Sticky Leafe

I have 3 aspens in our front yard that have sticky shiny leafs. The 3 in the back yard are fine. We live at 4,500 feet and it has been a very warm summer. Is this unusual and if so, what can be done?


Deschutes County Oregon horticulture aspen trees about 13 hours ago

insect indentification

I don't know much about insects. I took these photos in my garden and would like to know what insects I photographed. Tried to find these on several sites, but without success. I thought the first one is some kind of fly or bee. The second one looks vaguely like grasshoppers, but I don't think they are. I tried looking under bugs, beetles, and grasshoppers but didn't find either of these. Thanks for your help. If it helps, I live about 20 minutes northeast of Denver.


Adams County Colorado about 14 hours ago

Family Farm

I recently quit my job to help with the family farm. Now in my second season, I have been doing all of the labor aspects of the farm, but my parents have taken care of the financial part. With my father being sick, my family wants me to take over the whole operation. The farm currently runs through a corporation. My question is; Is there an easy way to make this generational transition of the farm and its entities?


Story County Iowa about 14 hours ago

can I boil water bath can my crabapple juice without added sugar to save it...

can I boil water bath can my crabapple juice without added sugar to save it until i'm ready to make jam?


Hennepin County Minnesota about 14 hours ago

Large purple moth

Would like to know the exact species of moth I found on my house on August 19th. Attaching picture of moth.


Jefferson County Kentucky moths insect identification about 15 hours ago


can I use basil that has gone to seed to make pesto (without the cheese) to freeze/


Guthrie County Iowa about 15 hours ago

Wilt on Japanese Maple?

My Japanese Maple is suffering from something, but I'm not sure what it is. I had an arborist out and he said it was fine. I don't think so.


Franklin County Ohio horticulture trees and shrubs japanese maples about 16 hours ago


I have a green slim that is growing out of the ground and it is spreading very quick through my yard. its shaped like a beef stake mushroom


Grand Traverse County Michigan about 16 hours ago

I have a hydreangea tree that has white liechen up and down one side of the...

I have a hydreangea tree that has white liechen up and down one side of the trunk. Is this a problem?


Hennepin County Minnesota about 16 hours ago

In identified plant

What is this please? It grew in a south facing flower bed with chalky soil near the South Downs. The stem and leaves lay along the ground and it turned through 90 degrees and the flower stalk grew up towards the sky.


Outside United States plant identification about 16 hours ago

Potato Fruit on Red Tomato Plant

How do I prepare the potato fruit to use in planting next spring? I assume that the green tomato like fruit is a seed pod that can be used in an organic gardening practice....


Lincoln County Oregon horticulture potatoes tomatoes about 18 hours ago

Sowing Winter Grain

I'm a gardener in NE Ohio (hardiness zone 6a). I'm interested in trying out a test plot of winter barley or rye. Which would fare better in my climate, and when should I sow the grain in the fall? Thanks much.


Wayne County Ohio field crops agriculture barley rye about 18 hours ago


What kind of shrubs are these


Becker County Minnesota about 19 hours ago

mowing mondo grass

Help. A contractor accidentally mowed an area of ophiopogon (regular, not the dwarf species) to about 1 inch height this past month - August in Washington DC. Many of the plants - what's left - are looking brown. They were not brown prior to the mowing, so I'm thinking maybe the mowing killed them - ? Will the non-brown ones come back this fall and green up for winter? Or should I replace them? Thanks!


District of Columbia County District of Columbia horticulture lawns and turf groundcover about 19 hours ago

Dutch Elm disease

Hi- We have an old Elm (about 50 ft. high, 4 ft diamter with large canopy) in South Mpls that we have had profesionally treated for Dutch Elm prevention the last 10 years (every 2 years). Out next door neightbor has a similar sized elm and that has also been treated for dutch elm prevention regularly at the same time as ours. The two trees are aprox 25 ft apart and their canpapies overlap some. The neighbors tree looked very poor and suspect this spring and when we went to have the trees both treated in May the tree specialist confirmed that our neightbors tree had dutch elm. He cut a ring into the diseased tree near the bottom to try and help prevernt the ditch elm from spreading downward and di not treat either tree this spring stating it would do no good this year and might make it worse for so and all we could do it was hope we got lucky and it didn't spread to our tree but said odd were slim. The neighbors disesed tree has looked worse and worse though the summer and they are supposed to be arranging to have to it taked down but have not yet. Is there anything we can do to help our odds of our tree not becoming diseased? Specifically, there have been several dead branches up high on our tree for years that we have never had trimmed. Would it help to have these trimed?


