STEAM supply check out.

Another childcare director told me about "kits" that can be checked out to use within our childcare center. If this is so, where can I find more information about this program?


Linn County IA about 7 hours ago

Wheat type for bran

We are soapmakers and include Red Wheat Bran for scouring. A customer is attempting a certification process and needs to know whether the latin name for the wheat would be Triticum vulgare or Triticum aestivum.


Multnomah County OR wheat about 9 hours ago

Adding an acre of new soil

Hello, I live in Franconia and like most spots in my area, we have lots of sandy soil. I have made attempts for 3 or 4 seasons to grow a wide variety of vegetables, planting multiple fruit trees, using irrigation, trying organic weed control methods and its been an uphill battle the whole way (I took a year off in 2019 just to save my sanity). I have tried some bagged manure as soil amendments, but the results were negligible. If I am considering giving it another go in 2020, i'm going to do it with a bang. I tested the soil (over the counter type) and the numbers were "good" but i'm considering some nutrients rich amendments. Whereabouts does one go to get enough quality soil for maybe an acre's worth? Are there master gardener folks that will take a look at peoples situation and make recommendations? I have a compact utility tractor with a 55" tiller as well if that helps with the answer. Thanks, Nick


Chisago County MN compost about 9 hours ago

processing time for jam

is it safe to waterbath process fruit jams in quart jars? If so for how long? thanks, Trish Hiatt


Benton County OR home food preservation food safety about 10 hours ago


If a house is nonconforming our zoning allows people to add to a part of a house that is conforming. My question is, if say the front wall is two feet from the lot line and zoning requires it to be ten feet, does that mean all the front wall is nonconforming or just eight feet of it? The following is from our ordinance: Section 11.4 Nonconforming Structures A. Where a lawful structure exists on the effective date of adoption or amendment of this Ordinance that could not be built under the terms of this Ordinance or subsequent amendment by reason of restrictions on area, lot coverage, height, setbacks, yards or other characteristics of the structure or location on the lot, such structure may be continued provided it remains otherwise lawful, subject to the following provisions: 1. No nonconforming structure may be enlarged or altered so as to increase its nonconformity, such as in the case of increasing the height of the portion of a nonconforming building that is encroaching into a required setback, increasing the cubic area of the portion of a nonconforming building that is encroaching into a required setback, increasing the height of the portion of a nonconforming building that already exceeds the permissible height, attachment of an overhang, awning or similar attachment to a wall that is encroaching into a required setback, or the extension of a conforming portion of a nonconforming structure into a required setback and thereby creating an additional nonconformity.


Clare County MI construction remodeling building ordinance about 12 hours ago

Birds Nest indoor plant pest

I noticed small white, soft spots on both sides of frond. Also tips of some fronds were curled with a dark brown hard knot on end. What do I have and how to treat


Cayuga County NY houseplants about 13 hours ago

Pressure treated lumber for raised vegy beds

I know CCA treated lumber is not acceptable , is the new ACQ treated lumber acceptable for raised bed vegetable gardening?


New London County CT about 14 hours ago

Organic gardening resources for Walla Walla

My daughter who lives in Walla Walla wanted a book on organic gardening in that region. I - and several book stores - can't find anything that specific. What would you suggest I can suggest so that she can have good advice on gardening organically where she lives? Thanks very much.


Multnomah County OR organic gardening inland pnw about 21 hours ago

Cats and treated wood

I am building a deck for my cat enclosure. I wanted to know if treated wood is safe. As they will be walking on it alot


NC cat toxicipathy laurel woods about 23 hours ago

autograph plant

How do I prune an autograph. I have 2 in pots on each side of the garage and they would look better a little smaller.


Manatee County FL pruning shrubs 1 day ago

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