Tom B.

Horticulture Educator

Tom Butzler is a Senior Extension Educator with Penn State since 2000.  He conducts educational programs in commercial and consumer horticulture throughout Pennsylvania.  In addition, Tom works extensively with all facets of vegetable production.  Educational programs consist of meetings and conferences where the latest research based information is disseminated to growers and “green industry’ workers.  During the summer months, a great deal of programming takes place in the form of pest walks, demonstrations and field tests.  Other responsibilities include pesticide education and integrated pest management, and beekeeping.


Tom worked for North Carolina Cooperative Extension for four years prior to employment with Penn State Cooperative Extension.  Again, his emphasis was on working with commercial horticulture businesses within western North Carolina.


A Bachelor of Science was obtained in Horticulture from Penn State University in 1990 followed by a Master of Science degree in Plant Pathology in 1995 from North Carolina State University.

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