Hennepin County Minnesota dutch elm disease elm tree about 20 hours ago

plant pests?

I have these eggs? on the leaves of my collard green plants now. (see picture) I do not see live bugs crawling around but maybe I just haven't found them. Are they aphids or some other bug? What should I do to get rid of them? Thank you


Maryland vegetable collards about 20 hours ago

October Glory Red Maple issues

I planted an october glory red maple in late may. Tree was B&B and is about 10-12 feet tall and trunk is roughly 2.5 inches thick.Tree gets full afternoon sun. Within the last month, the western side of the tree has started to take on a reddish color and look somewhat wilted. I think the tree may be planted a few inches deep. I was initially told that it was OK as long as the drains sufficiently well but I'm now worried about girdling roots in the long term and whatever issue its facing in the short term.


Anne Arundel County Maryland tree maple about 21 hours ago

Greening a brown lawn

with the coming of rain this weekend and next week, should I fertilize my lawn now. It is mostly brown now. I would like a green lawn again.


Washington County Oregon horticulture lawns and turf 1 day ago

No peaches for years

We have a mature peach tree that produces tons of peaches every year. The problem is they get to goofball size and quit growing. They stay hard and eventually fall to the ground. This has gone on for several years.
I also have 2 peach trees that gave us huge , beautiful peaches the first year and this year there were fewer, smaller, and the tree looks sick. The leaves are sparse, there is a blustery, lump in the trunk that oozes sap, and many of the peaches turned dark and shriveled on the tree. The peaches that shriveled are still on the tree even though they look dehydrated. Help! I canned many quarts from these trees last year, but none this year.


Canadian County Oklahoma trees and shrubs fruit trees 1 day ago

Identifying my grapes

I bought a house in West Linn, OR, that has two different varieties growing in the back yard. I would like to identify the type of grape. Is there somewhere I can go, or send a picture, in order to do so?


Clackamas County Oregon horticulture grapes 1 day ago

many of my zinnia blossums are missings the petals, starting from the lowest petals and usually resu

Many of my zinnia blossoms are missing the petals, starting from the lowest petals and usually resulting in only the central "axle" remaining. I have seen this to some degree in the past but this yr it's pervasive. Usually there's not a trace of petal but I have found some debris from time to time. I assume it must be an insect but have never found one


Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

What is this plant?

These plants have appeared in our landscaping which was new last year. They were not part of the landscaping. Are they weeds? They look so purposeful appearing in clusters where there is nothing else planted so we're reluctant to pull them out until we know what they are.


Deschutes County Oregon horticulture plant id 1 day ago

Bees and Beatles eating my raspberries

I have had a raspberry patch for more than 20 years. This is the first year I am overwhelmed with bees of all sorts and colors and sizes. Not as many Japanese beetles as the past but some are there as well. The area is 50 x 20 and the berries a abundant but they suck them dry and I get one berry out of maybe 20 ripe ones. Never had this problem before. I am bee friendly but like my raspberries. Is covering the area with something possible? Is this an unusual year? Any suggestions? Thanks Dennis J. Grabowski


Washington County Minnesota 1 day ago


What is this plant?


Ada County Idaho horticulture plant identification 1 day ago

Sycamore Tree Shedding Leaves

I have a mature sycamore tree that is dropping leaves all year long. The undersides of all leaves on the tree have numerous tiny brown spots. Friends tell me they think it is a fungus. Could that be so? If so, can anything be done? Thanks.


Bernalillo County New Mexico horticulture trees and shrubs 1 day ago

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