I uploaded the question below

I uploaded the question below



Outside United States about 8 hours ago

Newspaper seed pots

Stupid question.... the kids and i want to make some origami paper seed pots this winter for a fun craft project. Does it need to be newspaper ? Would colored printer paper take too long to decompose? How about glossy wrapping paper ? Thank you ! Save the bees !!


Hennepin County Minnesota about 21 hours ago

Wasp like insect 2

I have a couple better pictures to go with my question.


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Antrim County Michigan about 23 hours ago

Wasp-like insect

A wasp like insect embedded itself in the side of our portable garage. It is a couple inches long with a long, hard stinger on the end. It went through the lining of the garage and got stuck. Any idea what it could be?


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Antrim County Michigan about 23 hours ago

Bear paw succulent

I have 2 bear paws that are dying. Do I clip them off the plant or let them dry up? How do I prevent this from happening again? How much water do I give it and how often?


Img_0529_300x300%2523 Img_0528_300x300%2523

Multnomah County Oregon succulents about 23 hours ago

Best time to transplant upright Yew and Butterfly Magnolia?

Hello! I'm looking to transplant my upright yew shrub and butterfly magnolia shrub to other parts of my lawn. I live in South Minneapolis (East Harriet Neighborhood) and both plants are about 4 years old. The new location for the yew is only about 20 ft from it's current location, and will have the same type of light exposure and soil. Its about 7" in diameter and seems to grow well in it's current soil. The magnolia has only started to bloom this past spring, and only had 4 blossoms. It's starting to form many more flower buds now so I expect a better bloom next spring (unless I move it now of course, I am prepared to have to wait a few more years to see blooms again). It's about 6" in diameter. It would be moving from the back yard (facing west, with plenty of southern exposure) to the front yard (facing east, with less southern exposure but still plenty of light). I'm wondering what time of year is best to do this? And any tips to ensure they are healthy and happy in their new locations? Thanks! -Leah Comfort


Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

pick olives

when should I pick the olives on my tree ?


Yamhill County Oregon olives 1 day ago

Japanese Knotweed

We recently bought a coastal property in Clatsop County that has an aggressive patch of Japanese Knotweed. We've tried a number of things, none of which seem to slow the growth of the patch. Without completely ripping up the property, what's the best way to fully remove the patch? Thanks, The Andersons


Clatsop County Oregon knotweed japanese knotweed control 1 day ago

Preserving perennial plants around a dying tree

When is the best time to have a dying 25 year old maple tree removed and preserve perennial plants around the tree. Hosta plants, geraniums and yew that are about 2 x 3 feet from base of tree.. Is winter the best time when plants are dormant, and can survive the trauma or spring and remove plants and replant. Stump to be ground out also.


Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

When to install a septic blanker

I bought a septic blanket and want to know if I need to wait until the grass has gone dormant due to frost before I place the blanket. I am concerned that if I place the blanket too soon the lack of sunlight might kill the grass. Thank you


Mille Lacs County Minnesota 1 day ago

when to stop watering my lawn

we have had over 5" of rain this month plus its raining right now. when should I quit watering for this year? The grass goes dormant at some time right! I want to blow down my sprinkler system but I don't know when to stop watering my lawn.


Anoka County Minnesota 1 day ago

Should the lower branches of an evergreen tree be cut off?

We sometimes see evergreen trees whose lower branches have been cut off. Is this a good, bad or neutral idea? A picture of our tree is attached. Do you have a recommendation? Thank you!



Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

grass with no root system

The grass roots just seem to spread across the top of the ground. When I rake it rolls up like it has been scalped.


Carver County Minnesota lawns and turf horticulture 1 day ago

Plant Identification

These recently popped up all over my wild flower garden, I don't know if I should pull them or leave them.


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Lyon County Minnesota weeds evening primrose 1 day ago

Getting rid of Aspen

My neighbor planted aspen which is now grove-ing into adjacent yards. Is there any way to stop the spread?


Multnomah County Oregon aspen control 1 day ago


What is the appropriate care for baptisia plant over the winter? Should I cut it down? It is about 4 years old and 3 feet tall.


Ramsey County Minnesota baptisia 1 day ago

Is this a praying mantis?

Not really much of a question but more of a sighting. Found this on the back deck in madelia MN. I've heard that they've made it into WI. Guess they're in MN now too.



Watonwan County Minnesota 2 days ago

Bare root willow trees

Can Willow trees be planted in the fall, bareroot? Can willow trees be planted bareroot?


Meeker County Minnesota 2 days ago

Perennials and ground cover taking over my garden

Hello, We have 3 garden areas. Tall phlox dominates one, there is some bee balm and daisies. The lilies have been choked out. We used to mulch but a ground cover (Moneywart or Creeping Jenny?) pretty much fills in around the Phlox/Bee Balm. In the other garden Phlox and Russian Sage dominate and a perennial creeping Geranium is filling in around the bottom of that garden. In the 3rd garden, Coneflowers on steroids are chest high and spreading more and more each year. Should I be cutting all this down? Dig it out? What should I do for Fall maintenance of these monster plants? Thanks,


Hennepin County Minnesota 2 days ago

reed canary grass

What is the best way to kill reed canary grass?


Clackamas County Oregon reed canary grass control 2 days ago


Does anyone know what kind of rock this this



Outside United States geology 2 days ago

Incense Cedar Trees in Marion County

Hi! I was wondering if anyone has knowledge of needle growth dying and turning a brownish copper on these trees,I heard it's a fungus caused from being to close together and not drying properly in most of Oregon's weather? I can send a picture if you like also.I originally planted them as a wind and privacy screen on the street side of my property, their probably 8yrs. Old or so,six to seven feet apart.Any help would be greatly appreciated, THANK you, Gerry


Marion County Oregon incense cedar rust 2 days ago

Grub Identification

We dug this grub up when removing a tomato plant. I've not seen one like it. Can you tell me what it is?


Img_1508_300x300%2523 Img_1507_300x300%2523

Dakota County Minnesota insect identification moth pupa 2 days ago

Can you tell me what kind of spider this is?

I found this spider in my bathroom and was wondering if you could tell me what kind of spider this is. I live in New York and never seen one before.



Erie County New York 2 days ago

How do you get rid of mold on maple tree bark

how do I get rid of a green mold on my maple trees. Bark is also peeling off.


Lake County Ohio tree tree health 2 days ago

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