Lawn Torn up by Skunk

Hi! Class of 1988 here. My lawn is being badly torn up by a Skunk. I do not believe there are grubs, but even so, how do I stop and prevent this? Background: I have lived here for eight years, have had True Green service the whole time. Prior to that, the lawn had not been treated for at least two years, if not more. Soil is very sandy, less than a mile from Lake Huron. Lawn has slowly declined since I moved in, even with the yard service. True Green keeps preaching over-seeding with aeration. Even lushest parts of lawn have declined.


St. Clair County Michigan about 5 hours ago

Plate Dahlia's

I bought three plate dahlias and put them in pots last Spring. I dug them up last Fall and have lots of nice tubes. My daughter is wanting these to be in bloom for our backyard wedding in 46 days on June 9. Is it possible to plant them in pots indoors now and move outside when it's warm? Will they be in bloom? If so, what kind of soil should I use? At what temps can I move the pots outside? Thank you so much, Monique Hopkins Anoka, MN


Anoka County Minnesota dahlias about 6 hours ago

Unwanted Roommates

My house has become Party Central for the neighborhood squirrels. I have trapped one Chipmunk and at least 3 Red Squirrels. I have paid two different companies approximately $400. I still have squirrels. I trap & remove one.... 2 take its place. Please help me.


Wayne County Michigan about 7 hours ago

What type of ant?

I am finding these ants near entry doors every morning. Can you help me with identification?


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Weld County Colorado about 8 hours ago


Is it to late to give apple trees a pruning?


Isanti County Minnesota about 8 hours ago

planting nannyberry viburnums

HI, I just purchased nannyberry viburnums. I want to use them for privacy along a fence line, so the denser the better. How far apart do you recommend planting them for this purpose? thank you!


Boulder County Colorado about 9 hours ago

Compost and Mulch Pick-Up Sites

Are there places in the twin cities where I can pick up free compost and mulch? Thank you in advance for you help . . .


Hennepin County Minnesota about 9 hours ago

Migration of Nusiance Birds

Hello U. Of Md. Extension The annual nusiance has arrived with the appearance of the starlings and grackels. As you well know they take over the bird feeder making it impossible for the "regular"customers to eat . Can you provide information when the starlings and grackels will migate and move on. Additionally can you recommend anything that might repel squirrels. They've taken to jumping onto the birdfeeder.I've tried a commercial squirrel repellant and it does not phase them. I'd love to have a barrier around the yard that would repel them.
Thanking you in advance for any information you may provide.
Regards Jeannie Hubbard


Baltimore County Maryland wildlife starlings and grackels at feeder about 11 hours ago

Concerns on Cypress Leyland Tree

Hi There, I have two Leyland trees, one is at the front of the house and another is at the back. Both of them do not look good. Their bottom/inside needles are turning brown/turned brown. I notice similar trees in my neighborhood are having the same problems, however my trees seem to be in worse condition. I did pull out a handful bagworms at the bottom of the front tree. I can not see anymore of them. Can Bagworms cause damage to these trees? Please give your advice and recommendations. Should I prune the dead branches? Thank you for your help.


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Frederick County Maryland abiotic issues trees pest insects and mites plant care about 12 hours ago

Insect nest or Fungi?

I saw this white object attached to a tree in a wood. Could you tell me what it is please?

Many thanks,



Eaves_wood_17_april_2018_(1)_300x300%2523 Eaves_wood_17_april_2018_(2)_300x300%2523

Outside United States about 12 hours ago

oak wilt and the weather

I understand that the recommended dates to NOT thin a red oak stand are from April 15 through mid July to prevent the spread of the oak wilt fungus. Because of the cooler than normal spring weather is it okay to allow logging for another week or so near me because, I assume, the beetles are not active yet? I live in the Grand Rapids area. Thank you.


Kent County Michigan about 13 hours ago

ID these garden volunteers for me? (no.2)

Hi - I’ve been pulling quite a few things on a mix of speculation and vague recollection that they’re invasives, but also snapping photos to run past you experts so that you might help me know better next time. At least one photo is of a plant I asked about before, but which was ambiguous without a flower, and now it has some buds. I hope this won’t be too many photos to put to you at once. Thanks for the help! - Oliver PS I see now 3 at a time is the limit, so I’ll be doing this in stallments. This is the second.


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Multnomah County Oregon plant identification about 18 hours ago

need manure

Where may I find good manure (not steer manure) for my garden? I know that the garden centers have it but it's very expensive that way if you want to cover a hundred or more square feet. We used to get manure at the U somewhere for free if we shoveled it ourselves. Could you tell me some sources of manure or composted manure?


Anoka County Minnesota manure sources about 23 hours ago

Winged insect found inside our home, dead, on our carpet.

