Lacebugs on rhododendrons and azaleas

Hello, We have lacebug infestation on our rhodies I have tried horticultural spray, but they are still there. What can I do? I want to prevent spread to the healthy ones Also, what are local and drought tolerant alternatives to these trees? Thank you!


Clackamas County Oregon azalea lace bug about 9 hours ago

White hairs on Azaelea?

Hi, we have some azaleas we planted last year, and I haven't noticed too much new growth on them this spring. I was looking closer at the leaves, and noticed they seem to have some sort of white hairs on some of them, and then some leaves seem to be partially dead. Do you know what might be causing this? Thank you!


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Yamhill County Oregon azaleas about 9 hours ago

Rhododendron not looking well

Hi, we have a rhododendron that doesn't look too healthy. A lot of the leaves are a pale yellow color and droopy, and some have brown dead patches on them. Some of the flower buds seem to have some dark markings, almost like mold? I did some pruning on it last year to help open it up, but I'm not sure what to do about these issues. Thanks!


Img_20190316_140516479_300x300%2523 Img_20190316_140546784_300x300%2523 Img_20190316_140553318_300x300%2523

Yamhill County Oregon rhododendrons about 9 hours ago


I seem to have a lot of water in my yard. Some of it is runoff from the roof and slope of the yard, but I suspect there's an underground stream involved too. I tried the idea of digging holes in various places In the yard to see if they absorb water. The hole in the wet part of my yard continued to be full of water. No surprise. But then I dug a hole in an area that I thought was Ok. The dirt initially was dry, but then it became muddy and then my hole started filling with water!! can you recommend someone that can help with my swampy backyard?


Montgomery County Maryland water problems about 10 hours ago


I was watching the robins 'catch' earthworms today. Do they hear, see, or smell the worm under ground.?


Clackamas County Oregon robins about 11 hours ago

gardens top dressed with herbicide contaminated manure

Is it safe to eat vegetables grown in contaminated soil?


Deschutes County Oregon soil about 12 hours ago

where to plant these...

where do you plant honeysuckle...full sun or sun/shade mix? what are mature plant sizes? where do you plant japanese quince seeds; pots or ground...sun or shade? what are mature plant sizes?


Multnomah County Oregon horticulture about 14 hours ago

Black bug with spots on the edges?

I found this little bug on my bed and its really small, what is it?


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Oregon insect identification about 16 hours ago

Growing Edible Garden in Concrete

Picture 1: We have an old water feature basin we would like to repurpose as a little garden to grow edible vegetables. The basin is made of concrete on all sides and on the bottom (water slowly drains from it). This concrete was maybe installed 10-15 years ago. Is there any type of health concern for growing food in this? Picture 2 (with hose): Similar situation, but some of the inside of that area is old red brick. Any health concern with old brick (unknown age of brick, possibly 50 years old)? Finally, sometimes neighborhood cats use these areas as their restroom, any health concern with food in those areas?


20190317_121420_300x300%2523 20190317_121431_300x300%2523

Contra Costa County California raised bed gardens about 18 hours ago

blue haven grass

Does Blue Haven grass self-seed? We currently have native bluestem planted on the edge of a rain garden. We have a problem with it self-seeding into an adjoining area of lawn. Does Blue Haven have this same characteristic? Does it maintain its upright position? Where can it be purchased if we would want to plant it? Thanks for your help!


Scott County Minnesota about 18 hours ago

Is this a black salamander?

Is this a black salamander? Or a newt? There's white slime on its head and tail and the little guy doesn't seem able to move.


Img_20190317_120319836_300x300%2523 Img_20190317_120329501_300x300%2523

Oregon wildlife identification about 18 hours ago

Air plant

Hi! What is causing some of these leaves to brown? I spray the plant every other week and let it fully dry out. Is it dying? How do I prevent it from continuing?


