native blueberry shrubs to Colorado?

Is there a native blueberry shrub to Colorado?


Jefferson County Colorado about 5 hours ago

Best Evergreens to plant

Next spring I would like to plant six or seven evergreens at the edge of the wood line of tall trees located about 20 feet from my deck. They would get late afternoon shade. Which plants would you recommend and when to plant them?


St. Mary's County Maryland plant selection evergreen about 5 hours ago

White Mine Spider

This spider came from one of our coal mines here in Utah. Can anyone tell me what kind it is. The biggest one was the size of a quarter.



Carbon County Utah about 16 hours ago

Bathroom bug maybe 1/2"

Can anyone tell me what this is? It was in my bathroom climbing up a wall. I'm guessing it's a juvenile of something because I have never seen anything like this before. 1/2" or so. Looks like 6 legs on each side so at least a total of 12. Thanks all!



Manatee County Florida about 20 hours ago

Pine tree problem

Hello, We noticed our trees turning brown this fall. Pictures attached. It appears that this year’s growth has turned brown on some of our trees. Do you know what is causing this? Thank you!


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El Paso County Colorado about 21 hours ago

I'm looking into raising meat goats. Will there be any extension...

I'm looking into raising meat goats. Will there be any extension training/seminars in 2020?


Ohio goats about 23 hours ago

Pruning apple trees

When should I bring my apple trees I live on the southern Oregon coast in Brookings


Curry County Oregon about 23 hours ago

Can I plant grass seed now

Hello, We just had a septic system installed and now have a big area of black dirt. I'm afraid we'll have erosion problems and I'm wondering if what we should do to protect the disturbed area. Is it too late to put down grass seed? If not can you recommend a variety that would be good for a high traffic and mostly shade. We've not had good luck in the past with grass due to the shade in the area. Is there some other ground cover that may work better in a mostly full shade area with high traffic. We are not that fond of grass anyway.


Anoka County Minnesota 1 day ago

Fire Blight

I have an apple tree that was diagnosed as having fire blight. I contacted you last fall and per your recommendation the affected limbs werre removed. What are your recommendations for spring treatment so that it does not spread to the other 2 apple trees.


Livingston County Michigan 1 day ago

What type of tree to plant in Livingston County

Can you give me some examples of what would be a good shade tree to plant in my front yard in Livingston County? I would like something fast growing, colorful in the fall and not subject to disease. I also have concerns about shallow roots, so a tree that doesn't have roots close to the surfact would also be consideration. Everyone seems to have a maple and I am looking for something more unique. Thank you.


Livingston County Michigan 1 day ago

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