My Rhubarb I planted early last summer, transplanted from my mother in law's yard has exploded in growth this summer. I read online that I shouldn't harvest after July 4, but there is so much growth I am wondering what, if anything, I should do to care for it this fall.



Hennepin County MN about 6 hours ago

Veteran Peach

Is Veteran peaches good for canning?


Washington County OR about 8 hours ago

Small black bug on floor of house

What is this bug? It looks like a small black beetle. We find them every day or so on on the ground . They are very small and crawl fast. They dont seem to jump, fly, or bite.


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OUTSIDEUS about 8 hours ago

Yellowing red flowering current

Looking for help for our red flowering current. Planted about three years ago as a tiny bare root plant, full sun. It has done OK since being planted, beautiful in the spring, but then begins to look rough as the summer wears on. This year (right as the weather got really hot, preceded by a week where we got 2 inches of rain), suddenly MANY of its leaves went completely yellow (although some leaves retained some degree of green with brown tips). The affected leaves then went on to crisp up and mostly fall off. Some leaves appear completely fine, although all are a little curled (Heat?). So: we tried giving it a bit more water, which seem to maybe make the yellowing a bit worse. We added steer manure compost to try to enrich the soil. We tried blood meal, 2/2/2 fertilizer, and some guano. we sprayed the leaves with a iron chelator, and tried a 0/10/10 “more bloom” fertilizer. Nothing has made anything worse, and the plant is maybe yellowing a little bit less, but still looks rough. Any ideas?


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Clark County WA about 9 hours ago

Maple Tree in Distress

My maple tree leaves have spots on them. I thought they were Tar Spots, but now I’m unsure because the bark is also looking spotty. We really don’t want to lose the tree. Any suggestions?


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Isabella County MI about 10 hours ago

Garden Flower identification book

Hi...My mom would like a nice Michigan garden flower identification book. Probably more heavy on perennials than annuals. She has wildflower books. Can you recommend a book?


Kent County MI about 10 hours ago

Name that bug?

Hello! Can you please help us identity this fly? It's approx 1/8" long. I've seen a few, indoors. Thank you!


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Columbia County OR about 10 hours ago

Something's Eating My Hollyhock Buds

Something's eating the buds on my hollyhock bushes before they bloom. Not all of them, because I do have many flowers on several plants. But a substantial number of buds die before they bloom. What is it, and what can I do? I've taken them to the nursery but they don't know, said to ask you. I've attached photos and have three more if you'd like to see them.


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Jackson County OR about 11 hours ago

Dying Fronds on Arborvite

My arborvitae is loosing its leaves towards the top of the tree down to the trunk and branches of the tree. Otherwise healthy looking healthy.


Wayne County MI about 11 hours ago

when to aerate, fertilize and kill weeds

Right now,I have weeds to contend with, I want to aerate and I want to fertilize. I am not sure of the correct sequence to do these thing. My thoughts are to apply weed killer, wait a week or two, aerate and then apply winterizer fertilizer. Is this a good plan in your opinion? Thanks for your help. Jerry


Ramsey County MN about 11 hours ago

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