early defense against lace bugs?

Hello Master Gardeners What proactive steps can I take to avoid an outbreak of lace bugs (on the azaleas and rhododendrons) in my garden this year? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


Clackamas County OR azalea lace bug about 10 hours ago

Eating sprouts from old seeds

Is it ok to eat sprouts that are from pkgs of old seeds that have been kept vacuum packed. When packaged they were from a reputable sprout seed company.


Volusia County FL sprouts about 14 hours ago

This wasn’t helpful Perhaps you can provide Oregon-based resources which deal with native ants.


Washington County OR ants about 16 hours ago

Exposed Tree Roots

What is the best way to remove exposed tree roots? Will it damage the tree if the roots are cut out?


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Wayne County MI about 24 hours ago

No fruit set after flowering

I have a peach tree late ripping that has flowered the last two years and has not set fruit


OUTSIDEUS fruit trees 2 days ago

Powder Post Beetles

I read the answer to the question about getting rid of an infestation of what is probably powder post beetles. In the answer it said that the larvae are buried in the wood for several years. If one were to have their house fumigated, would it reach the larvae, or would you be looking at fumigating again in a couple years or whenever they came bout of the wood? I am asking for a cousin who lives in a double wide mobile home and is having problems with the beetles being all over their house, apparently.


Benton County OR insects powder post beetles urban integrated pest management 3 days ago

Mason bee's

My plum and cheery tree do not produce any fruit. They flower, but only one or two fruits develop. I was thinking it might be due to lack of pollination. We live in Beaverton on Williams Mt (Burntwood area), on South side, and about 300-400ft. I was thinking about raising Mason bee's to help pollinate. I have read about the bee's and building nest, but not about where to buy pupa. Do you have information about where to buy starter kit, nest, pupa, and where to place box? Trees are not near house, and no fence post to place on. Also, do you have any ideas about why plum and cherry tree do no produce fruit? We planted them about 10 years ago from local nursery, and still no luck.


Washington County OR mason bees fruit trees 3 days ago

Contaminated potting mixture

I had a major infestation of mites in my planter petunias last summer. Can I re-use the soil/planters this summer or must it be discarded? Thanks


Washington County OR potting soil 3 days ago

Amount of protein in food

How much protein is in various foods: 1. meat, poultry & seafood 2. vegetables 3. dairy products.

The USDA sites are confusing. Many are shut down now.

Thank you,

N. Hatch


Denver County CO 3 days ago

deep root fertilization w/ Arbor Green PRO

I have lived at my current address for 34yrs. For the past 20 yrs, I have paid an arborist $264 for this service to my scrubs and trees. My husband and I are now both retired and wonder if we need this service. I attended the Master Gardener Class and it appears that my established yard does no require this service.


Wayne County MI 3 days ago

pitch mass borer

My arborist detected this borer on one of the three blue spruces in my front yard. The trees are over 40 yrs old. They applied a systemic insecticide soil app last fall and are recommending the same application between march and may. The cost is $551.00. Should I continue to pay for this service or just cut them down when the tree dies? I live in Wayne County-Plymouth Michigan


Wayne County MI borers dying trees 3 days ago

Bee-safe chemical to kill grubs

My lawn care provider has offered to apply a grub-control product. Which products are safe for bees? The most recent he proposed is Dylox which has trichlorfon.


Ramsey County MN 3 days ago

Nutrition education for someone with Celiac Disease

Does MSU Extension Services have nutrition education resource(s) to assist individuals with Celiac Disease? Particularly interested in meal preparation of permitted foods.


Ingham County MI human nutrition nutrition celiac disease 3 days ago

Orange lemons

When we moved into our home it had a lemon, orange,mandarin,why does my lemons have an orange color ?not to sure the age our botanical name our does this color mean their something wrong or disease.


Contra Costa County CA 3 days ago

What is this?

What is this?



Dakota County MN horticulture plant identification 3 days ago

Bamboo as a fence (?)

Hi My property is located in an area that gets strong gusts of wind (Eagle Point, OR). My wood fence has been blown down twice, and I'm considering replacing it with bamboo. Wondering if a particular variety might be recommended. Soil is "black sticky" and very hard to dig. If recommended, I'd like to know how fast it can be expected to grow and would also like particulars of how to plant.


Laurie (MG class of 2013)


Jackson County OR bamboo 4 days ago

Which type of Trees

Can you help us identify these trees? Then can you tell us if the tree appears to be healthy? One or two types appear to shed their needles. Is this normal?


Img_6735_300x300%2523 Img_6754_300x300%2523 Img_6734_300x300%2523

Hennepin County MN tree identification 4 days ago

Cold Smoking Bacon

I am curing a 5 pound pork bacon using 1 tsp of #1 Prague cure, salt, maple sugar, pepper, etc. I would like to cold smoke the bacon. I've read that the smokehouse should be no higher than 100-110 degrees (F) and preferably around 75 degrees. My question is how low can the temperature be and still smoke properly? And, what is the optimal temperature (or range of temperatures) to get the best results?


Marion County OR home food preservation food safety 4 days ago

Tarantula Spinning Web

While handling my Chilean Rose-Haired Tarantula, it started spinning a web around my hands. Should I be worried? Was she stressed?


Utah County UT 4 days ago

Aspen tree aphids

Do I need to spray aspen trees annually for aphids or treat the soil? I've done it for 2-3 years and the problem seems solved--not sure if it needs to be done prophylactically on an annual basis. I live in the foothills at about 7500' elevation.


Jefferson County CO 4 days ago

Pepper Seed Germination

What will create and maintain sufficiently high temperatures to germinate pepper seed? I need some combination of heat source and insulation that will keep five square feet 30-40 degrees F above ambient air temperature of 50 deg F., and am wiling and able to build it myself. I just need to know what heaters and insulators work and which have been found not to work. Thanks!


Multnomah County OR 4 days ago

Eating breakfast and how it impacts school performance

Do you have any numbers to prove that eating breakfast increases school performance? any proof ?


Alameda County CA 4 days ago

Maple tree identification

Hello, I'm very interested in tapping any maple trees in my yard. I need some help identifying the correct ones to tap, though. Is there someone who could help me with this?


Wicomico County MD sugar maples trees normal growth 4 days ago

When to prune

When is the best time to prune a white pine?


Livingston County MI pruning evergreens 4 days ago

Maple Tree Large Branch Dead

Our Maple tree planted about 2004 along with a matching one sides of our driveway early summer had a tree branch heart attack. A large branch had its leaves shrivel & die. Tree itself looks not as healthy as mate tree & leaves have funny green prickles on many of them. No further diying branches. We did not cut it off. Asked Rum River Tree Farm near our home 2 times & no one got back to us. We live in Oak Grove in Anoka County. I have more pictures if more would help with a diagnosis including the base of the tree. Thanks would love to not lose the tree!


Cd8e9713-8453-4c77-a848-0bd7c9a55e19_300x300%2523 258dd1a0-a622-433e-b71f-9375beffdffb_300x300%2523 2dc2ddac-aa39-4b64-9b15-3c911f4a276a_300x300%2523

Anoka County MN 4 days ago

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