Hi, gang - found this poor guy on our carpet about April 12th. I’ve been very curious as to what he/she is. My limited research points to dampwood termite, but I believe the legs on my bug are way too long compared to images of the dampwood termite i saw online. He’s just over an inch long, including wings. Also, can you identify the thin, curly noodle-like strand coming out of its abdominal area? Thank you!


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Multnomah County Oregon insect issues insect identification about 23 hours ago

Volunteer plant of concern

This plant has appeared in a highly modified/landscaped sunny slope at Long Point Park in Charlestown Md adj. to the North East river. Seems a bit aggressive. I would like to know what it is and it’s geographical origin? Is it native to Maryland or another invasive plant? I’ve never met this plant before.


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Cecil County Maryland plant identification flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 23 hours ago

Canna and sparkleberry

My canna have not begun to grow. I suspect that the extreme cold spell this winter in St Marys County killed the canna. Should the canna have begun to sprout by now? Are sparkleberry hard to grow? Where can I find sparkleberry plants? Thank you, Greg Boczar


Maryland shrubs late spring start canna and sparkeberry holly about 24 hours ago

Planting an orchard

We plan to plant 4 apple trees, 2 peach, 2 pear, 2 fig and 16 blue we need to add any fertilizers or lime


Barry County Michigan about 24 hours ago

black beetles

Our trees are getting lots of small holes and dying. I find black beetles in the ground at the base of these trees - and other locations in the yard. What can I do/use to get rid of them.



Oregon tree health sap suckers 1 day ago

Cottonwood trees damaging fence and sprinkler lines in my backyard in metro Denver

There are 3 very large cottonwood trees just across my backyard property line which have destroyed the privacy fence (gaping hole and entire fence now leaning over) from the trunks growing into it. In addition, the trees roots are continually pushing up through the lawn and breaking sprinkler lines in my yard, costing many hundreds of dollars/year in repairs. Oddly enough, the neighbor behind us reports never experiencing broken sprinkler lines from these trees. I'd appreciate any information about why the cottonwood roots would be growing in my yard and not in theirs. I'd also like to know if their are any regulations concerning responsibility for damage caused by trees in neighboring yards.


Arapahoe County Colorado trees and shrubs 1 day ago

Trimming shrubs

Hello, can you tell me what the name of this tree/shrub is and can it be trimmed? Also if so what is the best way to do so and the best way to care for it. Thank you!!!



Cass County North Dakota 1 day ago

Dead blue bird

I have a dead blue bird in my yard. I could not find any injury. I was just wanting to check to see if it may mean anything unusual.


Genesee County Michigan 1 day ago

rain garden

How start a rain garden of 750 square feet in a sunny location?


Anoka County Minnesota 1 day ago

Soil Testing

We are interested in getting our garden soil tested. Can you please let me know if you provide this service and if so, what is the cost? Thank you. Alma


Frederick County Maryland soil testing 1 day ago

Growing Chives in Large Quantities

My name is Alyce Kaehler
I live in a senior citizen facility. We eat in a large dining room. We have good food. We also have two huge planters, water available) on the west side of our facility (lots of sun). Would like to grow herbs, especially chives,in those huge planters. Chives would be used by the chefs for the residence only.
Do chives: 1- grow well in the sun? 2- need special soil amendments?
3- water needs.? 4- pest problems? 5- disease problems? 6- other problems known to you? 7- any suggestions? Would appreciate any help you can give.


Larimer County Colorado 1 day ago

Oak wilt risk as of April 19, 2018

University of Minnesota Extension Service:

We live in Eden Prairie, MN and have been planning on trimming both live and dead wood from our red and white oak trees. As you well know we have had very bad storms in March and April and this has prevented us from doing our trimming in either March or early April. More specifically, the problem we have experienced was the extended winter season and depth of snow that prevented or deterred trimmers from undertaking the one-day project until the snow melted and it was safe for them to climb, prune, drop branches and otherwise move about in our yard by foot.

I checked your website today and it said that we are in a “safe” zone as of today, April 19, 2018, and I interpret this to mean that the risk of oak wilt given the cold weather remains low. Someone, however, told me to be concerned about the intensity of the sun and not the frozen ground. Your next report regarding the current risk of oak wilt is scheduled for April 25, 2018 and, given this, I am wondering if I am good to go with a red and white oak tree trim and prune project within the next seven days.

As may be apparent, my spouse and I are hesitant to rely--one way or the other--on the opinion of a tree trimmer and we thank you for your reply to this inquiry.

  • James P. Cullen
  • Eden Prairie, MN 55346
  • 952.937.2786 (H)
  • 612.604.2584 (O)


Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

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