Cedar Tree Treetop Problem

Heyy!! My name is nicolas I am from lebanon land of cedars trees Precisely from lebanon/bekaa/zahle My question is why the treetop of my cedar tree is becoming crusty brownish color


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Outside United States trees and shrubs about 4 hours ago

cedar tree

cedar tree 100years old geting brown color from treetop please advice



Outside United States trees and shrubs about 7 hours ago

Non-blooming Native Dwarf Cranberry and sexing Indian Plum plants....

1. I have had a native Oregon Dwarf Cranberry for at least 5 years. It is waist high and 4 feet across and very healthy looking. I have never seen a bloom. What is it missing? 2. I have a native Indian Plum. It requires a male and a female. How do I tell the sex of my current Indian Plum and where then can I buy an Indian Plum that is already sexed prior to planting? (so I don't have to play the lottery on getting a male or a female) Thank you, Eric Palmer Independence, Oregon


Polk County Oregon wildflowers and native plants oemlaria about 7 hours ago

What are these planters and how do they work?

I can't remember where I saw them but these planters were in a rather large yard but I don't think it was a farm. There were three aluminum? planters in a row. They appeared to be some sort of animal feeder? or something about three feet long and maybe two and a half (or more) feet high. Since my house is on a hill just because of the grading, you can see under the deck where the dark spot grows only weeds. Three of these planters would cover this up nicely. In addition, everyone on my block is adding small gardens to their front yards. I'm a bit handicapped so I don't know if this initiating this project would be too much for me. The deck faces East. Flowers on the deck are now plastic because the sun required the planters there to be watered two times a day and they still didn't do well.


Anoka County Minnesota about 8 hours ago

wasps in grass and tree stump

I have what I think is a ground wasp which is very aggressive . Last year these same guys were in a tree stump... when I spray with wasp and hornet killer they were not fazed at all . Is there something that is more potent against them. I need help! Thank you., Theresa


St. Louis County Minnesota yellow jackets about 17 hours ago

Does anyone know what this is?

This was in my 15 yr olds ear. He slept on the floor for a sleepover last night and woke up so something buzzing ( he thought ) in his ear. He then didn’t feel it or hear it for a while so he assumed it didn’t go in. Well he was on a run and he heard it moving in his ear. So i used warm water and it came out.



York County South Carolina about 19 hours ago

Peach tree problems

Hi, I have a white princess peach tree and I wanted to know why it’s leaves have red veins on the back and then some of the leaves have a pale green, and if there is a fix to it!


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Will County Illinois peach trees about 21 hours ago

Fir worm

I have a few very tall fir trees and have noticed a pattern of bark missing and sap running. I saw little holes and pushed a small wire into the hole and pulled out what may have been a worm as it was a little squished. My firs are starting to lean as well. Several cedars look fine, thou I have spotted a small amount of sap running on a couple. Pine tree was saved due to my Dad's fight against the pine beetle. I don't think I'll be able to save them.


Outside United States trees and shrubs about 23 hours ago

Safe lead levels for beets,carrots,potatoes,and onions

What is the safe levels of lead For: beets carrots potato and onion


Salt Lake County Utah soil about 23 hours ago

ID and Treatment for a Weed

Hello, I have a persistent weed in my garden that I don't know best how to treat. I believe it arrived with a delivery of woodchip mulch. It's most striking feature is it's long running roots, by which it primarily spreads. When I pull the weed, there is always one (or more) long root stretching far just under the surface of the soil. I didn't manage to get a photo of the flower/seed stalk, but there don't seem to be obvious flowers- just a seed stalk that has a dark pink/reddish tint. Thanks so much for any help you may be able to provide!


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Pierce County Washington plant identification about 24 hours ago

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