When to plant

I wanted to do this zany 25th but With it raining so much, I can’t get into the garden to till or plant. How late can I plant pumpkin,tomato,zucchini squash hot pepper baby plants as well as starter potatoes? Thank you!


Wright County MN 44 minutes ago

Do you know what this weed is?

I think this might be wild parsnip but I am not sure. I'm not able to find any other pinnate compound leaves that look remotely like it. Do you know what this weed is?


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St. Louis County MN about 2 hours ago

Rugosa Rose

My rugosa became infected with these balls two summers ago. What are they and how do I get rid of them? I tried to prune them out, but they came back. Thanks.



Stearns County MN roses about 2 hours ago

Ash chips?

Will putting ash tree wood chips around a Bosc pear tree be harmful to the peAr tree?


Ulster County NY about 4 hours ago

When can my annuals be planted in the ground this year ?

Due to such cold weather, I am unclear about when I can plant I live in Minnetonka. Evening temps are about 53 degrees. Please advise


Hennepin County MN about 4 hours ago

Hot sauce start -up

Hello, I am looking for help with recommendations for the following: Co- Packers and General Liability Insurance for hot sauce sales and distribution. Thank you very much for your time , Frank Buzas


Muskegon County MI small business product development about 7 hours ago

What kind of snake is this. Live in georgia

Can you please tell me what kind of snake this is. Was by my porch



Effingham County GA nerodia fasciata southern banded watersnake snakes of georgia banded watersnake about 7 hours ago

Raspberry root rot

My 2 yr old raspberries are starting to die at the end of my 15’ backyard row. I think it’s a root rot issue. Any solutions? So, if I can’t grow red raspberries I remember hearing about the root rot resistance success of Arden berries. Where can I buy these to start again ?



Washington County OR raspberries about 12 hours ago

Fungus on Black Gold cherry tree fruit

Hi, This year is one of the first years I got quite a few blossoms on my black gold cherry tree (on gisela root stock). Most of them formed little cherries, but after a couple weeks, many of them were still small and some were covered in fungus. I also noticed many leaves were shriveled or dead. It seems maybe there is an infection -- possibly brown rot. Would you agree with this diagnosis? Is there any recommendation on how to control the infection and save my tree? And if it can be saved, is there anything I can do to prevent it in the future? Thanks! Andrew


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Montgomery County MD fruit disease issues about 17 hours ago

Growing flax

I am thinking of turning part of my yard into a meadow. I was thinking of growing flax, but can't find much information or advice about the fesability of growing it.


Chisago County MN about 17 hours ago

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