Tilling the garden?

I have lots of fallen leaves that are very dry and well shredded, is it OK to till them directly into the garden soil? This is the end of my third year trying to amend my considerably clay based soil with composted organic matter. I have been reasonably successful and I am hoping for an additional improvement next year. I am considering covering my 20' X 24' plot with a tarp over the winter in hopes of eliminating or at least reducing the vine type weeds that wrap around everything in sight. Is this good approach?
Tim Radley


Arapahoe County CO composting sustainable gardening and landscaping about 4 hours ago

Tree with black berries?

Hi. I just purchased a home and am struggling to identify a tree in my yard. It is a smaller tree that is shaped much like a fruit tree. It has gray bark and the old branches are quite challenging to prune. It has black berries now that it is fall. The leaves are turning from a rich, dark green to yellow - nothing too fancy or showy. The leaves are rather almond shaped and as large as an adult hand at their biggest. I didn't buy the house until recently, so unfortunately I don't know if it flowered in spring. The birds eat the berries. Any idea what this tree is?


Jefferson County CO about 12 hours ago

Planting perennials mid fall.

Hi, would it be better to plant perennials now or wait for spring? The area I want to plant is a raised bed in dry shade. I would be planting epimedium, carex, christmas fern, geranium, maybe hellebore. I have read perennials should be in the ground six weeks before the ground fully freezes to prevent heaving. It seems to me that could be anywhere from late November to early January. Some websites recommend fall planting while others suggest perennials are better done in spring. Can you offer any advice? Thank you!


Lehigh County PA about 12 hours ago

care of walnuts

I have a walnut tree that has lots of walnuts and I picked them up and put them in a tray with screen on it to dry. Do I need to wash them when they get dry and then crack them?


Iowa County IA about 14 hours ago

Good or bad bug?

Are these bugs beneficial or harmful in the garden? I found several in a mulch pile. They look like grub worms on steroids!



Comal County TX about 14 hours ago

winter care for newly planted raspberry plants about a foot tall

New neighbor gave us about 10 small raspberry plants from his garden/yard this summer. He has tons! What he gave us was about 1 foot tall and not baring fruit yet. We planted them in our yard over the summer and they look to be doing real well so far. My husband asked me to find out if we should do anything special to protect them over the winter? Cover up with something? Cut back to a certain height? Or just leave be? I read something about adding mulch to the area. Thank you in advance for any info you can provide so we will hopefully still have nice raspberry plants next year. And I do realize they might take 2 years to produce fruit. Boo hoo. Oh well. Just looking forward to yummy raspberries whenever they produce.


Waukesha County WI raspberries about 14 hours ago

Browning of Techney Arborvitae

Hello, I have three Techney Arborvitae that were planted just a little over a year ago. They have looked healthy right up until the one year warranty expired. . Now all three trees are starting to turn brown in the interior, though the one furthest from the house is much worse. I've tried to carefully care for them, watering for 15-20 minutes every 10-14 days if there was no rain, as the grower instructed. Can you offer any advice? Thank you! Fran Fiedler



Scott County IA about 14 hours ago

Leghorn laying habits

My brown leghorn (white ears) layed for 2-3 weeks then stopped.. I have searched thinking she is hiding them but find none. She hasn't laid now for over two weeks. Not losing feathers, eats well, appears normal. Only leghorn among 16 hens. Is this normal behavior? She was born this past March.


Nez Perce County ID about 15 hours ago

strange flower what is it

It is purple speckled and when it is closed it is pale green. I is a climber
Bit like a morning glory habit.



OUTSIDEUS about 16 hours ago

soil treatment for botyritis

Is there an amendment to treat soil against botyritis and other fungus? I have planted peonies near the road and near where I have cone flowers. I have noticed over the past several years the cone flowers turn black about mid season. The cone flowers are planted around my mailbox post which is a length of an old utility pole


Allegany County MD flower soil treatment for botrytis about 16 hours ago

I make vegetable soup with meat and veggies (no potatoes though) and then I...

I make vegetable soup with meat and veggies (no potatoes though) and then I pressure can it. Since the food is completely cooked first, why do I need to pressure can it at 10 pounds pressure for such a long time - 55 minutes for pints?


Montgomery County OH about 17 hours ago

Growing garlic

I want to grow garlic every year in a small (tiny) garden. Can I grow it each year in the same spot or must I rotate with recommended alternatives? Thanks.


