Trimming OAK trees now?

Utility companies are trimming oak trees in our neighborhood TODAY. They say it is ok per the U of M Extension guidelines. I am of the understanding in the dead of winter is the only time oaks can be cut/pruned without adverse effects. Please weigh in TODAY, This Morning if at all possible, I hear chain saws....


Hennepin County Minnesota about 4 hours ago

Weeping cherry tree bleeds sap

My cherry tree has this clear reddish sap from the trunk. I noticed it last year, it is significantly bigger this year. What is it and what can I do about it? Thank you for your help. Please see photos attached.


Cherry_tree1_300x300%2523 Cherry_tree2a_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Pennsylvania about 5 hours ago

ID caterpillar

Found on red twig dogwood. It's brethren wrecked havoc & fled



Howard County Maryland trees and shrubs insect pest about 5 hours ago

Please ID this caterpillar

All of its brethren emerged from their casings where they have been sjeleronizing a grove of red tug dogwood. This one was lazing on a leaf. Please identify. Thanks!



Howard County Maryland trees and shrubs insect pests about 5 hours ago

Orchid identification

Please identify the species. Makes long flower stems with fragrant little white flowers.


1472215970490636263790_300x300%2523 147221598253353244538_300x300%2523

Outside United States about 6 hours ago

Tomatoe plant

The deer recently pruned my tomatoe plant and ate most of the tomatoes. Is there anything I can do to promote the plant to produce more tomatoes?


Muskegon County Michigan vegetable gardening about 8 hours ago

Master's Program

i reside in Nigeria I will love to do my master's program in your, how can I go about it.


Outside United States about 9 hours ago

What kind of spider is this?

I found this spider outside my little brothers school and I just wanted to know what type of spider it is to be more informed about it.



Outside United States about 13 hours ago

Improving vegetable garden soil

I keep adding organic material to my vegetable garden to breakdown the clay content in the soil. Today, I weeded my 20' bed of butter beans, which was overgrown due to the weather (heat and rain). I was wondering if I could spread out the weeds, let them dry, then rototil them into the soil, just like regular organic matter? The weeds had not gone to seed yet, so I thought it would be a good idea to help break down the clay content. What do you think?


Baltimore County Maryland weeds vegetable gardening organic matter about 15 hours ago

Identifying a strange plant

HI, I have a 8 foot tall unknown monster just developing buds. Any thoughts on what it may be.


Dsc_1040_300x300%2523 Dsc_1038_300x300%2523 Dsc_1030_300x300%2523

Outside United States horticulture about 15 hours ago

Old Cotton Wood Tree Trimmin'

Hello there and thank you for taking the time to answer my question. We share a very large cotton wood with our neighbors. I found out when the best time to trim them is, but what I want to know is how often I need to have it trimmed, and what do I look for to know it needs a trimming. Thank you, I included some pictures of the trunk and the underside. It really is a dinosaur of a tree. Mike Mullan 612-227-9753


Img_2936_300x300%2523 Img_2937_300x300%2523 Img_2938_300x300%2523

Ramsey County Minnesota cottonwood horticulture tree trimming about 17 hours ago

Plant identification

I just need to know if these berries are toxic. Thanks



Kalamazoo County Michigan plant identification about 18 hours ago

??? privet hawk catepillar

Online info shows a map for this critter as European through Asia, NOTHING in the Americas. Three inches long, at least 3/8 inch in diameter medium green with white vertical stripe and a menacing looking purple spine near one end, regrettably poorly visible in the photo. Concerned that this could be a new import which mysteriously showed up in my 11 year old garden, I would appreciate your advice on what to do to, or, with it. It devoured a medium sized, recurrent moon flower (angel trumpet) bush. It emits waste which blackens when exposed to normal air. Currently constrained to a container with limited breathing holes, waste presents as medium brown. Could you show me into what it would transform ?



Clark County Nevada insect issues caterpillars about 18 hours ago

Tomatoes gone bad

My beautiful tomatoes have suddenly started splitting and developed ugly dark spots of fungus. I watered religiously before 9AM in our very hot climate. They are growing in Miracle Grow soil for Tomatoes and I do fertilize every 2 weeks. What am I doing wrong? They started off so beautifully and big. Thank you.


