Ants live inside my nose

My face and my head is been itching for the pass year I just noticed a small ants coming out from my nose i bern trying to do a lot things to kill those ants but nothing is working I don't know what to do


Los Angeles County CA about 8 hours ago

Cicada Killer hornet

Should I destroy the cicada killer hornet that is digging holes in my lawn? I'm located in Leola, PA and in the past week I've noticed holes bored into my lawn with fresh soil bored out of the hole. A cicada killer is constantly flying around and I have no way of capturing it.


Lancaster County PA about 13 hours ago

is anyone else worried?

I live in Chaska on the bluffs over the MN River, in a neighborhood with woods and open unmowed fields and a pond down the way. I avidly photograph the dragonflies in the fields of the neighborhood, and the distressing thing is, there are almost no subjects for my camera this summer and in particular this month. There are a few forktail damselflies, a few meadowhawks, and one lonely Green Darner. There were a few Blue Dashers, now gone, and I saw only one Pondhawk this summer. there should be a September crop of Green Darners, we'll see if they arrive, and I usually see Black Saddlebags in the fall on even-numbered years, none yet. Is anyone else worried? I don't know if it is due to a successful mosquito-bombing project, because it was so hot early in the summer, because our pond is on its downslope, with muskrats or beavers gnawing down the cattails they crawl out on, or the ducks and geese turning it into an algaefied swamp...I haven't been doing this long enough to know how much of an up and downswing is "normal" from one year to the next....It is also noticeable that there aren't even any aphids eating the milkweed (or anything else), even the small flocks that the ants were tending seem to have died off, or disappeared...any thoughts?


Carver County MN about 13 hours ago

Top of Arborvitaes turning brown

I planted a row of Arborvitaes this spring. I live in New England on the south coast. A number of them are turning brown starting at the top. It has been a hot summer without rain. I believe I was negligent in watering as the last time I planted they did well on their own. If I continue to water regularly, can I bring them back? Thank you



Bristol County MA about 16 hours ago

Is this a fern?

Hello Is the pic I’m sending some type of fern? What is it exactly??? Thanks Nancy Murray



Newaygo County MI about 17 hours ago

Gardening - Hostas being eaten by bugs

Something is eating our hostas. Based on photo - can anyone provide help in identifying the culprits?
What should we do to protect the plants?



Oakland County MI about 17 hours ago

Bug Indentification

what kind of bug is this?


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Hennepin County MN about 18 hours ago

Why is my mature tomato plant wilting/dying

I'm using one of those grow boxes by grow patch where bottom is water and above the water part is approx. 6 to 8 inches if soil. It produced tomatoes early on and all the plants looked great. 3 months later the plant itself looks wilty and is losing its leaves. ( almost looks like plant is going to die here soon ). This is the first year we've ever grown tomatoes in a grow box and it's really hard to find answers regarding growing tomatoes in grow boxes. I'm am at a loss as to what is going on. I hope you can help me understand what is going on. Thank you, Leslie Brenner



Mariposa County CA about 18 hours ago

My Colorado blue spruce loosing its branches

Blue spruce dying half a tree gone only dead branches. It appears to have spread to my beautiful huge evergreen ( not blue). What can I do?!!! Can’t lose three trees!


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Macomb County MI about 18 hours ago

Bee like insects on magnolia

I have a magnolia tree that has swarms of bees on it that seem to have laid some kind of larva. I have a picture. The larva are little pustules covered in a spider-web like mesh. When squeezed. The pop like a pimple and a dark red liquid comes out.



Ramsey County MN about 18 hours ago

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