I am looking for an arborist to inspect my weeping cherry tree which was...

I am looking for an arborist to inspect my weeping cherry tree which was planted last spring. After planting in the spring and establishing itself throughout the growing season, it showed multiple signs of distress on the leaves and branches. I am looking for an arborist to inspect the tree now during its dormant state and provide advice on steps to take now and in the future to improve the overall health of the tree.

Any suggestions for an arborist to make a garden call in Ocean Park? Thank you!


Pacific County WA about 20 hours ago

Cropland rental rates

We live in Alabama, but own some land in Northwest Ohio. It is about 16 acres of woods and 5 acres of open cropland. The current operator bought most of my parents farm from the estate, I retained a part for sentimental (not logical) reasons. Several years have passed, logic is suggesting a change. How do we find what would be a reasonable rent for the cropland?


Van Wert County OH about 21 hours ago

Compost bin to grow potatoes?

Hi - several years ago I bought a composter bin from Metro. When the City of Portland introduced composting to yard waste, I stopped using my own bin. I don't really have time to commit to compost, but I do have time to grow potatoes. I'm wondering whether it's a good idea to grow winter potatoes in one of the compost bins? I'm thinking of removing the lid so the potato plans can grow, and then using the access door at the bottom to harvest. Thoughts?



Multnomah County OR about 22 hours ago

blueberry tip dieback.

this year , die back is worse and the branches are "off color" showing disease. I have rad that copper may be the ?only ? application for this . Is that true ? If so, what time of year, how often? I have 15 plants, two locations, and all are affected. Alvadore, Or. area.


Lane County OR about 23 hours ago

Are there others like me in the Reedsport area ?

Finally got moved back to Reedsport after 35 yrs. Had an outta town job. Only have 90 sq.ft.(18'x 5') 1st time going all container, gardening since 2 yrs old, 1959.Wow, you'd think I'da learned something by now.
Have a 6 ft wood fence on each end, & 4 ft along one side, 28" sidewalk
along the 4th side. Actually sounds pretty good once I describe it. My question is , what varieties are suited to my zone 9a ? Which best work in containers, & container sizes & configurations for various types. I have a list of my top picks from your blurb Coastal Gardening Pac NW.
An ol' timer has moved home to see what you kids have learned. Thanks...


Douglas County OR about 24 hours ago

Revitalizing Neglected Hazelnut Trees

I recently bought a homestead / abandoned farm on the southern end of the Kitsap Peninsula, in Pierce County WA (Longbranch, 98351). There are 4 clusters of Hazel Nut trees that have been neglected for years that we would like to take care of, but we have little to no experience with nut trees. There are some partially rotted very large limbs, and above 7' the crowns are pretty much a rat's nest. All the trees produce a bounty of nuts and our sense is they would fare better and longer with some care. Unfortunately, we don't know where to begin and have been unable to find much information other than managing young trees.



Pierce County WA 1 day ago

dying Boston Fern

I am caring for 6 Boston ferns this winter in a friend's green house. There were a lot of brown fronds when I got these and they have not improved in the last 4 months. any ideas of what to do? Should I pull out all the dead fronds? mist daily? Do they need food?


Johnson County IA 1 day ago

Baby clamatis

We just bought 6 little pots of clamatis. It’s winter so they are all dormant of course. It may be another week before we can transplant them into much larger pots that will be more insulated. Until then, they’re in very tiny plastic pots. Because it’s getting down to 30 degrees at night, we are bringing them in so that the soil doesn’t freeze. So that my cats don’t mess with them, I’m putting them in a spare bathroom with the door shut at night, so they’re getting no sunlight at night. Does it matter if they get sunlight right now since they’re dormant? I’m trying to determine if I can just leave them safe in the dark bathroom until I can get them transplanted.


District of Columbia County DC 1 day ago

Lemon tree issue

Hello I live in Toronto and have my lemon trees in pots. Inside during the winter and outside for the rest of the year. This year when I brought the plants in - one of them immediately lost 40% of the leaves . Now months later the leaves have edge browning - and the tips are curling . On another plant some leaves are yellow. I have had these for 5 years - all care is the same. Thank you


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OUTSIDEUS 1 day ago

Yard Design

Need help designing a front yard garden before spring, could anyone help out.



Lane County OR 1 day ago

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