Saying mango tree one year old

What can I do about it


OUTSIDEUS 26 days ago

Tiny Black Bug with Wings


I found a tiny small winged black bug in my daughters hair which was dying in the sink In my kitchen.

Actually Living in my 28 year old daughters hair!! She complained something was crawling in her scalp, yet for days we looked and her scalp looked spotless with the exception of what I thought was dandruff. What I saw in her scalp was yellow orangish which I chalked up as some type of dermatitis.

Since I didn’t see a bug I thought she was sleep deprived and sent her to bed. She works nights in a nursing home and has been in contact with a resident who had scabies, this was before Christmas. She did a treatment for the scabies and they have left the outside of her skin however, the last 2 nights, 3 days she has been complaining of something biting her scalp. She said she could hear a clicking noise and could feel them crawling.

She then bought and used RID thinking she had lice and she said she felt much better and left her hair in a bun wet, and went back to work. There was also what appeared to be silver linings or shedding along with it. I have never in my life encountered anything like this. In the meantime she went back to work after she did her hair treatment and the bugs are BACK!! I hope you can tell me what this is!!

I have told her to go to the hospital so they can diagnose her. Last treatment she did was about 2-3 weeks ago and I remember putting the cream on her scalp as well. I hope you can tell me what this is! I attached the picture my daughter sent me while she was at work when she simply shook her head vigorously scratched her scalp and then, rinsed her hair in the sink at work when these things ended up in the sink BEFORE SHE CAME HOME to do the treatment for what she thought may be lice.

Picture one and two is the little black bug with wings that died in my sink and the third picture Is the one my daughter took at work. She described them as worms or maggots so I assume they were see through or white. I hope you can assist! Thank you so very much for any help you may be able to provide.



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Clay County FL 26 days ago


please help. At home I have a terrarium - succulents (aloe vera, cactus and my own tongue) and today I transplanted plants and found in the soil of this worm, or larva, or whatever it is. I think if there was one, there would be more. What is it? Is it a pest? I don't know, I'm looking for google and I'm desperate for it, I can't find out what it is.
I water the succulents once every 10 days, so it has little water.
Thank you for every answer, you will help me a lot



OUTSIDEUS 26 days ago

Weedy dry land pasture management ...

I read the article and saw the charts, diagrams and all, but not one mention of soil conditions was offered. I would ask or I would question is the soil hard, soft, sandy or loam, is the soil pH high or low? Is there a dominant mineral issue like alkali, iron, aluminum, or is it low in calcium, Phosphorous, Potassium. Is the soil carbon low, is microbe activity present . Does the soil drain or does it puddle after it rains? All of these physical issues determine a soils ability to grow quality forages ...


Delta County CO 26 days ago

What is this tiny bug?

I found this bug biting my finger at least that was what I thought I was feeling?



Kankakee County IL 26 days ago

Reseeding Pasteur Used For Growing Grass Hay

What month is good for reseeding a 2 acre Pasteur, and what type of seed should I use.

Can I spread the seed by hand or should I have it drilled?


Broomfield County CO 26 days ago


When is the last frost date for spring?


Lee County IA 26 days ago

Lawn care


We put in sod last spring. We watered it heavily, and it seemed to do well over the summer. We have not used any fertilizer. Now it is very yellow. Is this normal? Also, I do not remember what type of grass this is. Can you tell from the pictures?
Thank you


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Washington County OR 27 days ago

Composting for both garden and environment

Hi There,

I an relatively new to composting and find that there is a lot of information and advice out there to sort through. I am trying, though.

My issue is that I want to compost all of my compostable material (as much as I can, anyway) for the environmental benefits. I also want to have good compost for my garden. I have read that I should not include onions, garlic and citrus in the compost, if I am using it for my garden.

Does it make sense to have two separate compost bins? One for my garden friendly scraps, and one for everything else? It seems like a lot of trouble and I have not come across this idea in any of my reading. But I do want to get the maximum benefit for both my garden and the environment. What do you suggest. Thank you, J. Lynch


NY 27 days ago

English laurel hedge

When would it be best to trim an English laurel hedge to keep the seeds from spreading and sprouting all over the garden.


King County WA 27 days ago

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