Nectarine thrips

Now that all of my fruit is picked, how can I prevent these NASTY little bugs from returning next year? Are they now in the dirt under my tree?


Riverside County California thrips 29 minutes ago

Using my Weck waterbath canner

We are canning Bartlett pears tomorrow (Monday, 8/26/19). I have a quick question. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. My question: I have a commercial-sized Weck water bath canner (an electric canner made in Germany that was constructed for American electrical needs). It is tall enough to can two layers of pint-sized jars. In order to can a second layer of jars, I need a spacer so that the jars are not sitting directly on top of each other. I have not been able to find a second round Weck canning rack. I also have an old-style canner that I used to use on top of my stove. Even though my old canner's rack is not as wide as my weck, can I use and fill my old rack on top of my first layer of filled jars?


Clark County Washington canning about 2 hours ago

What is this weed

I recently found this plant growing in a raised bed. I have never seen anything like it, with these berries. I am most curious about the berries: are they good for birds or poisonous?



Multnomah County Oregon plant identification solanum nigrum black nightshade about 3 hours ago

gall found beneath an oak tree

I saw this question -
I was awaiting the response, since I have seen these "spheres" below my oak tree as well.
Could they possibly be a gall that turns into a "smoke puff"?
I'll watch for more beneath my oak tree.


Chisago County Minnesota about 4 hours ago

Tree/bush identification

I have a tree or large bush growing on the side of my yard. Gets pretty much full sunlight. It's been getting huge and I want to be able to identify it so I can figure out how to prune and cut it back. I took a picture of the leaves. It hasnt flowered in the 1.5 years I've been here



Ramsey County Minnesota about 5 hours ago

Invasive grass

This grass is invading my lawn and I would like to know what I can do to eliminate it.



New Castle County Delaware invasive grass japanesse stilt grass managing a healthy lawn managing invasive grass managing japanese stilt grass invasive grass in lawn about 7 hours ago

Please identify this flower

Can you tell me what this flower is? I’ve included a picture of the bud and the bloom. Is it a hibiscus?


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Berrien County Michigan about 20 hours ago

Tree ID requested

This tree is starting to show up in our wind break. What kind is it? Should it be encouraged or discouraged? Thank you!


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Dakota County Minnesota about 23 hours ago

fall vegetable gardening portland oregon

I have a raised 4 by 12 foot raised bed that has been half bush beans and half carrots. I am considering a crop of carrots and some lettuce for the fall. How would you suggest I amend and prepare the soil? I realize that the bean half is likely nitrogen rich at this point. Also any additional crop choices would be appreciated. Thanks, Wes Denton


Clackamas County Oregon vegetable gardening about 23 hours ago

Is this what a lily should look like?

Hi, I recently bought some lily bulbs and I just wanted to know what kind it is!?


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Will County Illinois lily about 24 hours ago

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