Tomato Bugs

We are new to Maryland and are trying our hand at natural gardening this year. We have had decent luck however we have discovered a bug new to us, family and friends (From Colorado) and would like some help identifying it, and how to get rid or it (Natural preferred but not a must). I am attaching Images of it, it appears to only be on our Tomato's right now. Thank you for your help with this, David Zweifel-Keegan

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Prince George's County Maryland about 1 hour ago

tomato problem

about a dozen early/green tomatoes (haven't harvested any yet) all clustered together on one plant have the pictured disfigurement on their bottoms. Any clues to what this may be?

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Harford County Maryland about 2 hours ago

blotchy cuc leaves

wondering if this is an issue, one half of plant shows this blotchiness, the other half doesn't. Getting lots of cucs though.

Cuc2_300x300%2523 Cuc1_300x300%2523

Harford County Maryland about 2 hours ago

pest identification

I have a shrub that has a lot of leaves and branches covered with white capsules. They brush off and do not move, so I think they are eggs. I don't see any live insects that are in the same numbers as this many eggs would produce. I introduced some lady bugs and they didn't seem interested in the white capsules. Could you help identify them and provide any remedy?

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Anne Arundel County Maryland about 6 hours ago

Public property invasive species

My yard borders the woods on the east Baltimore city/county line. There are at least 5-7 Ailanthus trees just outside my fence/property. They continuously reproduce & invade my yard, neighboring yards, & the woods on public land. Who can I call to properly destroy them? I've recently become aware that they require special means of destruction. I would do it myself, but the mature trees are not on my land, but 1-3ft outside of my fence. I pay county taxes despite living on the block just prior to the "welcome to Baltimore county" sign. My address is considered Rosedale 21237. Can you direct me to which organization to call to properly remove these difficult, invasive trees?

Baltimore County Maryland about 12 hours ago

What is it and What do I do?

I've attached 2 photos as examples of existing conditions in my lawn. Do not know what this is or how do deal with it. p[lease advise. Thanks. Byron Wolfe 301-208-1311

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Montgomery County Maryland about 19 hours ago

Brown patch disease

What is the best approach or solution for a lawn covered with brown patch?

Howard County Maryland about 20 hours ago

beans in home garden

My string beans (new seed) grew wonderfully, very lush but there are no buds and of course no beans. The rain has been plentiful. what to do?

Anne Arundel County Maryland about 24 hours ago

Help identifying shrub

Hello, I've seen this shrub in a few places around my neighborhood, and I'm hoping you can help me identify it. it has very distinctive long clusters of flowers. I have attached some pictures. Thank you for your help. Cheers, James

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Baltimore Maryland 1 day ago

How many hours?

I am trying to grow spearmint and chocolate mint. I know that mint plants require partial shade, but how many hours of the day should they have sun and how many hours should they have shade? I want to be sure that they get the right amount of each.

Charles County Maryland 1 day ago

Identify a plant

This plant is coming up very prolifically in an area where I planted a bag of wild flower seeds. The area was very weedy before I killed off all the vegetation with glyphosate. There are about 4 stem that come off of the central hub. Each stem has 8-10 leaves and small white flowers are emerging from the center. Can you tell if this is a wildflower or a weed. Thanks, Gary Meyer

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Dorchester County Maryland 1 day ago

How often should I water?

How often should I water my vegetable, herb, and berry garden during hot spells like the one we are experiencing now? In the early morning the plants look ok but by evening they look wilted and the leaves droop so I have been watering them almost every other morning. Every time I do, the ground on the next morning looks so dry that you would not know that I had watered the previous morning. Most of the leaves have remained dark green but a few have turned pale green or even yellow. Am I watering too much or too little?

Charles County Maryland 1 day ago

Weed or plant

I found this in a customers garde

20190718_100650_300x300%2523 20190718_100634_300x300%2523 20190718_100628_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland 1 day ago

Weed identification

I’ve got another random weed that has popped up...can you identify please? There is a small sprig of purslane. It’s from a pile of dirt we dug up in the yard. Thank you! I appreciate you looking this up...I’ve alread looked in your photo library and I couldn’t find it.

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Charles County Maryland 2 days ago

Air Potato (Dioscorea bulbifera )

I am at a loss to determine how to get rid of this invasive vine known as Air Potato because I am afraid to spray Round-Up because of the health risks. Live in Vienna, Maryland and can be reached at 301-943-4972. Please advise. Thank you, Charles Kropp.

Dorchester County Maryland 2 days ago


Please see attached pictures of peppers; Can you advise what we can do to prevent this?


