Mark C.

Virginia Certified Beekeeper

Known as the “Bee Whisperer” of the Roanoke valley, Mark Chorba has kept honeybees in the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas for the past 20 years. As a certified Virginia Beekeeper, Mark has taught beekeeping to hundreds of new beekeepers throughout Southwest Virginia. He is the past president of the New River Valley Beekeepers Association. Which is currently the largest beekeeper association in Virginia. His dedication to apiculture provides the community a reliable resource of information about the honeybees. Giving presentations, and attending community events promoting the Honeybee and beekeeping in general. Mark resides on his small farm in Copper Hill, Floyd County where he maintains over 25 colonies of honeybees. He also tends to adjacent apiaries in Montgomery, Franklin and Roanoke counties.

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