Is it hopeless? I just learned what this "bamboo" around my home's foundation really is. It's been here for decades, and it seems to have been responsible for breaking my front steps away from the house. So far, it's only around the foundation, but the plants do grow to over 8 feet tall, and the root system is far more than I could reach with a spade and pickaxe. Is there any PRACTICAL way to eradicate this monster?


Itasca County MN about 10 hours ago

Kentucky Coffee Tree Infestation

Can anyone tell me what is infesting my Kentucky Coffee Tree? There are small burrow holes about the size of a pencil eraser and the trunk is turning blackish where sap has run from the holes. I have noticed some type of insect but don't know how to treat or what is infesting.



Multnomah County OR tree health sap suckers about 12 hours ago

deer resistant annuals

what would you suggest for deer resistant flowering annuals? I live in Bend and even though I live in the city, deer come through and munch on my flowering pots! I'm sure you've heard that one before!! Barbara Doherty


Deschutes County OR deer resistant plants about 12 hours ago

transplanting rhubarb

How late can you transplant rhubarb in 4b Duluth, MN?


St. Louis County MN about 13 hours ago

Black walnut toxicity

I want to plant a maple tree within 40 feet of a black walnut tree. From what I read on multiple websites is that silver maple trees cannot be planted near black walnut trees but most other maples can. I bought a Legacy maple (Acer saccharum Legacy) and it never fully took and eventually died the second year. A second legacy maple that I planted approximately 100 feet away is thriving and doing very well. I avoided planting anywhere near the canopy of the black walnut with both trees but the closer one did die. I am wondering what specific maple trees will tolerate black walnut toxicity. The tree cost me $140 and I don’t want to make that mistake again. I would appreciate any information you could give me on this. Thank you.


Shiawassee County MI black walnut tree black walnut toxicity about 14 hours ago

Chinese elm or Siberian elm?

I have been allowing volunteer elms to grow in my yard in old Cimmaron Hills east of Powers. Thinking any leaves are better than no leaves, I have not destroyed these trees my neighbor called trash tree. I also have Russian Olives growing from thirty years ago when we moved in. I just read a article that said these trees are dangerous to the habitat. Should I destroy them?


El Paso County CO about 16 hours ago

Encouraging good green growth on Abutilons.

I have two Abutilons that over-wintered on my porch (PNW/Portland) this winter. I was surprised with how well they did. They are flowering like mad, but the greenery is looking paltry, with some yellow. What do they need?


Marion County OR trees and shrubs about 16 hours ago

Odd bug I have never seen in Newberg, OR

Can you tell me what this is? Is it harmful to humans, pets or plants?


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Yamhill County OR insect identification lady beetle larvae beneficial insects about 16 hours ago

Small Apple Tree Broke the Leader


I hope someone can help. I have an apple tree on which the leader was probably about 10 feet tall and maybe 1 1/2" D. That broke in the middle of the tree. It has strong branches on either side, which did not break. Might make it an odd shape, but should I try and save it, maybe espalier, or is it likely to be a goner?

Thanks for any help you might provide!


El Paso County CO about 17 hours ago

When to plant

I wanted to do this zany 25th but With it raining so much, I can’t get into the garden to till or plant. How late can I plant pumpkin,tomato,zucchini squash hot pepper baby plants as well as starter potatoes? Thank you!


Wright County MN about 17 hours ago

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