New to raised bed gardening, really raised!

Had some waist high wooden bins made so husband can continue to garden outside but not bend down. Depth to bottom is around 18”. Do we lay some inorganic matter in the bottom then soil, or all soil? How should we mix the soil, like bagged garden soil, a mix of some kind? Looking for suggestions on any/all aspects. Thanks


Howard County Maryland raised beds about 1 hour ago

bulk soil

Hi! I have built some raised beds for my backyard and would like to fill them. I am wondering if there are any good resources to buy compost, topsoil, peat moss, vermiculite etc. to fill my beds in bulk so I am not spending hundreds of dollars at a box store. Thanks!


Winona County Minnesota about 15 hours ago


I have a bail of cotton from Camp Springs MD is it worth anything?


Prince George's County Maryland cotton referral about 17 hours ago

Starting with apple trees

Hi there, I would like to try to grow a couple of apple trees. I have a couple of questions - 1. septic mound - how far away should the tree be to be considered safe? 2. Do ornamental crab-apple trees provide the same pollinator benefits - so could they be used as my 2nd tree if I got say a Frostbite tree? 3. if not - would you have a good suggestion for a 2nd smaller tree to go with a Frostbite variety? Thanks so much!


Chisago County Minnesota planting on septic mounds about 18 hours ago

Why are Crain flies at my door

I've read many posts about crane flies hanging out at the door. People have answered about how to kill them, however I want to know why they are hanging out at the doors. It's like they're drawn to something. Does anybody know why?


Bastrop County Texas about 19 hours ago

fertiizer applications

How many fertilizer applications does a lawn require in eastern Iowa?


Scott County Iowa about 20 hours ago

Why is it recommended to wait until May to mulch in Southwest Ohio?

Why is it recommended to wait until May to mulch in Southwest Ohio?


Butler County Ohio mulching about 20 hours ago

Box Elder Bugs

Hello, we are having quite an issue with box elders bugs and I'd like to try to tackle the issues without using harsh chemicals from a pest control company. Last year I tried blasting them with dishsoap water and it killed some, but didn't make a dent. They seem to be living on the under-side of our aluminum siding. Usually we only see them in the spring and summer, but this past winter they were still coming inside, which makes me think that they survived well over the winter and will be worse this year. Any advice??


Anoka County Minnesota about 22 hours ago

How do i start my garden? Is it too late for no-till?

Starting a garden in a yard that had been mostly neglected and left alone. I've attached a picture of the area in question. I tilled just the top inch or two to get rid of moss and pull up weeds that were in the area .The soil is also filled with worms which I've heard is good sign of heavy organic matter? We want to get started with our produce garden in the next week or two (vegetables, herbs, maybe fruit) and aren't sure what to do. Should we till and work in new soil? Mulch? Don't till? Seems like there's a lot of info out there and not sure how to get started .



Texas about 22 hours ago




Meigs County Ohio about 22 hours ago

Goat horns

I have a goat that has one horn curving and touching his head. I live in Eatonville, WA in Pierce County. I’m looking for a veterinarian that can take care of this problem near me. Any suggestions?


Pierce County Washington about 23 hours ago

Please identify this plant

My daughter-in-law who lives in Marietta Georgia has some shoots coming off of this plant and wonders if she can transplant it I'm not familiar with the plant and wondered if you could give me information as to what it is.


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Georgia about 23 hours ago

LED grow lights?

I've been shopping around for LED grow lights (red/blue lights) and are they used for vegetables? or just flowers? I bought some shop lights T-8s. Just wondering if I should use the red/blue lights too. Here is a link


Prince George's County Maryland grow lights about 24 hours ago

mold on peat moss w/ seedlings+

Hi, we started veg. seed in peat moss "pucks" they seem healthy accept white mold is groing on the moss. Any advice as to what to do?


Dakota County Minnesota white mold 1 day ago

Confused about fruit tree care

Good Morning! I live in Gaston, Oregon and I am new to owning and caring for fruit trees. When I moved in we had about 10 old growth (30+ years) plum, another 5 walnut trees and a few scattered new apple and cherry trees. I planted some new trees last week; figs, multiple apple trees, multiple peach trees and a few new cherry trees. I have been reading about applications of copper fungicide and neem oil, but there is a lot of conflicting information and schedules on when and how often to apply. I was hoping for something a little more condensed and easier to follow for the average home gardener. Do I need the cooper fungicide and neem oil in my setting to get a better crop? Does it really have to be so complicated (spray X tree in this month and Y tree this month) or can something more general like fungicide in the winter and neem in the early spring work too? Is it too late this year to get started? Can or should I apply fungicide and neem to my grapes, blueberries and raspberries? Lastly, can I apply these if it has been raining or is forecasted to rain? The previously established apple trees always seem to have a poor yield and lots of rot spots on the apples, so I’m thinking these are some important upkeep steps I have been missing. I do prune the trees, fertilize them and ensure adequate summer water. Thank you for your time and advice. I really appreciate this service and I hope you can help my little garden succeed.


Washington County Oregon fruit trees 1 day ago

Mosquito Spraying Services Harming Plants?

I hired a professional mosquito spraying service last year, and began have trouble with my miniature crepe myrtles. This year they are coming back, but are half dead. I was wondering if it is possible that the spray can harm certain plants. I never saw any white flies, but the crepe myrtles dripped black all over their own leaves and branches, including all the plants under them. This "black" finally, but slowly, pealed away during the winter from the leaves, but the branches are still dark. As I said, I never noticed any insects, so began wondering if it was the spray. (These were older, mature miniature crepe myrtles.) Thank you for your time, Wes


Montgomery County Alabama 1 day ago

Amending soul

We have removed some pine trees. How do we amend the soul


Stearns County Minnesota 1 day ago

Germinating Nasturtiums

Will soaking seed overnight produce results compatible to rubbing seed with a nail file as suggested on the seed packet.


Clackamas County Oregon 1 day ago

Planting potatoes

Is it too early to plant potatoes? Given that is going to only 37 on the first day of Spring ne, I’m a bit wary.


Prince George's County Maryland potato 1 day ago


Do my precious hellebores need to be removed and destroyed? Stacey


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Washington County Oregon horticulture 1 day ago

Rabbits in the garden

Best ways to control pesky critters


Hennepin County Minnesota 2 days ago

Buds of Maple trees

The buds on our silver maple tree have all fallen off. There are no braches attached to the buds that have fallen off. The buds look like they have been cut off at a slight angle. What would cause this?


Iowa 2 days ago

Rhododendron disease

I have a several rhododendrons, (I Believe variety Cilepanese sp?) that have yellowing leaves. They appear to be mottled with many spots. On the leaf underside, there are small black spots that come off when rubbed. They are mature plants and have worsened over the years. Is there a remedy?


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Clackamas County Oregon 2 days ago

Vines that Japanese beetles do not like

We have Virginia creeper vines that are stripped every year by Japanese beetles. What kind of vine will grow on a fence and not be eaten by these beetles?


Iowa County Iowa 2 days ago

pumpkins seeds

I threw several pumpkins on our garden last fall to deteriorate over winter, breaking down and the following spring i would work the lasting results into the soil. Do I have to worry about tons of pumpkins sprouting in spring?


Stearns County Minnesota pumpkins growing vegetables from seed 2 days ago

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