Jennifer D.

Watershed Restoration Specialist

I work with local and state governments, non-governmental organizations, and communities on Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore to improve water quality in local rivers and streams and Chesapeake Bay by implementing restoration projects and educational programs that lead to behavior change. The purpose of this work is to facilitate the installation of Best Management Practices that will lead to quantifiable reductions in pollution from nonpoint sources and help the local jurisdictions reach their Two Year Milestone and Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) goals while also building community engagement and restoration-based economic opportunities. I also work to integrate these efforts with actions at the local level that improve community resilience and adaptation to climate change, particularly in regard to sea level rise and coastal inundation. I work in conjunction with other Sea Grant Educators and the Watershed Assistance Collaborative on statewide research and pilot efforts that provide technical assistance to communities and recipients of the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund and other grant programs.

community development community-based restoration pollution stormwater sea grant agnr protecting water quality and quantity in the local watershed