Eric A.

Eric Arnold is a recognized wildlife control trainer, writer, technician, business owner, and volunteer in the wildlife control industry. He is one of the first 50 individuals in the United States to receive the Certified Wildlife Control Professional designation by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. Eric has given multiple wildlife conflict presentations to the public and has been a presenter at the Wildlife Damage Management Conference, multiple WCT & NWCOA seminars, the National Wildlife Damage Management Academy, NPMA Wildlife Symposium, PestWorld, Kentucky Shortcourse, and several multi-state targeted training events.   Eric helped develop the Ohio Nuisance Wildlife program in 2013, evaluated and proposed changes to Washington DC wildlife control act, and critiqued several state and University wildlife control programs. He is a graduate of the 2008 Fur Trappers College, nationally recognized bat management trainer, and authorized bird control agent.   Eric has had multiple articles on wildlife control published in Wildlife Control Technology (W.C.T.) Magazine, Today‚Äôs Facility Manager, and several fur trapping publications. Currently, he is producing several training DVDs specific to the wildlife control field.

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