Sap oozing from my cherry tree.

I have a yellowish sap oozing from my cherry tree. I notice a big branch has died. What is it? Should I destroy the tree? Will my Fuji Apple tree get this disease?


Clark County Nevada trees and shrubs about 5 hours ago


I think i have red spider mites, I have junipers near my house with cobwebs and i see tiny red spots on my sheets on a bed near a window. The spots move! It seems very late to me to have spider mites but the weather has been very unusual. My concerns are:
Are they harmful in any way to humans?
How do i rid the house of the critters?


Arapahoe County Colorado about 6 hours ago

Compost Water Runoff

I understand the value of composting, but I’ve read something articles recently that talk about the water runoff from compost piles. The articles talked about how the runoff can contaminate the under ground water and one’s well. Do you have any information on this topic and how to deal with the water runoff? Thanks


Benzie County Michigan compost protecting water quality and quantity in the local watershed compost runoff composting about 8 hours ago

Dwarf Alberta Spruce issues

We planted this Dwarf Alberta Spruce two years ago in October 2017.

The south/east side of the tree looks great but the north/west is increasingly blotchy/dead.

Any idea if this can be reversed or at least arrested?


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Oakland County Michigan about 10 hours ago


How do I determine what type of soil I have in my new garden?


Anne Arundel County Maryland soil how determine soil types normal growth about 11 hours ago

Lance Nematodes in the Garden

After struggling for a few years to get my vegetable garden to grow I decided to send in soil samples. I just received results showing "very high populations of lance nematodes". I am having difficulty finding information on how to treat this. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.


Oregon nematodes about 11 hours ago

Staphylococcus infection

How can staphylococcus infection be treated to save a dying bird


Outside United States about 11 hours ago

Native Colorado plants for containers

I am a master gardener with Cornell cooperative extension in schenectady county New York. My son lives in Colorado Springs. I’d like a list if native plants that might do well in a container to attract pollinators. He lives in a townhouse and a container garden would be a great way to plant the gardening seed in him.


El Paso County Colorado about 13 hours ago

Amaryllis in dormancy

I received some bulbs last October. It was planted and bloomed. For the last 6 months (or more), the green blades have been cared for. Only recently, the green became limp. I've dug it up and cleaned it.
I've always assumed it needs some dormancy before starting again. My plan was to store it in a burlap bag in Peat.

Now, I've read an article in HortMag that says I should replant in a shallow dish and keep moist; transplant it at some point.
So, which makes more sense? If burlap/peat storage is on track, how long to store before I replant?


Montgomery County Maryland houseplants amaryllis storing amaryllis dormant amaryllis plant care about 14 hours ago

Lombardy Poplar tree leaf rust

Will Lombardy poplar tree leaf rust infect my roses ? I have a huge Lombardi popular tree in my front yard. I live in Vancouver BC in the Pacific Northwest.. her leaves are infected with the brown and black spots: a fungus.. Can I use these leaves from the Lombardy poplar to put in my compost ? I am afraid when I use the compost soil , it will infect my roses. Thank you so much , Tim Garrison


Outside United States trees and shrubs about 20 hours ago

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