Red maple troubles

My well established red maple is slowly becoming covered in thick white powdery stuff and some leaves are shrivelled and misshapen


Outside United States maple maple trees about 1 hour ago

Concern with maple tree

Beautiful healthy looking maple tree but has a large spot on trunk that is concerning d Do u think it is disease or hit by lightning Is there anything I can do so it does not destroy tree This spot has been on tree for past 3-4 years


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Hennepin County Minnesota about 3 hours ago

What are these??

For the past 2 weeks, our house has been bombarded with these flying things. They haven't bitten us, but they are definitely not afraid of people. The front of our house has thousands of them. We have started using the back exit to come and go. We can't identify them, therefore we don't know how to treat it. An "expert" thought they were tiger bee flies, but the wings are different.


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Anne Arundel County Maryland insect or spider id picture wing fly about 4 hours ago

Bush or tree?

This very robust plant has popped up in my partially sunny mixed border. Can you tell me what it is? Thanks.



Talbot County Maryland trees plant identification about 4 hours ago

Treating Blue Grass in High Temperatures

What is the best way to keep the grass healthy and green when the temperature is around 100 F?
Location: Grand Junction, Temperature: 100 F,
How often to water, Duration of watering, What treatments (fertilizer) should I use?
I am currently watering 3 x per week, 40 minutes per station.



Mesa County Colorado about 4 hours ago

White powder like substance on my white pine

I have three white pines that have a white powdery substance on their trunks. What is it and will it spread? What do I do ?


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Kalamazoo County Michigan about 5 hours ago

Emerald sweet cherry

3 week ago, I had lots of bright red cherries on all of my 4 trees. Then the crows came and started eating them about two weeks later and I went out to throw netting over the trees and all the cherries were covered with a gray mold and most were dried up. How do I prevent this from happening next year?


Washington County Minnesota about 5 hours ago

Concern about a Sugar Maple

My wife noticed that there seems to be little shavings from our huge maple that are falling from the air. They look like they could be wood although they are very flaky and soft. We have lived at this home for 20 years and this is the first that we have seen anything like this. The tree looks to be the picture of health, but we are concerned that it may be at risk now in some way. I have included a picture of the shavings that I caught over the last two days in a white porcelain bowl. I would appreciate any insight or instruction that you might be able to give me. Thanks so much, Ken Kunkel

PS I have also added a picture of the tree itself and a few of the leaves that have fallen. They might help to identify the tree.


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Oakland County Michigan tree health sugar maple about 6 hours ago

Hi, I went to a class/workshop in Wilmington a few years ago and there was a...

Hi, I went to a class/workshop in Wilmington a few years ago and there was a speaker who was either from Chicago or had done urban garden work there. Do you have any idea who this was and possibly have contact information ?


Hamilton County Ohio urban gardening about 6 hours ago

What is this plant?

Does it have any problem issues or should I just let it be?


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