Plants and trees dying

We are having a lot of trouble this year with things dying. (photos) Our wild roses have been so nice for 12 years. Now this year, even though we have water lines on them and water them as frequently as we always have done - they have all but died this year. The middle photo shows a healthy one in another part of the yard that came up a few years later from a runner of the old plants. Our lilac had the middle of it die (another photo). Our petunias have been so large and healthy. Then all of a sudden one began to die. One by one each one is following about a week or so later. We cannot see any bugs on these things and we have put some bug dust on the petunias to no avail. They dry up and die from a healthy state in just a few days. Any thoughts? Thank you


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Weld County CO about 13 hours ago

Nice developing Oak

This oak planted itself a few years ago on the west side of a landscape wall support. Do you recommend I remove the wall (have been considering it since we don't need it anymore) so the root system isn't restricted, and fill in with soil to match the slope, or would removing the timbers jeopardize the tree? Thanks, Jack


Hennepin County MN sustainable landscaping about 14 hours ago

Tiny stinky bugs

(Sorry if this is going through more than once. Can't tell if it's is going at all yet.) What are these tiny stinky bugs and is there a way to get rid of them without manufactured chemicals? They live in my flower bed, but are everywhere around it. It's south east facing. They are prolific the time of year, and come back every year. They may be responsible for eating my day lily leaves, among others (irises, etc.)


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Ramsey County MN garden pests about 14 hours ago

Brown mushrooms

How do I get rid of these things, Saturday and Sunday I got 5 grocery bags full. In grass,plants, concrete blocks,everywhere Tried vinegar,soap and water,holes in the ground.At my wits end A


Linn County IA about 15 hours ago

Oklahoma Red Bud Problem

Have any idea about whats going on with my Oklahoma Red Bud? Had very green and luxuriant leaves and now looks sick.



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Larimer County CO trees and shrubs about 15 hours ago

Container Gardening-Berries

Is it possible to grow berries in Laramie County in containers (protected in the cold season)? What type of berries (strawberries, black, blue, raspberries)? Any other types of fruit? (Kiwi, lemon, tangerine)?


Laramie County WY about 15 hours ago

Yellow Jackets

Do yellow jackets ever make paper nests above ground?


Larimer County CO about 16 hours ago

Identify a new weed

Please identify a weed that is proliferating where I removed wild multi flora rose and autumn olive. It grows over 6 ft high


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Howard County MD plant identification about 17 hours ago

Maple tree shoveled leaf with black coloring drop

Suddenly our mature maple tree is losing leaves heavily. The levels are shriveled with black, gray color Please what is the problem and can it be treated.


Montgomery County MD trees and shrubs maple diseases brown leaves about 17 hours ago

My wife and I live in UA - we have an older home and a brick chimney on the...

My wife and I live in UA - we have an older home and a brick chimney on the west side. Except for winter, we don't keep the hearth open by plaicing a wood cover that blocks off the hearth. We hear during the day and mostly evening the sounds of crickets (or could it be cicada?)/ I have asked several persons at a nursery and Lowe's etc. and they have no good answer except to put molasses ordust with Sevin. I am hoping there is a better option where I can open the top of the wood cover and spray the appropriate chemical. Can you help me? Thank you very much.


Henry County OH crickets about 18 hours ago

Pastureland Grasses

Greetings. I'd like some guidance regarding the best pastureland grasses recommended for the south Peyton ranchland area.

And I would appreciate guidance regarding the nutritional needs of those grasses. I will be picking up soil testing kits and return them to the Co. Ext Office shortly.

Thanks, Ed Eisele


El Paso County CO pastures and forages about 18 hours ago

Woodland "weed" - or friendly?

This plant is growing aggressively in a portion of the woodlands where we are trying to control invasives.
Is it a friend or foe?

Catonsville Presbyterian Church



Baltimore County MD plant identification wildflowers and native plants about 18 hours ago

Lawn and soil

Our house in the Two Rivers development in Odenton was built 3 years ago. We found out that the site is a former quarry. The clay that they used to fill in the quarry is horrible. It is a challenge to dig the soil in order to plant things and then get them to grow. Because the clay is so dense, it holds water, so plants that don’t like wet feet are not going to make it here. Sod for the lawn was laid right on top of this clay and is struggling. Right now, the developer is in the process of digging around the foundation of the house down to drain tiles and will be water proofing the foundation along with adding soil that will drain and not push against the foundation. In the process of doing this, there is a muddy path (road) where heavy equipment has rolled over. Parts of the lawn will be resodded. We read about a product Aerify Plus that can be sprayed on the clay to break it up. It sounds like it might be something that would help, but we would like to know if the Extension Service has an opinion about this product. Also, what recommendations would you have in order to establish a lawn that will grow. New sod will be laid. Anything we can do to the soil before this? Also, any recommendations as to how to go about remedying the rest of lawn—it is in bad shape.


