Is my Japanese Bloodgood dying?

My Bloodgood has been my front yard for about 15 years has been very healthy, my wife and I we’re walking around our yard and checking out our various plants and I noticed our Bloodgood tree leaves were orange And looked very wilted and kind of curled up,we have had a hot & dry spell lately, but we do every summer and our tree hasn’t had any problems before , that being said , is this just a lack of water? Pics attached


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Ingham County Michigan bloodgood maple under stress acer palmatum atropurpureum about 1 hour ago

Is this a type of pine tree

This just popped up in the yard


Sherburne County Minnesota about 16 hours ago

Flowering weed or ?

Found this on side of garage never noticed this in previous years. Do you know what this is?


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Hennepin County Minnesota about 17 hours ago

Johnson grass extermination

How do I eradicate Johnson Grass (sorgham helepense) in my NOMOW Bluegrass? Are there any selective herbicides that kills Johnson Grass but not the tall bluegrass?


Bonner County Idaho herbicides about 18 hours ago

Madronne over side sewer

I have a young 7' tall madronne that appeared in my yard over an 8' deep side sewer.. what will the diameter of the trunk be in 10 years? ... 20 years? ... will the roots cause a problem? Should I dig it out??


King County Washington trees and shrubs trees and sewer lines about 19 hours ago

Over whelmed by weeds!

My garden is totally taken over by what looks like lemon balm and by a noxious weed that was sold to me as a " good garden filler." It has tiny pink flowers (thousands of seeds) on a slim stalk, grows to 10", branches into prolific narrow pointed silvery/green leaves. The garden was under reasonable control until we returned from a 2 week trip to find it was completely invaded by weeds Pulling everything is futile because they are so rapid growing and overwhelming. I'd like to kill everything in the bed after removing the plants that i want to save. Is this the best plan? Other than shaking off as much dirt as possible, how can I keep from transferring these weed seeds with my relocated plants? Thank you for helping me.


Minnesota about 19 hours ago

Raspberry jam

I bought to much tin canned raspberry Jam and looking for a way to presserve it in small glass jars without freezing it. Is it possible to recan it safely?


Skagit County Washington home food preservation about 19 hours ago

Black fungus on cherry trees?

Does my cherry tree (hardy pie cherries, Canadian bred variety) have black fungus? Looks like the fungus that killed my magnolias a year or so ago. Another cherry tree in the neighborhood, which is a UofM bred ?Meteor? cherry, does not show it yet. Anything I can do?


Hennepin County Minnesota about 20 hours ago

Lily bulb color?

Hi I recently purchased Oriental lilies, Cultivar: Lavon and when I received them, the bulbs were purple and firm, meaning they felt healthy. What I am concerned about is should the bulbs be purple, or should they be white like normal bulbs?


Will County Illinois bulbs about 20 hours ago

Endless blue hydrangea help

Hello. I'm looking for help with an Endless Blue Hydrangea. I purchased the plant (see pic) this spring and the blooms were a beautiful blue. I've tried soil acidifier to change the pH of the soil, but am not having luck with returning the blooms to a blue color. The soil acidifier is old. Initially I tried the recommendation of a 1/4 cup of the acidifier a month ago. Last week I tried about 1-1/2 cups of granules to the soil. I took the picture this morning. I live in Woodbury and where the soil is mostly clay.


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Washington County Minnesota about 21 hours ago

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