Are they going in winter dormancy?

What'sup with my gardenias.Are they dying or going in winter dormancy?


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Minnesota gardenias about 5 hours ago

Mothballs and snakes

Our local Nextdoor social media has a hot thread about snakes in the house and the use of mothballs to discourage snakes from being in your house. Could you provide some science-based information about this subject? Please.


Prince George's County Maryland wildlife pesticides snakes snakes in house mothballs 1 day ago

California (oregon) Bay Laurel - Cyanide

I have a very large, what I believe is a California Bay Laurel tree in my back yard. There a a couple areas on my lawn below the fringes of the canopy where my grass is dying and almost nothing will grow. I did some research and learned that the leaves of these trees contain cyanide. Can you confirm that? I will be having the canopy trimmed back in the coming weeks. I'm not sure if I will try to bring the lawn back or plant some sort of ground cover. My concern is that nothing seems to grow in the areas where the grass has died and that anything else I plant in place of the grass will also be killed by the chemicals in the leaves. I'm wondering if there something I can spray or add to the soil to counteract the effect of the chemicals so that something will grow.


Multnomah County Oregon 1 day ago

Hydroponic Cucumbers


Im growing hydroponic cucumbers for the first time and I'm having trouble diagnosing what's wrong. These are from seeds (Spacemaster 80) and they germinated approx first week of October. They started out very well but took like 3 weeks to start growing up. They created large dark leaves and I recently pruned them as all of the flowers were hidden down below and there was some dying leaves turning dry/brittle in places as I don't think they were getting any light. Ive had some leaves with yellow spots and as they grew taller I've seen that most of them including the new ones have yellowing around the edges. I'm using a base hydroponics nutrient solution from Hydroponics Research called Veg+Bloom (RO/Soft). I started growing in their Hard/Tap formulation but changed that out once I got an EC meter and found out my tap water was well below 200ppm. I also added 5ml of Cal/Mag per gallon. My EC is around 2.0 and my pH is about 6.3. I'm using a Chinese knock off light which is supposed to be a "600W" LED. It's hanging about 33" from the base of the plant and cannot go any higher. I have air movement but not direct air. The temp in my room is about 70-75F and not sure of my relative humidity. The leaves feel thin and rough and have a crisp to them I'm not sure if that's normal. Pictures of my setup and some problem leaves attached. Leaves are also cupping down (too much light?). Also something odd is a lot of the leaves have spots where holes are but not sure if that's from me handling them. I also sprayed a foliar cal/mag spray a few days ago but not sure that helped any. I have more pictures if needed. Thanks for the help!


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New York County New York hydroponics nutrients 1 day ago

Does this look like a healthy safe Maple tree?

This Sugar Maple, I believe has had a bad crack from the ground up at the fork for the last 5 yrs approximately. Last year in the same area as all these cracks was removes because it was dead. In the last 3 weeks the look of the tree has radically changed. The branches have really split in the upper branches and has a scale looking something growing on them. We called our City and they supposedly had the City Arborist look at it. We are concerned as this is in a neighbor's yard who will not talk to us. This tree is very large and the damage faces toward the front corner of our house and close to our driveway where there are always cars parked.


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Ramsey County Minnesota hazardous tree neighbors tree is a hazard 1 day ago

What types of trees are these? From Otsego County

Hello! We are making products from felled trees around our property in Otsego County. Could you please help identify what kind of trees these are? Thank you! Bob and Kim Broz


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Otsego County Michigan tree identification 1 day ago

Cutting back irises

Can I cut irises back now even if the leaves are still green or should I wait until they havee all turned brown?


Baltimore County Maryland iris flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials plant care 1 day ago

Bush killer

Can you tell me what is killing my bush and what to spay it with?



Howard County Maryland shrubs white prunicola scale pest insects and mites cherry laurel 1 day ago

Winter prunung

I have an English Ivy that covers the front of my north facing garage. I didn’t fall prune it, is it too late in the season to do some heavy pruning?


Jefferson County Colorado 1 day ago

Black Walnut Trees

A nursery recently planted cryptomeria trees next to several black walnut trees. Is this a problem?


Baltimore County Maryland trees juglone resistance cryptomeria near black walnut 1 day ago

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