Bugs with wings

They are on an inside wall & come out when I have a pedestal lamp lit that is located very close to the wall.



about 1 hour ago


I was pulling up some dried grass in my garden, and got stung by a bee. I went back the next day, and got stung again. It was then I realized that there are bees who are living either in the ground or under the the dried grass and an oregano plant. There is a constant parade of bees going in and out. They are small and cylindrical rather than the usual bee shape. There are some sunflowers nearby, and they buzz around them, but never see them land. They move fast. I don't want to kill them, just want to know what they are and get them to nest somewhere else. I've thought about getting a photo, but they move too fast. Also after getting stung twice, and once with a reaction to the sting, I want to avoid having that happen again.


Multnomah County Oregon about 3 hours ago


I just recently crushed and pressed 18 lugs of Cab from Central Valley California. Have gone through primary fermentation and I am about to do a MLF on my wine and was wondering how do I know when MLF has cometed? I used paper chromatography in the past but am unable to get a kit now. Can't find it in Canada and can't get it shipped from the US probably due to shipping chemicals across the border. Other than the eye is thete a product or a tool that would accurately tell me when MLF has completed? Thanks


Outside United States about 3 hours ago

Grass and Pine needles.

Can I grow grass under Pine trees?


Orange County California about 6 hours ago

Identify black beetle with orange stripe

There are a number of black beetles with orange stripes along the foundation of our house on the oregon coast. Friend or foe? Thanks for your reply I have photos



Tillamook County Oregon about 6 hours ago

Is this plant Gotu Kola? Ground Ivy? Mallow? I can't figure it out....

This looks like a hard one to identify. It's not shiny, Has no particular smell when I rip the leaf, the stem is attached in the middle, and it is growing in spots that tend to get a lot of sun. Here are a few pics. Help! :) I want to get rid of it unless it is Gotu Kola, which I take as a supplement.


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Lane County Oregon about 8 hours ago


Do I need to replace the soil that may have sporesfrom black spot from my roses. I am planning to use the area for other plants and vegetables after removing the roses.


Washington County Oregon about 9 hours ago

Large black ant (harmless) or carpenter ant?

These are invading my home in last couple of days. Are they just regular large ants or do I need to be worried about my home being destroyed by carpenter ants? Thanks so much.



New Castle County Delaware about 9 hours ago

Cutting down dead cedars?

Hello, We have 28 acres in the Molalla area and have quite a few cedars that are completely orange/brown or have lost their limbs altogether and are basically snags now. The question came up now with all the wildfires that actually got pretty close to our property and all those dead trees look like prime fire fuel. Also, given that we dont know why they are actually dying, is it best practice to completely remove the trees including root systems to stop the spread of whatever is killing them. 75% of the trees in our area are western red cedars and about 30+% of them on our property are dying. Thank you,


Clackamas County Oregon about 9 hours ago

Plant identification

How do I send a photo to identify a grey leaf plant?


Baltimore County Maryland about 9 hours ago

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