Montgomery County Maryland vegetables tomatoes about 18 hours ago

Canning Alfredo Sauce

Hello - I am curious if you can safely pressure can homemade Alfredo Sauce. Do you have a safe recipe that you would recommend? Are there any precautions to be weary of? Thank you1


Washington County Oregon home food preservation food safety about 19 hours ago

Spotted cucumber leaves, no flowering or fruit on pole bean plant, etc.

We planted a raised garden on 7/17/16, and were delighted to see things taking off so prolifically. bUt unfortunately the beans are not flowing or yielding any beans, and the cucumber plants, while abundant in flowers and some baby cucumbers, have leaves that look spotted (possibly Downy Mold?). We do water regularly and use an organic mixed soil and would love to salvage whatever we can. We also have some very large tomato plants that have a few flowers. Should we pull out the spotted cucumber leaves?


Baltimore County Maryland vegetables cucumber tomato about 19 hours ago

Advice for spotted cucumber leaves and more

We planted a raised bed garden (perhaps too late in the season?) but initially things looked good. Now we have found there to be what we think is downy mold on our cucumber leaves, despite the prolific flowering underneath. Behind the cucumbers we have a prolific pole bean vine growing abundantly but no flowers or beans. On the other end are massive tomato plants with a few flowers but so far no fruit. Should we rip out all the spotted cucumber leaves? A friend suggested that perhaps we had over planted and the cucumbers needed more air even though we have strong sun on a southern exposure. Any guidance for salvaging the plants?


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland vegetables spots on leaves flowers about 19 hours ago

What is this berry bush?

This is more of a tree. I squeezed it and it has two small seeds inside.


20160824_150829_300x300%2523 20160824_150923_300x300%2523 20160824_150839_300x300%2523

Camp County Texas about 19 hours ago

What plant is this

I'm just curious what these are no one in my family knows


Tia1091774572_300x300%2523 Tia1273520952_300x300%2523

Sanilac County Michigan about 19 hours ago


I have been told that our St. Augustine lawn needs aeration because of compacted soil and thick thatch that has caused runners to shoot up from the grass. In checking with local lawn care providers, I am finding different opinions: One says top dress with peat moss, one says compost, and another says no top dressing is needed. Also, when is the best time to aerate grass?


Tarrant County Texas about 20 hours ago

Popping up in drought

What is this and do we keep it or pull it out



Worcester County Massachusetts weed identification about 21 hours ago

What's wrong with my grapes?

I have 4 grape vines: concord-approximately 45 years old (now appears dead?) 2 interlaken approximately 38 years old 1 red, variety forgotten approximately 36 years old Some years good producers, some years not. I don't water, don't fertilize, don't treat with anything. Very cold winters are usually followed by abundant crops. This year, I noticed the concord vine appeared dead--no leaves, no grapes. The other vines have areas with dead leaves (photo 1) , some very brittle vines (dead?) or vines with black marks (photo 3), and dried up grapes (photo 2). What is happening? Pierce disease (i'm trying to diagnose via internet)? What should I do? I am currently cleaning up the "bad looking stuff" and will discard (yard recycling--yes? or no?). Any advice on dealing with this and planning for replanting if necessary would be appreciated. Cecelia Peters, Albany, Or 541-791-1144


P1020301_300x300%2523 P1020303_300x300%2523 P1020304_300x300%2523

Linn County Oregon grapes horticulture diagnosis of plant problems about 21 hours ago

Grapevine woes

My table grapes are all stunted and shriveled up this year....and leaves are spotted and dry. Is there a fungus among us? These vines have been fine the past two years I've owned them. Very old tho. What is it? And what can I do about it? Barbara in Brownsville.


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Linn County Oregon grapes diagnosis of plant problems horticulture about 21 hours ago

Little Dark Brown Beetle Invading My House

Hi, for the first time in the 12 years I have lived in my house, there are a ton of tiny little dark brown beetles all over indoors. They are getting into grain-based foods and making a general nuisance of themselves. Can you please help me with what they are so I can find out how to get rid of them? I've attached a couple of pictures. Thank you so much!


Beetle_with_dime_300x300%2523 Beetle_300x300%2523

Douglas County Colorado about 22 hours ago

fourwing saltbush

I'm noticing fuzzy white balls on some of the fourwing saltbush. Is this a disease? Midges?


Delta County Colorado trees and shrubs about 22 hours ago

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