Dotty Woodson

Extension Program Specialist - Water Resources

Dr. Woodson is a water resource specialist for Texas A&M Research and Extension in Dallas, TX. Woodson’s program area is landscape water conservation through design, plant selection, irrigation efficiency and other water conserving practices, rainwater harvesting, rain gardens and drip irrigation. She works with and provides programs for County Extension Agents, water utilities and districts, Licensed Irrigators, elected officials, nurserymen, landscapers, rainwater harvesting professionals, Master Gardeners, Master Naturalist and homeowners.


Woodson LI0017381 works with North Central Texas Council of Government, many water districts and city water departments, Irrigators Association, Lone Star Irrigation Association, Fort Worth and Arlington Park Departments, and Water Efficiency Educators of North Texas to provide updated information about water issues, water restriction issues, water conserving irrigation equipment and methods, and business strategies to for Licensed Irrigators.


Woodson is a member of the North Texas Urban Water Team at the Texas A&M Research and Extension Center – Dallas. This team provides education, demonstrations and research about water conservation, water quality issues and water conserving landscapes practices,


Woodson has presented water conservation presentations at international, national, state, regional, and local conferences. Woodson was recognized with 2 national and many state and local awards for her water programs.


Through public outreach presentations and demonstrations, Woodson directly reaches about 5,000 people a year. Evaluations of Woodson’s program show 96% of participants will adapt landscape water conservation practices mentioned at the presentations. Woodson reaches several million a year through mass media, demonstration site visits, newsletters, web sites, social media, events and email.


Woodson is one of the creators of Texas SmartScape, a stormwater and landscape water conservation program promoted by the North Central Texas Central of Governments,


The Water Sense Labeled Home on the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center – Dallas was developed in 2013 to educate builders, developers, realtors, city planners, landscapers, irrigators, rainwater harvesting professionals and individuals how they can retrofit their home and landscape to receive the EPA Water Sense Label.

Woodson is a member of the Water Efficiency Network of North Texas, North Central Texas Stormwater Education Task Force, Fort Worth Water Department’s Conservation Committee, Texas Water Development Board’s Water Conservation Advisory Board, Texas Commission of Environmental Quality Irrigation Advisory Board, Texas Water, American Rainwater Catchment System Association, Texas Rainwater Catchment Association and the American Water Works Association.


Woodson is a Horticulturist, Licensed Irrigator, Water Sense Partner, Accredited Rainwater Catchment Professional, Certified Rainwater Harvesting Inspector Specialist, Certified Nursery Professional and Licensed Pesticide Applicator.


Woodson appears weekly on NBCDFW Channel 5 Sunday Morning News, Gardening with Dotty on Arlington cable, Extension in the City on Fort Worth Cable, and an occasionally on Dig in Texas on FOX4.

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