orchid bloom problem

I receive a lovely orchid with many blooms as a sympathy gift about two weeks ago; but have been distressed to watch the blooms first wilt and now drying out, despite numerous calls to the garden center who delivered it for advice and following same. I've looked up websites for help as well but to no avail. Is this the usual course of the flowering? It appears they are almost lost, and was looking forward to enjoying them. I have been taking pictures and will try to forward them via text if there is a way I can do so. I'm not very technical otherwise. Thank you for your attention.


Montgomery County MD orchids plant care houseplants about 2 hours ago

Country Ham Without Skin

Can I salt cure a skinless ham and can you tell me how. Or, do I cure it the same way as a ham with the skin on? Thanks for your help!


LA about 3 hours ago

Educational poster

Can I get information on the oyster or anything relevant to the Bay for my Master Naturalist booth? We go to various events on the Eastern Shore hoping to interest people, especially children, to care about the Bay and what it provides to their lives.


Northampton County VA about 5 hours ago

Trying to confirm if dying pine trees can be saved

I have 5 mature pine trees approx. 20 feet high in my back yard that have increasingly turned brown over the past 2 years and lost a lot of branches. I'd like to have an expert look at them to determine if they can be saved and if so, how. Please see the attached pics and notice after heavy winds, how the yard fills with branches. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide. Brent Betts


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Howard County MD dieback on evergreens diagnosis of plant problems about 5 hours ago

Questioning various soil additives, Are they necessary or even desirable?

One of our local garden gurus has recommended a number of different soil additives to make your garden perform optimally. Sugar. dried molasses, biochar and various low level organic fertilizers are all endorsed in varying amounts. To follow his recipe would prove fairly costly. Scientifically speaking, how many of these additives have merit, and what could be construed as snakeoil? Are there any reliable references to sort them out? Thank You! I work at a local garden center , and we get requests for the oddest things.


El Paso County CO about 5 hours ago

Help for my etrog plant

My ETROG plant he has a very tall stem and only one leaf on the top now. The picture I’m sending is when it had more leaves I’m hoping you can give me some ideas to save it



Howard County MD houseplants abiotic issues citrus about 6 hours ago


Does zucchini infect by mites? I don't mean spider mites... Iam asking for microscope mites.


OUTSIDEUS about 10 hours ago


my city forbids me from growing my own medicine . Like anise hyssop, nettle, yarrow, fever few, elecampane, and a few others. Non of which are on the destroy list. But are considered weeds by the city. They say I have no authority to grow my own medicine. Matter of fact the hired someone to cut it all down and then charged me. What should be my next step. If I want to grow these again. My neighbors don't like weeds. That's why the city was called. But because its anonymous I don't know who I could educate to let them know there not just weeds.


Dakota County MN about 17 hours ago

Koi and goldfish from a garden pond

We have a small pond in our back patio. There are several adult koi a nd goldfish and about 20 babies from last summer. This afternoon I intended to clean the pump and when I brought it up I noticed 4 babies have recently died. 2 kois and 2 fan tailed goldfish. Is it possible to have them examined to find out the cause of death ? Two other babies have died early December.



Howard County MD fish health fish about 20 hours ago

Don’t know if I’m rich or not lol

So my dog finds rocks in the yard let me metnion I live in old Colorado city and she finds the strangest rocks some have turquoise like big crystals of turquoise in it and some have gold through the rock so just wana know how and where to ask people about em and see how much there worth


El Paso County CO about 21 hours ago

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