Care for a mother's day gift Gardenia

Hi! Thanks in advance for replying to my question :) I received a gardenia for my first mother's day earlier this year, thus it's a little sentimental and I'd like to try to save it if possible. It was purchased for me from home depot and it was trained to have a topiary look (long stem/approx 3', large leaf ball of about 2' diameter at top). Since the end of Fall it was affected with cottony scale, and I've been trying to use a non-chemical method of killing them since I wanted to bring the gardenia to winter indoors and we have a newborn in the house. I've been hand smooshing them, and spraying it with an alcohol solution. However, it's gotten very out of control. I was wondering if I might be able to take some drastic action by completely cutting the topiary ball off, and pruning it way back down to about 1', where new small leaves are growing out and are not affected by the cotton scale so far. Would this severe pruning kill the plant?


Anne Arundel County Maryland gardenia houseplant mealybugs about 4 hours ago

Bug Deterring plants and shrubs

Our boy scout camps are looking for plants that will reduce the amount of bugs that will want to come into our campsites. The plant or shrub would need to be non invasive and nearly maintenance free.


Blue Earth County Minnesota about 5 hours ago

propagating figs from seeds

I am interested in planting a fig tree/bush in a container. I live in Zone 5 of Canada. Please let me know: * when should I sow the seeds *I have fresh figs and am trying to get their seeds. Can I plant them right away or should I store them for some time before putting them in soil? *What is the ideal size of the container? *What care is required during wintering if the plant cannot be brought indoors? Please send me complete guidelines regarding care the fig plant needs at different stages.


Outside United States about 6 hours ago

Fungus on Otto Luyken

I seem to have a fungus on my Otto Luyken plant. It killed an entire branch, which I cut off last week. The branches are covered with a white fungus. It looks like powdery mildew to me. I sprayed it with a mild solution that seems to have helped, but not completely. The plant has good circulation and it is cold outside. I thought those things discouraged powdery mildew. Is the problem something else? I am grateful for your help. I have attached photos. The fungus seems to be mostly underneath the banches on the ground side. That may be because I didn't spray the underside well with the milk solution. Thanks!


Fungus1_300x300%2523 Fungus2_300x300%2523 Fungus3_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland scale on cherry laurel shrub otto luyken fungus about 7 hours ago

Please help.. I attend the Webinar yesterday on Finances December 6, 2016

I am unable to take the post test to received CEU, it is giving me an error message stating that it is no longer available. Please help... My email address is Thank you


Prince George's County Maryland about 7 hours ago

What plant light to use for seedlings indoors?

Hi, I saw The University of Maryland Extension web-page about how to make a plant growing table indoors and have a question about the type of bulb(s) to buy. When I went to the store's webpage (Home Depot) and typed in T8 cool fluorescent bulbs, there were different names associated with these bulbs. Different bulb descriptions: "Cool White (4100K) Alto linear fluorescent bulb"; " Cool White (4100K) Plus Alto HV linear....; "Daylight White (4100K) Alto linear...." and some had "ToughGuard" or "ToughGuard Advantage" in their description which I assumed meant they didn't break as easily, but I'm not sure. Please email be about what type of bulb would work well. I know the plant/aquarium bulbs should work well, but they are $10/each and I'd prefer getting something less expensive if it will work as well. Thank you, Doreen Lapp


Lorain County Ohio about 8 hours ago

are these spinach

Some greens came out in my garden when the weather cooled down. Are they spinach?



Monongalia County West Virginia horticulture plant identification about 8 hours ago

I am a teacher who is looking for a seed set set of agronomy weeds and crop...

I am a teacher who is looking for a seed set set of agronomy weeds and crop seeds to aide in training an agronomy team for the FFA contest. Can you advise me of where to purchase a set of seeds or a catalog to look through.


Guadalupe County Texas about 18 hours ago

thirsty herbs

Hopefully you can shed some light on this mystery. Mediterranean herbs are perforce suited for lean sandy soil, hot temps, much sun, and sparse rain. So for 30+ yrs why have my rosemary, thyme and oregano rebelled? Outside i had sandy soil but they struggled at best. Inside they are the thirstiest of my many plants. Even first yr plants have wilted if not watered every other day, and several died this fall when watered on 4th day after vacation. And in pots inside there is of course better soil, less sun and more water, so less stress. They should be the most drought tolerant - not the least, right?


Anne Arundel County Maryland perennial herb herbs about 19 hours ago

How is birch to burn in fireplace

I picked up some birch from Fred Myer, it is heavier than other woods sold in stores, but how is it for burning? The bark is whitish/very light gray. Label says from Estonia, kiln dried.


