Megan A.

FCS/4-H Educator

Megan Anderson has been with OSU Extension as an educator for 5 years.  Here first memories of extension were attending monthly OHCE events with her mom.   She later went on to join 4-H at 9 and continued throughout her senior year in high school.  Megan graduated from ECU with a degree in Retail Merchandising in 2007 and started her career with extension in 2008.  Megan provides programs to groups of all ages such as Salt Awareness, Arthritis education, Parenting, Relationships, and money management.  She also works with the schools to provide school enrichment programs and teaches 4-Hers various skills during the summer such as photography, Sewing, Cooking, babysitting certification, and helping teens to build self-esteem skills.  She also partners with local organizations for various events throughout the year.  Her husband, Chris, is an assistant District Attorney of Seminole County.

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