Green spots on bark

Hi, I have a red maple tree. It doesn't seem to be doing too good. Now I have green/moss colored blotches , mostly circle shaped on my bark. Is this something to worry about? Thanks for your help.


Baltimore County MD 40 minutes ago

what kind of wasps are these?

I have never seen these wasps before. They are all over the purple flowers on the mint that is seeding in my garden. They are a shinier black than it looks in the pictures. Are they anything to be concerned about? Thank you!


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Harford County MD about 1 hour ago

Wasps in my garage wall

I am trying to locate a service that can revove wasps that have made a home within the outside wall of my garage. Who do you suggest I call to take care of this issue. J. Morse


Ingham County MI about 1 hour ago

Grab grass eradication before hydroseeding

I want to have my yards hydroseeded this fall. It is a new construction house with dirt in the yards around the house (maybe 6000 sq. ft of yard) A lot of grab grass has grown over the summer. How should I eradicate the grab grass before hydroseeding this fall? I'm tempted to use Roundup because I know it works. Some say don't use Roundup because it is bad for the environment and can get into the well water. I've tried 20% vinegar and dish soap, it seems to work but would need a couple of applications and is a bit expensive. With 6000 sq ft of yard, tarps, pulling, burning are not options. Thanks for your help.


Crow Wing County MN about 2 hours ago

canned peaches

i canned these peaches yesterday and when i filled the jaw with syrup, the peaches were 100 percent covered in syrup. i debubbled, wiped tops and placed lids fingertip only tight. The liquid was within half inch from top. When i put the jars into the hot water, it took at least 20 min to obtain a soft boil and i processed for 35 min and then turned off canner, waited 5 min then took them from water bath. i never really ckd if the fluid was down at that time. It was next day, when i was moving them i noticed the lo syrup level My question is did i over process, over fill with peaches, or did i not debubble enough? Ae they safe to eat above the liquid All jars successfully sealed



Niagara County NY about 2 hours ago

Bag worms

Large infestation on about 10 mature leylan cypress. Has defoliated about 20-30% of trees on one side. Is it too late to spray to kill them and what is the best and most effective product to use.


Anne Arundel County MD about 3 hours ago

Crown canker?

We have a dogwood and maple planted about 3 yrs ago by same vendor. The dogwood is now half dead with pealing trunk. The nearby maple has rather small leaves but leafed out, but now also pealing trunk bark. The first 2 pics are of the dogwood and the 3rd the maple. Cause? Solution?


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Ottawa County MI about 3 hours ago

Potato garden ground cover

Hi, I have a small (4'x4') raised bed where I grew potatoes this year. I plan on adding manure compost and using it to grow potatoes again next year. (Not ideal, I know, but I work with what I have.) Is there a ground cover that I could plant now (or in the next while) that would protect the soil and return nutrients to benefit next year's taters? Thank you!


Wayne County MI about 3 hours ago

Canned applesauce without peeling

Hello. I see a bunch of home recipes on how to can applesauce without going through the hassle of peeling off the skins, but I can’t find any guidelines from extension agencies. Is removing apple skins essential for safe canning? Is there a tested recipe for canning applesauce without removing the skins?


Benton County OR about 3 hours ago

Dahlia problem

So my dahlia has quite a few leaves that look like this and I’m not quite sure what is affecting it. Not sure if it’s a fungal or blight issue nor how to treat it. Thank you for your help.



Wasco County OR about 4 hours ago

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