Alder worms

What natural predator can I release to halt an infestation! Thanks!



Snohomish County Washington insect issues about 4 hours ago

black locust tree losing leaves

Our black locust tree's leaves are turning half yellow and falling off, starting about mid July. Is this normal, or is it a sign that the tree is in trouble?
Marshall Bryan


Arapahoe County Colorado trees and shrubs about 5 hours ago

Tomatillo bugs

I have a yellowish green big eating the leaves of my tomatillo plants. They are usually in groups and are slimy when squished. They have totally destroyed two plant. I smashed everything I saw today. Also notice some copper colored eggs on a few of the under side of the leaves. What is the best organic product I can use that will kill and prevent them from coming back?


Washtenaw County Michigan about 5 hours ago

Cuts on Linden Tree

I recently noticed slits on my tree at most of the areas it bifurcates. Is this something I should be concerned about? I've had the tree for several years & it's been doing well.


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Mecosta County Michigan about 5 hours ago

Skeleton identification

I found this (rodent?) skeleton in an RV I purchased in Mille Lacs County, and I am curious as to what it is. It is small probably 3" long and fell into the 2 pieces when picked up. Thanks



Hennepin County Minnesota about 6 hours ago

weeds in strawberries

We just dug up all of our strawberries and have them in water because it was taken over by weeds. How long can they stay there and what can we do to the area to keep any weed plants we missed from coming up before we replant?


Stearns County Minnesota about 7 hours ago

Tomato Blossom

Why arent my tomatoes blossoming? what can I do without the costly blossom set spray? Thank you. Kristina


Roseau County Minnesota about 8 hours ago

What fruit is this

Curious what fruit this is and is it safe to eat. It is in my backyard.


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Multnomah County Oregon plant identification about 8 hours ago

Spiny rose gall

I have a 20 year old old fashioned rose bush. I think it has spiny rose gall, there are several nodes on the bush. My research tells me that it shouldn’t be a problem for my mature bush but last year I transplanted some suckers from it and don’t want to stress these new bushes. Is there anything I can do to help protect them?


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St. Louis County Minnesota about 8 hours ago

Excessive Soil Nutrients

Should anything be done about excessive nutrients in vegetable, herb, and berry garden soil? Sometimes the soil test reports that I receive from the test laboratory show that the amounts of nutrients in the soil exceed the needs of the plant ( are more than the optimum amount ). Examples are phosphate, potassium, and metals such as calcium and magnesium. Does this matter? If so, what should be done?


Charles County Maryland vegetables sool soil fertility about 9 hours ago

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