Lip Tatoo

I recently had a hose dropped off at my place and he has a lip tattoo. I was told he was a quarter horse that had raced. He appears to be 4 or 5 years old. I'd like to find the original owners to see if they would like him back or at least get a history on him so I can place him.

Thank You,

Eileen Bailey


Nevada about 8 hours ago

Do you know what kind of bug is this?

Hello, I was wondering if you can identify these winged looking friends/foes. Just found these in our house last week during the snow storm. I am not sure where the nest is or where they came from. It seems to me they might be a cross between ants and wasps. Please advise. Many thanks, Nan Koehrsen


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Washington County Oregon insect identification about 11 hours ago

How do I prepare soil for a rose garden?

Dear OSU Expert, I intend to plant a rose garden this spring and I would like to know what I should do now to prepare the soil. The area I plan to use is roughly 10 feet long by four feet wide and enjoys good sunlight most of the day. It is largely clay and rocky soil so I suspect I should add soil amenaments to improve conditions. I am planning on grandiflora bare-root roses so I am not sure if they prefer soil that is looser than clay and if so, should I add sand or peat or a combination of enhancements? Do I need to check the pH and if so, how? Thanks for your advice! Best regards, Dave Foster


Clackamas County Oregon soil roses horticulture about 12 hours ago


I have two rows of Strawberrys in my garden. I read recently that the plants should be removed after 3 years of production and the ground should not be replanted. If so why? Can I I do anything to the soil like fumigation to make it useable again?


Benton County Oregon strawberries about 13 hours ago

Plan damage from Rabbits

Rabbits have chewed the bark from some of our shrubs, probably up to about 1 foot or so. I have now fenced them but is there anything I can to assure they bud out this spring?


Stearns County Minnesota rabbits about 14 hours ago

Raised Bed Soil Testing

Hello, I have a 4x8' raised bed that we built 2 years ago, and have done a vegetable garden each year, but only with intermittent attention given :) I was looking at your January calendar of activities and it looks like soil testing is one of them. I would like to do a lot more veggies this summer but want to make sure they're healthy for my family - do you recommend soil testing for small raised beds like mine? Or is that a service that's typically only for much larger gardens or farms? Thank you! Barb


Multnomah County Oregon raised bed gardening soil testing about 15 hours ago

Investing in Poultry

If I invest in 3 free range hens, how many eggs would they have produced in a period of 15 years? If each egg is hatched how many birds in total would they be in 15 years?



Outside United States poultry 1 day ago

Tree storm damage

I have a crape myrtle and a redbud tree where a major branch connected to the base was broken from snow weight. I am not worried about symmetry of the remaining tree, but when I cut the branch from its broken spot do I need to treat the cut with anything or is it fine to just make a clean cut? Some neighbors meant to be helpful but the branch base is roughly cut rather than cleanly cut. Does that matter to tree health? Thank younfor the assistance.


Clackamas County Oregon trees and shrubs pruning trees 1 day ago

Potato Scab

My vegetable garden has a pH pf 7.3. To control potato scab it has been recommended that I lower the pH to 5.2 or less. How do I do that? Cheers! David Allan


Morrison County Minnesota 1 day ago

Too many roses?

My mother had her backyard garden landscaped a few years back and her landscaper kind of rushed her through the process of selecting which plants she wanted. I'm helping her look further into what she has there to determine if we should transplant, discard, or add any plants because she has been disappointed with the growth of what's there. She currently has two Apple Serviceberry trees (Amelanchier Grandiflora), six Glossy Black Chokeberry shrubs (Aronia Melanocarpa), two kinds of rose shrubs and a climbing rose all along the eastern side of a 30'' long 6' tall fence. There is a garage and some maple trees in the neighboring yard to the south that provide some shade. I looked into these plants and found that all of them are part of the the Rose family. Does this put them at too great a risk for disease? Do they require too many of the same nutrients to be planted so closely together? Are there good MN native light-shade perennials that could help prevent disease and build the soil for the serviceberry? My mothers main goal in planting the serviceberry was to attract birds to the property. If nothing else, she would like the serviceberry trees to thrive and to attract more birds with a variety of attractive native MN perennials that will grow well in part shade and close proximity to the serviceberry trees.


Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

Underdeveloped Chinese chestnut nuts

Most of my prickly nut balls contain three undeveloped nuts. A few have a single large nut. How can I produce more large, single nuts in the nut pods?


Bulloch County Georgia 1 day ago

I would like information about a course version of Level 2 Food Safety...

I would like information about a course version of Level 2 Food Safety training which meets all ODH requirements.


Darke County Ohio 1 day ago

Effects of arsenic in water on vegetables?

Do you have any information on this issue. We just bought a house with a well where the water has 50 ppb, and pH of 8.5 My name is Matt and me email is Thanks


Linn County Oregon 1 day ago

Growing tea in Ohio

Please share any general tips and resources on growing tea (Camellia sinensus) in Ohio. Thanks.


Ohio horticulture trees and shrubs 1 day ago

ID for cocoon/larvae found on Ericameria nauseosa, rabbitbrush

Seeking positive ID on attached image of a "cotton-ball" cocoon/larvae stage found on the Ericameria nauseosa in early January of 2017. I think the image shows the Rabbitbush Flower Moth (Schinia unimacula), a moth of the Noctuidae family, which is said to feed on Ericameria nauseosa.
Can I label the images as cocoon/larvae of Schinia unimacula?



Arapahoe County Colorado 1 day ago

Not eating

Why is my horse not eating


Monroe County New York 1 day ago

Almond Trees

Can I grow almond trees successfully in East Texas? (near Longview) I found a variety called Texas Mission, but I don't know anyone who grows almond trees here. Didn't see any info on almonds on tamu website either.

Jackie Gregston


Harrison County Texas 1 day ago

Actual Nitrogen

Texas A&M Blueberry fact sheet says to use 1/2 to 1oz of 21-0-0. Is the 1oz as it comes out of the bag or is it 1oz of actual nitrogen?


Dallas County Texas 1 day ago

Baltimore County Center for Maryland Agriculture and Farm Park

Do you allow schools to take field trips to the Baltimore County Center for Maryland Agriculture and Farm Park? If so, how much would it cost?


Baltimore County Maryland referral baltimore county ag center field trips to bc ag center 1 day ago

Stop the beetles

Every year my rose bushes are attacked by a beetle infestation. What can I do to prevent this?


Prince George's County Maryland rose pests shrub flower beetles on rose bushes 2 days ago

BPM practices

Explain process oriented organisational structure.


Outside United States 2 days ago

Over-pruned wisteria

This summer I painted my house and replaced the gutters. This required 20’ of a 16 year old wisteria to be cut back to the 1” or bigger branches. I had grown the plant on a cable attached to the eaves. The original trunk is about 6”. Is there anything I can do to help it sprout new branches?


Benton County Oregon trees and shrubs horticulture pruning 2 days ago

Need help with surround sound

I have an older Denon AVR-1100 reciever. My tv is a Lg LF5400. My reciever has no hdmi port and this is becoming a hassle. If anybody can help with any info trying to hook it up so I can get sound while playing my game I would be extremely grateful.


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Burleigh County North Dakota technology 2 days ago


how do I get rid of mint growing in a community garden where it is growing in just about every individual plot without using chemicals that hard harmful to plants such as flowers and vegetables?


Baltimore County Maryland mint herb invasive 2 days ago

Whether to water before or after freezing

Hello, I have potted plants outside and I'm not sure whether to water them before it freezes or after it thaws. Might you have some guidance? Alice Herrin


Washington County Oregon horticulture shrubs 2 days ago

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