What is killing this shrub

Whatever the white "stuff" is seems to be killing these 3 large shrubs within the past month or so. They are evergreens that get black berries..some kind of cherry laurel? There doesn't seem to be any other damage, like borers and such. This is a sandy area in Cape St. Clair. The shrubs are close together and maybe 3-4 feet tall. It looks like they will have to be removed completely because the dead branches are extensive. Any ideas on what this could be and what could possibly be done about it?


Howard County Maryland shrubs about 3 hours ago

What type of bug is this?

It is a very tiny black and grey blotchy bug smaller than a grain of rice it also has fur or hair in rows going down its back. I've searched everywhere for identification and cannot find that particular bug
Also what Is that yellowish white coming out of its bottom?


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Curry County Oregon insect identification weevil about 11 hours ago

New insect in MN Isanti county

Hi people around this area have noticed that leaves have been turning black looks burnt but that is not it. To day this evening I went to look at my lilac bushes and I saw this bug right away a bug I have never seen and I’ve lived here since 2000 so 19 years and also the leaves have never done this. It is a little bigger then 1 centimeter


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Isanti County Minnesota about 14 hours ago

Feeding babybirdswhenmotherdoesnotcomeback?



San Diego County California birds about 14 hours ago

Wholesale garlic market

Where can I sell garlic wholesale? Me and a friend, him mostly, are planning on a couple acres of garlic to harvest next summer. Are there wholesale buyers in Oregon and how would I contact them? Thanks.


Douglas County Oregon garlic about 14 hours ago

Snake identification

This guy was staring me down at a suburban Pittsburgh self storage business. What type of snake is this?



Allegheny County Pennsylvania snakes pantherophis obsoletus black ratsnake snakes of pennsylvania snake identification about 15 hours ago

Strange Weed in the Lawn

What is this weed, please? I put grass seed down and this weed starting coming up in areas all over my yard. The grass seed bag said "no weed seeds." How do I get rid of it? It looks invasive. Thank you.


Mystery_weed_photo_1_300x300%2523 Mystery_weed_photo_2_300x300%2523 Mystery_weed_photo_3_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County Maryland weeds plant identification green kyllinga about 15 hours ago

weeds in our lawn

We have weeds in our lawn. This fall we want to treat our lawn to get rid of weeds. What is the best weed control product to use. I have also attached the weed we have in our garden. Our soil test came out with no problems in the soil.Thanks.-Hiranthi



Howard County Maryland plant identification weeds about 15 hours ago

Is this catipillar poisonous

These white catipillars are eating my apple tree leaves and I want to relocate them but I don’t know if they are poisonous or not.



Washington County Maryland insect or spider id pest insects and mites about 15 hours ago

Friend or Foe

Hello, This caterpillar has been found hanging and climbing from a single web strand on I believe an oak tree and various other areas of the wooded yard. Can you help identify this?


20190908_125528_hdr_300x300%2523 20190908_125832_300x300%2523

Missaukee County Michigan insect identification insects about 16 hours ago

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