Acorn production in the red oak group

Given that red oaks generally produce acorns every other year ("biennial maturation"), may I expect that my entire plantation will produce in the same year, or will approximately half of the trees produce every year?



Olmsted County MN about 4 hours ago

Our first winter, gardening in Minnesota!

My partner and I moved here from Los Angeles one year ago. In the spring, we tilled under most of our backyard, turning it into an urban farm. We were fairly successful, despite too much rain (and mildew-covered squash leaves). Wondering what best steps would be to make the garden healthy, and reduce weeds, next spring. Some mulching we should do now? Do we need to till everything under again in the spring? Will that kill whatever perennials we've planted?
Also planted several young trees and bushes (apple, pear, serviceberry, blueberry, etc.). Anything we should do to protect them?


Hennepin County MN about 5 hours ago

White pine needles

We have 2 large mature white pine trees on our property which usually shed hundreds of pine cones and sticky sap, and periodic needle drop. This year we've had very few pine cones and no sticky sap, but the needle shed is off the charts! Looking up into the trees, the yellow needles are still extensive, so there's more to come. Other neighbors in south Minneapolis are having the same experience. Why the difference in pine cone population and so many more yellow needles falling? So much rain?


Hennepin County MN about 5 hours ago

Difference between parasite and meat spot in chicken egg

How can you tell the difference between a parasite, parasite egg, and meat spot inside a chicken egg? A couple of our chickens have dark spots/shapes in the white of the egg. I’m afraid to eat them.


IL about 6 hours ago

chicken pot pies

would it be safe to sell chicken pot pies from home? or is that not allowed.


Oakland County MI about 6 hours ago

What are yellow sticky cards?

I have some tiny white flying insects on my hibiscus. This web site said to use yellow sticky cards but I don't know what those are or where to get them or how to make them.


Ramsey County MN about 7 hours ago

tomato containers reuse

I have just pulled spent tomatoe plants out of the containers that I had on my patio. My question is can you re-use the soil that is in the container or is it best to toss it and next season start with fresh soil?

Als would you suggest planting a cover crop to straighten the soil in a regular garden and it so what would be best?

Thank you.


Oakland County MI about 7 hours ago

Weeping Alnus rubra


I have a series of red alders that appear to be suffering from heat scald as well as drought. In addition to, or as a result of, the plants have black staining down the trunks and are weeping a thick, black, sticky substance that smells of fermenting fruit.

One has died, and we are assessing the risk of leaving the infected trees. If we decide to fell the trees, I want to chip the trees we fell unless they are going to be a problem as chips on paths---spreading pathogen to other plants as chips.

Thank you for your expert advice.


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Multnomah County OR about 7 hours ago

Preserved bugs in alcohol

Can a beetle (Coleoptera Passalidae) that is preserved in alcohol be taken out and converted to a dry mount in a box? Or will the bug become too brittle?


Fresno County CA about 7 hours ago

Saturday classes at the Bel Air Library

Hi. Last year my husband and I attended a couple classes at the Bel Air library put on by Master Gardeners. Do you know if, and where, I might find out if those kinds of classes are going to be held again this year? Thanks so much!


Harford County MD about 8 hours ago

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