Daphne odora

Hi. Can you give me any advice on growing and maintaining this tempermental shrub? They are famous for doing well then dying for no apparent reason. Thanks


OR daphne about 5 hours ago

Overwintering potted perennials--how warm is too warm?

Hi, I need to protect a bunch of potted perennials from the cold this winter. I have an unheated shed attached under the house that is insulated, and due to residual heat from the house the temperature is over 50 degrees during the day. Is that too warm for potted perennials? How warm is too warm? BTW, it is pitch black in this shed as there are no windows.


Montgomery County MD perennials overwintering about 7 hours ago

Last winter's Snowmagedden in McKenzie Bridge toppled 4 of my fruit trees...

Last winter's Snowmagedden in McKenzie Bridge toppled 4 of my fruit trees (along with dozens of other trees.) I want to replant a dark plum, asian pear, cherry and apple trees suitabled to this area. What varieties of those fruit trees would you recommend for the McKenzie Bridge climate? Many thanks in advance for any suggestions you can give me.


Lane County OR fruit trees about 8 hours ago

Turkey hens sitting on eggs

I had 2 juvenile hens sent for my tom. After a few weeks, the royal palm began sitting on her nest of seven eggs. Then, one morning 2 days later, 8 eggs, now 9 eggs. I am not sure if it is the other hen sneaking in and laying an egg (slightly less speckling) but the situation is that I need to leave door open so the royal palm can come and go on pasture. I have a box right next to royal palm's nest for the slate but no action there....I started marking the eggs and hope hatching doesn't linger forever, but this hen is a pretty good sitter.....any ideas of what to do? thanks!


Kauai County HI poultry about 8 hours ago

ID ivy/weed

Please ID these ivy weeds in veggie garden. Should I eradicate them? If so, how?


20191123_115719_300x300%2523 20191123_115715_300x300%2523 20191123_115713_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County MD weeds ground ivy vegetable gardening deadnettle about 8 hours ago

organic matter

My soil sample is 3.7% organic matter. Is that good bad or ugly?


Lake County MI about 8 hours ago

pork tenderloin

I marinated the pork tenderloin git in olive oil and spices . I want to freeze it once cooked. What internal temperature should I cook it? After defrosting, what is the best way and how long do I cook it?


Orange County FL food safety cooking temperatures internal cooking temperature thermometer food cooking pork about 8 hours ago

Less mold and mildew on Mt. hood?

Hello, I have mold/mildew allergies and asthma, and we're trying to find a place to live with less mold and mildew than is in the Portland area, but within commuting distance to downtown Portland. Recently we stayed on Mt Hood on Route 26, and I could breathe, so we are considering moving closer to Mt Hood. Does that side of Mt Hood have less mold (humidity, warmth)? Would living half an hour closer to Mt Hood make any real difference in the amount of mold? Are there other areas close to Portland with less mold? Thanks for your help!


Multnomah County OR fungus about 20 hours ago

canning bacon jam

I want to make bacon jam for Christmas presents this year. I've been unable to find any recipes that discuss pressure canning the jam. Is this possible? If so, how long & what pressure would I use. Thank you, Christie Anderson


Tillamook County OR home food preservation food safety about 21 hours ago

True Lime

Is it safe to use "True Lime" in place of lemon, when canning?


Nome Census Area AK 1 day ago

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