Beads turning white

I have had a s.o.p. plant for about 3 months. It seems pretty healthy. It's in a nice, bright window. Some of the beads are turning white. It is not over watered.Any ideas why, and how to correct it? Thanks.


Wayne County Michigan about 16 hours ago

How old is my tree?

I have purchased a house and there are 2 avocado trees. I'm unsure how old they are and when I can expect fruit? They are approx 15ft high and trunk around 10cm diameter.



Outside United States avocado tree about 18 hours ago

Starting a community garden

Do you know of any places that will donate money or seeds or plants for a church trying to start a community garden for the poor? Thank you, Bill Janetsky


Genesee County Michigan community garden asking for plant donation about 21 hours ago

Beneficial Nematodes

I'm seeing a lot of articles on Beneficial Nematodes. They discuss use for Japanese Beetles, Codling Moth, grubs in general. When do you apply them? Do they survive winter in zone 5? When to reapply? What are the cons?


Marshall County Iowa about 24 hours ago

Soil testing

I want to start prepping the soil on my property for gardening and a couple of grape arbors. Where can I take my soil to get tested?


Howard County Maryland soil testing 1 day ago

Rose sprouting

We winter our roses in pots in our garage. The garage is between 35-45 degrees. Because of the warmer weather(?) they have started sprouting. There is some light from a window in the garage. Would covering them with a black plastic stop the sprouting? Should we cut them back before covering them? I suppose we could bring them in the house in our sun room, but I don't know if the light is intense enough for hardy growth.


Ramsey County Minnesota 1 day ago

Pressure canning soups

Hi Expert,
The nchfp website gives the following instructions for pressure canning soups: "Combine solid ingredients with meat broth, tomatoes, or water to cover. Boil 5 minutes."
My question is about the tomatoes. Do they mean tomato juice or actual tomatoes? Also, would I need to acidify this recipe or just follow the instructions as they are written?


Pennsylvania 1 day ago

Little black bugs in my home

Please can someone tell me what these are? Thankyou our house seems to be infested with them this morning.


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Outside United States 1 day ago

Lawn Weed Control Ban in Montgomery County ?

Listening to WMAL over weekend, "Garden Sense", and it was stated that Montgomery County has implemented lawn herbicide ban ? Please provide any info. Thanks / Ron


Prince George's County Maryland lawns and turf pesticides 1 day ago


I have been gardening for approx. 30 years. I live in the country in Dahlgren township. I am about to give up gardening because for the last 5 years the fun has been taken out of it! My garden is approx. 30 feet by 125 feet. The entire garden has blight. I know I am suppose to rotate but everything in my garden I believe has some sort of blight. I plant potatoes, egg plants, tomatoes, peppers and a few other things. So I don't see how I can rotate as they all have blight. I feel I have done extensive reading and still don't have any concrete answers? I feel I know about all the prevention things to do but is there anything I can treat the soil with before planting that would help? There are tons of articles out there to help reduce the problem after the garden is planted but can anything be done before the garden is planted? I know all about cleaning up last years plant remnants and making sure all contaminated remains are disposed of properly. Sorry it got so long! Any reply would be appreciated. Maybe I just have to use preventive measures after the plants have already become infected? Thanks, Steve


Carver County Minnesota plant disease management blight 1 day ago

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