tree inspection

Does the Extension offer a tree inspection service? I have an aging maple tree in my front yard and I don't know whether I should take it down now or later?


Ramsey County MN about 5 hours ago

What are the large hawks that have been seen lately in large groups near the...

What are the large hawks that have been seen lately in large groups near the North side of Defiance and Brunersburg area? They seem to be following air currents but stay in the same general area. I don't recall seeing them in previous years.


Defiance County OH about 6 hours ago

Fungus on hydrangeas

I have several endless summer hydrangeas and they have black spot. I was told to remove the affected leaves and clean up around them. All the leaves are affected, so is it ok to remove every leaf? It is October now. Thank you.


MI trees and shrubs gardening horticulture sustainable gardening and landscaping about 8 hours ago

Pink Burning Bush?

I came across a vibrant pink leafed bush this fall that looked much like a tall burning bush other than color. Wonder if you may know what it is. It was on tip of Northport Point in the northern 1/3 of Leelanau County. It’s sits within 50ft of the water on one side. Partly shaded location.



Leelanau County MI about 8 hours ago

Siberian Iris in a Pot

Will Siberian Iris survive in a pot above ground all winter? The roots are not on the surface of the soil (unlike most Iris) and the leaves are cut down to about 7” for the winter. I like the idea of perennials in a pot year-round :) I read “on-line” that this will work for Siberian Iris so I dug-up the Iris’ and moved them to a big pot. What does your research show?



Ramsey County MN potted plants overwintering containers about 9 hours ago

Week of Oct 22, 2018

For this week, Is it too late to plant grass seed on an established lawn? Areate/plug first. Thanks!


Montgomery County MD lawns and turf too late to seed about 9 hours ago

Moving a tree

I have lived in my home for a year. We have a beautiful tree that I believe is a Japanese Maple ‘Red Dragon’. It is between the drive and the house and does not have enough room in the long run. Right now it is about 3 ft tall. It needs to be moved. Should I move it now or in the Spring?


Wayne County MI transplanting trees about 13 hours ago

Retaking ServSafe Manager Certification test

I had a staff member take the 16 hour ServSafe Manager Certification class recently. He's the kind of person who chokes when given a written test. Needless to say, his score fell just short of passing the exam at the end of the course. He was wondering ... and I'm wondering.... is there any way for him to retake this exam?


Huron County MI servsafe servesafe food safety about 15 hours ago

unknown critters

I found these by a pond and have no clue what they are...or what they will be.


Screenshot_2018-10-09-17-39-12_300x300%2523 Screenshot_2018-10-09-17-38-44_300x300%2523

Cecil County MD insect identification false potato beetle about 20 hours ago

Walk with Ease

Do you have a Walk with Ease Program in Lane County, one that is Certified by the Arthritis Foundation?


Lane County OR physical fitness about 21 hours ago


WhaT kind of spider is this



Deschutes County OR about 23 hours ago


Can you identify this Caterpillar that was on our dog's outside bed last August? Is it an Asian Gypsy moth Caterpillar? Having a hard time attaching the picture. Not sure it went through.



Livingston County MI 1 day ago

Transplanting of raspberries

It is probably past the optimum time to transplant raspberries and perennial herbs, but I am in the process of moving all of my gardening to raised beds. I just finished the beds for the raspberries and herbs and I am highly motivated to move them so I can convert the area vacated to lawn. I want to finish the grade and dormant seed yet this fall. What are my risks if I go ahead and transplant now? What can I do to maximize success? The raspberries are ever bearing and are still producing.


Ramsey County MN fall planting winter cover raised beds 1 day ago

Cold frame construction question

I replaced my windows and would like to use one of the dual casement windows I saved to build a cold frame. I want to put the cold frame on my second story deck. I am concerned about cold air underneath the deck impacting the health of the plants. Would it be safe to grow vegetables in a box constructed of 2" thick pink polystyrene insulating panels?


Howard County MD vegetables cold frame 1 day ago

small bugs found congregating around a rock outside?

found around 100 or more of these guys congregating around a rock in the landscaping in Owings Mill Maryland not sure what kind of true bug they are?


Image1_300x300%2523 Image2_300x300%2523 Image3_300x300%2523

Baltimore County MD insect identification type of cricket 1 day ago

Dormant Grass Seeding Time?

Is it too early (Oct.23) to do dormant grass seeding for next spring's germination? Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you.