Multnomah County Oregon about 23 hours ago

pollinator beneficial lawn

It has been recommended that we plant clover in our small orchard to make it pollinator friendly. Are there varieties of clover we should consider/avoid. It should not be so tall it is difficult to walk. It should be best nectar source available for pollinator: bees, butterflies, and ???? White clover has been suggested, but before purchase we want to make sure it is best for our conditions. Becky, Kandiyohi county


Kandiyohi County Minnesota 1 day ago

garden spider

I had a beautiful garden spider this summer and she left me with 3 eggs sacs but they are located in the frame of a shed door, I kept it propped open all summer but have to close it up for the winter. Can I put the egg sacs in a shoe box or something until spring?

Myrna from Oklahoma


Cleveland County Oklahoma spiders integrated pest management 1 day ago

Nut bearing trees

Besides pecans. Are there any variety of nut trees that bare edible fruit that will grow in the Alvin Texas area.


Brazoria County Texas 1 day ago

Snake ID

What kind of snake is this and is it venomous? I'm from Peninsular Malaysia.



Outside United States snakes golden flying snake chrysopelea ornata 1 day ago

Storing Iris Bulbs.

How do I store Iris bulbs over the winter so they will be viable for Spring planting? Is a fungicide such as copper sulfate, which I have on hand, appropriate?


Allegheny County Pennsylvania 1 day ago

Pressure Canning Red Cabbage

A market close to me sells red cabbage canned in jars (from Poland I think). So it must be reasonably safe, since it seems to be a staple item. Is it reasonable to use soup or spinach canning guidelines for canning this product, or is there a different recommendation you would have?


Somerset County New Jersey home food preservation pressure canning 1 day ago

Meyer Lemon

Can you grow Meyer Lemon trees from seed


Harris County Texas 1 day ago

Which type of Orchid has the most nodes?

This is probably a silly question but I need to know for a school project. I need to know which type of orchid (so a dendrobium or a phalaenopsis for example) has stems with the most leaf nodes.

Not sure if there even is an answer to this (maybe I should have asked that first) but it is quite important.



Outside United States orchids flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 1 day ago

Snake Species and Characteristics

What kind of snake is this? Is it venomous?



Outside United States 1 day ago

Spider Identification

Okay so my friend happens to love catching insects and this spider was one of the newest editions my friend got. Couldn't find any information about it or maybe because of the different colours I can't seem to find out about it so I hope you guys can identify this spider for me as a favour to my pal. Thanks a bunch!



Outside United States spiders 1 day ago

light for skin

I realize that i am in the wrong forum for this question. But I need to ask to ask a question.
What kind of ,or is there a light, can be used for detecting small abnormalities under the skin.
If you place a light under your fingers you can your fingers changing red.If you place a light next to your bicep muscle no penetration. Any help or suggestions??


Outside United States human health 1 day ago


I have a home in Estes Park and last year there occurred a large area (30x40 feet) and several smaller areas of cheatgrass. I am interested in recommendations regarding Spring use of preemergents or other means of control while preserving what native vegetation is left.


Img_5989_300x300%2523 Img_5990_300x300%2523

Weld County Colorado 1 day ago

Why. Frig. Is. Throwing. Breaks

notice. Frig. Was. Off. So. Check the. Break. Breaker. Was. Good. But. Kept. Turning. Off. So. Now. I. Have. It. Pug. Into. A. Outlit. Without. The. Breaker. Switch. And. Its. Running. Fine. Tell. Me. Whats. Really. Going. On


Riverside County California engineering electricity 2 days ago

Unwanted Bugs

I am a renter. I have had these bugs for months! I am worried, and feel very infested. Can you help me identify them? I recently found a lot of dead ones in my coat closet, and also undery oven.



Winona County Minnesota insects 2 days ago

Thin leaves and stem break easy

I have four Deep water culture system in my apartment. I produce butterhead lettuce, swiss chard, basil, kale, etc. I have great a production. For example, the Swiss chard got nice big very green leaves. Same for the lancination kale. When I touch the leaves of what seems to be a very bright healthy plant, I feel the leaves are very thin and break easy. When you harvest a few leaves and accidentally touch another leaves, often the stem of the other leaf will break easily. But it all look very healthy, firm nice and strong. Look! The taste is very good. we use those for our juicing. Everything grow inside. I use a few 400W fluorescent T% grow light and a couple LED full sun spectrum equivalent 600W. Is it normal to have easily breaking leak like that???


Miami-Dade County Florida hydroponics calcium deficiency 2 days ago

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