White pine needles

We have 2 large mature white pine trees on our property which usually shed hundreds of pine cones and sticky sap, and periodic needle drop. This year we've had very few pine cones and no sticky sap, but the needle shed is off the charts! Looking up into the trees, the yellow needles are still extensive, so there's more to come. Other neighbors in south Minneapolis are having the same experience. Why the difference in pine cone population and so many more yellow needles falling? So much rain?


Hennepin County MN about 2 hours ago

Difference between parasite and meat spot in chicken egg

How can you tell the difference between a parasite, parasite egg, and meat spot inside a chicken egg? A couple of our chickens have dark spots/shapes in the white of the egg. I’m afraid to eat them.


IL about 2 hours ago

chicken pot pies

would it be safe to sell chicken pot pies from home? or is that not allowed.


Oakland County MI about 2 hours ago

What are yellow sticky cards?

I have some tiny white flying insects on my hibiscus. This web site said to use yellow sticky cards but I don't know what those are or where to get them or how to make them.


Ramsey County MN about 3 hours ago

Preserved bugs in alcohol

Can a beetle (Coleoptera Passalidae) that is preserved in alcohol be taken out and converted to a dry mount in a box? Or will the bug become too brittle?


Fresno County CA about 3 hours ago

Saturday classes at the Bel Air Library

Hi. Last year my husband and I attended a couple classes at the Bel Air library put on by Master Gardeners. Do you know if, and where, I might find out if those kinds of classes are going to be held again this year? Thanks so much!


Harford County MD about 4 hours ago

Cherry farms and pesticides

We are searching for property in Leelanau county to build our retirement home. We are interested in land which is next to a large cherry farm. Our concerns are health risks and pollution to the well from the spraying of pesticides. We talked with someone who lives there and they said they just close the windows when they know spraying is about to occur. But I'm sure there's residual from the spraying that is covering the ground and vegetation. I have also read that bees are sensitive to this as well. Are we being overly concerned? We want to be educated on this before making a very important decision. Any information and chemicals used so I can research would be appreciated. Thank you.


Livingston County MI about 5 hours ago

My pink toes tarantula is sick

Hello, I have a pink toed tarantula that I’ve had for two years. When I first got her, she was really good. She made a nice big web on the side of the tank, ate plenty, and molted two or three times. But for the past 6 or 7 months, she started acting different. My biggest concern is that she hasn’t molted in a very long time and she stopped making any webs. She is not able to climb the glass anymore like she used to, but I watch her try to climb it all day and all night. We put her in a very large terrarium when we first got her where she seemed happy. But then it got infested by these black beetles, and we thankfully were able to get rid of them. It was around that time she started acting sick. We thought that we should put her into a smaller and taller terrarium and she could feel comfortable again. But she still hasn’t molted, and she looks very sick. I found her in the death curl last night, which was very concerning so I gave her plenty of water just in case she was dehydrated. She seems much better today, but I always make sure she gets plenty of water. I make sure to keep the substrate damp, and to keep her water dish full. I spray her cage with distilled water every day, or when it seems dry. I’m very worried about my tarantula Rosie, and I don’t want her to be suffering. I feel like I’ve done everything I can, but she still looks sick and I’ll.


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UT about 5 hours ago

When and how to plant mums?

I have 3 potted mums. I would like to put them in the ground. When, where, and how do I do that and can I expect them to bloom next fall?


Douglas County CO about 6 hours ago

Leveling my Lawn

I want to level out out all the low spots in my lawn that pool water when it rains and also help to slowly redirect drainage pattern. Should I use a topsoil or construction sand material to do this? There seems to a 50/50 consensus on the internet as to the best way to do this and it also seems to be based on the geographic location. I know this is done on golf courses routinely but not sure about residential lawns and the typical type of grass that is used. Also, should you aerate the lawn prior to leveling and then use a drag mat or leveling tool to distribute the material then overseed?


Olmsted County MN about 8 hours ago

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