The bottoms of the fruit is rotting as, what do they lack?


Marion County Oregon horticulture fruits and vegetables about 9 hours ago

Question #264106

At your request I am resubmitting my photos and further information on the plant I would like your help identifying. The bulb is about the size of a tennis ball. There are 3 separate plants ranging from 6 inches to 3.5 feet high. The flower bud, which decided not to send another picture of, is on the largest plant and is the first one, so I do not know what the flowers look like or smell like. The plant does not have any odor. I will try to bring in some sample of the plant and one of the bulbs. Thank you for you efforts.


Jackson County Oregon horticulture plant identification about 10 hours ago

Tomato trouble

Can you identify the affliction to my tomatoes in the photos please? I have been waiting so long for these tomatoes to finally start to ripen and now this shows up.


Polk County Oregon fruits and vegetables disease issues tomatoes about 12 hours ago

my tree/shrub is an evergreen cone shaped I think pine. aout 12-15 ft tall...

my tree/shrub is an evergreen cone shaped I think pine. aout 12-15 ft tall and just bought within 8 mo. and planted them 2 wks later in front yard outlining our property line. two or three starting from street side of yard last tree planted is starting from bottom startin g to turn brown. it was just one but now its on three. what is wrong with my trees and can I fix them or do I need to pull them before all the trees turn brown


Marion County Oregon horticulture trees and shrubs about 12 hours ago

I have a small area in my perennial garden that I need to replant. It is...

I have a small area in my perennial garden that I need to replant. It is bordered by a landscape timber. There are a lot of bumblebees buzzing around the ground. I expect they have a nest under the timber. How do I plant in there without disturbing them and/or getting stung?


Hennepin County Minnesota about 14 hours ago

Hello: I have a 5 yr old Honeycrisp apple tree on my land in Orr, MN. In the...

Hello: I have a 5 yr old Honeycrisp apple tree on my land in Orr, MN. In the spring of 2015, there were many blossoms produced but no fruit. I do not believe there was a freeze. I do have an unknown crab apple about 80 ft away that blooms at the same time. The crab apple produces fruit annually (mainly for the deer). I am now thinking that I need to plant a compatible pollinator w/i 50 ft or so...I researched a bit and found Sweet 16 may be one option. Do you agree? Do you have any other non crab apple type recommendations? On a side note, I planted a State Fair apple tree, a 2 yr old nearby within 15 feet which only produced two blooms this year and no fruit. I thank you in advance for your recommendations.....Sincerely,.Beth W. Orr MN


St. Louis County Minnesota about 15 hours ago

I have five hydrangea plants but only only one has blooms. What is the remedy

I have five hydrangea plants but only only one has blooms. What is the remedy


Hennepin County Minnesota about 19 hours ago

Soybean caterpillar

We are finding some of these in Winona County in some soybean fields. They are not widespread, but seem to be more noticible this year. They also spin a web.


Winona County Minnesota about 19 hours ago

Tree blight

I have 2 Blue Spruce and 1 white pine that have been denuded of leaves from the lowest branches up. Now I notice one of my apple trees has the same blue scaly patch on it's branches. I've included a couple of photos of the apple tree branches. I can't reach the pine tree. Is it a fungus or some type of insect infestation? Whatever it is, I hope it can be eradicated!


Monroe County Pennsylvania about 19 hours ago

Soil test

Where do I take soil for nutient test


Jefferson County Kentucky soil soil testing about 19 hours ago

Wild Rapeseed

I have many wild rapeseed plants ( 2' to 4' high) growing on the perimeter of my lawn. How long will they last? Are they an annual plant? How would I get rid of them? Tks, Frank


Outside United States horticulture about 23 hours ago

Weed or plant/flower? Photo

This is next to my limelight hydrangea. Is it a different variety of hydrangea or some type of weed? I have looked at photos online to clarify but can't find one just like this. Is it a weed or plant? Should I keep it or get rid of?


Clay County Minnesota hydrangea 1 day ago

10 yr old Maple tree has been losing leaves from the center of the tree out....

10 yr old Maple tree has been losing leaves from the center of the tree out. Picture is a good leaf on the left and two diseased leaves - center and right. Do not see bugs, scale or aphids. Almost looks like leaves are turning fall color but orange is more like dull rust. Is it a fungus wilt?


Dakota County Minnesota 1 day ago


I was given an Everblooming Gardenia "Veitchii" when Mother passed away. I have two questions regading this. This plant is in a pot about 8" across and the plant is about 12-18 across and maybe 12" tall. I water this pot almost every evening. 1) It appears there are many buds, but they keep falling off before opening. Can you tell me what may be the issue. 2) The label says this is a perennial shrub but is annual in colder regions. How do I know if this is a plant I can plant into the ground or if I should keep it in a pot and bring inside in the winter.


