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I recently aquired my Private Applicators license, and was wondering what I can use to kill the bull nettle and prickly pear that are coming up in our peach orchard and blackberry farm.


Travis County Texas herbicides horticulture over 4 years ago


besides farmers, who uses pesticides?


Bexar County Texas about 2 years ago


Sympton I have flu like symptoms Achi fever skin and bones Old pesticide out of a house I was cleaning, got a little on hands, washed good afterward. & washed small spray bottle out, the toxic smell gave it away,
I'm better now seemed like a Kinney infection , do you think that caused it?


Multnomah County Oregon public health and safety pesticide safety over 4 years ago


I'm applying for jobs as a sanitation supervisor in food plants and a requirement is Pesticide certification. I called Pa Dept Agri and wa sent a small brochure...Im confused as to what test to take.....and suggestion ????


Montgomery County Pennsylvania over 3 years ago

Pesticide residues

Hello, I am planning a garden in my backyard which abuts a golf course. Can I test for pesticides and other chemicals in the soil? Do I need to be concerned with runoff from the course into my garden?


Ingham County Michigan soil and fertility issues over 3 years ago

beyond pesticides

why is your organization so devoted to poisoning the environment?


Fayette County Kentucky fayette county kentucky over 2 years ago

systemic pesticides

will using systemic pesticides on flowering perrenials make the pollen toxic to bees ?


Norfolk County Massachusetts bees pesticides flower over 2 years ago

Pesticide License

Is it true that a right-of-way (ROW) licensed sprayer only needs a #10 license for ROWs even though he will also spray areas along a ROW which would call for an aquatic license #9 such as streams? Why aren't ROW sprayers required to have both licenses? ROWs often cross streams. Any other applicator would be required to have two licenses. I can't find anything in the Pennsylvania code to support this reasoning.


Westmoreland County Pennsylvania integrated pest management lrk over 2 years ago

Banned pesticide

My parent have a ranch in east Texas and we just found a 5-gallon metal container, about half full, of a banned pesticide. Where can we take it to dispose of it safely and legally?


Delta County Texas pesticide safety about 2 years ago

Pesticide Liscense

Does your spraying license transfer


Delaware County Pennsylvania almost 2 years ago