What kind of grass?

This is the first year I’ve seen this grass in my south Minneapolis garden. It came up early in the season, maybe early April. Just noticed the seed heads. Any idea what it might be? Thank you! Marjean


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Hennepin County MN about 6 hours ago

What is this?

This is growing on our blackberries. I have never seen this before. Can you tell me what This is?



Douglas County OR blackberries about 6 hours ago

Fir tree disease

Hi-I bought raw un touched land in Ruch last year. I spent the whole winter thinning and restoring a healthy forest. Out of no where last week my noble firs (I think that they are noble) have started turning red from the top down. It looks like a fast spreading disease. What can I do?


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Jackson County OR trees and shrubs about 9 hours ago

Bartlett Pear Tree

Hi, I have a dwarf Bartlett Pear tree and this year is the first time it has had blossoms. But there is something on the leaves and I'm not sure if it affected the blossoms too.
Do you think it will still bare fruit?
Can you tell me what this is and how to treat it?


Bartlett_pear_tree_img_3506_300x300%2523 Bartlett_pear_tree_img_3505_300x300%2523 Bartlett_pear_tree_img_3504_300x300%2523

Bradford County PA about 9 hours ago

Plants/shrubs/bushes under blackwalnut

Do you have a list of plants, shrubs or trees to. Grow near a black walnut tree ?


Pope County MN about 10 hours ago

flamingo dappled Willow

Do deer like this plant


Deschutes County OR wildlife damage trees and shrubs about 12 hours ago

Is my Magnolia dead?

My magnolia tree did not produce any leaves or flowers this year. I have no idea why, it has always done beautifully. The wood is alive and fragrant. Other magnolias in the area are fine, so I do not think due to weather. Any advice is welcome.


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Providence County RI trees and shrubs about 13 hours ago

potato tuber setting habits

I have read that potatoes can set tubers horizontally or vertically: some above the mother tuber, some beside, and some below. I am curious about this, and would like to know which varieties do what. My reason for asking is depth of planting. I have seen some recommend planting potatoes from as shallow as 3 inches to as deep as 12 inches. I plant 16 inches deep and get huge crops depending on variety. But I would like to refine my practices. Thank you if you can answer me.


OUTSIDEUS potatoes about 19 hours ago

Please identify this pesky grass

Hello. First, thanks very much for offering this service. A couple people have told me this is Johnson grass, but I read somewhere that “Johnson grass is in every state except Minnesota“, and since I am only about 30 miles south of Minneapolis, I wonder. If you need a better photo, please let me know and I’ll do what I can. I don’t know if I have any taller examples; we keep mowing the yard. That’s an ordinary 5-inch pocket comb for size estimating. Sincerely, Jim Harris


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Dakota County MN weed identification 1 day ago

Should I remove this crossing branch?

Today we planted a Kosu Dogwood. It is about 6' tall and 1" caliper. I noticed the pictured crossing branch. It will leave a bit of a gap in the canopy if I cut it out, but even at this young age it is already rubbing. It is probably best to cut this out now rather than leave it and hope it doesn't cause a problem?


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Oakland County MI trees and shrubs pruning 1 day ago

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