potato tuber setting habits

I have read that potatoes can set tubers horizontally or vertically: some above the mother tuber, some beside, and some below. I am curious about this, and would like to know which varieties do what. My reason for asking is depth of planting. I have seen some recommend planting potatoes from as shallow as 3 inches to as deep as 12 inches. I plant 16 inches deep and get huge crops depending on variety. But I would like to refine my practices. Thank you if you can answer me.


OUTSIDEUS potatoes about 8 hours ago

Please identify this pesky grass

Hello. First, thanks very much for offering this service. A couple people have told me this is Johnson grass, but I read somewhere that “Johnson grass is in every state except Minnesota“, and since I am only about 30 miles south of Minneapolis, I wonder. If you need a better photo, please let me know and I’ll do what I can. I don’t know if I have any taller examples; we keep mowing the yard. That’s an ordinary 5-inch pocket comb for size estimating. Sincerely, Jim Harris


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Dakota County MN weed identification about 14 hours ago

Influx of green moss

How do I stop the spead of moss 1st in my law, then on the siding of my house (that's mainly on the north side ) and then on my white vinyl fence?


St. Croix County WI moss about 21 hours ago

Hello Oregon extension. Too late. Now i know not to add to soil, where...

Hello Oregon extension. Too late. Now i know not to add to soil, where veggies will be planted, lawn-clippings from the1st three mowings after an application of Weed & Feed. i have kept all clippings from 25 years in one pile, afraid to add to compost pile. Now i want to shovel down and use the older, bottom part of pile to amend soil where i am planting veggies. how many years would you wait to age clippings before using on veggies? (It’s not me using nasty 24D, a couple times a year my husband uses it, he does the Thank you, Karen


Fairbanks North Star Borough AK compost about 21 hours ago

Walnut tree

I was weeding the garden bed and pulled this up. Is it a baby walnut tree ?


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Multnomah County OR about 21 hours ago

Patches in a lawn

Hi. What is the best seed for clay soil


OUTSIDEUS lawns about 23 hours ago

Controlling Lily of the Valley

Lilies of the Valley are choking my shade garden. How can I control them?

Thank you.


Wayne County MI flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 23 hours ago

Dog urine

When dog pees in yard grass turns yellow. Try to get dog to drink more water and also water the grass after urinating. Anything else I can do to help the situation.


Butler County PA dog urine about 24 hours ago

Perennial box wood drying

Hello, I planted two box woods in the same location and year after year they are dying. The damage looks to be in the same location. What is causing this? What can I do about it? Is this caused by the dryer vent from winter? You can see the picture of the damage and proximity to the vent. The other boxwoods are doing fine, it's just that one. Thanks!


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Washington County MN 1 day ago

Japanese plum tree?

Japanese plum tree? I have several of these trees and the fruit you’re sweet. I’d like to know if it is that type of fruit?


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Wake County NC plant identification 1 day ago

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