Yellow Wildflower Identification

Can you possibly identify, from a distance, these massed flowers in a wetland behind my house?i can’t in good conscience get closer. Thanks!



Clackamas County OR plant identification about 1 hour ago

Worm or what, number @


Just wondering if I "fell through the cracks" because I haven't seen an answer to my question. I sent a question, with pictures, on May 13 asking for an ID of the insect.

Please let me know if you need more information, etc.

Thank you for your time,
Mary Beth Hahn


Deschutes County OR followup about 2 hours ago

Pollinator Lawns

Greetings - I am interested in converting my lawn (at least back yard) into a pollenator, or bee, lawn. I live in Beaverton and have a pretty standard size suburban back yard. The online sources like the Xerces Society have good general guidance. The best single source I found is this website -- it's a clean water agency in Minnesota. My question is this: are there recommended seed mixes for a bee lawn in the Pacific Northwest? I'm not looking to create a meadow, rather still a semi-lawn appearing area which is mown high and infrequently and is drought tolerant. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Washington County OR pollinator garden about 3 hours ago

rooting hormone

Will rooting hormone promote root growth in a small lime tree (3.8 qt) if used at planting?


Riverside County CA citrus trees about 5 hours ago

Protecting large outdoor cast perlite cement statues from frost damage

Will concrete additives,( i.e nylon fiber) or post casting sealants prevent cracking, or will a polypropylene cover be effective? Any other suggestions? Thank you


New York County NY miscellaneous about 7 hours ago

Norwegian Deborah Maple leaves turning brown on edges

I have a new Norwegian Deborah Maple about 15 meters high when I purchased it. It was newly planted in November 2018 and came from a reputable Nursery. I am just outside London, the UK so relatively cool climate. The tree produced an abundance of healthy green leaves and seed pods. The leaves are now turning brown at the edges are curling on about a third of the tree all over. I am watering the tree now twice a week but was only watering about once every two weeks before. What could be the cause and can I save the tree?


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OUTSIDEUS norway maple leaf browning about 11 hours ago

Best sheep for weed control in western mountains.

I am curious about having sheep on my property and hoping they can help take care of some of the cheat grass and leafy spurge. I would also be interested in the meat, and then finally the wool.


Larimer County CO about 18 hours ago

a weed with small yellow flowers

Hello, New this year, I noticed an abundance of these plants in my woodland... They start out with rosettes very similar to violas, but by this time, they grew into leggy 20 inch plants with small greenish yellowish blooms with yellow petals.... Could you please help identify? Attaching pictures, thank you much!!!!!


Img_20190518_163217_300x300%2523 Img_20190518_171425_300x300%2523 Img_20190518_163033_300x300%2523

Hennepin County MN weed identification about 22 hours ago

Autumn Blaze Serviceberry


I just planted an Autumn Blaze Serviceberry tree. I want to get the best flowers and fruit berries for the birds. My neighbor said I need to plant another tree or shrub. I have a small yard and no room for another tree, if I need a pollinator can I get dome type of Serviceberry shrub?



Hennepin County MN about 22 hours ago

My lilac bush changed colors

I have a full grown lilac bush at my home, and for the last 3 years it has produced white flowers. This year however my tree is producing purple flowers. From what I have read, lilacs do not change the color of their flowers.


MI about 22 hours ago

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