Humungous Fungus But What Species?

Just found This Enormous Thing Under My Pine Trees I Know Its A Mushroom/Fungus, Its Just A tad Smaller Than A Soccer Ball, I Have Never Seen Something Like This Before, What Is It? I would Like To Study It Further


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Dakota County Minnesota about 7 hours ago

Large upblk spots on 40+ yrs old maple trees

How do I get rid of the spots I want to save my trees..



Kalamazoo County Michigan trees and shrubs about 8 hours ago

Tying up a plumeria

Do I need to tie up my plumerias?


San Diego County California about 10 hours ago

Yellowing/drooping in Korean spice viburnum

My Korean Spice viburnum is about 4 years old and this July and last July I began to notice the leaves yellowing, curling and drooping so that they hang down as if wilted though not lacking water. More “Fall like” color changes as it progress but the leaves stay on. After last year’s problem I was surprised to see that it bloomed very well this spring. I have another KSP about 25 feet away from this one, only a couple of its branches are yellowing or 10% of the plant and more definite black spots can be seen on its effected leaves. The one I sent the picture of is in a wetter situation, a gutter drain pipe is under grounded near it and the soil is heavy as it is near the foundation and construction rubble/ soil. No bugs are apparent on either. An Arrowwood Viburnum hedge I have is unaffected. Is this some sort of virus that I should be applying Neem oil or something? Thank you!



Johnson County Iowa about 10 hours ago

Help in identifying a plant

I would like to identify the plant shown in the picture I'm attaching. My neighbor thinks it's garlic mustard but I believe I have eradicated all of that off my property and this is something completely different. Each of these flowers appears to have five petals and I was thinking garlic mustard has four. Thanks!



Linn County Iowa about 12 hours ago

White spots on red maple branches

I recently noticed several white rings on the lower branches of a 60 yr old red maple tree in my yard. What should I do about this?


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Macomb County Michigan red maple white fungus on tree branch about 13 hours ago

Bitter sweet nightshade

Is it ok to remove this plant as long as I wear cloves? I have a large amount in my forest. How do I safely dispose of it? I understand eating the berries are poisonous. Any other concerns? I do have a dog.


Jefferson County Colorado about 14 hours ago

Tomato Issue

Hello "Ask an Expert", I have seen something over the past few years, and finally thought I should ask someone and see if they know what it was. It probably affects about 1 in 20 tomatoes or so. I do experience the occasional blossom end rot as well, but this seems a little different. It's kind of like the bottom of the inner seed column gets kind of dry and brown. It doesn't seem to affect the tomato too much, I just cut that part out and it seems mostly fine. If there is a way to cut down on this though, I would be interested in finding out how to do so. The variety is "San Marzano". Any thoughts about what this is, and how to avoid it would be much appreciated. Thanks! Todd Holmberg



Hennepin County Minnesota tomato diseases about 14 hours ago

Burr Oak Blight

Is there any treatment to protect large specimen burr oaks from blight. We have many burr oaks on our 4 acres in Rosemount and some with signs of blight. We would like to protect others from infestation.


Dakota County Minnesota about 16 hours ago

Black Hills spruce problem

I have some 3' Black Hills spruce trees that have a small branch that looks red and i think dies. what is it and what should I do about it.


Hennepin County Minnesota about 16 hours ago

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