What kind of weed is this

What kind if weed is this ? The red one in the middle? It smells like carrots . Is it poisonous?



Clackamas County Oregon plant idsentification about 10 hours ago

I need help with my tomatoes!

My tomato starts are thin, light green, and the bottom leaves keep turning yellow and fall off. I have them inside my house with a grow light on them. I water them 1-2 times per week. I did put fish fertilizer on them one time about 2 weeks ago. Can you please help me make them luscious and beautiful again?


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Clackamas County Oregon tomatoes about 10 hours ago

Girdled Apple trees

The rabbits girdled 100% circumference of all my 2 year Apple trees about a foot above ground. Is there any grafting of any kind that can be done to save them? A couple of websites said you can cut young trees off at 45% angle and they will regrow and train one to be main.

Any advice beyond wrapping better??


Richland County North Dakota about 11 hours ago

Split bark

I have a young Japanese Maple. It has a major issue on the trunk. We would like to know if it could be saved, if so how, or we should re do the bed and pull it out. It is in the first flower bed we did when we moved. It has clay some extra water at times and it’s against the north side of our house.



Licking County Ohio bark damage bark damage japanese maple faulty planting about 11 hours ago

Soil testing

Do you do comprehensive soil testing? Looking at crop and ground cover yield.


Clackamas County Oregon soil testing about 12 hours ago

Insect Damage to my Japanese Holly Sky Pencil bush

This is a continuance of my previous question asked just 1/2 hour ago. I found approx. a 1/2 inch green worm with an orange/brown head amongst the trimming I took. It is not an inch worm as it has legs along the length of it's body. I hope it is not a boring type. Please let me know how to eliminate the worms before they cause more damage. If there is something that will work, will I have to spray or dust all of my bushes of that type. Many of recent plantings do not have damage as yet. Linda Klaus


Washington County Oregon holly about 12 hours ago

Succulent with webbing on it

I have a small succulent I bought some months ago. In recent weeks I have noticed webbing on the plant. I wiped this off one time but it returned. I don't see any insects or anything crawling around. What is this and how do I get rid of it? I have heard it is not a good idea to spray succulents with any insect killer material whether chemical or non chemical as they don't handle it well. Thank you.



Anoka County Minnesota spider mites succulent pests about 12 hours ago

Mason Bees

Hole size parchment paper ???


Marion County Oregon about 12 hours ago

Damage to my Japanese Holly bushes, Sky Pencil variety

I have just noticed some damage to several of my Japanese holly bushes. The one that is the worst exhibits dead brown leaves that seem to stick together with it appears insect webbing (spider web?). It appears to have no damage to the woody parts of the plants. I know they are susceptible to root problems, hence the wood looks good so I think we can eliminate that. If it is spider mites or moth damage, how should I treat the problem. I suppose I can get any spray I need online and also, if I want to chance it, I could go to Ace. Please let me know what you think as I just got the 12 or so plants planted last fall and I would hate to lose them all and have to start all over again. Thank you, Linda Klaus Sorry, I am not a techy so cannot send you an image.


Washington County Oregon japanese holly about 13 hours ago

African Violet droop

I have many african violets. Im noticing the one on the right in the picture the center leaves are upright, but bottom/larger leaves are drooping down. What causes this? They are self watering with a wick. There is violet fertilizer in the water its drawing from.



Hennepin County Minnesota african violets about 14 hours ago

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