoes, beans, peppers zucchini. I have heard that if I leave the garden dormant and don't grow anything for one or two years, that will get rid of the blight. Is this true? Also, I have planted seeds of things like spinach, radishes, carrots, and scallions, and they never even come up, or they grow the stems and leaves but nothing really develops in the ground. What am I doing wrong?


Dakota County MN 2 days ago

Fruit trees and berry shrubs planting

I am planning to plant some fruit trees and some berry shrubs this spring ( apple, plum, pear, cherry, peach apricot, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries) . When is the best time to do that? Do I have to worry about pollination, self pollination etc.? Any advise as to where to get the trees and how to plant it? I would greatly appreciate any help.

Thank you


Jefferson County CO trees and shrubs 2 days ago

Reducing the size of yew bushes

I would like some information on trimming yew bushes. I have several yews lining a sidewalk that have gotten too large. They are several years old, approximately four feet wide and 3 feet tall. I would like to cut them back at least 25%. I understand yews tolerate heavy pruning, but I ‘m uncertain as to the best time to trim. I also was wondering if the next several days of unseasonably warm weather we are about to have is an issue to consider. Any advice will be appreciated.


Cass County MI 2 days ago

Seizure in Pastured swine

I am having the exact same issues as another woman posted about her 6 month old kunekunes having seizures a year ago. I'm not near highways or getting any run off thou. They are eating Purina pig and sow food and have plenty of water and a shelter they can get into. I have not wormed them or given them shots recently. I'm wondering if its a genetic issue, pneumonia or if it has something to do with all the rain we have been getting. My pasture is muddy and has a little standing water in some spots . He was wet and shivering when I went out to feed my pigs. He has 1 brother in the pasture that was starting to press his head into the corner and the other brother and mother seem just fine. His eyes where non responsive to light. No interest in food or water. I saw him having a grand mal seizure in his pig hut. I moved him inside to a big dog crate with his own heat light and food and water inside. He seemed to be having a Petit mal seizure where he looked like he was staring off into space and pressing his head against the wall. I wish I knew what the other woman found out about the necropsy of her gilt. Any suggestions?


Clackamas County OR livestock veterinary 3 days ago

Mildew in Ninebark 'Diablo' shrub

My 12- to 15-year-old Diablo Ninebark shrubs have had downy mildew for 3 or 4 years. Each year I prune branches out that have mildew. I disinfect my pruners between cuts, clean up as much as I can around the bushes, and throw all the leaves and branches in the garbage. The problem becomes more severe each year. These bushes get lots of airflow around and through them. I'm keeping the centers open for air flow.

I am wondering if I can give the bushes a hard pruning this spring before they leaf out, and if that will help control the mildew. How far down can I prune them -- is a foot from the ground too much? Or would I be better trying to control the problem with a fungicide. My thought is that if I get rid of as much of the mildew as I can, I would have an easier time controlling it with a fungicide. I have not yet used a fungicide.


Richland County ND 3 days ago

Compost purchase

We are looking to add compost to our landscape. We live in eastern Washington county and would like to know the best place to purchase.


Washington County OR horticulture compost 3 days ago

Health of organic vs non-organic dried beans.

I am writing you today because I am a RD (registered dietitian) and have received many consumer questions about the safety of eating dried beans that are NOT organically grown. There are many new varieties of heirloom beans being sold that consumers are interested in. But, the companies that grow and/or distribute them are not selling organic beans. My understanding is that not a lot of fertilizer and/or pesticides are needed/used to grow dry beans in the first place. And that because beans grow inside a bean pod they are safe from contaminants. I appreciate your kind reply, so I can accurately answer questions about the safety of eating non-organic dried beans.


Benton County OR fruits and vegetables 3 days ago

Body Condition Scoring Range Cattle

In an article I noticed a reference to a paper titled (3 Step Boding Condition Scoring for range Cattle) that is available form your school. Where/or how do I get the paper? Have looked on the website but cannot find it. Can you help?? Thanks


Rio Blanco County CO 3 days ago

Mushroom Compost

Someone suggested using mushroom compost in my flower garden. Should I use this and if so what type to buy. Thank you.


Ramsey County MN compost mushroom compost 3 days ago

lawn care in Feb and March

Can you please tell me what lawn treatments should be done in Feb and March. We have mostly zoysia in the front lawn. Don't know exactly what kind of grass is in the backyard, but it doesn't turn brown like zoysia. Also, do you happen to have a document that describes general month by month lawn and gardening things to do in Northern Delaware. Thank you. Marcia Adato


New Castle County DE lawns and turf lawn care winter 3 days ago

Shade only shrubs

Hello. I need a shade loving shrub that will create privacy next to my patio. i live in a condo community in Colorado Springs. We are allowed to plant next to our patio upon approval of the board. The plants they recommend need sunlight. My area is blocked from the sun by another building and large pine trees. I need 9 feet horizontally and height of 4-5 feet.Do you have a recommendation?


El Paso County CO trees and shrubs 3 days ago

Marshall Ash Tree

This Ash was here when we moved here in 1999 and this issue came in last summer. They were green clusters that have now changed into this woody hard brown (as per picture) Any advice or knowlege. My neighbors have same issue with their Ash Trees. Hope my picture goes thru.



Jefferson County CO trees and shrubs 3 days ago

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