Yamhill Hazelnuts

I want a Yamhill Hazelnut seed to start my own Orchard. I can’t find a source to buy the nuts to plant.


Yamhill County Oregon seeds about 19 hours ago

Drooping crabapple branches with excessive fruit

Our crabapple tree has a lot of fruit and the branches are sagging low to the ground. The deer are eating all the leaves off. I am afraid that the branches will snap. It is mid sept so I don’t think it’s the right time to prune. Please advise.



Minnesota about 21 hours ago

Plants under trees

What is good & quick growing ground cover under tree (deep shade) Thanks


Hennepin County Minnesota groundcovers about 24 hours ago

Help identify our snake

We live in Western NC (elevation 3800 ft, wooded area) and have a large snake living in the rock wall just outside our front door. He likes to sit in the sun in the driveway during the middle of the day, but occasionally leaves our yard and heads into the woods only to return to the rock wall later in the day. We have been very respectful of each other. He holds very still if we come close, and then pulls himself back into the rocks as soon as we walk by. Could you identify him please and let us know if he is venomous. If so, does he need to be re-homed?


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Jackson County North Carolina northern watersnake x midland watersnake nerodia sipedon sipedon x nerodia sipedon pleuralis snakes of north carolina 1 day ago


I have over-seeded my lawn with a lower maintenance high traffic grass seed. I also have clover in my lawn and I do not mind it at all. My question is can I create a clover and grass lawn without all the broadleaf grasses and other things like crab grass? I thought I could overseed in the fall or after first frost and possibly in the spring. Would overseeding a couple times a year push out the other weeds or would I be wasting my money? Also, would I have to fertilize other times of the year or just starter fertilizer after overseeding?


Dakota County Minnesota 1 day ago

Honey bee forage:Finding seeds for ocimum ‘magic mountain’ or African blue basil

These are amazing honey bee plants bloom period of 5 months.i have been told only plants are available not seeds. As I want many plants,and they cost 8.00/gallon, I want to grown my own


Multnomah County Oregon basil 1 day ago

Seeding meadowfoam for bee forage

Can I plant seeds in pots instead of broadcasting overwinter


Multnomah County Oregon seed starting 1 day ago

SWD Raspberry Infestation

We have an amazing good-sized raspberry patch which has become increasingly infested with Spotted Wing Drosophila. Wondering what organic means I might use to help control this. Would burning our patch in the fall help? How about mowing it all down and hauling the cut bushes off to be burned? What about organic sprays? Our chickens free range and help clean up berries dropped on the ground, but are they just making it worse in that they drop the now fertilized results? Any help you can give me would be so very much appreciated! Thank you in advance! Miriam


Roseau County Minnesota horticulture spotted wing drosophila 1 day ago

Pruning Blueberries

Our plants produced a a nice crop of berries this year, however, the plants are so big the branches were touching the ground and hard to support. I pruned them a couple of winters ago and then they did not produce very well the next summer. Should I prune them back now or should I wait until winter? and how much should I be taking off?


Washington County Oregon blueberries 1 day ago

Aucuba death

Hello, We had three heathy plants which are three years old and then one started to blacken around stems, and now is completed black (poor baby). The other two are still beautiful and do not show signs of ill health. Do not see insect on plants nor anything on one that is not on others. Any advice before we replace the dead plant?


Montgomery County Pennsylvania 1 day ago

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