What is the best time to plant raspberries


Multnomah County Oregon about 10 hours ago

Canning lids

A friend gave me some new, but old, canning lids. By old, I mean the box is blue and white rather than the current green and white. So I'm guessing they must be at least 5 years old?? How old is too old? Thank you, Mary Hall


Oregon about 12 hours ago

stinging caterpillar

Terry & Cindy <>

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to CumberlandExt
Hello all:
I hope that I've emailed this pic to the proper place; if not, please correct me. Thank you in advance.

A friend of mine found this caterpillar in Perry County, and he received stings/rashes from it. He (and I) are curious as to what it is.

Thank you in advance.

Terry Sensenig



Perry County Pennsylvania about 13 hours ago

Brown Evergreen

Hello. I'm not sure what is going on with my Evergreen. The top is turning brown and even losing some needles. Has anyone else ever experienced this? What can be done for it? Thanks!



Arapahoe County Colorado about 13 hours ago

Substituting for paste tomatoes in canning

Hi! My paste tomatoes did not do well this year but my regular tomatoes did decently. I'm hoping to can salsa but my (safe) recipe calls for paste tomatoes. Is it safe to substitute regular red tomatoes (mostly early girl and 4th of July varieties)? Thanks in advance! Gretchen


Marion County Oregon about 13 hours ago

Leaf discoloration on pumpkin/gourd vines

Hi - Would you be able to tell me what might be going on with our pumpkin and gourd vines. They are growing on the east facing side of a wood fence. Get regular watering and were covered during the last cold spell. Thank you.


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Denver County Colorado about 14 hours ago

White mold (?) in pine needle litter

Hi. I have been weeding around the drip line of a large pine tree the past few days. I’ve discovered white stuff apx. 3 inches below the fallen pine needles. It reminds me of powdered sugar on chocolate cake (I like to bake.) What is this stuff? Will it hurt my tree? This tree is not very healthy. Thank you for your help:)


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Oakland County Michigan about 15 hours ago

lawn weed

I have a spreading lawn weed that Tru Green cannot identify or remediate. Looking to identify this weed and how to eradicate it.


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Wayne County Michigan about 15 hours ago

Japanese maple insect damage??

I have an almost 20 year old Japanese Maple that I first noticed on one trunk coming up from the ground, had bare areas and upon following that up the tree I’ve noticed two small branches dying. I peeled some loose bark from the trunk and some kind of insect went scurrying. They remind me of rolly polly bugs but much darker in color. Is this insect damage or just the life cycle of the tree??



Jackson County Michigan about 16 hours ago

Identify wasp like insect.

A client sent pictures of her Red Maple tree. The bark is coming off the lower half of the tree and sap is running out. The upper half of the tree seems healthy. There are wasp like insects that have been located on and around the tree. Are the wasps causing the damage or are they there because of the damage. What could be causing the damage if its not the insects? Thanks!


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Gladwin County Michigan about 16 hours ago

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