David S.

Swine Field Specialist

Dave Stender is a certified professional animal scientist.  He joined Iowa State University (ISU) Extension and Outreach in 1984 as an agriculturist. Since 1989 Dave has worked as an ISU swine specialist in Northwest Iowa. He is now serving 17 counties. Over 25 years he has been devoted to the swine industry. Dave presents complex issues in an understandable manner while providing education for producers and agribusinesses to help them make good decisions. 


Management systems, especially maintaining and using production and financial records, have always been important to Dave. He has co-authored a handbook on successful niche swine production practices in addition to several research papers on a wide variety of topics such as: record summaries, odor reduction, feeding nursery pigs with and without antibiotics, and feeding distiller dried grain with solubles to swine. Internationally, Dave has been to Slovakia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Scotland and Denmark learning much about the swine industry in those countries.

His specialization is in swine management, understanding ventilation principals, production and financial records, niche production systems and cost structure, nutrition, genetics, computers and decision analysis for swine production.

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