Is it safe to burn black cherry wood in an indoor wood stove? I was told the...

Is it safe to burn black cherry wood in an indoor wood stove? I was told the smoke is poisonous, but Internet research results vary...


Clermont County Ohio about 4 hours ago

Sitka spruce turning brown

Hi, I have a Sitka spruce in my backyard in Lincoln City (Lincoln County) that has a bunch of areas turning brown. The browning is throughout the whole tree and not in any kind of pattern that I can tell. The only yard changes have been taking out grass to plant gardens. Any ideas what could be causing this?


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Lincoln County Oregon about 5 hours ago

Abnormal root rot

Good Day. I have already presented this issue regarding several plants that appeared to be poisoned or (?),in My yard starting in early 2019. I found an empty container of an insecticide called MERIT 75WP. Do You know if this product (Bayer), could kill the roots of plants and trees? Also,is there a place to send samples of soil/ rotten wood for testing? Is it expensive? This is anticipated to be malicious. I will attach the rotten tree pics again. Thank You. Don McFadden ps: I snapped a pic of the tree upright just before pushing it over with my hands. It was solid as could be 1 year ago. These pics were taken 10/31/20


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Multnomah County Oregon about 6 hours ago

Repeating of mareck vaccine in poultry

Is it ok to repeat mareck disease vaccine in poultry when you buy your new dayold chicks because some times the said the have vaccinate them from hatchery, but still facing problems later.


Outside United States about 6 hours ago

i found this red small bug biting me

please help, i found this red small bug biting me and i have bites all over my body. they are kind of itchy but not too bad, and it doesn't seem to match a bed bugs profile. please please help


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Niagara County New York about 10 hours ago

Help My Hawaii Ti Plant is dying!

I purchased a Hawaii ti plant at the end of july. The plants has been growing beautiful for 5 months, with alot of beautiful green foilage at the top. I keep my plant in the house, and would bring it on the patio for sunlight for about 4 hours, then bring it back in the house. Sometimes I just keep it in the house and give it indirect light from the sun. I have been watering the plant with rain water that I catch outside when its raining, since I had the plant. The plant was doing amazing. I stop taking the plant outside once it got cold. I notice my plant needed to be repotted bec I could see the roots coming up from the top of the soil. I finally replanted my plant in a well drainage soil with perlite and bark in it. Now the leaves have started turning yellow and their falling off. It started from the bottom slowly, now its rapidly dying from the top. I barely have any leaves now and I don't know what happened. I mist my leaves everyday with rain water. There are no pest on my leaves. It was thriving for like 6 months and I don't know what happened. Please help, I'm devastated! Update, I just look at the soil and notice these tiny worm looking insects. I don't know what they are but I have attached a pic below. I didn't have any insects until I used new soil. This is what I was apprehensive about when replanting my plant. Please help!


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Baltimore County Maryland about 19 hours ago

Disappearing Carrots

Last year I planted carrots in one of our raised beds. We harvested them as needed and enjoyed them into the spring of this year. We planted again in a different raised bed this year, and as I pick them I find the lower halves have disappeared! At first I thought they had broken when I picked them, but there was nothing there when I dug down. What’s eating these carrots, and can I consume the portion that is left, or should I toss them out?



Polk County Oregon about 23 hours ago

Flea eggs inhuman skin

I, unfortunately, have a flea problem and they seem to like me! It’s likely caused by my three dogs and cat finding them in the yard. Actually, the carpeted rooms in this rental is believed to have been infested with dormant fleas everywhere! I don’t get bites anymore although a couple years ago. I was covered in bites. NOW, I think fleas might be burrowing but more than that, I think there are eggs and even occasional larvae under my skin Is this possible?


Outside United States about 24 hours ago

Covering roses

This is such a weird year. I know I shouldn't cover roses too soon. Usually do it at Thanksgiving. When do you recommend doing it this year? Thanks!


Iowa County Iowa 1 day ago

Hi, where can I send in a compost sample for testing/analysis on its...

Hi, where can I send in a compost sample for testing/analysis on its nutrients and other components. Thanks!


Ohio 1 day ago

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