Best shade grass

I just moved and the backyard has no grass, just dirt/mud. The yard has two big trees in each corner and will severely shade the entire yard. What would be the best shade grass? I see that fine fescue is good for all shade. Will a tall fescue mixture work? That's all I see at Home Depot, etc? I see that Scott's has a Pacific Northwest mixture, is that good for what I need?


Washington County OR lawns and turf about 12 hours ago

Black or dark honey

Hello, I have about ten jars of honey that I had been keeping in my cupboards through the years and have recently found out that they have all turned black or dark. The jars are all clover honey, and I was wondering if it was still safe to consume the honey, or would it be best and safer to toss them out. Something that I would really like to avoid. Any tips or help you can provide in saving the honey and preventing this from happening again, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Bill R


Hennepin County MN honey about 15 hours ago

red delicious tree

I have a red delicious apple tree (about 10 yrs old). Last harvest, nearly every apple had worm damage coming from the bottom. Any suggestions?


Black Hawk County IA about 19 hours ago


I brought in and potted some geraniums for next spring, but they're getting leggy. When and how do I prune for spring planting?


Goodhue County MN about 19 hours ago

Apple tree pruning

Is it too early to prune apple trees. Last year there was too much snow.


Ramsey County MN apple tree pruning pruning fruit trees about 19 hours ago

Tomatoe grafting vs growing heirloom tomatoes w/ large root system already....

I start my tomatoes from seed early inside, + transplant them into progressively deeper pots (by clipping off lower leaves + burying tomato stems deeper to have a greater root systems). When I finally plant them outside, their roots fill at least 6" deep of a 1 liter soda bottle. I read about grafting tomato plants on to a good rootstock tomato for better production. However, I just learned that the grafted tomato plant should be planted with the graft site above ground. Wow, I would be planting the grafted tomato with a smaller root system......but better root system???? What do you think? Is this really worth it? And I bought the rootstock seeds....very expensive - about $22 for 25 seeds!!!


Baltimore County MD vegetables grafted tomatoes tomatoes plant care about 20 hours ago

Arable Land in Teller County


I am interested in a map or more information on areas within Teller County that has arable land.
My wife and I are planning to relocate to the Colorado Springs area and are interested in properties located in Teller County.
Any information would help, Thanks!


Teller County CO about 21 hours ago

Can you identify this roach?

I've recently had a few roaches on glue boards in my basement. Of note, I've also recently had some work done in the basement that has exposed the gravel under the cement floor/foundation in case there is a connection. The roaches are all small, 1/2 inch or less. I'm wondering if you can identify what type of roach it is from my pictures. Thanks!


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Baltimore County MD pest control cockroaches oriental cockroach pest insects and mites about 23 hours ago


Where can I find a local source?


Multnomah County OR berries 1 day ago

Ball Python

So my husband got a baby snake so they said we got it from pets mart for free because they said that it wasn’t leaving and that had to force feed it. Well we took a vet they said it had a infection and to give medicine every 3 days and feed a pinky at the same time. It’s done with the Anita biotechs but we still have to force feed by hand. My question is how much longer do we have to force feed it and will it eat on it’s own?


El Dorado County CA ball python ball python husbandry 1 day ago

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