Should I bring my hummingbird feeder in for the winter?

Should I bring my hummingbird feeder in for the winter? I live in Multnomah County and last winter I left my hummingbird feeder up all winter because the hummingbirds never left. If I leave it out, will the hummingbirds stay instead of migrating like they should? I certainly don't want to be responsible for keeping them here too late in the season if having a feeder out could cause that. Thank you


Multnomah County Oregon hummingbirds hummingbird feeders 1 day ago

Please help me identify the plant

Hi, can you help me identify the plant?


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Outside United States plant identification 2 days ago

arsenic in the well water

Is it safe to water cattle or horses if water contains arsenic


Oregon 3 days ago

storing salted butter

Is it safe to leave salted butter out of the refrigerator so it is easier to spread/use? If so, how long can it be left out? Thank you.' Pat


Josephine County Oregon food safety food storage 3 days ago

Winged ant?

I find these in my father-in-laws home Not sure what they are! Can you help me. Thank you


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Hennepin County Minnesota insect identification 3 days ago

Shrub recommendation for Portland, Oregon

I am a master gardener and live in Houston, Texas, however, this question is on behalf of my sister-in-law who lives in Portland, Oregon. She has asked me if I could give her some recommendations for new shrubs for two planters one on either side of her garage that would be slow growing, evergreen, low maintenance, would tend not to grow wider than her planter pots, and could be maintained as a low shrub. Her planter pots are northeast facing, about 3' high and about 2' wide and would need to be easily maintained below 5' light fixtures.


Harris County Texas shrubs 3 days ago




Wayne County Michigan lawns and turf 3 days ago

Why do my apples have brown spots through and through?

A few years ago, I sprayed my healthy apple tree with copper spray. Every year since, my apples have had brown spots through and through. Depicted here is a fresh picked and cut apple. The brown spots can be seen on the outside and go through the entire apple.


Img_1181_300x300%2523 Img_1182_300x300%2523 Img_1183_300x300%2523

Lane County Oregon diagnosis of plant problems horticulture fruit trees 3 days ago

Potato problem...

Planted some Russet eyes in the Spring and harvested a few several weeks ago, and all were fine. Left most in the ground until the past week, then harvested the remaining spuds and put them in a vegetable draw. Took them out to use for Thanksgiving, only to find them all with bored holes with dark trails throughout each spud. They had looked fine when I dug and washed them. Thanks for any help on this matter. Art Dietz


Lane County Oregon potatoes diagnosis of plant problems horticulture 3 days ago

White Soil

am a student n we were asked to give why white soils are white n wer could we find it n i hv no idea if u cud so send replay as fast as u can...thnx


Outside United States soil and fertility issues 3 days ago


My gardening client, has a green euonymus, potted and outside year round for many years, now has some yellow leaves with a pinkish or pinkish brown center with yellow on the edge. When picked for inspection, the pinkish color recedes in four hours, but one can see traces of the middle discoloration. There are some plain yellow leaves, which I expect this time of year, that fall off naturally, and do not harm the plant the. The pinkish ones are firmly attached. The only reason I can come up with, is a drop in nitrogen. What do you think?


Montgomery County Maryland 3 days ago

Fig Tree Wintering

We planted a fig tree, Chicago Hardy, 2 years ago. It is doing well. It is around 3 feet high and wide. We are wondering what we need to do to have it survive a cold winter. It has been recommended that we encase it in leaves, so we put our ground up leaves around the tree just before the first frost, intending to remove the dried leaves in the spring and use them for compost. However, others have suggested this might not be good for the tree because it might lead to mold and insect damage. What do you think? Will this be harmful? Is there a better way to protect the tree from a long cold spell?


Baltimore County Maryland fruit plant care winterizing fig 3 days ago

Knock out rose pruning

I have a knock out rose bush that has done amazingly well, but it's getting much bigger than I anticipated and I'm wondering if, when, and how I should prune it back, beyond the normal trim back (about 25%) I do in very early spring.


Harford County Maryland shrubs plant care pruning knock out roses 3 days ago

pruning back

I'm never sure whether my plants are best pruned back in late fall/early winter after the first frost, or late winter/early spring before everything starts growing/blooming again. In particular, I have a couple of shrubs (butterfly bush and St. Johns Wort) that are prolific and tend to get leggy, some vines like clematis and honeysuckle, a couple of ornamental grasses, and a bunch of perennial flowers. Can you give me some guidance?


