Shauna H.

Family & Consumer Sciences Agent

Shauna earned her BS from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. After, she worked as a lab technician in metabolic and pharmakinetic at Bristol Myers Squibb.  Afterwards she attended the University of Vermont, in Burlington, VT, receiving her MS in Nutrition & Food Sciences under Dr. Amy Trubek. She investigated rural Vermont: the food environment and cooking practices as an implication for health. She also worked at Ben & Jerry’s as a QA Tech.  Shauna then attended Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA under Dr. Jennifer Quinlan. Shauna performed interdisciplinary research to identify a unique unsafe poultry mishandling practice among minority racial and ethnic populations. The unsafe behavior identified was to be addressed in a food safety education campaign- “Don’t Wash Your Chicken!”  Shauna finished her Ph.D. December, 2013, where she now is a tenure track-faculty member at the Univ. of Maryland Extension. She is a family and consumer sciences educator, focusing on nutrition, physical activity, and consumer safe food handling.

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