Jeffrey W.

ANR Program Assistant

Jeffrey has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Financial Management from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA and a Graduate Certificate in Landscape Design from George Washington University, Washington, D.C.. Some of his graduate studies in Landscape Architecture were at Virginia Tech’s WAAC (Washington Alexandria Architecture Center) in Alexandria, VA.

Jeffrey holds a Category 10 Pesticide Applicator Certificate from VDACS.

He served in the US Navy as an Aerographer's Mate (Weather Forecaster) and then in the American Red Cross as a Station Manager with Armed Forces Emergency Services.

He has worked as a garden/outdoor leisure consultant for these companies: Merrifield Garden Center in Merrifield, Virginia; ACE Home & Leisure in Edgewater, MD; The Home Depot in Virginia Beach, VA.

He has worked as a Forester Intern for the Storm-Water Manager for the the City of Bowie, MD.

He graduated from the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Course and served on plant clinics for Prince Georges County, MD.

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