hackberry tree or sweet cherry tree

I had dropped seeds from sweet cherries we were eating on the deck outside, a year later a small shoot came up from between the boards where dirt and leaves get stuck. I took the shoot and planted it is doing well. I always thought it to be a cherry sprout but there is also a hackberry tree towering near. I ran the leaves through an identification app and sweet cherries came up. However the leaves look very similar. Please help.



Jim Wells County Texas tree identification about 5 hours ago


What is the best time to aerate a lawn? What is the best time to dethatch a lawn? How often should this be done? Thank you Scott and Kathy Greer


Dakota County Minnesota lawns and turf horticulture dethatching about 5 hours ago

Disease or insect

This is on my Hollyhocks.How can I treat this?



Suffolk County New York hollyhocks hollyhock rust about 6 hours ago

iris foliage diseases

Are there any ways to control the foliage diseases that constantly attack my irises ? I can completely clean up the bed and cut off the diseased foliage and within a couple of weeks it will be looking ragged again. I have tried a systemic fungicide that helped only a little. One grower advised me to learn to live with it !


Washington County Oregon iris disease about 7 hours ago

Deer resistant plants

Do you have suggestions for deer resistant plants, particularly flowers, fruits and vegetables, for the Mist-Birkenfeld area of Oregon. Thank you. Tony Holt


Clatsop County Oregon deer resistant plants about 7 hours ago

plant and flower identification

i am sending you 2 images.i will appreciate if you tell me the names of both. thank you.


Img_0177_300x300%2523 Img_0181_300x300%2523

Outside United States plant identification about 9 hours ago

Pinnacle Birch with Dying Branches

I've been trying to send this question through a couple of times and not sure that it's going through. I have a pinnacle birch with branches that are dying. I have another that looked the same way last fall and it didn't come back in the spring. Please look at the photos below and let me know if there's anything I can do this fall to help insure that it comes back in the spring.


Pinnacle_1_300x300%2523 Pinnacle_3_300x300%2523

Dakota County Minnesota birch horticulture dying branches about 10 hours ago

Oak wilt

Hello, I suspect that our red oak has oak wilt. If we need to remove the tree, is there a time of year you recommend so that the fungus doesn't spread too much during removal? Thank you!



Anoka County Minnesota oak horticulture oak wilt about 10 hours ago

Slimy grass

How can I get rid of it It looks like bad spinach all over my yard


Anoka County Minnesota lawns and turf horticulture diagnosis of plant problems about 11 hours ago

Silver leaves

Why are my dahlia leaves turning silver on one plant?


Marion County Oregon dahlia problems about 11 hours ago

Raspberry fruit

I have fall bearing raspberries...Autumn Britten...and the fruits are getting orange marks on them. The marks are ingrained into the berries and some are literally covered with them and have to be thrown out. Any solutions? Is it a fungus or caused by insects? I have raised raspberries for years and have never had that before.


Morrison County Minnesota raspberries horticulture diagnosis of plant problems about 12 hours ago

Bent grass patches

We have a fairly new lawn. Over the years patches of Bentgrass have grown and spread throughout our yard. We have tried to remove and replace with new sod but nothing seems to get rid of it permanently. Any help in making the bent grass go away would be greatly appreciated.


Anoka County Minnesota lawns and turf bentgrass horticulture weed removal about 12 hours ago


Can you tell me if deer will eat Arborvitae or Crepe Myrtle plants?


Sussex County Delaware about 14 hours ago

Plum tree with fungus (?)

We have a backyard mature plum tree with what appears to be fungus on many of the lower branches - possibly more. We're located on Fishing Creek Valley Rd near Piketown. You can see the photos I'm attaching - can you advise me as to what course of action we should take? Thank you, Kim Mumper 7174973031


Img_20160917_164729477_1__300x300%2523 Img_20160917_164807249_1__300x300%2523 Img_20160917_164647190_1__300x300%2523

Dauphin County Pennsylvania about 15 hours ago

Siberlocke Fir

I planted a Horstmann Silberlocke Fir 2 years ago. It"s grown about 12 inches and is about 6 feet high. Last year it had over 70 cones but this year it had NO cones. The tree is healthy and beautiful. Do they bear cones every other year? What can I expect in the future? Thank you, Paul


Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture fir 1 day ago

Tree Fungus

Im pretty sure I have sapwood rot on our apple tree. How do I treat?


Ramsey County Minnesota horticulture apple tree 1 day ago

Mysterious odor

Beginning a week ago, we started smelling a strange odor in our dining room. Our dining room is located directly over a cellar. The odor begins to be noticeable at sundown, gets stronger throughout the evening, is very strong when we get up the next morning (especially if the dining room is closed up), and then disappears during the day. It then begins again the next night at sundown. The odor smells like old stale cigarette butts, on the one hand, and has a strong earthy odor (like wet clay) on the other hand. I have looked everywhere and considered everything and am totally mystified. I can't determine the source. Where can I go for diagnostic help?


Lane County Oregon basement odor 1 day ago

does potassium migrate down into soil

My high school softball field's MSU soil test indicated potassium required and I have read that potassium doesn't migrate down into the soil and pretty well stays where it's put. I don't understand how the potassium will get to the roots of the grass if spread on top of the soil.


Newaygo County Michigan fertilizer soil and fertility issues potassium 1 day ago

What kind of spider is this? It was found at my boyfriends work and we have...

What kind of spider is this? It was found at my boyfriends work and we have no idea



Outside United States spiders 1 day ago

Koosa dogwood trees - brown leaves

Wondering if my koosa dogwoods will come back next year? The two that I have a mature and both have brown leaves, I assume because of the severe drought we had this year. I'm heartbroken.


Barnstable County Massachusetts trees and shrubs horticulture 1 day ago

When does it bloom

Is it a invasive species and when does it bloom?



Benton County Missouri plant identification invasive plants 1 day ago


Sir I want to know which plant is that


20160923_195624_300x300%2523 20160923_195626_300x300%2523

Outside United States 1 day ago

Is this a weed

In one of my raised beds, I had allowed this clump to grow and it virtually took over my 6' square bed. It flowed a very small flower (can't remember the color!!!) but it had a fairly good stalk to it once I pulled it out. But it spread with quite an under growth, like a shade, when I eventually pulled it out and looked at it upside down. Did I pull out a weed or a plant? Thanks! Tom Junkert



Otter Tail County Minnesota 1 day ago

What is the plant name



Outside United States 1 day ago

Why are my squash all different

In the fall of 2013, at our local pumpkin patch, I bought a small gourd/squash. It was mostly white with green stripes and about 4 inches in diameter. We left it out all winter and it got knocked off of the porch railing into the grass. It was mush by spring so we just left it. It sprouted and we got quite a few small gourds/ squash from it looking mostly like the original . We did it again last year as well. For some reason this year everything looks different. Some look like pumpkins, some are two tone, some are long and yellow. Can anyone explain why if they all came from the same ancestor why they are so different


20160923_094316_300x300%2523 20160923_094438_300x300%2523 20160923_094348_300x300%2523

Douglas County Nebraska vegetable gardening 1 day ago

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