Inoculants for bush snap beans

I live in Portland. I want to plant bush snap beans and pole beans in a place that has never had beans before. I've been reading that I need an inoculant to make the most of the nitrogen fixing benefits from the beans. So I have several questions. Is an inoculant a good idea? What is the name of the inoculant for bush snap beans (rhizobia phaseoli???) and pole beans (Rhizobium leguminosarum???)? Where can I buy these? Naomi's said that they were having trouble getting any and Portland Nursery said that they don't recommend it any more. And I don't want to buy something off of Amazon that will be a waste of money. Finally, what is the best way to apply (soaking the means, putting the inoculant in with the beans when they're planted, etc)? Thanks for the help.


Multnomah County OR legumes about 9 hours ago

Why do native plants keep or lose leaves?

I am new to Portland. I've noticed that some broadleaf native plants have leaves in winter (such as blackberries), whereas others are deciduous (such as maples). I understand that conifers, and other plants with smaller, "tough," waxy leaves can withstand freezing conditions. But what determines whether the less "tough" natives keep or lose their leaves? I'm looking for a specific (technical) answer, such as adaptations to light. temperature, moisture, if possible. Thank you for your help!


Multnomah County OR native plants about 20 hours ago

Spider mites

How do i get rid of spider mites on my mandevilla


Winneshiek County IA 1 day ago

Best spot for a vegetable garden

I am wondering where in my back yard would be the best place for a vegetable garden. The yard is surrounded by a 6 foot cedar fence. My boyfriend says the garden should be in the SE corner of the yard (along the fence) but I disagree, as it will then be shaded by the fence on the east and the south side. I think the best spot would be in the NE corner of the yard where it seems it would get the most sun exposure. Part of the reason this is important is that I am about to install a 12x8 shed in my yard and it will go in the opposite corner of the garden. Any advice would be much appreciated.


Multnomah County OR 1 day ago

how to cook Symplocarpus foetidus

Could you recommend a online source for safely cooking Symplocarpus foetidus Thanks Jo


Prince George's County MD food preparation horticulture skunk cabbage 1 day ago

Disappearing slug?

My kids and I were learning about habitat so we made a lovely habitat for a slug from our garden (intending to release after a week). We included fresh soil, bark and rocks for cover, fresh leaves for food, and sprayed water on it daily. The slug seemed to be doing fine and then one morning we discovered that the slug had disappeared! There was no slime trail indicating that it has escaped? Can you help me explain this phenomena?


Snohomish County WA slugs 1 day ago

What bug is this?

What bug is this ? Is this a bed bug ?



OUTSIDEUS insect identification 2 days ago

No more fruit

My tree when it had fruit it was only 4 or 5. Last year it had 3 and only 1 ripened. This year no fruit. Tree is over 10 years old and is american. What is its problems?


Tuolumne County CA fruit trees 2 days ago

Red alder tree disease

I am dealing with a group of unhealthy red alder. The infected trees all have a a dead area on the south side of the tree (sun scold?). The scold starts at ground level to as high as 6 feet.The bark is black and cracked,in the infected area. The tree's bark is also bright red outside the blackened area. The trees have tried to heal them selves. The dead areas on some of the trees have a small white fruiting bodies coming from the dead wood on the tree (may be related or a separate saprophite). Old stumps are covered with mushrooms covered in a mushroom that looks like turkey tail ( again not sure if this is related). Please refer to attached photos to help. Could this be nectria canker? It doesn't have the typical growth patterns of a canker (cat face). Then the mushrooms would be a separate pathogen? Please help. If you ID the pathogen -please confirm if this is a disease if the site. Thank you


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OR red alder 2 days ago

Salmon shelf life in refrigerator

How long can keep salmon in the refrigerator? Based on packing date? Based on sell-by date?


Marion County OR food storage food safety 2 days ago

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