Norway Spruce

I just had a Norway Spruce transplanted it is 20 feet tall can you tell me how much and when i should be watering the tree. Thank you I live in Montgomery NY


Orange County New York 36 minutes ago

White pine needles

Why are so many white pine needles turning yellow and falling off? The ground under and around the tree is almost completely covered in needles. And in fact all the white pines in my complex are doing the same.


Cass County Minnesota about 2 hours ago

Vine id

Please identify



Dakota County Minnesota about 3 hours ago

Norway maple?

I have sprouts in my yard I believe are Norway Maple. These come up in my planted shrubs and plants and many unwanted places. I don't find them on the noxious weed list. I have to clip them off as close to the ground as I can to keep them from taking over. Is there anyway to control them? My neighbor does nothing to control them and lets them become trees in their yard.


Larimer County Colorado about 3 hours ago

delicate red flowering plant ID?

I have lived in this house for over 3 years now but am just noticing something that must have been planted -- it's beautiful! And I've probably been pulling it up each spring. Could you identify this plant for me?


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Baltimore Maryland plant identification flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials cardinal flower lobelia native about 4 hours ago

CO Plant Identification

Hi, I have spent a fair amount of time trying to identify a plant that I photographed on a recent hike in Lair O' the Bear Park, Jefferson County, Colorado. There was enough of this very visible plant around that I thought it would be easy enough to ID later at home (in TN) but even a Master Gardener friend was unfamiliar. So I come to you!

I did not investigate enough at the time to be sure if I am seeing a shrub --or a vine in a shrub. I am not plant knowledgeable enough to even understand if what I see is a flower, or like a dandelion, part of the seed phase. I hope you can help me.

Thank you! ~Carol Van Cleef, Oliver Springs, TN



Jefferson County Colorado about 4 hours ago

Is this an Asian giant hornet?

Please identify these bees. We have a whole bunch of them coming from somewhere and they are aggressive.


20190922_215729_300x300%2523 20190922_215751_300x300%2523

Frederick County Maryland european hornet not giant asian hornet insect or spider id about 15 hours ago

What type of poultry is best for small flocks?

Hello there! I was reading your article about small turkeys. It says that technically there’s only one breed of turkey, but many varieties I guess you mean: there’s only one species of turkey, but many breeds. You may want to check your article, since at the end of it says: ask our experts! Mahalo


Hawaii County Hawaii poultry about 16 hours ago

Please ID this shrub

Please ID this shrub


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Hennepin County Minnesota shrub identification about 19 hours ago

Mildew/mold On cone flower

Hello! My coneflower has a mold on the leaves. I will enclose a photo. I have also enclosed a photo of a product- could this be used to treat the mold? Thank you so much for your assistance! Best, LaVange Barth


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Kent County Michigan flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 20 hours ago

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