availability of mating disruption product for codling moths

I'm looking at an add for "CIDETRAK CMDA + OFM MESO" which is described as a new product to reduce codling moth damage to apples. Is it effective, and is it available in Oregon? Thank you.


Jackson County OR about 9 hours ago

Is this Spanish Moss?

Hi. Is this a lichen or moss? I have seen this in Oregon for years. Now it is growing more than ever before on all the trees in my yard. What can you tell me about this and how might I safely remove it? Thanks. dave g.



Clackamas County OR lichens about 11 hours ago

Rabbit damage to cherished shrub

Hello, I'm hoping my beloved Euonymus alatus can survive an attack by rabbits. I fear for it because the main stem has had its bark nibbled around its entire perimeter. Bark on other, smaller branches or stems have also been chewed off, but the main stem has had the worse damage. I've now got a cage around the entire plant. (It stand about 4.5' tall). Is there anything that can be done to save it? Thank you, Mary


Stearns County MN shrubs rabbit about 11 hours ago

Is this a baby black widow spider?

We recently moved into a house and have a few of these spiders crawling around, especially near the baseboard radiant heaters. We tried to research but cant tell, could this be a baby black widow? If not can you help us identify if the spider is friend or foe?


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Denver County CO about 14 hours ago

Are these bed bugs or other types of bugs?

They were found above a window with AC unit. I have seen adult silverfish in my house but my parents have bed bugs and I have been around my parents a few times (with precautions and never at their house or mine). I just don't want to identify my infestation wrong. The smaller reddish thing is what I found in a bed bug intercepter underneath my chair, also near a window. It looks sort of like a spider or clover mite but worried it's actually a bed bug nymph. Also note that the house is under a lot of trees and I find bugs that come from trees often. I just don't trust my identification skills anymore.

I'm hoping they aren't bed bugs....


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Summit County OH about 14 hours ago

Bug that looks like a seed pod


Found a brownish looking seed pod - oval in shape which didn't appear to have a head or legs, etc. I thought it would be hard but it just crushed in my fingers and oozed a white, foamy-looking pus. It had quite a bit come out.

I washed my hands well but after about 10 minutes of "handling" this "thing", my fingers started to tingle and feel hot. An uneasy feeling has now started to spread to my wrist and up my arm.

Do you know what this thing is? Bug or seed? If it gets worse I will be seeking medical attention but would be good to know.

Many thanks


OUTSIDEUS insect identification about 19 hours ago

Moth discovery

I found this moth in the woods in Eau Claire, WI one day. I’m guessing it’s polyphemus, but I was wondering if there was any cool information about this species particularly? I’ve never come across a moth so big before!


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Eau Claire County WI moths about 22 hours ago

When to begin

I'm new to SOMD and wanted to know what is generally the last frost date? Also the chart below states "Time seeds need to germinate" So I should plant my seeds indoors after the last frost date or backing up the seeding, to coincide with planting on the last frost date? Thank you Plant Approximate time to seed before last frost date (weeks) Time seeds need to germinate (days) Temperature (F) Light/dark requirement Broccoli 8 5 to 10 70 Either Cabbage 8 5 to 10 70 Either Cauliflower 8 5 to 10 70 Either Cucumber 4 or less 5 to 10 85 Either Eggplant 8 5 to 10 70 Either Lettuce 8 5 to 10 70 Light Muskmelon 4 or less 5 to 10 85 Either Pepper


St. Mary's County MD vegetables plant care seeding indoors 1 day ago

Tiny black bugs inside in the winter

We had a severe storm. Christmas tree had been removed about a week before the storm. About twenty black bugs dead on the floor near the bay window next day half a dozen dead on the floor. Five days grace. Then one landed on Jennies hand What ideas ? They look compact wiyh no visible wings Perhaps like a lady bug wing design. Shiny black about 3mm high and 5-5mm long location is newfoundland canada. Zone 4 agricultural. Severe winter storm preceded this . Nect day.


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OUTSIDEUS 1 day ago

Elderberry production in NW Mn

Can I have successful production of elderberries in the Crookston MN area?, outdoors or go into high tunnels?


Polk County MN 1 day ago

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