What is this black growth?

Just wanting to know what this black growth could be on our tree? Couldn’t find anything that seemed to fit the description just right. Thank you for you help!


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Brown County Minnesota fungus black knot about 2 hours ago

Mermaid: Fish or Mammal?

Please help us settle a very important, very serious office debate. Would a mermaid be considered a fish or a mammal?


Benton County Oregon about 3 hours ago

Trees susceptible to Verticillium Wilt

Is a Sensation Maple tree susceptible to Verticillium wilt?


Idaho County Idaho verticillium wilt about 4 hours ago

Stink Bug Rehoming

Where should I put a stink bug if I want to rehome it instead of killing it? It will die a horrible death if I suck it up with a vacuum cleaner. Will it survive outside on a tree if it is used to living in my home?


Forsyth County Georgia stink bugs about 7 hours ago

Tree I.D.

What is the name of the conifer that has a uniform conical, and airy shape who's needles turn a yellow/green color in the winter.


Macomb County Michigan about 10 hours ago

Winter protection for Lace Cap Hydrangea

I have a lace cap hydrangea that has only had decent flowers one year. Every other year the buds on the old stalks and buds have dried up presumably from freezing. What I need to know is if this happens during the winter or only during a spring frost episode. Also, I would like to learn how to protect it. I have a frost blanket but maybe it's too late for this year (see attached photos). Thanks, Norm


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Ottawa County Michigan winter damage winter protection about 11 hours ago

Bay leaf plant

Can I grow a small bay leaf version in Central Oregon (Bend) and bring indoors in our cold winter! I cook with bay leaves. I am having success so far with bringing my lemon grass inside this fall, so just wondering if there is a smaller version bay to do this with. Thanks!


Deschutes County Oregon bay laurel about 23 hours ago

Unripe apples

We have bought Braeburn apples but they are rock hard. Can we ripen them so they are soft enough to bite into?


Outside United States apples 1 day ago

ID a Crabro latipes (shield handed sphecidae)

Hello! I believe my student found a shield handed sphecidae on our river campus on the Willamette river. I've never seen one before so I'm hoping a hymenopteran specialist can confirm! Thank you! Tara Prestholdt & the entomology class of 2019 at the University of Portland


Img_4023_300x300%2523 Img_4040_300x300%2523

Multnomah County Oregon wasps 1 day ago

Mowing after a premature snow?

We had almost a foot of snow just over a week ago but still have quite a few leaves on the ground. The snow has finally melted. Can we still mow this coming weekend to pick up the leaves?


Macomb County Michigan lawn care winter lawn cste winter lawn damage 1 day ago

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