Anne Arundel County MD lawns and turf lawn renovation about 18 hours ago

Black Locust Trees, pests or perfectly acceptable:

What does the arboretum suggest regarding planting black locust trees?


Ramsey County MN about 19 hours ago

Soil testing

Hello, Do you do detailed soil analysis? I am frustrated that the amount of work I put into growing tomato seedlings, composting, etc is not paying off because the plants die very early. Bill Slobotski


Ramsey County MN about 19 hours ago

How to remove lawn ivy

Hi, our yard has been overtaken by lawn ivy, which I’ve also seen being called creeping Charlie and gill o’er the ground—I’ve been pulling it in a big monthly weed, but it comes back very quickly and seemingly more aggressively. I’ve read that it can be killed by applying a mix of dish detergent, white vinegar, and water, but I wanted to be sure that’s safe for everything else! I’d appreciate suggestions for eliminating or at least reducing the ground ivy in a safe way. Many thanks, Jill


Prince George's County MD lawns and turf creeping charlie ground ivy about 19 hours ago

Fusarium wilt in the cole plants-perhaps

I have this in my cole plants. Started in the cabbage. My question is what do I do now? I have tried a fungicide -organic. Pretty much useless as it this is not really listed on the label despite assurances from the company. There is something called Mycospot that is supposed to but that was not available here. I would have had to order it. So, taking these all out of the garden and throwing them away now even tho there are kale and cauliflower coming should be done? Do I put anything in the soil this fall or spring to prevent it popping up again? I really can't find any in depth information on how to manage this from year to year now. I don't think it will freeze off over winter in the soil but can't really find any info about that. I did have another MG confirm my diagnosis. So, help. I know this is a hot weather issue which I have but I did get these cabbage plants from the greenhouse and know they use anti fungal soil to start their seeds. I planted the kale and broccoli and cauliflower myself. It stared from the cabbages. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated. Thanks. I am sorry I don't have a photo. What other fungus could be involved. Verticillium wilt? Leaves yellowed and curled one at a time then finally 2 rotted(I let that happen to see). Broccoli and cauliflower leaves are turning brown and dying off, Kale is turning yellow. Not so unusual with hot weather and it is dry. We rely on rain but now are watering once a week from our pond. This happened before pond water was introduced fyi.


Beltrami County MN cabbage fusarium wilt about 19 hours ago

Japanese Beetles

I have Japanese beetles for the first time. They are skeletonizing some of my perennials. I looked at the U of M web site. You recommend imidacloprid to kill the grubs. I heard on TV there is a nematode that is good at killing the beetle. What specific product do you recommend? My entire lawn is perennials and woodchips. How do you recommend applying?


Washington County MN about 19 hours ago

Do I need a Sungold Apricot tree?

I planted 2 Moongold Apricot trees in May 2017, thinking they would pollinate each other. This spring they both bloomed, but I got no fruit. I assumed it was merely due to the young age of the trees. But I've done more research and have gotten conflicting information. Do I need a different variety of apricot, like Sungold, to pollinate my Moongold trees?


Hennepin County MN apricot trees about 19 hours ago

hops and grape vines in raised boxes

Hello! I am debating whether to plant hops and grapes directly in the ground or whether they can be planted in raised beds. My concern is that if the raised beds are not very big that the root structures may freeze and thaw in the winter and may not be viable from year to year. I plan on letting them creep up wire trellises to the top of a pergola for shade, so I definitely want them to gain more growth from year to year.

Thank you!!!
Raquel Hink


Boulder County CO about 19 hours ago

When can I prune this tree?

What kind of (apple) tree is this? When is the best time to prune it?



Hennepin County MN about 19 hours ago

coffee grounds

Hi...I am using coffee grounds in my compost bin. I also have 4 dogs. Does the coffee grounds break down in any way, that's not harmful to my dogs? Thanks


Williamson County TX about 20 hours ago

environmentally sound crabgrass control?

how do i control the crabgrass in my lawn without making it a dangerous place for rabbits, birds, etc? i really don't want to use an herbicide now unless there is no alternative -- is it better to use pre-emergent in the spring?


Hennepin County MN crabgrass about 21 hours ago

Wrong state but I hope someone can help

I looks 100% like a wild grape, no grapes, but has a tough almost bark like vine growing and inch or more in diameter.
I took it to our land and ground people they thought it was grape until they saw the trunk and said they don't know. (Gov site)



MN about 22 hours ago

Dwarf apple tree puzzle.

There is a tree planted in a public space. I usually see it at dawn, today I was there at early light and discovered this (attachment).Is this a blight or animal caused? I thought opposum or raccoon?


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New York County NY about 22 hours ago

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