Home remedy for snow mold

Is there a soap or vinegar solution that will kill off the snow mold after we rake up the thatch that shows?


Benton County Washington fungi about 2 hours ago

type of spider

Is this a brown recluse? if not can you tell me what type of spider this is?



Bexar County Texas about 13 hours ago

Irregular projections on stems of Kennebec Potato Plants

What is causing these wrinkles on some of the stems of my Kennebec potato plants?



Howard County Maryland about 16 hours ago

What's up with my mate

Please see pictures
I water regularly(non draining pot) and sits on window sill in sun if we have any,I'm in the uk
What's matter with her?


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Outside United States yellowing drainage in containers about 17 hours ago

What kind of grass?

I moved here from the Chicago area, where the ground contains less clay. I bought a house and have quite a bad problem with mud. what type of grass is best to plant, and what else can I do to reduce the mud? My dog and floors thank you.


Iowa County Iowa about 18 hours ago

can you share your gardening knowledge

hi, my name is Pennie Eisenbeis and I am the ForeverWell Coordinator at the Rochester YMCA. I provide experiences for our Senior population. I would love to have a Master Gardener come speak to us sometime this spring. I realize that it is short notice, but If someone could come Monday April 22 Earth Day and give a presentation ( topic of choice) that would be wonderful! this group is very social and like to hang out and sip coffee and chat every morning of the week. between 8-10 is the best time to reach them. they are still very active members of the community and doing a great thing by being active YMCA members. if 4/22 will not work, then I am open to any other day. please contact me. thank you for your time


Olmsted County Minnesota about 19 hours ago

I found this growing in my yard, and have no idea what it is I was hoping...

I found this growing in my yard, and have no idea what it is I was hoping someone there could tell me.. Thank You, Harold Alger


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Polk County Oregon plant identification euphorbia about 22 hours ago

Bradford pears

Are Bradford Pear trees considered invasive and are we advised not to plant them?


Oakland County Michigan about 22 hours ago

Identifying Hawks

Client came in needing help identifying a couple of hawks. Attached is some pictures of a gray hawk, she thinks may be a Sharp Shinned Hawk. She estimates it to be about 12". The Golden Hawk is Girthy and estimated to be 25" and likes the pine trees. Please identify if you can and pass along any added info you might have in regards to the hawk species. She believes both of these hawks are juvenile hawks. Thank You


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Clare County Michigan hawk identification about 22 hours ago

Scotch broom removal

I need to clear about 70 acres of it and I want to get started now Iv read the relevance and just want to k ow what you suggest for such a large projection? Thank you for your time


Clackamas County Oregon weeds scotch broom forestry about 23 hours ago


A tenant of mine found this spider in the basement and claims it is a brown recluse spider. We live in Rhode Island and these spiders are rare here. But he is insisting it is a harmful spider. Can anyone help? Thanks!!



Kent County Rhode Island about 23 hours ago

soil testing

what i need to do and where to send it my lawn is a mess,with more weeds then grass.


Baltimore County Maryland soil testing about 23 hours ago


I was wondering if you send out representatives to give workshops about how to set up a garden in the backyard. I work at Aurora Charter School in south Minneapolis and we are having an environmental carnival in April. We want to educate parents about gardening. Thank you, Elizabeth Regalado


Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

What is growing in my yard?

Could someone tell me what this is growing in my yard? (see pictures) It seems to be invasive and is taking over more of the lawn each year.


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Frederick County Maryland lawns and turf bermudagrass weed identification 1 day ago

Shortly after moving to our new townhouse this tree started making a constant...

Shortly after moving to our new townhouse this tree started making a constant mess. I hate to cut it out but the almost daily sweeping and cleaning up is to much for us. It drops 100s of berries a day even throughout the winter. This is what they look like now. Is there anything that can be done?



New Castle County Delaware 1 day ago

Wood she’s in my garden

I’m in Tucson AZ. I burn mesquite firewood in the winter which has a lot of ash. My soil is just about pure sand,a bit on the alkaline side. I want to get some benefit from the ash, do I dare put it on my garden or mix it in my big cow manure composting piles?


