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Sympton I have flu like symptoms Achi fever skin and bones Old pesticide out of a house I was cleaning, got a little on hands, washed good afterward. & washed small spray bottle out, the toxic smell gave it away,
I'm better now seemed like a Kinney infection , do you think that caused it?


Multnomah County Oregon public health and safety pesticide safety about 5 years ago


besides farmers, who uses pesticides?


Bexar County Texas over 2 years ago


Hi, I was thinking about putting some fruit trees in my back yard. My neighbors hay the fields in the back and on both sides of my property. If a tree would happen to get scab or something I would have to spray for would it hurt the fields that they hay for their horses and cattle? Thanks!!!!!


Boone County Kentucky fruit trees boone county kentucky horticulture 6 months ago

beyond pesticides

why is your organization so devoted to poisoning the environment?


Fayette County Kentucky fayette county kentucky over 3 years ago

systemic pesticides

will using systemic pesticides on flowering perrenials make the pollen toxic to bees ?


Norfolk County Massachusetts bees pesticides flower over 3 years ago

Avoid pesticides

What are organic methods to avoid chemical pesticides. One i use is boiled n cooled neem leaves water spray. Other i,v heard about garlic water but dont know the method n ratio, can u guide plz. I am trying to grow a kitche garden.


Outside United States integrated pest management organic gardening organic pest control in vegetable garden horticulture almost 3 years ago

Pesticides for apples

What pesticides do you recommend for apples in Larimer County? Which is least lethal to humans and birds?


Larimer County Colorado fruits and vegetables about 4 years ago

Pesticides in compost

Can pesticides be washed out of compost / soil, or otherwise have it's half-life reduced? Thanks for any help. Robert Maresz


Jefferson County Kentucky 3 months ago

Understanding some pesticides

Hi, Our HOA recently applied some weed control products on our turf. Specifically, the two products were called Dimension Specialty Herbicide and Tri-Power Selective Herbicide. We have young children and a dog who play on the grass. Can you tell me how soon it will be safe to be barefoot on the grass?
Sierra Standish


Boulder County Colorado lawns and turf about 3 years ago

Herbicides & Pesticides

Are there a classes on the use of herbicides and Pesticides? If yes, when and where are the classes held for the year of 2018?


Scott County Kentucky pesticide certification scott county kentucky horticulture 5 months ago

Pesticides and pollinators

Many people think that neonicitinoids are killing off all the pollinators. They have been banned in Europe so that must prove it, right? I hear that quite often. What is the state of research on this topic? What is the unbiased opinion?
Chuck Weaver
Colorado Master Gardener
President, Montrose Botanical Society


Montrose County Colorado about 1 year ago

Deterioration of pesticides

Some of the synthetic pesticides deteriorate faster than others resulting in early expiry, reasons please!


Outside United States over 4 years ago

Pesticides and bees

My husband likes how TrueGreen keeps weeds out of our lawn, but I'm concerned about the bees. He wants to see scientific evidence that the chemicals used to fight weeds hurts bees. Can you give me any guidance on where some papers or documentation on this issue exist? That would be great. Thank you, Tina


Boulder County Colorado over 2 years ago

Detecting Herbicides/ Pesticides?

My name is Kelly Kepler and I am a junior in the IB program. I am writing my extended essay this year (a 4000 word essay on any topic) and I was hoping to look at how pH can affect the chemical degradation of pesticides/herbicides. I have been struggling with choosing a specific chemical to test, as there are many limitations with the equipment I have access to! I was wondering which herbicides/pesticides it would be easiest to do this with, and how I could possibly go about testing decomposition?


Larimer County Colorado pesticides over 2 years ago

Non-toxic Pesticides

What would be an effective non-toxic pesticide, commercial or non-commercial, that could be used on petunias? Thank you


Clackamas County Oregon pesticide safety horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 3 years ago

pesticides on food

I hear a lot about pesticides on fruits and vegetables. Does washing with soap and water remove them? How about peeling? Would canned be a better choice than fresh? Thanks


Multnomah County Oregon pesticides food safety about 1 year ago

Pesticides in Wheat farming

Are pesticides damaging to farm crops such as wheat?


Madison County Idaho field crops wheat pesticides almost 2 years ago

Pesticides For Veggie Garden

Hello, we live in the Morningside area of Sioux City. Is there a safe pesticide that can be used for a small backyard vegetable garden? We once tried a tomato garden about 5 years ago without any pesticides & all the tomatoes were filled with white worms. We’re planning on attempting another garden with tomatoes, bell peppers, spicy peppers etc. this spring as a family project with our 3 year old twins.


Woodbury County Iowa 3 months ago

Pesticides in my food

Is there a science based publication that explains the amounts and the health risks of pesticides in the food in grocery stores in two groups, organically produced and non-organically produced? I looked under Extension publications and did not find anything, perhaps I just missed it.


Benton County Oregon nutrition food safety on the farm over 5 years ago

Garden Safety Regarding Pesticides

We have our home treated every three months for ants, etc. by a pest control service. This is usually done with a spray along the foundation of the house, spray on the deck posts and granules at their base. I would like to plant a garden in the yard near the house, but my wife is concerned that rain will wash pesticides from the treatments into the soil and contaminate the crops. How far away do I need to put the garden to prevent any risk? Thanks.


Tennessee gardening horticulture about 3 years ago

Over the counter pesticides

Are bed bugs in this area resistant to over the counter pesticides, ones that are registered by the EPA ?


Montgomery County Pennsylvania pesticides ipm bed bugs about 3 years ago

Over the counter pesticides

Are bed bugs in this area resistant to over the counter pesticides ?


Montgomery County Pennsylvania bed bugs about 3 years ago

Testing plants for pesticides

How does one test the soil/plants for neonicotinoids and other pesticides used in farms and on crops? And are there images that I could obtain of bees that have been poisoned to compare to healthy bees?


Outside United States over 3 years ago

testing soil for pesticides

The lot next to me was cultivated by a neighbor who used pesticides for insects. He has not used the lot in a little more than three years but I don't know what he used and I want to have the soil tested for pesticide contamination. If you do not do the testing please send contact for any resource I can access for the testing.
Thanks for reading this and for any help you may provide.


Genesee County Michigan soil testing soil contamination almost 4 years ago

Restricted use pesticide list in Texas

Does the Texas Dept. of Agriculture have a list of "state restricted use" pesticides / larvicides (including pesticides for mosquito control) that are not for general use?


Tarrant County Texas pesticide safety over 3 years ago