Spotty rhododendron

Hi! My new rhododendron has leaves turning yellow and spotted. Can you tell me what’s wrong with it, and possibly how I can treat it? Thank you!


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Washington County Oregon rhododendrons about 3 hours ago

Is this Rose Rosette disease?

Hi, my name is Gary and I live in the Portland, Oregon area. The pictures I've attached are some samples from a few of the roses I have in my yard. I started noticing the distorted growth late last year, and now it's affecting about ten of my rose bushes.
Any idea on what it is, and what if anything I can do to help my poor beautiful roses?



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Multnomah County Oregon roses herbicide drift about 3 hours ago

What's on my Hollyhock

Found these "nests" on my hollyhocks this morning after a deer had enjoyed a salad of the leaves yesterday. Can you tell me what it is and how to get rid of it without harming the bees? I have uploaded a jpg file with a photo.



St. Louis County Minnesota about 5 hours ago

Mystery plants

Hi, I was hoping to find out what these plants might be. They seem to be volunteers. Thanks for your help!


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Hennepin County Minnesota about 6 hours ago

Strawberry jam issue

Made some half-pints of strawberry jam without pectin. I thought I had cooked it long enough to jell but after a week it has not. What process do you recommend for a second attempt to get it to jell?


Anderson County Tennessee about 6 hours ago

Relish problem

I made a Ball Recipe called Grandmothers Golden Relish. I had to make it without the clear he'll cause I had none. Finished product is watery of course. I ordered the clear jelly to remake it. I initially canned it 5 days that okay to do and if so do I just dump it all in a pot and boil it some and add the clear he'll then re-can?


Anderson County Tennessee home food preservation about 6 hours ago

What is on my Brussel Sprouts?`

I've seen this before on other plants in my garden, but this year my brussel sprouts are the victims...looks like ash, but I can't tell if it's little bugs on the greens? help!


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Washington County Oregon brussels sprouts aphids about 7 hours ago

What is this bug?

This bug has been sitting on this dandelion leaf for a few days not moving. I'm not sure what kind of bug it is but it is about an inch in length. I don't know if it is still alive or not.



Anoka County Minnesota about 8 hours ago

monarda blossoms

Would I encourage more blossoms if I cut off the spent blossoms? The spent blossoms are seeds, right? So, I drop them on the ground where they might sprout next spring?


Hennepin County Minnesota about 9 hours ago

Plant ID

Hi: I am an inactive MG who needs help identifying this plant/tree?? I noticed this fellow growing in my sons yard this Spring and the growth rate is super fast! It was not planted as it just “showed up!” I will send 2 snaps that hopefully will allow you to identify!! Many thanks in advance!! Stephanie Scott


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Washington County Oregon plant identification princess tree about 9 hours ago

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