Free wood chips and compost

Hi, I'm new to the area. I bought a house in Ovid last year and I'm hoping to start a no dig garden if we ever get out of quarantine. Any suggestions of where I might find free wood chips or compost in the area? Thanks, Rick


Shiawassee County Michigan wood chips as mulch about 5 hours ago

Iris freezing

My Iris are up 4-5 inches, do I need to cover them if the temperature goes below freezing or if we get snow?


Hennepin County Minnesota about 7 hours ago

Rain and planting seeds

With the rain keeping soil wet I do not know whether I should just plant my seeds in the ground in the rain or wait until the soil is a little dryer. Do I go ahead and plant now or wait till the ground is drier?


Washington County Oregon horticulture planting dates about 9 hours ago

Clumps in Soil

Hello! I got lots of these clumps in my garden box when I try to work the soil. I planted some cover crops in the Fall and these looks like some of the roots clumps. Are these beneficial or should I try to get rid of them?



Yamhill County Oregon about 9 hours ago

What's eating our plum tree leaves?

We had birds eating out tomato plants last week. We put bird netting over them and they are growing back. We are putting out a motion sensor camera to see if it is birds eating the new green leaves on our plum trees. There doesn't appear to be any evidence of insects. I attached pics.


Img_1782_300x300%2523 Img_1783_300x300%2523 Img_1785_300x300%2523

Santa Clara County California about 9 hours ago

What is this moss?

I have found a few clumps of this mossy ground cover in our garden area. It’s very low growing and looks like it may get tiny whitish flowers on it. What is it? Thanks so much!!



Multnomah County Oregon plant identification about 10 hours ago

root bound new garden

Making a new garden close to the house and the area is root bound with chick weed and wire grass. So much so I cant hardly get a shovel in it. Please help.


Calvert County Maryland weeds about 10 hours ago

What Insect is this

Found this one coming up the driveway today, inches from the garage. It's starting to get a bit annoyed with the photo shoot, but otherwise seems docile. The stick measures 3/4 inch from tip to the crotch. We are in Eagan, MN 55123.


P3310008_300x300%2523 P3310017_300x300%2523 P3310013_300x300%2523

Dakota County Minnesota about 10 hours ago

When to remove winter protection

I'm wondering if I should be safe to remove netting around young trees and shrubs now? (March 31) Please can you advise.


Olmsted County Minnesota removing winter protection about 10 hours ago

Growing wine grapes in a pot?

Good afternoon, I am interested in starting some wine grapes. I’m thinking of planting them in a pot for the first year so that if I move in the near future I don’t leave behind my hard work. Is this a good idea, at least for year 1? Best, David


Minnesota about 10 hours ago

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