Maple Tree Trunk Hit by Hail

Hello! During a recent storm, our young Maple tree was hit hard by golf ball-plus sized hail in the trunk and branches. Where the hail made contact, include at the base of the tree, we have cracks/splits 4-5 inches long. Some of these spots are somewhat 'squishy' in nature. Is there something we need to do to cover these openings and protect the trees? We had them for only 2 years and have seen some good growth, so we would hate to start over! Thanks!!


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Anoka County Minnesota about 1 hour ago

The Dreaded Knotweed

We have a small yard, and this year Japanese Knotweed has emerged around the edge. It is only about 15 stalks but they are 5' tall and aggressive. I've read that herbicide may be the best way to treat them. If so, can you recommend one that is least harmful to the surrounding plants and pollinators. Also, is it best to wait until fall? Do you ever recommend digging them up? Thanks! Lindsay



Multnomah County Oregon weed control knotweed about 3 hours ago

Soil testing for fruit trees and shrubs

We would like to get our soil tested for the area we are planting our apple trees (was a soybean field last year) and our blueberry bushes (in area of the lawn) Should I do the garden test for both or the garden test for the blueberries and the field test for the apple trees? Thanks!


Lenawee County Michigan about 4 hours ago

Should I be worried about this spider?

I found it inside an old brick barbecue in my backyard. It is about 2-2.5 inches long. Looking at spider charts it looks a bit like a False Widow but a friend thinks an Orb spider. I will leave it alone if not venomous but might have to get rid of it if it is dangerous as my kids play where I found it.



New York about 5 hours ago

trimming and pruning oak trees

During a widstorm about 10 days ago one our of the pin oaks had a large limb (about 4 inches in diameter) break but did not become detacted from the tree trunk. The limb is just hanging down "by some wood fibers." I understand triming oak trees during the summer may result in a type of blight infecting the tree. What is the best way to deal with the "hanging" branch. The tree is a farily large tree with the trunk (measured at 36 inches above the ground) is about 38 inches in diameter.


Linn County Iowa about 5 hours ago

maple tree

I have a maple tree at my cabin in Balsomlake Wisconsin that for the past 4 years it has been loosing a branch and leaves.I talked to a garden center and they told me that its a soil disease. can you verify and if so what can I do to save the tree. It is a 2 foot diameter big maple.


Anoka County Minnesota about 5 hours ago

what kind of snake is this

what kind of snake is this - it was trying to get in my house and it was hissing and menacing


Snake_300x300%2523 Snake_closeup_300x300%2523

Canadian County Oklahoma black rat snake pantherophis obsoletus about 6 hours ago


I have an older dianthus plant. It flowers a bit in the Spring but then nothing. Should I be trimming it back after flowering? I also have a 2 year old dianthus that flowers beautifully. Not sure if I should be trimming them back to bring on more flowers. The older plant has spread quite a bit.


Hennepin County Minnesota about 6 hours ago


I have an old dianthus plant. It flowers a little each Spring then nothing. Should I be trimming it back after flowering? I also have a young dianthus plant that flowers very nice. Not sure what to do to keep them flowering longer.


Hennepin County Minnesota about 6 hours ago

Lombardy Poplar suckers

We have four older Lombardy Poplars with numerous suckers. Will the suckers damage the parent trees, or will they become a grove, like Aspen trees? If we have to remove the suckers, what is the best and least toxic method? Thanks! -G2.


Delta County Colorado trees and shrubs about 7 hours ago

cottonwood tree problem

what could be causing a large cottonwood tree to be having parts of the tree have the leaves dry up and look brown.its not just on one side from the pictures it is staring to look light yellow and then they turn brown like fall see pictures. Is they a pest or disease? what steps to save tree. or Will it recover


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Audubon County Iowa about 7 hours ago

Strawberry Patch

Hello! I'm assuming I'm doing something wrong with my strawberries because I hear and see other people's results and their berries are much bigger and more red. I DO have some kind of mold or something on some of them. Do I need to thin them out some more? And, our raspberries are right next to the that a problem? Pictures attached. Please help!?
P.S. also, several weeks ago I asked a question about my two bridal veil plants and got a response but haven't been able to answer questions that were asked in the response until now and I can't see how I'm supposed to do that? Thank you!!


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Washington County Minnesota about 8 hours ago

Beef cattle and alfalfa

We have about 20-30% alfalfa in our fields for the cow/calf operation. We have heard mature alfalfa is safe and young alfalfa causes bloat. So far we have only grazed after the first fall freeze. We would like to have them graze the fresh forage, but wanted a professional opinion. Also, do bloat blocks work?