Harford County Maryland shrubs plant care pruning flowering shrubs and vines 3 days ago

Crop residue interacting with a spray?

I've lived on and around farms all my life, and am no stranger to the various smells. Usually the worst of the smells dissipate after a while. But this year we have noticed a particularly foul and long-lived odor coming from the harvested bean fields. It started at harvest, but has not dissipated in the weeks since. It is worse than the annual "spilled beer" smell of the beets, worse than the heavy wet stench of the manure slurry when it is spread, and is so strong and nasty it is nauseating. I can't even get my fall yard chores done due to my neighbor's fields, the smell is just too sickening. It's a wide spread problem; driving across M-46 one encounters waves of it when passing various fields. I don't see that anything like biosolids or something was spread; it looks like the normal bean plant residue after harvesting and running over it with a disc. Does anyone know what is happening, or who even to ask about it? Did they use a new spray or something that is interfering with the normal break down of crop residue? Why isn't it dissipating with time? Can we ask the farmers to plow it under, rather than just disc it, would that help? I'd really like some answers, because this is affecting our health and our home, and while everyone is noticing the problem, no one knows how to remedy it.


Bay County Michigan field crops 3 days ago

Parisites in and on skin

What parisite are
do they consider inhouse . Is earwigs one of them? If so what does it look like and how much damage does it do ?


Arkansas household insects 4 days ago

brined turkey breast

Can I brine 2 turkey breasts then cook in nuwave convection oven?


Alamance County North Carolina 4 days ago

little cob webs

I see very thin cob webs close to my plants, i do not see who makes them, but even when i remove them they come back. What can i do. Thank you very much. bob


Bucks County Pennsylvania urban integrated pest management 4 days ago

Winter protection

My garden of mouse ear hostas and small ferns has been trampled by the replacement of an old fence. Is there anything I can do now to help them though until Spring?


Montgomery County Maryland abiotic issues flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials trampled ferns and hostas 4 days ago

Fort Dodge Bats

Do you have any information on the bats in Fort Dodge, IA? Migration or Hibranation? Specific areas in town? If info not in your wheel-house, can you recommend someone to contact?


Webster County Iowa 4 days ago

Black Gum planting shock

I have a Black Gum tree that was planted last fall. It had leaf buds throughout the winter. In the spring, the leaves only came out in the center of the tree. Each brach had at least a foot that did not leaf out. The tree has grown quite a bit over the spring and summer, but the leafing problem is about the same proportion. It was watered weekly after planted until hard frost. In the spring and summer, there was a lot of rain. I did water it after leafing, hoping it would help. Should I cut the none-leafing bits off, or should I wait until next spring to see if the problem is corrected?


Frederick County Maryland abiotic issues black gum tree 4 days ago

I am a novice to blueberry growing, however, I am interested in learning more...

I am a novice to blueberry growing, however, I am interested in learning more about it and establishing a little land for myself with blueberries. What do you recommend I buy from a nursery to get going? 1 or 2 liter pots or the 38-72 cell liners? My goal is to eventually have 40 acres. Thank you


Oregon 4 days ago

Soil Testing

I collected soil in authorized bag from the Univ of MD Extension.

Where shall I mail it for the test?


Baltimore County Maryland soil test 4 days ago

Apple Tree planting?

Hi. My name is Matt Darling I am the manager of Cross Orchards Historic Site in Grand Junction, CO 81504. This spring we are planing on planting a dozen apple trees. What is the best time in the spring to plant apple trees? Also are their any nutrients or fertilizers you could recommend?
Thank You



Mesa County Colorado trees and shrubs 4 days ago


We bring in our hibiscus trees every year and have a "greenhouse" in our basement. However, by February, they are usually covered with aphids despite our spraying them very heavily before we bring them in. I was told years ago by you that a safe spray can be made using Ivory dish liquid and water. However, I have misplaced the instructions. Please let me know the dishwasher liquid-to-water ratio. Thank you.


Howard County Maryland hibiscus houseplant aphids 4 days ago

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