Montgomery County MD garlic vegetable crop rotation about 17 hours ago

white spots on my maple tree

I have a maple tree that has white spots on the branches. a couple of years ago the bark opened up on the south side of the tree. I went to the nursery and they gave me a white variegated material to put on the tree for the winter. I left it on for a least a year and then the city park representative told me I should take it off in the summer. I have white spots on the branches of the tree now. Is my tree diseased?


MN sunscald maple trees about 18 hours ago

Please identify a volunteer

This plant appeared late in the season, and is in full bloom now (late October). I have searched my field guides and online resources but can't identify it. Having grown up in the nursery business in Maryland, I pride myself on knowing local plants, but this volunteer has me stumped. (The stem is somewhat reminiscent of Oleander, but clearly, it's not.) Can you tell me what it is, and whether it is hardy, and can I move it to a better location? What about propagation? Thanks, Roy Deppa Brookeville PS, I tried to give you two photos of the plant, one overall and the other a closeup of the now open blooms, but I can't tell if I've given you two of the same shot. I can email the photos if you need them.


Unknown_300x300%2523 Unknown_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD milkweed plant id flower asclepias about 18 hours ago

Can I trim back perennials now

I have perennials that I want to move to a new garden area - I usually wait until a freeze before I trim anything. Since we STILL haven't had a hard freeze, can I do this now anyway? I don't want to be moving plants in the snow. Thanks


Ramsey County MN about 18 hours ago

My son may purchase a single family residence on Dugan Road, in Belpre,...

My son may purchase a single family residence on Dugan Road, in Belpre, Washington County. How does he go about checking the well for quality? Can you recommend procedures and appropriate contacts? Thanks very much


Washington County OH about 19 hours ago

Dead Green Ash Tree - What to do with the wood?

I have a Green ash tree that has died from the red headed ash borer. My question is what should I do with the wood? I understand that the larvae can live in the wood after the tree is died and emerge as adults in the spring. So, what can I do to be able to preserve the wood so that 1) the red headed ash borer doesn't spread to other trees, 2) I could potential utilize the wood for my fireplace? Are there other options to utilize the wood? Chipping for mulch? If preserving it is not possible, what is the best way to get rid of it? Where should I take it to dispose of it?


Meeker County MN trees and shrubs emerald ash borer about 19 hours ago

Cheasapeake Bay (Tangier Sound) Restoration/Research

Are there programs that facilitate the leasing of home/landowners properties to extend for research or restoration of the Chesapeake Bay? Are there programs where property owners can benefit from leasing properties to the university or state?


Somerset County MD watershed property about 20 hours ago

Black Hills Spruce

I believe I have a diseased Black Hills Spruce with Lirula needle blight. The tree is 10 years old and 15 feet tall. The blight has been occurring for at least 5 years.I think it's to far gone to save and was wondering what I would have to do to plant another Black Hills Spruce in the same spot? Or another type. thanks, Wayne Kryduba


Bhspruce_20161023_01_300x300%2523 Bhspruce_20161023_02_300x300%2523

Hennepin County MN about 20 hours ago

tomato blight

the last several years my tomatoes have gotten blight--wilted leaves starting bottom up and with some tomatoes being spotted. Should I disinfect cages before winter and if so how? What tomato varieties are resistant to disease like blight , which do you recommend, and where can I buy these varieties (seedlings not seeds) next season? Thanks Dennis


Ramsey County MN about 22 hours ago

Greenhouse building plans

Do you know where I can get step-by-step plans on how to build a greenhouse?


Clackamas County OR greenhouse horticulture 1 day ago

Ground cover

Does dissotis rotundifolia make a good ground cover in an orchard in Hawaii? What benefits and problems will I experience? Mahalo, Helmut


HI fruit trees orchard ground cover 1 day ago

Purchased 10 acres with 20-30 Peach trees needing some TLC maybe more

I recently purchased 10 acres in Van Zandt in the town of Edgewood, TX. It has 20-30 peach trees some very questionable shape. I would like to salvage what I can then augment with other fruit bearing trees possibly grapes/olives if I can pull that off.
However, I need some guidance on soil, irrigation and want to invest wisely with my efforts bearing the most probable success. Is there any initial guidance I can get and possible site evaluation from an expert?


Van Zandt County TX 1 day ago

Need Local Rabbit Processor

Is there a rabbit processor (for small rabbitry) near Waymart or South Canaan, PA? Or, is there a mobile slaughterhouse nearby?


Wayne County PA small meat processors 1 day ago

out of season flowers

I planted my cosmos seeds in May & they didn't sprout until October. Now they are blooming so I picked them all so the cold temps wouldn't just kill them. Why would they be growing so late in the year? My zinnias did this last year.


PA 1 day ago

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