A lawns a waste of water?

I'm doing a research paper on fresh water and home lawns. WIth looming water shortages especially in the high desert where I live I'd like to know what the professionals think. Personally I'd like to see more native plants and less grass.


Deschutes County OR lawns about 7 hours ago

Canned food

In cleaning my pantry, I noticed several cans with expired "god by" dates. Are these still edidble and good


Malheur County OR food safety about 9 hours ago

Minnesota Hemp Farmers & Manufacturers Association

The Minnesota Hemp Farmers & Manufacturers Association is a newly recognized 501(c)(3) serving the hemp industry and consumers in Minnesota. We would love to work with Master Gardeners through your extension and are wondering if I could schedule a time to speak with a department head or if a notification can be sent to all the Master Gardeners in Minnesota with our contact information. Currently we are working with several departments within the University and would love to include this extension as a partner. Thank you for your time, Matthew Kaiser Advisory Board & Cultivation Consultant Minnesota Hemp Farmers & Manufacturers Association (612)203-3949



Ramsey County MN 1 day ago

Bittersweet try

My bittersweet is dark orange. I’m assuming it is not the invasive Chinese stuff.



Scott County IA 1 day ago

Flow Hive Thoughts

A few years ago, it was asked about the Flow hive. This year (2019) was my first year using the Flow Super, and it was a success. I would love to hear more from OSU Extension on the Flow Hive Super. I have written my first experience out here for OSU Oregon Master Beekeeper Program: So, in a scientific way, do we believe that the Flow Frames are bad for bees? I don’t believe so, after having had used it for one season, I would love to hear if any other Extension experts also have an a positive experience. Fred M Hall said in his reply to this question: - to ask about his experience in fall of 2018.



Jefferson County OR 1 day ago

New water line

I am installing a sprinkler system on about 2400 square feet I was going to use my main water supply and a added holding tank but the town wants a separate water line just for the sprinkler system Do I need a backflow device on that new line


Westchester County NY 1 day ago

Michigan Holly

Is picking Michigan Holly for decorating, illegal in Michigan?


MI michigan holly 1 day ago

All kinds of trees dying

I see all kinds of trees dying. I did a test which shows there are high levels of Aluminum oxide, Barium and Strontium. All these ingredients will kill tree roots slowly and have almost immediate adverse effects on the leaves. The trees look like they are dying from drought but it is due to having no roots

Have you ever examined the contents of the rain water?


Snohomish County WA forestry 1 day ago

Maple tree

see above


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Dakota County MN maple tree 1 day ago

White stuff under the soil on potted plant.

I lifted my bonsai tree from its pot to see how wet or dry it was, but found a surprise. I watered the plant a couple of weeks ago and no white stuff was there then, so it must have come during these few days. The plant looks healthy as of now, but I want to make sure that this residue won't hurt it.



OUTSIDEUS 1 day ago

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