Help for a salt damaged evergreen?

Hello, I used salt on a driveway and ended up with a salt damaged evergreen. Is there anything I can do to mitigate the effects of the salt? Thank you, Ellen


Ramsey County Minnesota about 7 hours ago

How to help salt damaged evergreens

I used salt on icy driveway this winter and now find a salt damaged evergreen tree. The ends of many branches are browned and dry, used the Extension website to diagnose. I am hopeful all of the rain will help restore the tree. Is there anything else I could do to mitigate the effects of the salt? Thank you for your help!


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Ramsey County Minnesota horticulture salt damage to trees about 7 hours ago


I am new at potscaping and would like to know what trees and shrubs would be easiest to grow in MN in a 14" by 14" ceramic planter. I do have a Dwarf Alberta Spruce I would like to try. What would be the best soil type? Should I mulch? Can I cut the root ball if it gets too large? When is the best time of the year to both cut the root ball or prune?


Washington County Minnesota about 7 hours ago

Cutting down shrubs

I have 2 large bushes & I want to cut them down in half. When should I do that? Fall or spring?



Macomb County Michigan pruning shrubs trees and shrubs about 8 hours ago

Identifying a bird

I have a lot of these yellow marked birds around my house in Larimer county. I don't know if you have an ornithologist on staff, but I would be pleased if someone could identify them for me. This poor girl died finding out she couldn't fly into my house through a sliding glass door that was closed.


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Larimer County Colorado birds bird identification backyard birds vireo bird collisions about 9 hours ago


I have several Astilbe plants in my backyard garden and as you can see several plants have brown-dead leaves around the bottom of the plant, while others look very healthy. I remember last year this happened to one plant, which came back fine this year. I cannot see any bugs. Any ideas? Thank you for your assistance.



Ramsey County Minnesota horticulture astilbe about 9 hours ago

Canning tuna @ home

How many pounds of tuna on the fin = 1/2 pint? What is the best time to can tuna? Thanks


Lane County Oregon home food preservation food safety about 10 hours ago

mosquito control

Which plants can be grown in zone five that mosuitos don't like?


Maine about 10 hours ago

Beetle ID

A friend of mine asked me to ID this beetle that she saw in France. I'm actually a geologist/meteorologist, but some of my friends thinks that qualifies me for any science question! I've looked, but had no luck. It has some pretty diagnostic features though, so I expect it wouldn't be too difficult for and entymolgist. Hope you can help.



Outside United States entomology about 11 hours ago

Logging Contract

My brothers and I own a 45-acre parcel in Newport Center, Vermont, that we want to log according to our approved Forest Management Plan. I have a logger in mind and would like to send him a contract. Do you have a template for a logging contract that you can share?

Thanks very much.
David Sleeper


Orleans County Vermont about 12 hours ago


Where can I bring a weed to find how to get it out of the garden and lawn


Chisago County Minnesota horticulture weed identification about 13 hours ago


Deer are eating my rose is sharon’s


Erie County New York wildlife damage management about 13 hours ago

artichoke division

I have 3 artichoke plants....they produced fairly well this year, but they haven't formed any new plants at their base. I thought last year it happened in late summer. I wanted to divide them, but have yet to see anything. I also was thinking to cut them back now since they are done producing for the year. I live in Grants Pass, Oregon. If you can suggest a good artichoke growing resource, would be much appreciated. Thanks, Katie a


Josephine County Oregon horticulture vegetable gardening about 14 hours ago

Is this a grass?

I have this grass that has suddenly started growing in my garden. It is only in the garden area. It did not begin growing until after I roto tilled the garden.



St. Clair County Michigan grass identification weed identification about 14 hours ago

Fine line buckthorn

Are there are restrictions against planting the fine line buckthorn in Boulder county, Colorado or in the town of Erie, Colorado?
I’ve read that some buckthorn species are considered invasive in some parts of the country.


Boulder County Colorado about 14 hours ago

White worm eating up my flower plants

Hello I have one type of flower which is covered in little white worm-like things which is eating the plants. Only the one kind of flowers so far. I am sorry but I don't know the name of it. it usually gets about 2' tall and has yellow blooms. I have attached a photo of the worm on the leaves. Can you help me determine how to handle it?



Hennepin County Minnesota about 14 hours ago

rogue squash?

Last year I had spaghetti squash, butternut squash and cantaloupe in my garden. This year many squash vines appeared and I thought they were volunteer butternut squash plants. As the fruit started to ripen I then thought they were spaghetti squash. But when I cooked one last night it was neither, a lot of water, white, very little flesh, no taste. What is it? I am a Master Gardener and would like to share the information with my group. Thank you


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Harford County Maryland vegetables abiotic issues about 14 hours ago

Shrub identification

I have a tall shrub (about 15 ft) in my backyard with berries that turn from yellowish to red, then shrivel to leave a black seed. I would like to find out what it is and whether the berries are poison, as I have a baby who often puts things in her mouth.


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Hennepin County Minnesota honeysuckle plant identification plant toxicity about 15 hours ago

Trees and bush in front yard are dying...

Hi there, I have two dogwood trees in my front yard that have always thrived. our front yard faces south and gets a lot of sun. One of the trees has a large holy bush next to it. The holy bush has completely died, and the dogwood's leaves are starting to die. My other dogwood has several branches that never produced leaves this spring and the ones that do have leaves look sad. What could be going on?


Howard County Maryland dogwood tree branch dieback about 15 hours ago

I live on the Little Darby in Madison County. I'm interested in attracting...

I live on the Little Darby in Madison County. I'm interested in attracting bats to this area for mosquito control. Kind of houses? Placement? Other ways to attract?


Madison County Ohio attracting bats about 15 hours ago

Maple tree

I have a beautiful sugar maple tree that was planted about 8 years ago. This year some of the leaves have an odd growth on them. The growth stands upright and is firmly attached. I'll attach photos. I am wondering if something should be done about this or if it is nothing to worry about. I sure would hate to have damage done to this beautiful tree. Thanks for the help.


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St. Louis County Minnesota about 15 hours ago

Tomato plant leaves turning brown

Figure some type of disease, is there a treatment or cure. Happens every year. I have cell phone pictures that I could text.


Frederick County Maryland vegetables about 15 hours ago

Gypsy moth egg sacs

I have numerous egg sacs on my Crimson Red Maple with some defoliation already occurring. I tried to flush them off the tree using a high stream of spray from my hose. Now I'm concerned that wasn't the right thing to do. Can I saturate the ground where they fell with a soapy water solution to kill larvae or what should I do? I hope I didn't inadvertently make the problem worse. Thank you


Wayne County Michigan gypsy moth management about 15 hours ago

plant ID

What is this sapling?



Prince George's County Maryland plant identification trees and shrubs about 15 hours ago

plant id

Please ID this sapling? for me.



Prince George's County Maryland trees plant identification about 15 hours ago

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