Scott Cotton, M.S., CPRM

UW Area Educator, Agriculture and Rural Living

Scott Cotton has worked for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln , Colorado State University and now has returned to the University of Wyoming as an Area Educator focused in agriculture ans rural living having previously worked extensively in range management, livestock production, wildlife interaction, agriculture disaster preparedness and related issues. He has personal practical experience in ranching/forage production, Emergency Medical Services, law enforcement, conflict resolution, structural and wildland fire response, response to disasters and the Incident Command System. He has participated on a national level with the Extension Disaster Education Network and the state and national Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative for over two decades. He continues active participation with youth development and rural vitality efforts across the western United States. He has been recognized by EDEN and the Natural Hazards Institute as well as agriculture production organizations for his efforts in enhancing rural resilience to disasters. He is one of the National Instructors for the Extension Disaster Education Network's (EDEN) Strengthening Community Agro-Security Preparedness (SCAP) working group that has helped over 300 counties in the United States (22 million people) enhance their readiness for disasters.  

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