Stressed Red Sunset Maple

I have a 24 year old 25 foot high Red Sunset Maple that has not leafed out yet this year. It has been shaded by a 75 foot Weeping Willow and was showing signs of stress last year with some branches dying and leaves lighter in color along with a growth pattern away from the Willow. In February, we took down the Willow to make the Maple the centerpiece in that part of the yard. The tree did loose some small branches as the Willow was taken down, and we had the Willow wood cut into firewood and stacked across the back yard and up against one side of the red maple trunk. In the warm late March, the red flowers came out as normal, but maybe a bit smaller than normal and then in early May produced very small and few seeds, and has still not leafed out. There are green buds that are small and have been there for awhile, but not grown and are starting the brown slightly but are still flexible with green inside and a bark test shows green still. We also may have cut some small roots while planting some arborvitae nearby. I just moved the part of the wood pile that was up against the trunk to about 4 feet away and found numerous ants and we treated the area. There are some small holes in the trunk at ground level but the majority of the bark looks intact. What do you think is happening and is there anything I can do more to help it? I did pound in fertilizer stakes in early April. Really hoping to save the tree. Thanks for any input.


Dakota County MN maple trees about 11 hours ago

network connection

i have a wireless laptop computer, and a desktop that needs to be connected by cat5 cable, and we have a wireless router for internet access, what i want to know is if there is a way for the laptop to connect to the desktop through the wireless internet router


Fayette County KY internet safety fayette county kentucky about 12 hours ago

Help, I can't get rid of this weed after 4 years!

Hi, could you please tell me how to get rid of this invasive weed? Could you tell me what it's called? I've sprayed Weed B Gon on it & brushed on Round Up it doesn't die & it keeps coming back. I really need your help, I just came in from hours of digging it up once again & I know it will be back in a few days ( that's what has happened in the past). I appreciate your help & suggestions in advance & thank you for taking the time to relieve my frustration & exhausted body! Sincerely, Sandy Bettin
P.S. The photo shows a close up of what it looks like, however it acts like a ground cover & spreads all over my cutting garden.



Stearns County MN about 15 hours ago

lumpy lawns

How do I smooth out an existing lawn that has small lumps, 2" to 3". they appear in the spring before the grass gets going.


Hennepin County MN about 15 hours ago

Is it too late to start a garden?

I've been so inspired this season and have started planning a raised garden bed in my yard. Unfortunately, I have a lot of wildlife (deer, rabbits, groundhogs and squirrels) in my area, and I want to make it a pest proof garden, which means deer proof fencing etc. before I put anything in the ground. Is it too late? Should I plan it, install it and wait for next year to plant? Thank you.


Delaware County PA about 18 hours ago

Unidentified weed in Crystal, MN

New to gardening and I can't identify this weed (please see photo) taking over the troubled spots of our lawn. Can you identify?



Hennepin County MN about 20 hours ago

Master Gardener

Hi! Do you know anyone that could help me come up with a design plan for our shoreline project? Thanks! Tamara


Dscn4757_300x300%2523 Dscn4784_300x300%2523 Dscn4758_300x300%2523

Anoka County MN landscaping plant choices about 20 hours ago

Unknown weed

This weed has appeared starting in the lawn and now spreading to the flower beds over the past few years. It seems to be worse in the spring. It starts as a single root and shoot. None of our neighbors appear to have the same problem. Have looked on a number of identification sites and cannot find it. Would like to get some ideas on what it is and how to eradicate.


20170528_125759_300x300%2523 20170528_125927_300x300%2523 20170528_130334_300x300%2523

OUTSIDEUS about 23 hours ago

Ash tree disease - arborist

I have an ash tree that just started losing the leaves early in the middle of the crown last year and this spring half of the tree looks healthy and the other half has sparse leaves. I have had it treated for EAB consistently since the threat to Minnesota. Do you have an arborist that can come and look at it for me and give me an idea if it is treatable or if I should have it cut down?


Ash_tree_300x300%2523 Ash_leaves_300x300%2523 Ash_bark_300x300%2523

Ramsey County MN about 23 hours ago

Poor rhubarb growth

I have had a rhubarb plant for about five years now and it still is very skinny, only five or six stalks, about eight inches tall. Last year, my cousin suggested it may be planted too deep, so I dug it up and planted it closer to the surface, but it is not doing any better this year. It's on the west side of the house. Should I move it elsewhere in the yard, or is there something else I should try? Thanks.


Ramsey County MN about 24 hours ago

Tulip bulbs from the Arboretum

I picked up discarded tulip bulbs from the parking lot at the Arboretum last Saturday. Thank you! Can I plant them now? If not, what do I do with them until planting time in the fall? Many thanks for a lovely day at the Arboretum. My first visit. What a gorgeous place.


MN 1 day ago

About the Northern Hi-Lights Azalea...

Hi, I bought these (an impulse buy when told that they were hardy like Liliacs are) at Costco, and now am wondering if they are going to be hardy enough for my low maintenance life style. I have 2 1/2 acres west of Glencoe and haven't had my soil tested yet. I have been cautioned by others that they aren't that hardy. Any thoughts? Thank you! Becky


McLeod County MN 1 day ago

Recently I have been seeing squirrels that are losing their fur, some are in...

Recently I have been seeing squirrels that are losing their fur, some are in Mahoning county where I work and I have seen one in our backyard in the Girard/Liberty area. Is there a disease that's affecting them or the environment?

Stacey C.


