Are the use of nematodes a good choice in addressing the Japanese beetles now on my trees & lawn?


Henrico County VA 30 minutes ago


I have a few tomato adult fruit bearing plants but the bottom layer of leafs turn brown and fall off. I was told this from a virus in the soil. They not to put leaves in compost, but what do l do with the soil to be reused and not spread the disease again. thank you


St. Louis County MN 30 minutes ago

Climbing Beans no longer flowering

Hi, we’ve had great luck with growing French green beans on teepees. Good crop so far this year (of late Japanese beetles have been dining on the leaves - making them lace like) I’ve noticed that the blooms seem to be dwindling & no more are coming to replace them. We water nightly. Thoughts? HELP PLEASE


Ramsey County MN about 2 hours ago

Is this safe to eat?

We have a problem with voles/mice in our garden. We do trap them. However, we still find munched on produce. I just throw the munched beans out. However, for carrots and beets, if I cut down below the munched portion, are they still safe to use?



Hennepin County MN about 2 hours ago

Spotted tomato

I have never seen this tie dye look on a tomato ever. Can you help me identify what caused this?



Scott County MN about 2 hours ago

tent Caterpillars

I have a crab apple tree in the yard with a giant "cotton ball" nest at the top, and also a black walnut with a lower limb with same. Lots of 1/4 to 1/2 inch larvae, not caterpillars (yet). Other damage on other plans include my apple trees, raspberry plants and a ginkgo tree. I have never seen either the cotton balls nests before or the bush and tree damage and I am guessing they are related. Maybe these are Tent Caterpillars. But they seem too small. Also, Local wasps seem to hang around the cotton ball nests. So maybe they eat the larvae? I have no idea how to deal with this. I am hoping that burning everything to the ground is not needed :) HELP!


Black_walnut_nest_300x300%2523 Gingko_tree_damage_300x300%2523 Raspberry_bush_damage_300x300%2523

MN about 3 hours ago

Is this a wasp?

What kind of insect is this? I've never seen in my yard in 15 yrs. How agressive are they?


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Washington County MN about 4 hours ago

Sanitize 5gal water cans

I have a few five gallon water storage cans that have been around for years. Do have thoughts on how to sanitize them?


Yamhill County OR about 4 hours ago

Mushroom growing in a house plant

I have a pale yellow mushroom growing in my house plant. I'd live to know what it is and how to get rid of it. I thought I had white fly and sprayed my plants with Neem, but it did not work on this plant. Thank you for your help.


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Clackamas County OR about 5 hours ago

Suspicious holes in lawn

We just moved to this house and we are curious to know what this is in the grass. Worried about sink holes or bugs. The grass seems to be greener in this spot. We have city water and septic so can’t be that.


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NY about 6 hours ago

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