Orchid pups?

Hello. I have 13 orchid plants, but one of the has sprouted new “pups” or mini plants. There are four of them that have branched out. Can I just leave it like it is or do I have to do something? Also I’m in Washington Country but the drop down menu won’t allow me to change it from Hennipen.


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Hennepin County MN phalaenopsis orchids about 8 hours ago

New kind of Moss?

Is this a moss plant or something else? I found this plant at approximately 4300 FT elevation in the central Cascade Mountains of Lewis County.


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Lewis County WA about 24 hours ago

Bush identification

Could you please Identify this bush? We want to cut it back correctly.


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Jackson County OR plant identification nandina 1 day ago

what kind of snake is this?

what kind of snake is this. I live in Richland Wa and I found it dead in my garage .



Benton County WA pituophis catenifer catenifer bullsnake pacific gophersnake 1 day ago

Healthy Soils

What information do you have about the development of healthy soils.


Clackamas County OR soil 1 day ago

Best way to get rid of moles

We are not having much luck trapping moles and they are making our yard dangerous to traverse. We have some old metal traps we are using. Any suggestions? Thanks.


Winona County MN 1 day ago

Pruning overgrown Wisteria vine in fall

Our Wisteria vine needs major pruning and would like to severely cut it back in October. Will it survive? It covers some wooden steps and makes them slippery. Thanks.


Winona County MN pruning horticulture wisteria 1 day ago

Fig trees

I have 4 fig trees over 30 years old. When I arrived on the property the suckers are coming out like 3 feet. I cut them off the tree every year and I want to stop them from growing. Can I rap the truck of the tree in burlap? Please help I want to stop the suckers


San Joaquin County CA fig trees 1 day ago

Are my peonies going to survive what my Gardner did?

My Gardner decided to cut back my 6 peony bushes in July, leaving only 6 inch stalks & denying them the foliage I expect was needed for them to set up for next years blooms. Will they survive this? Is there any way I can aid in feeding them? They have been blooming magnificently and I am heartbroken to think he has killed them or denied them the two or three weeks of glory when they blossom


Montgomery County PA 1 day ago

Golden Korean Fir - Needles turning yellow and falling off

I was wondering if you might have any advice about a small fir tree that I keep in a pot on my balcony. It is a Golden Korean Fir, and the needles have started to turn brown and fall off. This started in one area of the tree and seems to be spreading. Do you know of any diseases or pests that could affect a fir tree in this way?


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King County WA true fir 2 days ago

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