annabelle hydrangeas

HI I have 3 Annabelle Hydrangeas. In the Spring I cut the stems down to about 8 inches. The new branches stemmed out from that and totally laid flat on the ground the whole summer..the weight of the blooms did not help and many stems bent in half and broke. Even the shoots that came up from the ground laid on the ground. They have always been mostly upright for most even with the weight of the blooms. I am not sure how to handle so that the stems are strong enough to stand up. There weren't as many blooms as usual. These plants are mostly in shade.


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Ramsey County Minnesota annabelle hydrangeas hydrangea flops about 6 hours ago

mildew problem on this bush

I think I have some type of problem on this bush. I also looks like some thing is eating the leaf's too.


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Hennepin County Minnesota currants powdery mildew about 6 hours ago

Master Gardner to assist in designing?

Hi, I am looking for a master grader who I can hire or who is interested in designing a native Michigan garden in front and/or backyard. Do you know of anyone? Thank you, J. Rostek


Antrim County Michigan about 7 hours ago

What is this shrub

This “shrub” had flowers in June. It never got berries but now has hard green centers where the flowers were. This plant seems to like shade.


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Hennepin County Minnesota mock orange plant propagation about 7 hours ago

Identify plant type

Trying to figure out what type of plant is growing at edge of yard into woods.



Ramsey County Minnesota grape vines riverbank grape about 7 hours ago

Invasive or Native ?

Hello, I have a large natural area in the back of my home. I have been trying to reduce the invasive plants with great difficulty. I realize my property is a small part of the area but I would love to encourage native plants. Can you help me identify these 2 plants? thank you, Celeste Roe 33624 Hillcrest Farmington 48335


Native_1_300x300%2523 Native_2_300x300%2523

Oakland County Michigan plant identification about 11 hours ago

Cedar Tree Treetop Problem

Heyy!! My name is nicolas I am from lebanon land of cedars trees Precisely from lebanon/bekaa/zahle My question is why the treetop of my cedar tree is becoming crusty brownish color


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Outside United States trees and shrubs about 11 hours ago

Crabapple pruning

I had a twenty foot crabapple pruned two years ago. Since then it has sprouted six foot suckers at every cut. A friend told me that if I had them pruned in the winter this wouldn’t have happened. True? Now the tree is huge and pruning every year is too expensive. How can I solve this problem? Thanks.


Wayne County Michigan about 12 hours ago

cedar tree

cedar tree 100years old geting brown color from treetop please advice



Outside United States trees and shrubs about 13 hours ago

Non-blooming Native Dwarf Cranberry and sexing Indian Plum plants....

1. I have had a native Oregon Dwarf Cranberry for at least 5 years. It is waist high and 4 feet across and very healthy looking. I have never seen a bloom. What is it missing? 2. I have a native Indian Plum. It requires a male and a female. How do I tell the sex of my current Indian Plum and where then can I buy an Indian Plum that is already sexed prior to planting? (so I don't have to play the lottery on getting a male or a female) Thank you, Eric Palmer Independence, Oregon


Polk County Oregon wildflowers and native plants oemlaria about 14 hours ago

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