What moth is this?

What is this?


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OUTSIDEUS insect identification about 6 hours ago

House plant

Sorry, but I haven't found the information I'm looking for anywhere else. I have an epiphyllum plant that persists in sending out long hairy shoots. Why does this plant do this, how do I stop it ? I tossed one out over the summer (it was nearly all hairy shoots by then) and it actually started growing leaves! I'm frustrated by this plant because I have seen ones that are actually very lovely. Anything you could tell me would be appreciated.


Lamoille County VT cacti about 18 hours ago

Pruning magnolia trees

When is the best time of year to prune? The tree is about ten years old. Thank you.


Hennepin County MN horticulture pruning trees about 18 hours ago


Hi! I am going to try and grow some tomatoes next spring and I have a couple of questions. I will be growing them in pots. Should I use potting soil or top soil and what is the difference between the two? Should I fertilize the soil before I plant, and finally when is the best time to plant? Early spring , late spring, early summer? Do they require a lot of watering? Thank you so much! -- Gary


Hennepin County MN about 18 hours ago

What type bush is this..

I have a bush-tree like plant that I have no idea what it is...can you has grown to 7-8 feet leaves with yellow flowers...all summer it just had red leaves is now Oct and it now has flowers which are yellow..


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Citrus County FL plant identification about 19 hours ago

Testing for Jumping Worms

I live in 55411 on Thomas ave. at Plymouth, just a few blocks from Theodore Wirth Park. I heard that jumping worms are in Golden Valley and St. Louis Park and that we are supposed to STOP using tree leaves and wood chips for mulch. A few years ago we bought a leaf grinder and make and use about 300 gal of ground dried leaves each year. They all come from within 250' from our house. We converted our clay lawn to rows of berry bushes and 16 raised beds.We use ground tree chips for paths from a local arborist. We are in our 70s and depend on our veggie and berry garden. Eliminating mowing on a 27° slope in the front yard seemed practical. Installing cement block paths is more than we can do or pay for. 4 questions: 1) Is USING DRY leaves gathered and ground so close to where they fall REALLY worse than setting them out as yard waste? 2) Do jumping worms dislike coniferous wood chips? 3) Our heavy plastic composter is about 4X4x4. Are we supposed to stop composting too? 3) Is there a traffic-resistant, walnut tolerant ground cover than thrives in shade? It needs to be tough enough to stand up to 2 dogs. 4) If I can't mulch my blueberries, is there a low perennial groundcover I can use in such acidic soil? And grow from seed? Anything other than thin cedar boards I can use to cover that soil?


Hennepin County MN 1 day ago


My ball python leo (normal python, male) is over 1yr of age. He has been shedding for 6 months straight and eating three fuzzies rats every week and still is hungry. Once we get his shed off, hours later a new one starts. What should we do?



Blount County TN ball python husbandry reptile disease and treatment 1 day ago

Doug fir, yellowing needles

Hello! I have had this fir in my front yard for 15 years and have never see the needles turn yellow in this manner. We have not made any changes to the trees environment. Is this something that I need to get treated? Would be so sad to see the tree succumb to disease.


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Multnomah County OR 1 day ago

Creeping Charlie

Should I remove all my creeping charlie now in the Fall or will it die off over the winter??


Anoka County MN 1 day ago

My rhododendron is dying

One of my rhododendron bushes turned brown and appears to be dead, since about mid August. Now other bushes in the group are turning yellow and dropping leaves. I checked the backs of the leaves to see if there are aphids but I can’t see any insect damage. Any advice?


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Howard County MD drought abiotic issues rhododendron shrubs 1 day ago

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