Unknown plant

Many of these plants are growing in my son’s yard in Big Rapids, MI. Do you know what it is?



Mecosta County Michigan 16 minutes ago


Could you tell me if this is hogweed?


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Lapeer County Michigan about 2 hours ago

Morning glories

My leaves on my morning glories look like they've been shredded by rain or hail, but we've had neither. Could you please tell me what is going on with my morning glories? I sincerely appreciate your help. Sharon Lukach


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Stearns County Minnesota about 3 hours ago

Yew bush browned within hours...natural or man-made?

Good day all,

I moved into my first house a month ago, and one of the first orders of business was the removal of a few dying/potentially dangerous trees. The tree company came out on the morning of 7/12/19, and overall they did a wonderful job. However, when I got home around 7pm that day, I noticed some pretty large brown/dead spots on the yew bush in the left/south side of the yard. And, coincidentally (in my mind), the bush is located directly next to a large stump that had to be grinded out, and 2 trees that were removed (you can see the dirt/wood-chipped locations on the ground in the right "frame" of the attached picture).

I sent the attached picture to the tree company asking whether they had any machinery next to the bush that may have vented hot exhaust gasses directly on the bush. In response, I received a voicemail from the estimator saying that the bush was probably scorched by the sun since they removed some of the trees that had been providing the bush with a bit of shade, they've heard reports of yew fungus in the area recently, and none of their machines would have done that.

My only problem with that explanation is - the time difference. In the attached picture, the left "frame" is a picture my wife took around 12pm when she stopped home for lunch (and you can clearly see the tree guys in the yard). The right "frame" is what I took later that evening. For what it's worth, these patches have a strong chemical smell to them, much different from the rest of the bush and from any dying plantlife I've ever smelled. Though I must admit, I have no idea what diesel exhaust particulate matter would smell like after roasting a conifer for an hour.

So, master gardeners - is it possible for these 2 particular patches of the yew bush to have sun-scorched this severely in the 6-7 hours between the tree removal and me getting home? Or, is the estimator trying to pull the wool over my eyes and cover their damage? I've honestly considering sending a sample of the needles to some lab for a chemical analysis to see if they can detect anything engine-exhaust-related. It's not like the tree company can do anything to fix the bush, but I would at least like some leverage for asking for a price reduction before I pay the bill.

Thank you for the review and input!
-Ron from PA. We are....



Bucks County Pennsylvania about 3 hours ago

Different mulches for gardens

I’m looking for the chart showing different mulches that are used in gardens. I used pine needles for mulch for years. It’s seems everyone says “ pine needles acidify soil.” The pdf or chart I used to find stated that pine needles used as much added a negligible amount of acidification. Please send and post this information. Could you send me a link to this information! Pine needles are a great mulch if you have a source to gather them from.


Washington County Minnesota about 4 hours ago

Plant ID

Can you please help me ID this plant on my property? I thought it might be some sort of fern?



Crow Wing County Minnesota about 4 hours ago

Garden pest

Hi. A green caterpillar like pest is leaving hole in my broccoli leaves ( please see photo). How can I control it for my small garden that uses organic methods? Thank you. Chris R.



Multnomah County Oregon insect issues broccoli about 4 hours ago

Poison ivy or box elder?

Hello, I live in East Lansing and this summer, this plant has taken over the landscape. Can you tell me if it's poison ivy or box elder?


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Ingham County Michigan plant identification poison ivy about 4 hours ago

Japanese beetles

Is there any science based evidence that when a person squishes a Japanese beetle the odor given off attracts more beetles?


Nicollet County Minnesota japanese beetles about 5 hours ago


What is the accurate code for industrial hemp to fill form for soil testing? How long does it take to get results of soil testing after we handed on MSU lab?


Kent County Michigan about 5 hours ago

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