Is there a way to use earthworms and/or bloodworms to handle dog poop on a home level? I am aware that some national parks are using bloodworms in a redesign of the outdoor latrines, and getting food results.


Anne Arundel County MD compost about 3 hours ago

Tomato Plant Problem

I have a tomato plant problem where the plants are healthy until about 8-10” tall then start to go bad. I have attached photos of plant 1 where the problem is progressed and will later send photos of plant 2 where the plant is just starting to turn, both are heirlooms. Plant 1a photo – general view Plant 1b photo – underside of leaf Plant 1c photo – close-up of leaf I live in Thailand but the seeds are from the States (Territorial Seed Company). This has happened on several different plantings; I have tried changing where I plant them to different locations to see if it is a localized problem. I also have tried them in hoop houses. This last planting I have not seen any bugs (other plantings I have battled thrips and white flies). Appreciate any guidance. Thanks & Regards, Brent


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OUTSIDEUS tomatoes about 13 hours ago

Identify this one!?

Found in elizabethton, Tennessee. I kinda like it, the designs are really cool and I decided to keep him so he wouldn’t die off this winter. I’ve held him and he doesn’t seem to have the need to attack, but I’d like to know what he is.


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Sullivan County TN insect identification about 13 hours ago

What is this?

My brother found it and nobody knows what it could be . Do any of you?


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Salt Lake County UT about 17 hours ago

Is geranium pusillum l. Toxic to horses?

Is it toxic to horses? Will harrowing help to control it?



King County WA about 19 hours ago

newly planted (in Spring) 12' honey crisp apple tree with watering questions.

We're confused about watering our new 12' honey crisp apple tree (planted in May this year in Boulder).
Should we avoid watering now? What should our watering outlook be for Autumn into Winter?
We plan to mulch soon...8" of leaf mulch? We'll also be wrapping the little tree soon.
We'd appreciate any other advise you may have for us as well.
Thank you !


Boulder County CO about 20 hours ago

which one

I planted a parker pear and summercrisp pear I lost one and don't know which one was lost never kept the tag


Dickinson County IA about 21 hours ago

Vegetable killer

Hello, I learned while ago that Black Walnut produce a chemical that does not let vegetables grow. Is black walnut the only tree/plant that does this or there are others like other nuts or fruites with large seeds like Peach? I do compost all fruit leftovers including seeds and skins and then use the compost for my vegetable garden Please advise.


Montgomery County MD fruit composting black walnut allelopathy about 21 hours ago

Pine Needles

It seems my pine tree has an excess of dying pine needles this year. Is this something to be concerned about?


El Paso County CO about 22 hours ago

Grapes after first frost the leaves are now brown will they be good to juice

Are grapes ok to juice after a frost the leaves are all brown.


Salt Lake County UT about 22 hours ago

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