Pima County Arizona soil and fertility issues 1 day ago

Lime and soil amendments

I recently started a new raised garden. Purchased organic soil, manure, coconut coir, azomite rock dust and fish emulsion. I had tested my organic soil and it was on the acidic side so purchased dehydrated lime. I added everything together at once! I should have researched beforehand but am new to this and didn’t even think adding lime with the amendments could be harmful. I am growing seeds indoor and will be transplanting in the next 4-5 weeks. Will I kill my plants? Please help



York County South Carolina soil 1 day ago


I would like a groundcover under 6 inches high to grow in mostly shade in Michigan. What do you suggest? Color would be a bonus! Thanks!


Wayne County Michigan groundcovers for shade 1 day ago

Fruit Trees - "Backyard Orchard Culture"


I am looking to start a backyard garden with a couple fruit trees. I’m pretty new to this, so please forgive me if my questions seem basic – I want to learn as much as I can so I don’t mess up!

I’ve read about the space requirements for trees, and honestly, I’m pushing it kinda close – I think I might be able to fit two or maybe three dwarf trees (I don’t have a ton of room with full sun). I do, however, want to maximize space and variety (ideally, I’d like a couple varieties of apples, and maybe cherries and pears if I could fit them in). I recently ran across a few articles on “Backyard Orchard Culture” - and . Before I invest a lot of time and money, I was hoping to get some input from you (after all, if this fails, it’s a three to four year process to start over again.

1. Will this method work?

2. What type of yields should I expect? (I know it says smaller, but I’m pretty unfamiliar with what a standard yield might be).

3. Would you recommend this type of system? Like I said, if it works, I’d love to have a several varieties of each fruit rather than just one or two – would you recommend trying this, or should I just stick to one or two? Please let me know your thoughts.





Wayne County Michigan fruit trees horticulture gardening 1 day ago

How to kill toxoplasma gondii cysts in raised bed soil

We just discovered that a feral cat used our 4'Wx8'Lx2'D raised beds for a litter box at least eight times over the winter. What can we do make the beds safe for planting vegetables this year? (We have a toddler who would be using the boxes as well.) For example, we were planning to remove and replace the top 12" of soil, at least.

EDIT: Schizophrenia runs in our immediate family, so it is EXTREMELY important to us that we eradicate any cysts.


Boulder County Colorado 1 day ago

Treated wood for vegetable garden

I appreciate if you can provide me your advise on using treated lumber for vegetable garden bedding. Primary use of vegetables are for consumption. Here is the link for the wood I see in Home Depot. Thanks Jagesh


Howard County Maryland 1 day ago

A few arborvitae hedges have died. Will the others follow?

A few of our arborvitae hedges died. They were next to each other. There were noticeable small holes, a few millimeters wide, in the trunk. Do you know what the cause might be and are the rest doomed or is there something to do to prevent it happening to the others?


Clackamas County Oregon trees and shrubs 1 day ago

Weeding my raspberry patch

I have a productive raspberry patch where the weeds are fighting for space. There is an abundance of wild garlic/onions(?) that are gaining a foothold. Actually, they are gaining a foothold in my lawn as well. What is the best way for me to rid the raspberry patch of this onion/garlic infestation please? Is this simply going to be a get down on hands and knees and dig up this invader scenario, or is there another way? Also I would like to get rid of all the other weeds that are competing for the nutrients in this space. Thank you for any assistance.


Baltimore Maryland fruit weeds 1 day ago

Bermuda grass

How do we control/get rid of Bermuda grass on an established lawn?


Montgomery County Maryland lawns and turf 2 days ago

pressure cooking dry beans

I am looking for a table of cooking times and bean:water ratios for various types of dry beans in a stove top pressure cooker. I want to cook the beans without pre-soaking. Can you help?


Ingham County Michigan pressure cooking dry beans 2 days ago

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