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Professor Felsot holds tenure in the Department of Entomology at Washington State University (WSU) and is also Affiliate Professor in the WSU School of the Environment (SoE) and the School of Biological Sciences (SBS).  Since 1993, he has been stationed in the WSU Food and Environmental Quality Lab in Richland, WA.   From 1978-1993, he was a project leader for pesticide chemistry and toxicology research in the Illinois Natural History Survey at the University of Illinois.  His current responsibilities are divided among teaching, extension, and research.  His current research activities have been focused on probabilistic risk assessments of environmental contaminants.  He serves as specialist in environmental chemistry and toxicology for WSU Extension.  Additionally, he is the Graduate Coordinator for the Environmental Sciences Program in the SoE, overseeing the progress of MS & PhD candidates toward successful completion of their degrees.  During the 2000s Professor Felsot shifted his focus from laboratory based research to an expanded and intense involvement in teaching with current responsibilities as principal instructor for the following courses:  General Entomology, Ecological & Integrated Pest Management, Pesticides & the Environment, Biotechnology & the Environment, and Plant Physiology.   He is also involved with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programs for middle school students, offering multiple insect biology workshops.  Professor Felsot formerly served as a member of the Washington State Pesticide Incident Reporting and Tracking Panel (PIRT) and formerly held the public toxicologist position on the Washington State Dept. of Agriculture Pesticide Advisory Board.  He was a member of the Advisory Committee for Crop Protection Chemistry of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).  He has served the American Chemical Society‚Äôs AGRO Division as Vice Chair, Program Chair, and Chair from 2003-2005.  From 1995-2007, he chaired the AGRO Young Scientist Research Recognition Award & Symposium and chaired for two years the AGRO New Investigator Award.  Professor Felsot is currently the Entomological Society of America's subject matter liaison to the EPA Office of Pesticide Programs and serves on the Science Policy Committee.  Professor Felsot received the American Chemical Society AGRO Fellow Award, the Entomological Society of America Founders Memorial Award, the Entomological Society of America Excellence in Teaching Award, the WSU College of Agriculture Award for Excellence in Extension and the Award for Excellence in Teaching, Western Crop Protection Association North Star Award, Honorary Member Award of the WA State Weed Association, and the WSU College of Agriculture Team Interdisciplinary Award as a member of the Urban IPM & Pesticide Safety Education Team.  During 1992 he was a Fulbright Scholar assigned to lecturing and research in Cyprus. 

pesticides toxicology stem bees and pesticides pesticide drift environmental chemistry environmental toxicology environmental contaminants agricultural biotechnology genetic engineering gmos genetically modified crops ecotoxicology agricultural chemical technology pesticide toxicology

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