Kristena A. LaMar

Master Gardener Volunteer, Clackamas County, OR

B.A. with Honors, with Distinction, Purdue University (Speech Communications) 1970; J.D. (Law) The University of Michigan Law School (1973)
Master Gardener Volunteer and Educator, Clackamas County, OR since 2013
OSU Extension Statewide Ask an Expert Volunteer Award 2018
Clackamas County MG Chapter ‘Behind the Scenes’ Volunteer Award 2019
Master Recycler Volunteer and Educator, Metro, OR since 2013
Seed to Supper Facilitator for the Oregon Food Bank 2014-2018
Clackamas County Speakers Guild coordinator since 2016
Contributor to Take Root magazine since 2018
Contributor to Green Living Journal since 2021

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