What plant is this ease?

Does anyone know what kind of plant is this? I have a tall plant of it growing in my yard. Thanks



Harris County TX about 11 hours ago

wont let me do quizzes

it says my quizzes are unavailable unless my dhs child care registry is not empty or something like that, i was wondering how to fix it


Polk County IA about 16 hours ago

dirt loooks ashy.

My 4x4 raised garden has been in use for 5 years. Just now Oct. 2019 started to turn the soil over to add new garden soil because the old soil had fallen a couple of inches. When I turned the soil over the dirt looks like ash. It was a grayish white. Is this bad? what should I do?


Maricopa County AZ soil about 16 hours ago

Do hanging cucumbers grow longer and thinner

One year, I planted cucumbers to grow on the ground but they climbed up into a bush and ended up growing as hanging fruit. They came In Longer and the thinner than what I had expected for ground growth. So, do hanging or vertical cucumbers get stretched out by gravity or do they grow about the same as in the ground. Thanks


District of Columbia County DC vegetables plant care about 18 hours ago

Insect egg case

I would be grateful to learn if the attached image is that of an insect or spider egg case and if so what insect or spider? This egg case is on a camellia bush and a similar egg case is on our blueberry bush.

Many thanks in advance for your consideration.

Cheers Herbert



District of Columbia County DC insect or spider id pest insects and mites about 18 hours ago

Confused about apple tree root stocks.

I am trying to order some semi dwarf apple trees, I would like the trees to obtain a height of 12-14 ft. From what I am understanding about the various root stocks is that the height a tree will achieve is rated as a percent of a standard tree height for a particular variety. So if I am looking at a Geneva 890 root stock (60-70%) and a Roxbury Russet apple tree which I think has a standard size of 16-18 ft then this tree grafted on to a G890 would end up being about 10-12 ft tall. Is this the correct interpretation of the linkage between root stock and standard height? If I am understanding this part correctly is there any list or way of easily obtain the Standard Height for various apple tree varieties? This information seems difficult to find.


Kanabec County MN about 19 hours ago

Fir tree has yellow needles on many limbs

Hello — Can you tell us what is causing the “yellow” needles on our fir tree? And what, if anything, can be done? Pics attached ... Dennis & Myra Hunt 3805 NW Shoreview Dr., Waldport, OR


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Lincoln County OR drought diagnosis of plant problems trees seasonal needle drop about 19 hours ago

What is this bug?

I see this bug around my Manhattan apartment. It is small, slow, doesn’t fly, and has a vertical brown line down its back. Seems to like water as I mainly see it in the bathroom, which gets very wet. Do you know what it is and how to get rid of them? Thanks.


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New York County NY about 20 hours ago

What is the name or type of this heirloom blue corn?

I got these seeds thru a Master Gardeners seminar at The Ag Center in Baltimore County on heirloom seed saving. I have grown them for a couple of years. I have just grown it but now I want to bake with it but I can't remember it's name or type to get recipes. I am sending 3 picture to help you. It grows on shorter green stalkish leaves and the kernels are singular at the ends. They are Not on cobs. They are next to tall sunflowers to get an idea of their height.Thank you


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Baltimore County MD vegetables plant selection about 20 hours ago

Can you use black corrugated tubing to protect fruit trees from rodents?

I was wondering if you can use black corrugated tubing to protect fruit trees from rodents... most of the tubing that I see is white for tree protection I understand that the sun will heat up the black tubing, but will that cause damage? I can get a hundred feet of the black tubing for about 25 bucks but if the tubing was white it would be five times that price so just seeing if I can get buy a little cheaper for my young orchard that had some vole damage last year.


St. Louis County MN voles about 21 hours ago

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