Red Rasberries producing on only half the branch

Hi, I've been growing red rasberries for many years. For the first time, many of the branches are only producing on the bottom half as shown in the picture. I wasn't able to identify the root cause by googling. Any thoughts? Thank You



Anoka County Minnesota 12 minutes ago

Scrub identity

This scrub is very invasive. We are struggling always to keep it under control on our 10 acres.We thought we had identified it a few years back as a buck thorn, but now are not sure. Can you help us with this. Does it grow into a tree? We cut and cut and it just keeps on coming. Thanks for your help.


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Genesee County Michigan about 1 hour ago

Squirrels in the Vegetable Garden

How do you keep squirrels from eating vegetables out of garden? We were thinking of building a crop cage/vegetable enclosure, but is there any other way to keep them out and/or deter them? The squirrels have been ravaging my vegetables before they have time to ripen.


Prince George's County Maryland about 2 hours ago

Precautionary measure

Why is getting the soil wet a precautionary measure to adopt


Outside United States about 10 hours ago

Insecticide burn

What to do if plant has burn due to spary of high concentration of imidacloprid and copper oxychloride.


Outside United States about 11 hours ago

ash trees not leafing out

The ash trees on our block and surrounding neighborhood (Copperleaf) are not getting leaves. It seems to be related to those couple of record low temperatures we had just as the trees were showing signs of budding out. Are these ash trees dead or will they recover soon?


Arapahoe County Colorado about 12 hours ago

fertilizing a recently seeded, and actively growing, new lawn area

When can I fertilize my new grass areas? The first seeds were planted about a month ago and the second seeding to fill in the additional bare spots was applied about 10 days ago. I don't want to "shock" the new, younger seedlings. Thank you, Rodger Vieau


Hennepin County Minnesota about 12 hours ago

Ground Cover

Hello, I have a magnolia tree and it has mad it difficult to grow grass under/around. Would you have a suggestion for ground cover. Behind the mangolia can get pretty wet, as there is a drainage path there. Thanks!!



Oakland County Michigan about 13 hours ago

Not Bush Honeysuckle?

Hi! My husband is removing invasive bush honeysuckle from wooded areas on our 4 acres located in Spring Grove, PA. However, he is also seeing a white flowering shrub on our property that looks similar to bush honeysuckle, but isn’t. Can you help identify what the shrub is in the first photo attached? Flowers on it are still white, currently (as of June 3). The second photo is bush honeysuckle, which shows white flowers that have since browned and darker green leaves. Thank you for your help!


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York County Pennsylvania about 13 hours ago

insect eating my radishes and strawberries

I have wire worms eating my radishes now and some eating my strawberries. I suppose they will attack all my vegetables and fruit. Please let me know what I can do to get rid of these so I don't loose all my vegetables and fruit. I would prefer something organic. thank you very much.



Mille Lacs County Minnesota about 13 hours ago

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