What kind of grass is this? It is low to the ground and has many roots which makes it hard to pull. I need to know what to use to get rid of it that won't hurt plants in garden area.



Humboldt County Nevada 33 minutes ago

Please help identify the pest eating my shrubs.

Hello: I have been unable to find the insect that is eating holes in the leaves of my Hydrangea and Clethra bushes. I looked at night for slugs and could not find any. Are you able to tell by the damage on the leaves what pest is doing this damage?


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Carver County Minnesota about 3 hours ago

Non-fruiting blueberries

This is the second year that the blueberry bushes in my front yard have not set fruit and the newer leaves look pale. I had the soil tested last year as I suspected my neighbor's lawn fertilizer had affected them. The results were that the ph, the phosphorous an the potassium were good for blueberries but that the nitrogen was extremely low. Normally I fertilize with one for acid loving plants and I mulch with evergreen clippings. They are also bordered by Russian Cypress. This spring I only fertilized with Blood Meal. Recently I added more blood meal as well as some time released 10-10-10 due to the leaf color. I am not sure where to go from here. Is there a better fertilizer to try? I really want to stay organic.



Hennepin County Minnesota about 3 hours ago

Signs of a bad tree

What are some signs ob this tree that indicated it would/might have fallen?


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Orange County Florida trees and shrubs about 5 hours ago

It about a magnolia tree I set out

I set out a magnolia tree and all the leaves are turning brown the tree is still green I just wanted to know what going on with my tree


Chilton County Alabama about 5 hours ago

Tomato spots - bacterial?

Good morning,

I'm hoping you can help me figure out if my tomatoes are doomed from a bacterial infection or if this is just something I can manage without getting rid of them.

First, my garden is new and was created through sheet mulching with about 5" of compost and 3-4 inches of a topsoil/compost mixture; no additional fertilizer worked in. I planted tomato seeds outside on May 20 and interspersed the row with two types of tomatoes (Roma and cherry) and two types of peppers. The other side of the row has cucumbers that are doing great. I don't think I watered the row enough and only added straw mulch on 7. I watered the plants from the top until June 14 when we installed a drip irrigation system.

The seedlings seem slow to grow and as of June 4 had lots of brown spots on the first leaves and only 1 true leaf in all the seedlings that had germinated. Today there are quite a few tomato plants with tiny true leaves but I did pull many that had first leaves with brown spots. In some cases the leaves withered or curled. On some seedlings, the affected leaves fell right off when I picked the seedlings. Most seemed to have decent roots. The peppers also seem slow to grow and I've only seen one true leaf in all the seedlings, but they don't have the brown spots. I've attached photos.

The important thing is that I'm managing the garden with organic processes, so I don't plan to use synthetic fertilizers or other treatments.

One more question - I haven't yet sent the soil away for testing. Is it too late to do that?

Thanks for all your help.


2019-06-17_leaves_and_roots_300x300%2523 2019-06-17_early_brown_spots_300x300%2523 2019-06-17_brown_and_tan_300x300%2523

Howard County Maryland abiotic issues tomato direct seed tomato problems soil testing about 6 hours ago

Red Oak Disease?

I live in Frederick County and am having issues with a red oak in my front yard. The leaves yellowed and dropped early on portions of the crown last year and this year the leaves are stunted and distorted (see third photo, it kind of looks like they've been chewed by insects, but that's not the case). Some branches have also died and the crown is thin (second photo), but there are no indications of insects, fungus or other pathogens. I planted the tree about 20 years ago and it was previously very healthy. I couldn’t find any oak diseases that match the symptoms but it kind of looks like pesticide damage. The grass below and nearby trees/shrubs do show any signs of stress however, so the case is isolated to this one oak tree (first photo). Any ideas?


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Frederick County Maryland red oak tree branch dieback about 6 hours ago

Pruning holly tree

Hello, We have a large holly tree, biggest in Calvert County and I was wondering about pruning the low branches some of which have healed into the ground and have started small trees. where to start, where to finish. Thanks so much, Huntingtown, Md



Calvert County Maryland holly tree pruning about 7 hours ago

White Oak Ailment

Can you please tell me what my oak tree is sick with? I have included 4 pictures. Thank You,


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Prince George's County Maryland oak tree slime flux about 13 hours ago

Snake id

What kind of snake is this About 14” long Fond in woods next to An abandoned foundation


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Washington County Pennsylvania pantherophis obsoletus juvenile black ratsnake pantherophis alleghaniensis about 13 hours ago

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