Species Identification

Is there a facility at OSU that is able to identify topical species of wood products? My company is an importer and distributor of forest products that are sourced from the Amazon basin. Often times multiple species are lumped together for commercial purposes when being shipped from Brazil and there are certain times when it is important to narrow down the genus and species of the lumber we are sourcing.


Clackamas County Oregon about 7 hours ago

Potatoe Disease

Hello, Last year I planted 6 potatoes. All different varieties. 5 of them produced normal fruit. One of them got a disease. The top of the plant looked healthy. However the tubers had brown spots. There were many tubers, so it did not affect production. However every single potato had brown spots. I am attaching the pictures. Could you please let me know: 1. If you can tell what this disease is? 2. Is this contagious? I am not planning to plant new potatoes in exactly the same spot, but it would be into the same garden bed (the opposite end of the bed that I used for potatoes last year). If I remember correctly, this specific potato variety was German Butter Ball. If specific varieties of potatoes are more susceptible to this disease, would you please let me know? Thank you, Val Fearnside


Potato_1_300x300%2523 Potato_2_300x300%2523

Benton County Oregon potatoes about 7 hours ago

Best overall insecticide for Larimer County Colorado lawns´╗┐

What is the best overall insecticide for Larimer County Colorado lawns and when should it be applied. I take good care of my lawn and every year it looks worse and worse is there possibly something eating it from below?


Larimer County Colorado about 7 hours ago

Mantis Predation

Is this alien praying mantis egg case being parasitized by some type of a wasp?



New Castle County Delaware ootheca praying mantis about 7 hours ago

Snow Pollution for Science Experiment

Hello! My name is Holly Willson. For a school science experiment, my son wants to test the pollution in Michigan snow. In one day, he collected snow from Detroit, West Branch, Mackinac City, and Sault Sainte Maire. He would now like to send the melted snow to a lab to be tested, or he would like to know what type of kit he could buy that would give him the best results for testing pollution. Many people have referred us to M.S.U. Is there anyone who would be able to help us? Thank you! Holly Willson


20200215_104521_300x300%2523 20200214_182815_300x300%2523 20200214_182911_300x300%2523

Wayne County Michigan about 8 hours ago

Native Understory Shrubs

Our property is full of shrub Japanese honeysuckle as an understory plant. The birds, doves and cardinals in particular (large enough to see), use it as perch near feeders. Is there a native that could be planted to fill that niche? My neighbor has honeybees, and I'm concerned about using Mountain Laurel or a relative that might affect honey production. I've heard that MT nectar is not good for honey. Thanks.


Frederick County Maryland native plants plant selection nectar poisonous to honeybees about 10 hours ago

cutting off the tops

Will it seriously damage my arborvitaes if I cut off the top 4 feet? Will it grow back ? I have 2 arborvitae that have been growing in large brick planters for about 15 years. They grow to about 11' high and are too tall for the area. Although I trim 6" - 12" off the tops every 3 - 4 years, they always grow back. I am considering taking off about 4' in late November so I won't have to trim them so often. Will it seriously damage them or kill them? Will that much ever grow back?


Charles County Maryland arborvitae tree pruning about 10 hours ago

Tall Bearded (German) Iris in Maryland

Are there any display gardens in Maryland where one can go to see various cultivars of tall bearded iris blooming in the Spring?


Baltimore County Maryland flowers bearded iris public gardens about 10 hours ago

Dune grass

How do I plant dune grass on Lake Michigan. Where is a good source to buy it? Is there a best time to plant it? Thanks Bill


Manistee County Michigan dune grass planting dune grass about 10 hours ago

The branches of my fiddle leaf tree are dry and brittle

Help! The branches of this tree are dry and brittle and some are falling over. Is this tree totally dead. Can I bring it back to being healthy


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Litchfield County Connecticut trees and shrubs about 20 hours ago

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