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How do I take sample mix with water and salt what is the ratio


Berrien County Michigan about 3 hours ago

What Plant Is This?

To whom it may concern,

This plant has sprouted at the edge of a driveway, it was allowed to live due to curiosity. I am unable to identify it and am asking for assistance. The plant sprouted in the spring and has quickly grown. There are many birds in the area due to a bird feeder in the yard so the origin of the seed is unknown.

Thank you for your time,



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Macomb County Michigan about 7 hours ago

trees for Calhoun County

we have purchased land in Seadrift. about 3 blocks from the bay. the ground is mostly clay. right now there is a Ash and a Tallow tree on the property. we are building a home so we want some shade trees, fast growing but durable and can tolerate high winds (just in case) I would prefer Non-deciduous trees. I have been told that there is a Cyprus tree that might work for us. we do plan to put in a few citrus trees however we really want some shade for our yard. Please route this email to the person in your offices that might be able to make some suggestions.

Sincerely, Lin Andis


Calhoun County Texas about 7 hours ago

Plant flowers stop blooming

plant stop blooming and is looking droopy and wilted


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Travis County Texas about 9 hours ago

White flower, covered in trichomes

Never encountered this flower before, can anyone help identify?



Van Buren County Michigan about 16 hours ago

What type of plant is this?

These plants are taking over my planter boxes and I'm unable to identify what they are exactly.



Lyon County Minnesota about 18 hours ago

Is my Pine still alive?

I have a large pine tree that has very badly browned and is shedding bark along with needles etc. I'm not sure the cause or if it's worth saving? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. I've included pictures. Thank you!


Img_0781_300x300%2523 Img_0782_300x300%2523 Img_0783_300x300%2523

Anoka County Minnesota about 18 hours ago

Flowering plant?

This is a beautiful deck plant, but unsure of what it is?



Summit County Ohio plant identification horticulture about 18 hours ago

Oak tree without leaves

This year one of our oak trees got buds but never got any leaves. I guess I assume it died but why would this happen? In the late fall of 2014 we had it trimmed but didn't notice any issues in 2015. It seemed healthy last summer/fall. It kept its leaves really late last fall. Not many branches have fallen this summer. I attached a picture of one from this week.


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Anoka County Minnesota horticulture oak tree about 22 hours ago

epsom salt on tomatoes

A lot of people around here recommend applications of Epsom salt on tomatoes to increase size and flavor. What research has been done on this topic?


Marshall County Kansas tomatoes vegetable gardening horticulture about 22 hours ago

Japanese beetles on my elm tree

About half of the leaves of my birch tree have been destroyed by what appears to be Japanese beetles. The leaves are left with just their skeletons and many are falling to the ground. Can these pests kill the tree? I don't like using pesticides and would prefer to just leave the tree alone but I am wondering if this situation will cause more than damage just this summer. The tree is older but has otherwise been healthy.


Hennepin County Minnesota elm tree horticulture japanese beetles about 22 hours ago

What kind of tree is this, my mom doesn't even know and she's Pocahontas level amateur botanist

This tree is behind my job and I'm wondering if I should try the fruit... My life is in your hands


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Sarasota County Florida about 23 hours ago

Please help

Please help


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Schuylkill County Pennsylvania about 23 hours ago

Help I'D this plant.

I don't remember what I planted. It has leaves on opposite sides of the stem. Leaves are spear shaped with rough edges. There are bunches of tiny trumpet shaped purple flowers. This plant has grown about 3 feet tall this summer.



Dakota County Minnesota about 23 hours ago

Fallout from the white birch tree: many tiny black flecks under the tree

What is happening to the white birch tree when small black flecks are everywhere under the tree?


Ramsey County Minnesota about 23 hours ago

Where would I purchase apple trees for growing in Florida, such as: Anna,...

Where would I purchase apple trees for growing in Florida, such as: Anna, Tropic Sweet? I live in Pinellas .


Pinellas County Florida fruit trees horticulture apples about 23 hours ago

Canning beans

Who do you can black, garbanzo and other dried beans?


Jackson County Oregon home food preservation food safety about 23 hours ago

Is this a specie of grass?

Is this a specie of grass?


Img_20160721_141912051_300x300%2523 Img_20160721_141909293_300x300%2523 Img_20160721_141907141_hdr_300x300%2523

Alameda County California plant identification about 24 hours ago

insects in birch trees

we have two birch trees that are full of some kind of insect. The leaves are , brown and lacy, riddled with holes. also, our stoop at the front door is covered with black dots which will not come off with broom or hose. this is the first time we have seen these and we have lived here for 8 years. what do you suggest?


Scott County Minnesota about 24 hours ago

which apple?

Last winter, rabbits peeled the bark from one of our young apple trees. We thought the tree was dead, but over the summer, many shoots have come up from the root of this tree. These shoots are about 3' high now.. Questions: 1. How do we choose which shoot (s) to keep to grow into another tree? 2. When is the best time to cut back the shoots we do not need - now? later this fall? Next spring? 3. Should we cut back the old, dead tree, which is about 5' tall?


Rich County Utah apples horticulture apple trees 1 day ago

Mulberry and....?

I found this tree with differently shaped leaves in my yard! Its quite exciting, what do you guys think of it? Any information on this phenomenon would be interesting.



Muskegon County Michigan trees and shrubs 1 day ago

What is this?

This came up spontaneously. I need to put it somewhere else, but I am curious what it is


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Outside United States plant identification 1 day ago

Beetle Identification

Can you identify the beetle in this image, its habit/life cycle? Thanks much. Thanks. John Bray, 202-337-4115


District of Columbia County District of Columbia 1 day ago

What is this plant?

We inherited this plant but don't know what it is. It doesn't seem to be doing well so we'd like to identify it so that we can find out how to care for it. I'd be really grateful if someone can help us.


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Outside United States plant identification 1 day ago

Can you still eat a cucumber after a cucumber beetle has eaten and put marks on the skin?

Can you still eat a cucumber after a cucumber beetle has eaten and put marks on the skin?



Livingston County Michigan vegetable gardening 1 day ago

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