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Cuyahoga County Ohio about 22 hours ago

Vinca minor blight/fungus

I've planted vinca under a tree. It grows vigorously in early spring and then a fungus sets in - the stems blacken at soil level and spread.
Read up and cleaned out debris and started using draconil periodically. Is there a better product to use and when should I start applications.
Thank you very much.
Sarah Ollison, 313-510-3715, Grosse Pointe Park MI


Wayne County Michigan vinca about 23 hours ago

We found this snake in our garden and not sure what type it is?

What type of snake is it



Outside United States 1 day ago

Rubber Plant / Tree Health

Hi there! I recently repotted a rubber plant and moved it to a new location (from an open warehouse office with little temp / humidity control to a home environment). I know plants sometimes need time to adjust to different environments, light, and humidity, so I've been watering once a week or so and misting the leaves in between to account for the drier air in my ouse. Small leaves on the bottom have started to yellow and and drop since repotting and moving it. It also has developed tiny white dots on some of the leaves. Is my plant possibly infected with some sort of fungus / bug? I've attached some photos. Thanks for your help!! Best, Maria


Img_7483_300x300%2523 Img_7482_300x300%2523 Img_7481_300x300%2523

Cuyahoga County Ohio houseplants 1 day ago

Wild Onion/Garlic

Looking for suggestions on both organic and other options for control of the title weeds, which have essentially taken over my front lawn


New Castle County Delaware wild onion wild onions wild garlic 1 day ago

box elder bugs.

How do I get rid of box elder bugs on the cedar siding of my house?


Wallowa County Oregon insects 2 days ago

Sprouting Vegitables inside

When should I start vegetables inside, I want to start my vegies inside and then plant them outside in my raised beds.


Lane County Oregon 2 days ago

Should I worry about this insect?

This small creature is about 5 mm long and appears to have some wings. It has a little tail. It was crawling, not flying, when I found it.



Johnson County Missouri insect identification 2 days ago

How do I get rid of the grape flea beetle larva

I have several wild grape vines in my back yard which borders a woods. I get thousands of grape buds (cluster of buds/flowers) Some years I can even smell the grape aroma. However I NEVER get grapes.The last few years I found different bugs, spiders and some larva and some sort of small jumping bug! I've tried to kill them by spraying (trying to avoid the spiders Because I think spiders kill the other bugs) and using sticky fly tape. Now on your website I found "grape flee beetle larva" and those are the larva I have and it explains the jumping bugs! The vines are way too tall so I focus on the area I can reach. I still loose the battle and don't get any grapes, NONE! What can I do to get grapes?


Hennepin County Minnesota 2 days ago


Hello! We want to grow roma tomatoes in Klamath Falls but know it can be challenging given the short growing season. We plan to start the plants inside. Any tips you can give on the best variety to grow, what indoor setups work best, and the best soil and light conditions for our climate? Any other tips you can give are also great. Thank you!


Klamath County Oregon tomatoes 2 days ago

Orchid won't bloom again

I received an orchid as a gift, I can't get to bloom again. Can an orchid bloom more than once and what do I need to do?


McLeod County Minnesota orchids 2 days ago


Can I grow cassava in MN?


Hennepin County Minnesota fruit 2 days ago

Clematis in pots?

Last fall I planted several clematis in large pots, necessary because I want to grow them up columns which sit on a paver patio. I chose two “bulletproof” varieties, Montana Frida and evergreen jasmine...pictured. Neither are dead nor doing well although the jasmine appear ready to pop with several blooms even though the leaves have a lot of brown. At plant nerd night, I was told clematis don’t like to be in pots!


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Multnomah County Oregon container gardening clematis 2 days ago


If I plant cantaloupe 8 feet away from the pumpkins, what are the chances they will cross pollinate ? Last year the spaghetti squash didnt turn out so well....mixed with the cantaloupe, no 'spaghetti' and flesh was pale orange. The cantaloupe turned out ok. They were 10 feet apart.


Clackamas County Oregon squash pollination 2 days ago

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