Quack grass

I have quack grass and crab grass after some utility work was done last year and the contractor reseeded the area. I'll deal with the crab grass next spring. Will broad leaf chemicals kill quack grass? How do I get rid of quack grass?


Ramsey County Minnesota 39 minutes ago

I bought stock plants to attract butterflies. They grew pods that opened and...

I bought stock plants to attract butterflies. They grew pods that opened and exposed brown seeds and a cotton like substance. Also, there are orang bugs that look like large ladybugs on the stem. What are the bugs? Also there were green cattapillars on the underside of some leaves. Will they turn into butterflies?


Westmoreland County Pennsylvania horticulture about 4 hours ago

dealing with mold under my carpet and cats ears BUGGING her?

I posted on here about a week ago regarding mold under my carpet from a flood in my apartment back in March, landlord refusing to do anything, now dealing with multiple types of bugs in my apartment and now my cats ears are bothering her. When I try to vacuum, I keep feeling a pin prick on my skin leaving a red mark on my skin. I have never had any bugs in my apartment until the mold issue happened. Now my cats ear is bothering her and I don't know what to do. Are there any tiny or invisible bugs that are attracted to mold that can bother cats and humans?


Oregon mildew and mold control about 5 hours ago

Amending Alkaline Soil Quickly

Hi, my soil is highly alkaline, is there a way to amend it quickly? Is adding amendments to soil when planting (adding amendments directly to the soil in the hole before putting plant in and back filling) a option? I would really like to plant a Smoke Bush and a Japanese Maple soon and I have read its very important for the Smoke Bush to have good draining soil. What can I do? Thank You ahead of time for any help. ~Amy


Umatilla County Oregon about 6 hours ago

What is with the cascara outbreak?

I live in Alsea, west of the coast range. Historically there have been rare cascara trees in my area, there are a few 20+ year old trees on my property. Recently (past 5 years) the number of trees has increased very rapidly, with thousands of saplings taking root in fields and particularly in the field/forest boundary areas. Some areas are so thick with young cascara saplings I cannot walk through them. I believe the trees are native but the population acts like an invasive species right now. I wonder what specifically led to this, is temperature now just above a point where the cascara grows rampant?


Benton County Oregon about 6 hours ago

Invasive plant?

This plant has taken over the 10 acre field in front of my home. This field is typically mowed for mushroom hay. Can you identify it? It's encroaching on my lawn. Thank you, Lillian Russell



Chester County Pennsylvania about 7 hours ago

Maple tree lost large branch in storm this past Sunday

A quick storm passed over our home on Sunday, August 18, 2019. One of our Maple trees lost a huge branch. At the base of the fallen branch it is 68 inches around. The wound on the tree is 138 inches long. I am hoping I can save our tree!!! It is my favorite one! I have enclosed photos. If I can save the tree, I understand I must act fast. I need some expert advice! Thank you very much.


Img_1060_300x300%2523 Img_3723_300x300%2523 Img_3744_300x300%2523

Midland County Michigan about 8 hours ago

Sweat bees

How does one get rid of them, as soon as I walk out the door they are after me, if I kill one, they summon all their buddies, also. Started about two weeks age. I take a shower daily. I have no idea where their nest is. Just south of downtown Longmont in the county. Ed


Boulder County Colorado about 8 hours ago

Oak Tree in Front Lawn

We have an oak tree in our front lawn. The tree is not doing well and the grass around the base of the tree is slightly browning. What is the best way to water (or not water) our oak? Should we remove the grass at the tree base and replace it with wood chips? Thanks!


Larimer County Colorado about 9 hours ago

Is this a birch sawfly?

Is this a birch sawfly larvae? These are in the birch in clusters, so I first thought sawfly. Up close I clearly see four prolegs, and can't tell if the orange spots on the rear segments are prolegs as well. There are alot of hairs which is more typical of moth/butterfly larvae, also throwing me off. Thank you for your help.


20190820_111127_300x300%2523 Larvae_300x300%2523

Virginia insect identification about 9 hours ago

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