Soil test and windbreak trees

Where can I get a comprehensive soil test? (PH, N, P, K, %organic, composition, etc.) Also, I live in Pennington County, does the extension have access to bare root trees suitable for rural windbreaks? Thank you


Pennington County South Dakota about 1 hour ago

need suggestions on choosing 4 foot tall dense evergreen shrub for creating a thick privacy barrier

I am look for a 4 foot tall dense evergreen shrub that will make a thick privacy barrier;when planted close together. They will be planted in an area that is near evergreen conifer trees. The area is a low area that puddles up ONLY during heavy rains. Most of the time the area has damp soil but no standing water. I would prefer something that didn't need a lot of pruning or time to maintain. Our yard is in the country and is large. Please offer a 2-3 options that may fit my need. Regards, Paul Ardison; 507-479-0694; or


Le Sueur County Minnesota privacy screen about 2 hours ago

Ground cover

I watched a program and it had a list to sow a mixture on the garden. I missed writing it down. Can you let me know or direct me to someone that can. Thank you


Jackson County Michigan ground cover about 3 hours ago

Picnic Beetles

I have quite a few raspberry plants and over the years the picnic beetles have taken over all the plants, what is the best course of action? Are they dormant in the soil or do they fly into my yard in the spring? Is there a pesticide I could spray in the soil in the spring or are they not effective and I should just put traps out to catch and kill them. If it’s a trap what is the most effective?


Otter Tail County Minnesota sap beetles picnic beetle about 4 hours ago

Grass recommendation

Looking for a grass recommendation. Area of placement is a neighborhood entrance island. Space for 3 grass plants(4'x 2' area) behind dwarf red barberrys and in front of a vertical fence lined by 2 rows of lime barberry and Karl Forester grasses. Area tends to be moist soil due to irrigation system. Something showy but durable without being invasive. Suggestions?


Hennepin County Minnesota ornamental grasses about 5 hours ago


How do you get rid of moss?


Hennepin County Minnesota about 6 hours ago

Transplanting and trimming Box Wood.

We are transplanting 10 mature Box Wood shrubs. They were not trimmed at all in 2019. Can we trim and shape them after transplanting? Thanks - Bret


Isabella County Michigan about 7 hours ago

Brown Leaves on Zestar Apple Tree

I have brown leaves on my Zestar apple tree. What should I do to bring it back? Should I spray or wait it out? Thanks.


Anoka County Minnesota apple trees about 9 hours ago

Disease or mites??

Not sure why my plant is looking down and droppy. There are slowly brown patches opening up on the leaves, not sure what I can do to solve the problem ??



Outside United States houseplants about 19 hours ago

Red Splotch

Is there anything I can do, besides tearing out the vines ?


San Luis Obispo County California vines about 21 hours ago

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