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I recently aquired my Private Applicators license, and was wondering what I can use to kill the bull nettle and prickly pear that are coming up in our peach orchard and blackberry farm.


Travis County Texas herbicides horticulture almost 5 years ago


besides farmers, who uses pesticides?


Bexar County Texas over 2 years ago


Sympton I have flu like symptoms Achi fever skin and bones Old pesticide out of a house I was cleaning, got a little on hands, washed good afterward. & washed small spray bottle out, the toxic smell gave it away,
I'm better now seemed like a Kinney infection , do you think that caused it?


Multnomah County Oregon public health and safety pesticide safety over 4 years ago


I'm applying for jobs as a sanitation supervisor in food plants and a requirement is Pesticide certification. I called Pa Dept Agri and wa sent a small brochure...Im confused as to what test to take.....and suggestion ????


Montgomery County Pennsylvania over 3 years ago


Hi, I was thinking about putting some fruit trees in my back yard. My neighbors hay the fields in the back and on both sides of my property. If a tree would happen to get scab or something I would have to spray for would it hurt the fields that they hay for their horses and cattle? Thanks!!!!!


Boone County Kentucky fruit trees boone county kentucky horticulture 21 days ago

Pesticide residues

Hello, I am planning a garden in my backyard which abuts a golf course. Can I test for pesticides and other chemicals in the soil? Do I need to be concerned with runoff from the course into my garden?


Ingham County Michigan soil and fertility issues over 3 years ago

beyond pesticides

why is your organization so devoted to poisoning the environment?


Fayette County Kentucky fayette county kentucky almost 3 years ago

systemic pesticides

will using systemic pesticides on flowering perrenials make the pollen toxic to bees ?


Norfolk County Massachusetts bees pesticides flower almost 3 years ago

Pesticide License

Is it true that a right-of-way (ROW) licensed sprayer only needs a #10 license for ROWs even though he will also spray areas along a ROW which would call for an aquatic license #9 such as streams? Why aren't ROW sprayers required to have both licenses? ROWs often cross streams. Any other applicator would be required to have two licenses. I can't find anything in the Pennsylvania code to support this reasoning.


Westmoreland County Pennsylvania integrated pest management lrk almost 3 years ago

Banned pesticide

My parent have a ranch in east Texas and we just found a 5-gallon metal container, about half full, of a banned pesticide. Where can we take it to dispose of it safely and legally?


Delta County Texas pesticide safety about 2 years ago