Pine County MN 1 day ago

Year-round outside planters

Hello! I am new to Minnesota. What kind of planters can I have outside year-round for evergreens (and adding annuals to when they are in bloom)? I was told that ceramic, concrete, and plastic planters are all inappropriate. How about half-barrels made of wood? Really need some goos advice here. Thanks so so much. Lynn Sandweiss


Olmsted County MN 1 day ago

HI I am new to Pressure canning food. I was wondering how do I adapt a family...

HI I am new to Pressure canning food. I was wondering how do I adapt a family recipe to a safe canning recipe? I was under the assumption that if I were to accomplish this safely that I would need to take the lowest acid ingredient in the recipe and can for that amount of time at my elevation? (Ex: beef stew) Am I correct? Also when using a safe approved recipe by Ball canning books, or The United States Department of Agriculture Complete Guide to Home Canning book, and The National Center for Home Food Preservation website, can any of those recipes be altered safely? I want to try some of these recipes but don't like all of the ingredients listed, or I want to try the recipe and want to make it mine by adding a few other ingredients. All the approved recipes for beef stew do NOT include tomato sauce. My family recipe includes tomato sauce. Can I omit certain veggies in a canned soup or stew that my family doesn't like? If I am able to do that do I have to replace something in its place? Also what do I do in the case of an approved recipe calling for alcohol? I don't like cooking with alcohol? Can that be replaced for additional broth? Also can you use canned tomatoes in place of fresh? Last but not least I have a Presto 16 quart dial gauge pressure canner. Where would I take or send my gauge to be tested each year that won't be a million miles away? I live in Garfield Heights. Thank you so very much for your time!!!!! Donna Divis


Cuyahoga County OH 1 day ago

Do I have to remove it all?

Storm knocked out approx 25 foot from top of 40 year old/80 foot dawn redwood. Do I need/have to remove the whole thing?


20181020_174953_300x300%2523 20181020_164948_300x300%2523 20181020_164516_300x300%2523

St. Charles County MO horticulture 1 day ago

Adding lemon juice to apple butter?

Hi. I just made some homemade apple butter (using a Kerr Blue Ball recipe) and it is too sweet for my taste. Can I add bottled lemon juice to taste and then safely can it in a boiling water canner? Actually I want to try steam cannning in my InstantPot. Any concerns about that? Thanks so much for your time and help! Katherine Miller


Multnomah County OR home food preservation food safety 1 day ago

Moss and Bonsai

I have been encouraging moss growth on the soil surface my bonsai (ulnus and ficus). The soil surface is now completely and thickly covered. Am I risking the health of the bonsai with no soil open to air or light?
Thanks in advance for your response.


NY bonsai moss 1 day ago

What is the best way to winterize blueberry plants in cloth pots

I have several blueberry plants in 15 gallon cloth pots. I’m wondering how to winter them without digging big holes in the yard! Thanks so much!


Ramsey County MN 1 day ago

Lantern Flys

Will the cold air kill the Lantern Fly?


Lancaster County PA spotted lanternfly 1 day ago

canning tomatoes

I purchased a box of canning tomatoes from the farmers market, skinned and cored them, cut them into pieces, crushed some of them (not all) with potato masher, added 4 teaspoons of citric acid powder to the mixture and stirred thoroughly, loaded 32oz canning jars, and placed them in my new pressure canner. I've canned in water bath but this was my first time pressure canning. I placed the 10 weight on and maintained 10 or 240 degrees for 30 mins. All but 1 popped. I removed the rings and can lift the jars holding the lids so they have a good seal. I did all this yesterday evening so around 10-12 hours ago. I noticed 2 things: 1) the level of the jars has dropped – in other words there is more space between the top and the lid than there was when I filled them; and 2) there appears to be foam in the jar. When I shake it the foam forms and then it settles, though it doesn’t seem to go away completely (see pictures). On the internet I’ve seen some posts that say throw it all away and others that say this is normal. Any advice would be appreciated.


Img_2987_300x300%2523 Img_2984_300x300%2523

Arlington County VA home food preservation 1 day ago

Unidentified plan

Good morning! I am from Mechanicsville, MD. I am a homeschooler and yesterday we had a nature walk as part of our community class. We collected some specimens to record in our nature walk journal. One of our students pick up this pretty plant but we couldn’t identify it. I tried to google it but I can’t find it. I’m probably typing the wrong description words. But I was wondering if you can help us identity this plant. Thank you.



St. Mary's County MD plant identification spotted wintergreen 1 day ago

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