American burying beetle in home

Hello! I have found an American burying beetle in our house and am wondering if I should be worried with young children running around. I don’t know if he just accidentally managed to find his way in through a crack? But he was in the basement. Do they bite? Should I be worried there is something dead near the house? So many questions. Thank you so much for you help. Kendra


Sherburne County Minnesota about 8 hours ago

Lace bugs and rhodies

  • Is it okay to just remove the old leaves damaged by last year's lace bug infestation leaving the new growth only? I sprayed with neem oil about a week ago and am finding a few adult lace bugs under most of the old leaves. They have not moved on to the this year's growth yet.


Lane County Oregon about 10 hours ago

Historical Stamp

Hi, I have a stamp that was kept by my grandfather and I think it is in German but I am not positive. I think the first four letters are MIEG and then maybe VND or AND and I am not sure about the shape. I took the best pictures I could. Please let me know about any other questions!!


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Ramsey County Minnesota about 10 hours ago


Describe the behaviour of a horse under terminology that relates to equine behaviour?


Outside United States about 11 hours ago

Outdoor plant problem

Can someone please tell me what might be causing this? It is orange, not simply a brown dry section. Is affecting just a few random leaves.



Benton County Oregon about 12 hours ago

Why Are Boxwood Leaves Browning

After being covered by a tarp for an hour this past Wednesday, a cloudy and cool day with sun breaks in Portland, the tops of the boxwoods began turning brown and wilted within hours. See photo. Why? What to do—cut out browned/wilted leaves now (to avoid spreading of damage?) or wait to see if recovers and re-greens on own? One boxwood was not covered and is doing fine.


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Multnomah County Oregon about 12 hours ago

water pollination?

i was wondering if i had a mini spray bottle and but some squash flowers in it and mix with water. could i spray them onto other flowers to pollinate them? i’m thinking about doing this method for corn too


San Diego County California about 12 hours ago

red looking area in my lawn

Do I have fungus in my lawn? I have a hill area in my backyard and the slope has several areas that have spots of red/yellow looking grass. When I try to rake it - the dead grass come ups and then it is bare. We live in a condo association and the association provides the fertilization for the community. That lawn person said I had "red thread" and they do not cover that.

Is there something I can put down myself?


Livingston County Michigan about 14 hours ago

Viburnum disease

My viburnum leaves are being eaten by by something. How should I treat them? Thanks



Oakland County Michigan about 14 hours ago

Tree with no leaves

I have a mid-size tree (30 ft +/-) that does not have any leaves on it as of 06/06/2020 located in Sioux Falls, SD. The branches still appear alive with green inside when cut. Small growth at base of tree on trunk. What kind of stress could be causing this? What can be done to try to help or save the tree?


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Minnehaha County South Dakota about 14 hours ago

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