Polk County Assistance Needed to Identify Plant

There is a pretty plant that has been growing in my yard for 2-3 years and I have no idea what it is. It may be a young tree or shrub..or perhaps a perennial of some type. I have trimmed it completely down to the earth in prior years and it always seems to return. The stem is red and strong for a plant, the leaves are rounded - somewhat like a ginkgo leaf and their color is truly their beauty: reddish orange. I know that the ginkgo's I've seen in autumn have yellow leaves, so I guess its not related. Do you have any idea with my weak description - what this may be ? Do I need to send you a photo of it or trim off a leaf and mail it to you in order to properly identify what it is ? Thank you very much for any help you can provide, Amy Albrich


Polk County Oregon plant identification about 14 hours ago

New Leaf Brown INSIDE - Peace Lily

I noticed a brown tip on one of my leaves so I went to trim it off. Turned out to be a whole leaf growing inside one of the bigger stalks. I know new leaves grow from the bigger stems in the middle. What I pulled out was a completely brown leaf.

Was this a new leaf growing inside or am I overwatering the plant and that new leaf died before blooming?

This leaf was growing in the one leaf that has had brown spots (I had trimmed). Other than this one the plant seems happy. New leaves are coming in and it is not droopy.


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Alameda County California peace lily about 14 hours ago

Presto model # PB09A Master Temp Control

Contacted Presto in Eau Claire, WI., and upon their answer's and my search results neither Presto or an after market Master Temp Controller cord is made for a Presto Pressure Cooker model PB09A. The part number for the controller is #PA07A. Found the same used model Presto Pressure Cooker on Ebay with the Temp Control cord, but don't exactly need the another Pressure Cooker. Thought I would ask an Expert other than just keep an eye out on Ebay or other sources for one for sale or parts. Hate to get rid of our families old Presto Pressure Cooker just because the Temp Control fried. Suppose I could find someone to rebuild it also.


Rusk County Wisconsin parts about 15 hours ago

Annabelle Hydrangeas

Hi, I live in Buffalo NY and our winters can be very harsh. I came across your site and advise on cutting down Annabelle’s in the late winter early spring instead of fall. My problem is that I have beautiful Annabelle bushes throughout my property they are 5 to 6 years old but now they are just growing to tall and the flower heads are to big and brake after a rainfall. How can I achieve smaller more compact shrubs with smaller flower heads? Need your advise...please help! Thanks Irene


Niagara County New York about 18 hours ago

Maple sunscald

Our Maple got sun scald about 8 yrs ago when it was younger and when I didn't realize what it was. It's got a pretty big scald but has been healing in on the edges. Will it heal all the way shut? Doesn't look like its did much in the last couple of years. Also, I've been covering it every winter with a white plastic tree guard. Should I continue to do so? Thanks. DeeDee


Hennepin County Minnesota maple trees sun scald about 19 hours ago

Fossil or meteor ?

I found this buried 2 ft underground in Long Beach Ca. Would like to find out what it is. It weighs 12lbs & is a half circle.


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Los Angeles County California identification about 20 hours ago

Hi, my in house elephant ear that I have had for five years stopped producing...

Hi, my in house elephant ear that I have had for five years stopped producing leaves. There is one left and it is not producing the two things that come before a leave comes. Its never done this before. I thought it needed repotting but found that its roots are very short. Hope to save it. Thanks for your help


Franklin County Ohio about 20 hours ago

Lawn aeration

Is it necessary to do lawn aeration & overseeding every fall? Is it possible to only do aeration? Thanks


Hennepin County Minnesota lawn aeration lawn overseeding about 20 hours ago

Bird mite size

About how visible are bird mites? What color and would I need a magnifying glass to see them? I feel strongly that my family is infested especially after being treated for all other human mites multiple times to no avail. We are experiencing them in our nose and ears scalp and entire body. My cats have white paws and we are able to see black dots about the size of a period on their fur. I have a picture of what I believe could be a mite found next to me quickly grabbed with a piece of tape. It was extremely small I only noticed it because it was moving.


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Florida 1 day ago

Intestinal worms in chickens

Where do I get worming medication for chickens?


Outside United States 1 day ago

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