Saginaw County Michigan 1 day ago

Spotted wing drosophila. I believe this species has infested my raspberry...

Spotted wing drosophila. I believe this species has infested my raspberry patch this year. I have found worms in berries I pick and in preserves I thought were clear of infestation. What do I do to control the pest and prevent future infestation of my patch? Is chemical spraying needed? Do I need to cut down my patch and start new? Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.


St. Louis County Minnesota 1 day ago

After the Ground Ivy is GONE!

I need to get a commercial lawn service to spray my yard to get rid of the ground ivy. Just too much there for gal bottles of Weed-B-Gone. My Question?? What will I have left once the ground ivy is gone---esp where it is almost fully covering an area?? Just dirt?? Will grass grow back (or do I just plan to re-seed)??


New Castle County Delaware lawns and turf lawn ivy ground ivy 1 day ago


I have been that higher nitrogen ( above 10) discourages root growth and encourage fungus growth in clay soil lawns. Myth?


El Paso County Colorado 1 day ago

ID an insect. looks somewhat like a yellow jacket

I can't find the exact picture. The body had the stripes of a yellow jacket, but not the black accent marks, the body is "cigar" shape, about 5/8" long. It is in the crevice of my retaining wall. Hundreds of them coming and going. And sting is intense. Is there an effective trap? Hornet and wasp spray will kill them. I can provide specimens.


Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

Is this use listed 'specific' enough?

3.59 TELECOMMUNICATION TOWERS Telecommunication towers for commercial radio and television, commercial telecommunications, and microwave or television are permitted in the Agricultural District as Special Land Uses. The above is the ONLY reference in our zoning ordinance to Wireless Communications and is listed in our General Provisions. As a matter of fact, we don't even have an AG district - we have an AG overlay (over our Medium Density Residential)district. The Township is preparing to communicate with and perhaps receive an application for a NEW Wireless Communications Tower to be located on private property (not owned or controlled by a municipal entity). Can the Township receive an application for a 'use' that is not listed in any of the delineated zoning districts? Or ... is it enough that the General Provisions states that it's a Special Use in the AG district? PROBLEM: The applicant does NOT want to place the 'tower' in the AG district (the one we don't have)- they want to place it in our Rural Residential. How do I determine if the application is complete or not if there is no ordinance guidance? Are we (the Township) still bound by Federal and State regulations on new towers? In other words - if the applicant is serious, how is this request properly handled? There is simply not enough time to amend the ordinance before hand. The potential applicant has noticed that their plans don't desire to locate it where the General Provisions imply and are asking about a variance - a 'use' variance to say the least...that the ordinance does not permit. Many years ago I was involved in a similar case whereby the municipal attorney advised that the ZBA could grant a 'use' variance in spite of the ordinance because by NOT doing so would probably constitute a decision contrary to Federal Law (the Telecommunications Act). Your thoughts and insights are appreciated.


Newaygo County Michigan 1 day ago

Cleaning a cactus

I rescued a bunch of tiny cacti from a trash heap and planted them in containers. They are growing happily now but one of them, an "Old Man" hairy cactus, is very grubby covered with dried mud (?) Could I wash it with mild soap solution if I protected the root section and then let it dry quickly in the air?


New Castle County Delaware houseplants cactus succulents 1 day ago

spruce trees

My spruce trees look weak and one tree the branches are going down and not out like the used to


Bristol County Massachusetts horticulture trees and shrubs spruce 1 day ago

Large Moth

This large yellow moth appeared on our storm door yesterday in Midlothian. It's wing span was about five inches. He provided great entertainment for our cat who, luckily for the moth, was inside while the moth was outside. This morning the moth was gone. I'm just curious about what kind of insect it is. Thanks. Frank Gilmore 660 Krim Point Loop Midlothian, Va. 23114 Phone: 379-5493 e-mail:


Chesterfield County Virginia 1 day ago


When to transplant them /get them ready for next spring.


Ramsey County Minnesota iris 1 day ago

Fox tail

Hi there can you help me learn how to get rid of foxtail grass? It is in our horse pasture and I've had to take my dog to the vet several times because it leads into her skin thank you


Texas horse pasture 1 day ago

Orange flower in a Philly garde,

An image search came back with gladiolus but i don't think that's quite a match.


Philadelphia County Pennsylvania horticulture flowers : annuals and herbaceous perennials gardening 1 day ago

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