Peach tree problems

Hi, I have a white princess peach tree and I wanted to know why it’s leaves have red veins on the back and then some of the leaves have a pale green, and if there is a fix to it!


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Will County Illinois peach trees about 12 hours ago

Fir worm

I have a few very tall fir trees and have noticed a pattern of bark missing and sap running. I saw little holes and pushed a small wire into the hole and pulled out what may have been a worm as it was a little squished. My firs are starting to lean as well. Several cedars look fine, thou I have spotted a small amount of sap running on a couple. Pine tree was saved due to my Dad's fight against the pine beetle. I don't think I'll be able to save them.


Outside United States trees and shrubs about 13 hours ago

Safe lead levels for beets,carrots,potatoes,and onions

What is the safe levels of lead For: beets carrots potato and onion


Salt Lake County Utah soil about 14 hours ago

ID and Treatment for a Weed

Hello, I have a persistent weed in my garden that I don't know best how to treat. I believe it arrived with a delivery of woodchip mulch. It's most striking feature is it's long running roots, by which it primarily spreads. When I pull the weed, there is always one (or more) long root stretching far just under the surface of the soil. I didn't manage to get a photo of the flower/seed stalk, but there don't seem to be obvious flowers- just a seed stalk that has a dark pink/reddish tint. Thanks so much for any help you may be able to provide!


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Pierce County Washington plant identification about 15 hours ago

I think my hard maple has verticillium wilt

I have a hard Maple in my yard that I think has verticillium wilt. It lost a couple branches last year, but this year has lost fully half of its branches. It is about 15 years old and about 60 feet tall, so I would hate to lose it. Can I bring in a sample to an extension office, or is there anything I can do about it? I am closest to the office at 2020 White Bear Avenue. Thanks so much, Alec Timmerman


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Ramsey County Minnesota about 15 hours ago

Tree ID

Hi. Could you I D this tree for us? Typically found in N Mi, this one is thriving in our Kalamazoo area. Wed like to grow one.
Bob Westdorp


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Kalamazoo County Michigan conifer identification about 16 hours ago

Diseased cherry tree

My cherry tree has sticky substance on branches but leaves look fine and flowers were beautiful. It was sprayed by landscaper will it be okay


Middlesex County Massachusetts trees and shrubs about 16 hours ago

Location to photograph well-cared-for vegetable garden

Hello, I know this is probably the wrong place to ask this question but The UofM Extension was the first place I thought of, so here goes...I am a local illustrator/photographer and I am currently creating a series of images that combine a model that I photograph in my studio with nature images that I photograph on location. I want to photograph close-ups of vegetable plants in a garden. I'm wondering if you can recommend some well-cared-for vegetable gardens that I can contact for permission to photograph there. I will be happy to make my images available to them at no cost. My first thought was the UofM Extension because you have been so helpful in the past with my gardening questions. If you can't recommend someone can you at least point me in the right direction since I don't know where to begin my search. I attached a few low res samples of my recent multiple exposure images to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Thank you in advance, George Peters


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Hennepin County Minnesota about 16 hours ago

Apple Trees

Are there any NON-hybrid trees that grow in Northern Minnesota (Bemidji area)?


Beltrami County Minnesota about 16 hours ago

Browning cedar tree

I have an established cedar tree in my urban front yard in Corvallis that has been shedding for the past few years and is now browning up the tree. This year I watered it more, but it continues to brown. I don't see other signs of bug infestation, but may be missing something. What can I try to save the tree? Where can I get consultation on it?


Benton County Oregon trees and shrubs about 17 hours ago

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