skunk remediation

I had a call from a desperate young mother today who has been fighting skunks under her house for the last 2 months. She has "talked to Fish and Wildlife, sprayed and played loud music". Nothing has worked. She had a guy that was supposed to come from Redmond, OR today to trap them and he cancelled because he didn’t want to remove a mother that might be leaving her young behind. Can you possibly help her or have any ideas of whom she might call? Sarah (541-619-1904)


Wasco County Oregon about 2 hours ago

Magnolia tree diseases

Magnolia tree branches are black with white scales. What to do to make it healthy again?


Midland County Michigan magnolia scale trees and shrubs about 5 hours ago

Acer palmatim leaf issue

Planted a Acer palmatum this early spring, container grown from a nursery. Leafing out really well except the tips. The tips have live leaf buds but are

not opening. Should we prune

back tbese branches. Soil is moist with ckay and compost , slow release fertiliser.


Outside United States japanese maples about 5 hours ago

New to Medford and Weeding

I husband and I just moved to Medford from Santa Fe New Mexico. We are renting a house whose landscaping has been neglected. I have a flower bed full of weeds and need to know what’s the weed and what’s not. I’d love to speak to someone who could FaceTime and walk me through this. 816-206-8676 Emily


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Jackson County Oregon plant identification about 7 hours ago

Fruit Trees Care

We purchased and planted 10 fruit trees last year for our small farm. I have purcharsed the Penn State Fruit Tree guide but am confused as to when and what should be sprayed to protect our trees and fruit. Is there a schedule or timeframe for spraying and care for our trees. We have 4 peach, 2 pears and 4 apple trees.


Carroll County Maryland fruit pest insects disease issues about 8 hours ago

lesser celandine

Do you have any advice for controlling lesser celandine in forested watersheds? Its becoming a problem up her in SW Portland (Arnold creek, Tryon creek). It might make a great research project for PhD candidates. I've done some research online, and haven't found a good way to control it.


Multnomah County Oregon lesser celandine about 8 hours ago

What's the best "recipe" for raised bed soil

Hi, We are putting in raised beds for vegetables. What would be best to fill beds with (i.e. Top or Potting Soil, compost, peat moss, other...) and what percentage of each? Thank you!!


Baltimore County Maryland soil raised beds filling the beds about 9 hours ago

What does my garden soil need?

My garden will not produce radishes, beets or onions. They grow well but the bulbs underneath the soil do not mature. I am wondering what my soil needs. My tomato plants and cucumbers do really well. Any insight would be very helpful. Thank you.


Anoka County Minnesota about 9 hours ago

Sugar Maple-large branch pruning

Hi, I have a sugar maple that is about 25-27 years old. I would like to prune off a large lower branch in order to even out the tree and allow for more sunlight underneath the tree as it has really not grown to that high of a height over time. I would like to know the proper time to prune off the one large branch. I believe I have to wait for the sap to leave from spring. Can I prune it in May, or should I wait until June, or ???


Ramsey County Minnesota sugar maple horticulture pruning trees about 9 hours ago

Aging pine tree

We have a beautiful older pine tree on our property. It is about 100 feet tall but close to our house. We need to prune the lower branches since all are missing from one side. Will this harm the tree?What guidance can you give me. Reaching out as a Michigan State alumni.


Genesee County Michigan pruning trees about 13 hours ago

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