i was wondering what type of plant this is so that i know how to take care of it


York County Virginia plant identification horticulture about 9 hours ago

Live oak and???

i am unable to identify by pictures o site.


Manatee County Florida about 12 hours ago

Plant name

Bought shade plant at purple Martin outpost in Tallahassee Fl. I live in Tampa.


Hillsborough County Florida about 15 hours ago


Hello - I want to plant raspberries and blueberries in my yard, but we deer. Will deer eat either of these plants? If yes, what is the best way to protect them. Our yard is fenced, but doesn't keep them out. Beside fencing, are there other solutions? Thanks.


Benton County Oregon deer resistant plants berries 1 day ago

How noisy & dirty are a few backyard hens?

I am the President of an HOA that has never allowed backyard chickens. In all fairness to homeowner's that would like to keep a sm. clutch of chickens in their backyard, we as a Board would like your expert opinion on how much of a nuisance are a few chickens to nearby neighbors?


Boulder County Colorado poultry 1 day ago

Foundation wash out?

I live in a single wide mobile home that has been at this location for at least 30 years. It has been part of the family for a long time so, my husband and I were told that much of the placement or restoring and remodeling has been "halfway" or done by "rigging". Recently, we started replacing old floor insulation and found that our cinder blocks are in great shape but the foundation/ground and broken cinder blocks, bricks, rocks, and trash beneath them are washing away. I'm terrified to go back under the home to finish the insulation because this is happening on the whole backside of the home. Is this more common than I am thinking? What should we do to fix this? I have also taken a few pictures to show, if you need them, I have attached.


South Carolina building construction mobile home 1 day ago


When is the best time to divide the bulb? The main bulb has two babies from last year and have stems about a foot or so tall. Thanks


Ramsey County Minnesota amaryllis care 1 day ago

Brown lacewings

Is there a local vendor who sells brown lacewing bugs or local ladybugs? I prefer a natural way to control aphids.


New Castle County Delaware bugs bug lacwings 1 day ago

Need plant identification help

Please help me identify this plant. Turned up at a retirement community and we have many guesses.


Portage County Ohio plant identification amaryllis 1 day ago

Plant Identification - Need assistance

Stumped on the plant in the photo. Can you please help me identify it?


Portage County Ohio plant identification 1 day ago

Dying shrubs

there is a white substance killing my shrubs. How can I save them?


Milam County Texas plant disease plant health 1 day ago

mold leaf disease on peonie

when I planted two peonie they were fine.after a very short time the buds all died and none ever bloom ,white powdery on it,starks turn brown and dried out,i bought a spray at a garden center that did nothing


Lancaster County Pennsylvania plant disease peony plant health 1 day ago

Seed identification

Is this hoary alyssum seeds? Found many of these in bale of hay just opened yesterday. Removed it from use until now for sure. If I remove the seeds, can bale be fed? Thanks, Su


Ramsey County Minnesota 2 days ago

Router reciver

Is there a router that will receive a wireless signal and output it through one of its ports? This wold be so I could connect a wired device in a remote location.


Orange County California internet 2 days ago

Rosette Growing Too Tall

Is there a way to prune my rosette so it lays flat again? It has grown 5 inches in about 6 months and now looks like a tiny tree.


Boulder County Colorado 2 days ago

What is this

This plant was given to me as a gift because of my love for plants i know its a type of succulent but which one?


New York County New York succulents 2 days ago

corn snake

Bought grandson a red corn snake (very little) for his birthday. It excaped through a vent hole in cage. It was in the basement where his parents burn wood. This was on Jan 17. On Feb. 9 they found it. It was shedding its skin. They have tried to feed it twice with a thawed baby mouse but it hasn't eaten. Do you think that it will eat? Or do you have any suggestions on what we can do. (We went out and bought him another one and this one does eat the thawed baby mice.)


Huron County Ohio 2 days ago

Testing your (feed) Hay

I recent development in our small herd causes me to question our feed hay... 2nd cutting Orchard Grass and its make-up. We have an excess of Potassium and low Magnesium. Where can we get samples tested?


Yamhill County Oregon pastures and forages hay 2 days ago

finding cascade pole green bean seeds

My husband had grown Oregon Giant pole green beans but he can't find the seeds. Now he is looking for the Cascade pole green bean seeds. They are one of your recommendations of growing....we live in Bend Oregon. Could you give us a source for buying the seeds?


Deschutes County Oregon seeds vegetables horticulture 2 days ago


A bunch of flying insects appeared in our living room today (we live in Cedar Mill, zip code 97229). I am attaching a couple of photographs. Could you please tell me if these are termites or any other harmful creatures? Is there a reason to call an exterminator if I don't see more of them? Thank you.


Washington County Oregon insect issues insect identification 2 days ago

What is this

What is this


Bossier Parish Louisiana 2 days ago

Rose bushes with rotted area at bottom of plant

Hi, I'm moving into a new house with over eighty rose buses that have not been cared for in the past two years. While pruning this week, I discovered that most of the plants have rotten wood at the bottom and I can take a cane in hand, twist and it comes out at the mushy, brown all the way through with dead wood, base. No aphids, no rust spots. Root rot? Even though this is the part above ground? They're in mostly shade and wet areas so not a good placement but the previous owner had them for almost twenty years. Ideas? If no ideas then maybe you could tell me where in my area, McMinnville, I could find a master gardener in person and I can take photos or a bagged piece of wood. Thanks so much, TheoAnne


Yamhill County Oregon trees and shrubs 2 days ago

Dirty apples

I recently switched to organic apples that come pre packed in a plastic 3 lb bag. I have been noticing that some of the apples have a clump of visible dirt stuck in the stem core area and sometimes bottom stem too. Rinsing does not get out the dirt. Even scrubbing with paper towel there is dirt remaining deep in stem. Are these apples safe to eat raw? Is this a food safety issue? Would using them for baked apples solve the dirt issue? Thanks. .


Miami-Dade County Florida 2 days ago

Dates for starting seeds for transplanting

Is there a chart similar to the planting date chart, that shows recommended dates to start seeds indoors for transplants for common vegetables and annuals?


Baltimore County Maryland vegetables seed starting 2 days ago

New house/yard (trees + garden beds) -- where to start?

Hi there, I moved into a new house in N. Portland late last year. The previous owner maintained eight garden beds (w/ a drip system), a pear tree, and several other trees/shrubs. I have zero gardening/lawncare experience, but am eager to learn. Ideally, I'd like to have someone come to my house and walk me through the basics of maintaining my yard and garden (pruning trees, preparing gardens for planting produce, etc.). Is there any service in the Portland area that does this?

Thanks for your help!


Multnomah County Oregon 2 days ago

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