Elbert County Colorado about 9 hours ago

self watering containers: converting a 5 gal bucket into a mini garden 062317

Good day...Hope you are well Came across your web site and this web page while looking for info for putting drainage holes in a 5 gallon bucket/container for container gardening. Very interesting. Questions refer to this page: 1) is this a design/construct that you still recommend and use or as ideas go have you moved to another version, tweak or new and improved? I just came across this in June 2017 2a) anchoring the 6 inch drainage tubing? I couldn't make out the anchor method for a bit. The screw or nail is pushed thru the diameter of the tube, but it is not attached/screwed/nailed into the side of the bucket? It goes freely thru the diameter of the tube? As sort of a stop or anchor so the tube stays put? If plastic tubing is .5" diameter plus some electrical tape for creating snug fit and screw or nail is .5", does a .5" length anchor piece have any "overhang" to serve as stop for plastic tubing? Or should the nail/screw piece be longer, greater than .5", 3/4, 5/8", etc.? 2b) drainage tube? Coming from inside the bucket: from end of plastic tubing, come 1" forward, place screw or nail thru tubing, in front of anchor screw/nail wrap electrical tape to make snug fit in drain hole, place tube thru hole, put outside into gallon jug 3) the drainage holes for the plastic support lid/platform? The instructions say drill 15 holes in lid, the picture has about 20 holes in the lid. Follow picture or text? Doesn't matter? One preferred over other? 4) drainage holes in plastic support for medium and growing medium? Growing medium will stay above the water reservoir level or will medium gradually seep into level under platform? Or does medium compact enough to fill/plug holes and only water and feeder roots pass thru holes? Thank you for your time, assistance, and info. Have a good day. Regards, Omari


Prince George's County Maryland container garden bucket garden self-watering container about 10 hours ago

Soil analysis

Hi, Is there a program that gives free soil analysis? Thanks.


Howard County Maryland soil and fertility issues soil testing about 11 hours ago


Where can I buy a large bag of vermiculite locally? (Milwaukie / Oak Grove / Oregon City etc.

Thank you!



Clackamas County Oregon vermiculite about 16 hours ago

Aspen leaf curl

I have an aspen tree that is about 26 years old, 25" diameter, and 25 ft tall. Last summer leaves started to curl, turn black and drop off the tree in somewhat large numbers. This year, the tree leafed-out like a champ, but then about 10 days ago I started to see a few leaves curling (but not turning black) and shortly after falling to the ground. I can see more curling is occurring, but it is a very vert small percentage. Attached is a photo of a couple of curled leaves picked up off the ground, and hopefully you can give me an idea of what is causing this and how to treat it. Should note that the tree also has a couple of visible areas (one about 3" sq and one about 3"x10") what I believe may be called cytospora-canker. I have heard there is no treatment for this canker and wonder if the leaf curl could be connected to it. There is no sign of spots or other tell-tale signs of diseases I see on your web site, the leaves just curl-up and die. Thanks.
PS: Should note there is not any aphid honey or other obvious sign I am familiar with that indicates aphids.



Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs about 19 hours ago

Peach Tree Care

I just bought a house and discovered that I have a peach tree in my backyard. The neighbors were not aware we had one and could not tell me if the fruit it produced was good. My question is "How do I make sure that the peach tree bears fruit until ripe? There is already peaches developing on it but I want to do whatever I need to to make sure they don't fall too early and that they produce healthy fruit. Please help, I am a first time home owner and do not understand much about gardening. I live in Germantown, MD with a 1/4 acre lot with the grassy backyard backed up against a small wooded area. There is a good amount of red clay in my soil as well.


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Montgomery County Maryland trees and shrubs fruit trees peaches about 19 hours ago

Garden Peas

Our garden and snap peas seem to be dying plant by plant. The stem seems to be "shrinking" and gets very thin. (Not cut off completely) I do not see signs of cut worm. What should I be looking for? Also, what do I need to do to get my garden soil tested?


Steele County Minnesota peas about 21 hours ago

splitting trunks

How much water does an aspen tree require or how to care for a distressed aspen tree? The trunks of our aspen are splitting and weeping. ..what to do?


Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs about 21 hours ago

Maple leaf spots

A young Maple tree in our area has red pimples (see photo). Is this a serious problem and how should address this?



Hennepin County Minnesota galls about 22 hours ago

Is this a good or bad beetle in a vegetable garden?

Beetle id, please. Thank you.



Baltimore County Maryland insect issues fruits and vegetables about 22 hours ago

Maple Tree

My maple tree is over 50 years old, It has several dead branches on it. I have day lilies growing around the roots. Could this cause the tree to die?


Dakota County Minnesota maple health about 22 hours ago

My canned green beans have a strong taste of vinegar. Is there anyway to get...

My canned green beans have a strong taste of vinegar. Is there anyway to get rid of this taste?


Jefferson County Ohio home canning home food preservation about 22 hours ago

Denied access to one of your links

Hi, I was reading this page, where it said, "Learn more at the vegetable profile for Okra. ". I clicked on that link, , but it said, "Access denied You are not authorized to access this page." Can you tell me how to access that page or if I need special permission to do so? Thanks very much!


Frederick County Maryland fruits and vegetables vegetables okra about 22 hours ago

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