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Bristol County Massachusetts poultry about 8 hours ago

Pruning geraniums

I have a geranium in a pot that I brought inside this fall to keep from dying. It has been slowly growing and has become a bit leggy. I am wondering if I can just shear it back so it becomes more bushy before the weather warms and I can place it outside again. Thank you for your help!


Anoka County Minnesota about 9 hours ago

Little Gem Magnolia isn’t healthy

Our little tree is just not thriving. It looks like something might be chewing off the branches, but I don’t see holes on the leaves. The leaves are sparse, but the ones that are there are healthy. Any ideas as to what could be going on?


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Los Angeles County California magnolia about 10 hours ago

Boron in Bone Meal

How many milligrams of Boron are in a Tablespoon of bone meal?


Jackson County Oregon bone meal about 10 hours ago

Fungus on seedlings

Hello, I will like to know what fungus causing the white cotton like appearance on top of the soil when growing our own seeds? Are they good or are they bad? Thank you, Novi R.


Clackamas County Oregon aeedlings about 11 hours ago

Ph controlled water for seedlings

Hello, I will like to know if we should use water that is pH controlled for seedlings? Thank you, Ron Broussard


Clackamas County Oregon seedlings about 11 hours ago

Oak stem issue

There is something causing the tips of some of the branches to split open?



Washtenaw County Michigan branch split oaks about 11 hours ago


I have a wild area with sumac, sawgrass, grass, and weeds. So this year I thought to eliminate the weeds a pre-emergent would be the right thing to do. Can I grass seed also, or no? Should the Pem be kept away from the sawgrass? Yes- the Sgrass is dominant and does not allow weeds. Thank you, jim moore Rochester Mn


Olmsted County Minnesota weed control about 13 hours ago


I am having a terrible time with moles in my yard. they have literally turn my green lawn into brown hills. How can I get rid of them


Lincoln County Oregon moles about 14 hours ago

Testing my pressure canner gauge

Are you allowing people to mail in their gauges for testing?


Clackamas County Oregon testing about 18 hours ago

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