Matt P.

Aquaculture Business Specialist

Aquaculture Business Specialist.
I help people interested in starting an aquaculture venture build a business plan and put together projected financial statements to help in determining the feasibility of their business.  In addition, I also help people with loan applications in order to secure funding for starting and expanding their aquaculture business.

PhD- Currently enrolled in University of Maryland Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences Program looking at economic modeling of payments for ecosystem services for shellfish farming and restoration.

Master of Business Administration- Auburn University 2002.

Master of Aquaculture- Auburn University 2001

Bachelor of Science- Fish and Wildlife Sciences North Carolina State University 1997.

I have experience with pond culture, raceway culture, shellfish culture and recirculation systems. In addition I have experience with most commercially produced warm water species, clams and oysters, and mountain trout.

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