Raised beds soil composition

We are building beds 24 inches and 33 inches high for seniors to garden in. What proportions of garden soil and compost should we use? to what depth? Could we use cardboard to fill the bottom of the 33 inch beds? All are 4 x 8 feet.


Pierce County WA raised beds gardens about 16 hours ago

identifiable rooster characteristics in a chick

Can the saddle be seen in a chick? Can the cape?


Linn County IA poultry about 17 hours ago

Best Windbreak Trees in 2020

We'd like to plant a windbreak for a rural property, due north of Fort Collins about 15 miles. I've read a lot of publications online and have a pretty good idea for spacing and location. Many of the publications suggest different species to use, however it seems a lot of the information may be out of date with respect to diseases and insects that are prevalent in 2020. For example, many recommend using Austrian Pine or Blue Spruce, but are these still wise considering the Zimmerman Moth, Mountain Pine Beetle, Ips beetle, etc? I'm considering a 3-row windbreak, starting with Rocky Mt. Juniper, then Eastern Red Cedar and finally I'd like a taller conifer tree but I'm not sure what to use here. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, I'm considering trees like Norway Spruce, White Spruce, Concolor Fir, Doug Fir, White Pine etc.


Larimer County CO about 22 hours ago

White spots on indoor flat leaf parsley

I brought my potted deck flat leaf parsley inside to a south facing all glass sunroom for the winter. After 3 months the leaves are developing white ‘spots.’ Is the parsley still safe to eat, and is there a soap-based spray I should use to try and control the ‘white spotting’? I also brought in basil, rosemary, thyme, and chive. Should I be concerned about the ‘spots’ spreading to the other herbs? Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.


Carroll County MD herbs growing herbs indoors diagnosis of plant problems about 23 hours ago

Bug Identification

Hello, wanting to confirm what type of bug this is. I believe it is maybe a Western Conifer Seed Bug but I'm not sure. We have found them in the last 2 days here at my job within the office area (on a desk, on chair and on the wall). Before this week, we had not seen them before. We do have a warehouse connected to our offices with imported pallet storage.



Hennepin County MN about 23 hours ago

Joppatowne Grow

How would I figure out drip irrigation for four raised beds, each 10x10... the water will come from a church 50 feet down hill from the garden. Is there a good site, or an expert I could use as reference?


MD irrigation and water management drip irrigation raised bed gardening 1 day ago

Using municipal water for commercial farm?

Are commercial farms allowed to pay local municipales water for commercial Farming use with out water rights? Not well or surface water.


Clackamas County OR small farms 1 day ago


I have found several mushroom type objects of different sizes in the debris in a Douglas Fir woods. How can I tell if they are truffles or some kind of mushroom? The first one pictured is a bit bigger than golf ball size and has not been washed. The second photo shows one between the size of a pea and a cherry. I washed it off and cut it open. Thank you for your help identifying them!


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Marion County OR fungi 1 day ago

Strange animal in Oregon

What is this! Body like a couger head like a prehistoric dog. Short hair like a couger except for large Mohawk like mane as in drawing . color mostly gray but Mohawk is black with rusty orange hair in center behind the head. Weird muscle in hind quarter like a coiled snake sorry looks stupid because I couldn't draw it correctly. It also had long guard hairs coming out of the Mohawk silver with black tips. Big eye bones like a cave man. Ran funny like a horse or maybe a deer.?


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Douglas County OR wildlife 1 day ago

prune roses

Willamette Valley. Near Salem. Old timers say Presidents Day is the time to prune roses. True?


Clackamas County OR 1 day ago

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