Rhubarb fertilizing

Is it safe to use 12-12-12 fertilizer on Rhubarb? Also want to know if cow manure is okay to use.


Charlevoix County Michigan rhubarb 28 minutes ago

Privacy fence

Hi, I live in Portland Oregon and am in need of a privacy fence that will grow at least 20!feet preferably 30 feet to block neighbors behind me. I have a small lot and don’t want to use much space and want an evergreen. Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking Italian cypress or American pillar thuja. Thanks Lydia


Multnomah County Oregon trees and shrubs about 1 hour ago

FEMA /Flood Victims

I saw on the news that you were offering legal help during the flood. Our home was destroyed and we received word today that they will not let us go back and rebuild. We have not been told what sort of buyout we will receive and the early indications from other homeowners have not been promising. We met with FEMA today and they were there to take pictures. My question is if we are not satisfied with the buyout amount and appeal can they deny our request and give us nothing? We have already been denied an SBA loan as my husband is self employed, is there any other benefits we can apply for to help us rebuild elsewhere? This all just seems unfair that they could take our home and leave us with very little to start over. I'm praying that I may be asking these questions prematurely and they will compensate us for our loss but I would like to be prepared as to where to go from here.


Fremont County Iowa about 10 hours ago

Tomato plant diseases

What tomato varieties are resistant to Early blight ,Fusarium wilt ,Late blight Septoria leaf spot.


Minnehaha County South Dakota about 14 hours ago

Dry tulips

I saw these tulips at a friends home. She said they never properly matured, and now they are dry. Seems odd considering all the rain we have had. It appears there may be more than one issue, I’m wondering if this is tulip-fire? Thank you, Louise



Clackamas County Oregon tulips tulip fire about 15 hours ago

Sell smoked meat wholesale

I Smoke Meats, and a lot of people in my town want to buy. A lot of them own stores and restaurants who would love to have my sandwiches in their store. But I don't know what license I need, or how to get the proper licensing.



Kalkaska County Michigan cottage food law about 16 hours ago

arborvitae rushmore problem after winter

I planted 3 arborvitae 'rushmore' this past June. The trees looked great thru the fall. They were wrapped with burlap for the winter and when unwrapped this spring the bottom half of each tree is basically gone. Any idea what could cause such a thing? The tops look great!



Hennepin County Minnesota arborvitae about 16 hours ago

Is this a fungus and how do I get rid of it?

I have this white fungus type thing in one of my perennial gardens. It's in the mulch, attaching to my clematis, the garage and now stakes in the ground. I'd love to know what it is, how to get rid of it, and how to prevent it from returning. Thanks so much!


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Ramsey County Minnesota fungus about 16 hours ago


If I prune a grape vine now when it has buds starting, what will happen?


Linn County Oregon grapes pruning about 17 hours ago

Do you want my Ash trees?

Just heard a presentation today by Brian VanPatten in Lexington MI 48450, the presenter said if we had Ash trees to let you all know as you might be interested in them?


Sanilac County Michigan ash trees about 17 hours ago

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