Habanero plant

Hey there, I bought my seedling from the local garden centre and transported it into another pot around 10 days ago. I didn't harden the plant as I didn't even know what this was but now my chilli seems like it has discolouration and hasn't seemed to grow in the slightest.
I have recently bought another chilli and I am hardening that one atm, I have been moving the old one out of the sun the same as my new one. After a little fertiliser and a week of doing the hardening do you think it will recover ?


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Outside United States about 15 hours ago

Failing Flowering Plum

We have 3 flowering plum trees in our backyard. They are beautiful every year! This year, however, about mid August one of the three started looking dry and just "different" from the others. It is now Oct (we are in NM so it is still 70-80's here) and it looks dried up compared to the other two. The leaves aren't discolored or show any damage, other than dry. We don't see traces of bugs. What can we do -- would hate to lose this lovely tree.


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Otero County New Mexico about 16 hours ago

Insect ID please

I’ll attach 2 photos. One is an insect I’ve never seen around here before. The other is a chunk of dried mud with some larvae embedded in it. It was in our mason bee box, but way too big for mason bees. Thanks.


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Lane County Oregon about 18 hours ago


is orthene spray still effective this time of year? what is the best time in the spring? temperature driven?


Ionia County Michigan about 18 hours ago

Turf grass identification

I have several bare spots in my lawn and would like to reseed with the same grass. Any help identifying this grass would be greatly appreciated. All three images are the same sample. Thank you in advance! David Thomas


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Oakland County Michigan about 18 hours ago

Invasive Vine Control

The rear border of my yard abuts a heavily wooded lot. A chain-link fence and an 8-foot tall privet hedge are continually being invaded by a large-leafed heavy vine. I'd like to find a more permanent solution than climbing into the wooded area with pruners and an axe twice each year to cut back this invasive vine. All suggestions welcomed.


Macomb County Michigan about 18 hours ago

I have a big problem every year with my white peach tree. It blooms...

I have a big problem every year with my white peach tree. It blooms extensively, sets peaches that get huge ... but they rot while on the tree before getting completely ripe. If I pick them before ripening they still rot. So many of the pits are cracked open when I cut into them.


Scioto County Ohio about 19 hours ago

Japanese Holly at foot of driveway.

Died; leaves and branches turned dark. Also hit by large tree during recent bad storm. Can I replace it with the same plant in the same location?


Suffolk County New York about 19 hours ago

Trying to identify this "weed"

Hello. I attached a picture of a plant that is growing in my garden. It looks like large strawberry leaves, but I'm not sure that's what it is. Any help identifying it and dealing with it will be appreciated. This picture is from today in Forest Grove, OR.



Washington County Oregon about 21 hours ago

I have a hanging strawberry basket that produced berries all summer long. Is...

I have a hanging strawberry basket that produced berries all summer long. Is there a way to winter it so I can have berries next summer? Thanks


Black Hawk County Iowa about 21 hours ago

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