My raspberry fruits have tiny wormlike larva inside them. What are these, what's the cause, and how do I prevent them?


Carver County Minnesota raspberries horticulture insect pests about 15 hours ago

Honeycrisp apples

We have trees in Ortonville, MN. (South Dakota/MN border) When would be the best time for us to harvest our apples?


Big Stone County Minnesota honeycrisp apple horticulture harvesting about 19 hours ago

What is this?

Is this a type of happy plant. It's in my garden.



Outside United States plant identification about 19 hours ago

Hostas and Campanula

The flowers on some of my narrow leafed hostas and the flowers on the campanulas are similar. Are they closely related? The camponulas are an old hearty variety that you can find growing around homes built in the early 1900s. Thanks


Minnesota hostas horticulture campanula about 21 hours ago

Compost plant

Want to find out what plant is growing out of my compost?


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Outside United States about 21 hours ago

Not sure what this is, neighbour planted it and it's overtaking my fence

Neighbours planted this... And it's overtaking my fence. I would like to know if it's edible?


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Outside United States about 21 hours ago

Peony problem

My peony plant has some sort of white powder stuff on it. What should I do for it?


Beltrami County Minnesota peony diseases about 21 hours ago

serviceberry pruning

I have a young serviceberry bush in the front yard that I'd like to keep at its present 7' height. When shall I prune the top? Any special precautions?


Anoka County Minnesota pruning woody plants about 21 hours ago

Blue berry bush????

I planted a blue berry bush ,in this spot 2 yrs ago. Are these 3 shoots of it , should I kill it or move it, or what??? Laura McComb Fowlerville , MI


Livingston County Michigan fruit about 22 hours ago

Lilac bacterial blight

I took out my lilac and stump/roots, do I need to treat the soil before I replant any other plant??


Coos County Oregon lilac bushes horticulture plant disease about 22 hours ago

What is this grass or weed

Wondering what this is. Friend said it appeared in her veggies garden and overtook it in one week



Summit County Ohio about 22 hours ago

azalea caterpillars

What can be done about these eating away at the leaves of the plant other than hand picking them? Thought they were generally more to rhe south. Just discovered them in the past week.


Chesterfield County Virginia about 23 hours ago

Aragon police arrested my 14 yr.girl for cussing and lied and said she fought...

Aragon police arrested my 14 yr.girl for cussing and lied and said she fought with them they have body camera to show what happens they not take her at ydc. So they held her in their office for 5 hr. Hand cuffed to chair and legs cuffed and hung on a door knob until they had more changes for cussing ( felony ) sent off that night got bond out 3 days then they came to my house took off ankle Monterey without a parent present next day took warrant picked up at school took to court that day said we did not charge theMontour. Police that took her testified he saw her and a teacher plugging it up at school data sheet said never. had any charge I charged it school charged it too judge said he feels like we was trying to hide her where about she went to school and home I no fact!! Sent her off till court 7days 1st time in trouble now she had to take plea bargain or go back she did she scared of they no one will help got proof all state papers n police video to show her innocent no one will help me I am poor I still have rights too. Can someone help me please my phone# 7706843150 she losing her life Please help


Polk County Georgia about 24 hours ago

Is this wild grape

This large vine has small bliegreen and purple berries is it wild grape



Pettis County Missouri about 24 hours ago

Puffed up neck feathers

We noticed today that our 18 week old chickens are puffing out their neck feathers and sort of strutting around. Not sure if it's part of their preening behavior or pre-laying behavior, but haven's noticed it before. They look like some sort of exotic bird when they do it. Any Ideas? Thanks for any help! We have a buff orpington and a Rhode island red.


Berks County Pennsylvania poultry chickens turkeys chickens poultry behavior about 24 hours ago

Question plant type

Please help me identify this plant. Thanks



Essex County Massachusetts plant identification 1 day ago

Chestnut crabapple

I bought 2 apple trees about 6 years ago from a local garden center and this is the first year they bore any significant amount of fruit. I thought I was getting chestnut crab trees. The tags said "Chestnut Apple Cultivar" but to me they do not have the taste of a chestnut crab. They also seem to be a bit large. Could a cultivar be a mixture of another variety with the chestnut crab?



Crow Wing County Minnesota 1 day ago

strange vine?

Doing well in a New Mexico summer. Should I cultivate it along the fence or is it invasive?



Dona Ana County New Mexico weed issues 1 day ago

flowering Pumpkns & Gourds, but no friut, this year?

I planted 3 large pots of pumpkins this year, and the plants look great and they have bloomed and bloomed but I only seem to have female blooms, so never got any pumpkins at all? All of the pots were close together and i have hanging pots of flowers in the yard, humming birds buzzing around, so not sure if its lack of of pollination or what. Same story with my gourd plant, except only one pot of those? i have baby watermelon plants that are producing fruit??


Washington County Oregon horticulture growing pumpkins 1 day ago

Can you identify this vine?

Can you identify this vine?



Albany County Wyoming plant identification 1 day ago

Is this purslane?

I have it growing all around the stone borders at my house.



Hampden County Massachusetts plant identification 1 day ago

Cantaloupe leaves drying up

Why would my cantaloupe leaves be drying up.... they are well watered.



Ramsey County Minnesota cantaloupe horticulture diagnosis of plant problems 1 day ago

spotted tomatoes

Hi! We've had a large garden for years and have grown a variety of tomatoes. This year we are having a problem with our San Marzanos. They have a fungus, I believe. The tomatoes, before they are vine ripened, are developing black spots that when left get a brownish fuzzy center. Is there any way to save the plants? The only thing we have found on the internet is blossom rot bottom, and it is definitely not that. Any suggestions would be helful!!



Sussex County Delaware tomatoes tomato problem 1 day ago

Trimming OAK trees now?

Utility companies are trimming oak trees in our neighborhood TODAY. They say it is ok per the U of M Extension guidelines. I am of the understanding in the dead of winter is the only time oaks can be cut/pruned without adverse effects. Please weigh in TODAY, This Morning if at all possible, I hear chain saws....


Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

Insecticide in Garden

My lawn care company sprayed my garden with Talstar Pro (Bifenthrin) and Merit 2F (Imidacloprid) yesterday after being asked not to. Is it safe for me to harvest tomatoes from these plants? If so, when? If not, am I done for the season, or are only the tomatoes that are currently on the vine impacted? Thanks!


Oakland County Michigan pesticide safety 1 day ago

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