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Display a list of answered questions by group, location or tag

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Widget Code Snippet

The following code snippet will embed the example widget displayed above. Include this code on your page where you want the widget to appear.

Widget behavior and styling

By default, four questions are returned.

If there are no question matches, we indicate there are no matches and display the most recent questions instead.

The widget includes very minimal styling. This is by design so that it can inherit the styles from your site.

The widget markup contains granular css hooks to make it easier to style, hide or display different sections including:

  • .aae_qw (the containing div)
  • .aae_qw-header
  • .aae_qw-no-matches
  • .aae_qw-link (contains the question title and "view response")
  • .aae_qw-title
  • .aae_qw-view-response
  • .aae_qw-see-more