Trumbull County OH squirrels 1 day ago

potting soil crumbled away while planting a peony

Hi, I bought a peony this weekend and this evening I was planting it in my garden. The potting soil in the pot was a bit too wet, I realized too late, and the soil fell away while I was putting the plant into the ground. I tried to "mound" the dirt around it while I planted it, but I'm worried that the roots were exposed or broken and I may have blown it. Do you have any idea whether this may kill the young peony plant? The plant itself is just under a foot tall. Thank you!


Ramsey County MN horticulture peony 1 day ago

Peach Leaf Curl

A few of my fruit trees seem to have peach leaf curl. I notice the trees that have the leaf curl also have new leaves emerging that are not curled. Should I remove the leaves that are curled?


Polk County OR peach trees 1 day ago

Is this water hemlock? If so, how do I remove it? It's highly toxic!

Last summer, I noticed this plant on my property. I had never seen it before. I was afraid it could be poison ivy, so I didn't touch it. I bought poison ivy spray, but it did not kill it. This spring, I was told by a woman from MSU that is was not poison ivy, but something else. She did not know.

A few days ago, I noticed that the leaves had stalks with white flowers - each tiny flower has 5 petals. (There were no flowers last year, only leaves, so last year was the first year it began growing, right? At least that is what I read.)

I thought it may be "Queen Anne's Lace", but the leaves are very different. The only thing I can find that resembles what I have growing is water hemlock. I have no idea how it would have made it into my yard. I have never seen it before. I took a walk around the neighborhood, but I seem to be the only person who has it growing, aside from what has crept under my fence and into my neighbor's yard. Even in the alley, where there are different sorts of weeds, there is nothing like what is going on my property. Right now, the leaves are about 1.5-2ft tall and the stalks with flowers are about 2.5-3 ft tall.

Please let me know what you think. I would love to identify this. Right now I'm afraid to do any more yard work. Thanks!


20170527_182343_300x300%2523 20170527_182438_300x300%2523 20170527_183029_300x300%2523

Wayne County MI plant identification 1 day ago

my evergreen has a section of foliage that turned brown

I have a tall evergreen that may be an arborvitae. I noticed that the green foliage in a section of the lowest branches on one side is brown and appears dead. Is there a remedy for this? If I cut it back will new growth appear? I noticed it started last year so last fall I drove some nutrient spikes in the ground meant for fertilizing evergreens. It hasn't recovered.


Dakota County MN horticulture arborvitae 1 day ago

Apple trees will not flower

I have three apple trees that will not flower: a Haralson, a Sweet Sixteen, and a Honeycrisp. They were transplanted four seasons ago and were seven feet tall when planted; they are now fourteen feet tall. I live in Northern Itasca County and our soil is quite sandy. The yard is wooded, but the trees do receive a fair amount of sun, perhaps six to eight hours per day. Our soil test shows 9lb/ac N, 17 ppm P, and 63 ppm K with a pH of 6.2. The trees appear healthy and are growing normally, and were even flowering when first planted but nothing since. Can you help me?


Itasca County MN 1 day ago

Neighbors tree

My neighbors tree has mushrooms growing on a limb over hanging my home. Can you tell me what concerns i should have, also who's responsibility is it being it's my neighbors tree?


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Olmsted County MN 2 days ago

Insect damage

Something is damaging our plants. We can not identify what is causing it. Where can I find someone who would make a "garden" call to tell us what is happening? We are more than willing to pay for the service we just don't know who to call.


Hennepin County MN horticulture 2 days ago


This plant is becoming more and more populous in our woods. What is it? Is it native or invasive? If it is invasive, how could I control it? Its roots are shallow and weak, and it is very easily pulled. Thanks in advance. Dan Kelly, Hopkins, Minnesota


Img_2122_300x300%2523 Img_2121_300x300%2523 Img_2120_300x300%2523

Hennepin County MN horticulture plant identification 2 days ago

Disease or infestation?

We noticed several heavy growths on the tree, even clumping branches together. They are brown in color, and hook shaped. When we snapped one open, it was green inside with a hole in the middle. The growths can be an inch, up to 12" in length. Some are hanging, while others are clumped on branches.


20170527_171351_300x300%2523 20170527_171425_300x300%2523 20170527_171405_300x300%2523

Dakota County MN 2 days ago

Privacy Screen Tree

Hello, I'm in need of a fast growing, vertical, privacy tree. The new housing developement behind my house (and fence) has "Zero-Lot-Line" home going in... They will be situated 5 feet from my fence! Also, the lot behind me is 20 feet "higher" then my own, so the bottom of their foundation, is at the top of my fence line view. Looking to plant evergreen, columnar plants. Could you advise on the best variety? (I'm picturing Italian Cypras, Columnar Blue Colorado Spruce or juniper 'Sky Rocket') Thank you!


Deschutes County OR privacy hedge 2 days ago

Funny Colored Raspberries

Four or Five years ago I began growing fall raspberries (autumn bliss) to supplement my summer berries (Boyne and Latham). They grow very well and produce wonderful berries and lots of them but lately (last 3-4 years) they have been a funny and yellow/gold. At first I thought it might be something from the golden rod pollen that is every where around in the fall when these berries are produced but now I am not sure. Maybe it is a disease. They taste fine but are not nearly as juicy. Can you help me identify the problem. The first two years I grew these berries, I didn't have the gold color. Now I do. I sent a couple pictures for you too look at. Hope it will help.


Img_0158_300x300%2523 Img_0159_300x300%2523

Anoka County MN 2 days ago

Wondering if this is water hemlock?

This plant is growing in my yard in part shade, under a black walnut tree and near some rhubarb. It looks like pictures of water hemlock I've found online. Is it water hemlock? If so, is nearby rhubarb safe to eat? And what is the safest way to remove and dispose in the city of Minneapolis?


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Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

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