Baltimore Maryland 2 days ago

Suspected walnut caterpillars

My adolescent shagbark hickory has been almost denuded in 48 hours! I found a trail of carcasses on the trunk and these wooly guys munching and pooping to make it almost rain under the tree. They are too high for me to reach with a Bt spray bottle. My other adjacent plants are oaks and redbuds and are happily ignored. Am I right what it is? Are there suggestions on how to handle?

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Montgomery County Maryland 2 days ago

tomatillo pollination

I am in need of someone who can answer a gardening question. If a plant needs 2 plants to pollinate it and we only have 1, can I self pollinate it? My neighbor has a tomatillo plant and it has plenty of flowers, but no tomatillos.


Carroll County Maryland vegetables plant care pollination 2 days ago

Problems with a Climbing Rose Bush

Hello Cooperative Extension Expert,

My neighbor has a climbing rose that did very well in its early days but now each year gets holes in its leaves. I have attached a couple of photos to show the damage. I can see that the leaves are also starting to get some black spot on them.

Could you please let me know the following:
  • What is causing the holes in the leaves? What can be done about this?
  • What should be done about the black spot?
  • Will deadheading the roses increase the number of blooms on the bush?
I would very much like to keep an treatments as organic as possible.

Thank you for your assistance with this set of problems.

Best regards,

Germaine Timmermans

Climbing_rose_1_300x300%2523 Climbing_rose_closeup_1_300x300%2523 Climbing_rose_closeup_2_300x300%2523

Prince George's County Maryland 2 days ago


A few weeks ago, I bought some hydrangeas on sale to fill the space left by my many hostas donated to the Feed-A-Deer program. I got two in the ground straight away and they seem t be doing well. However, Craziness occurred as is usual in my life and I did not get them in to the ground. the other two are still in the pots and today I suddenly have time to put them into the ground. However, today is supposed to be hotter than hell's back door (upper 90's) and will go on for weeks. (July in DC area.) The spot where they were to go gets a lot of morning sun and I fear for these guys ability to cope. Should I wait? Should I stick them into the ground with a song and a prayer? Or should we move away from this god forsaken place? Internet sources tell me to plant spring and fall which is why they were on sale, I suppose. I have kept them watered and with short exposure to morning sun (approx 1.5 to 2.0 hours). They are quite beautiful! One is a Firelight and the other a Merit Supreme. Can you advise? Cheers, Leland Bryant, MFA-IA

Prince George's County Maryland 2 days ago

Spruce Tree

The lower branches are loosing leaves Is the tree dyi?

Howard County Maryland 2 days ago

"No See-ums" in Carroll County?

Hello, I have been living in rural central Carroll county, near Uniontown, for 15 years. Almost immediately upon moving I noticed a near absence of any biting insects, especially mosquitoes such that at night, one could sit outside well into the evening and maybe get ONE bite. I attributed that to mostly living near the top of a hill with a good air/wind fetch and for the first couple of several years, not many trees on my 1+acre property. Now I have a decent woodlot and plenty of shrubs, gardens etc. About 2-3 years ago, I noticed both an increase in mosquitoes (but still far below what one gets in the city) and also small gnat like bugs that seem to bite-almost like the nasty biting midges of the eastern shore. But these midges don't cause a burning -itching welt. They just itch like a mosquito bite and usually leave no lasting welt. In incidental conversations with others in the county, they too have said that these "no-seeums" are plaguing their area as well- lately. So what's up? last year was so bad that I had to buy a bug zapper and now wear DEET when outside which I never had to do. It may be coincidental, but the last couple of seasons have been much wetter than usual. Then again, this little gnat like biters do not cause the exact same reaction as the midges on the shore do. What are they and how to combat them?

Carroll County Maryland 2 days ago

Strange Grass Patch

This patch of grass appeared in my lawn a couple years ago. It looks nothing like the fescue that was there before. I did not plant any new seed. Can you identify it? Thanks

Img_0735_300x300%2523 Img_0736_300x300%2523

Howard County Maryland 2 days ago

what is this bug? it ate all the leaves

Hi, I have attached 3 photos. I noticed on Tuesday night that from a distance the leaves looked like something was eating the flesh of the leaf. tonight, I discovered almost all of the leaves gone and these worm like things on the plant. I sprayed insecticidal soap on the plant. the worms reared up! I picked them off. sprayed the plant 3 times. the worms were everywhere on the plant. what are they? how can i prevent them? will the plant survivie? thank you.

Bugs_what_are_they_300x300%2523 Wild_senna_and_bugs_300x300%2523 Wild_senna_cassia_marilandia_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland 3 days ago

Brown spots in my yard, not sure it is brown patch fungus

I have spent a fortune to keep my small, front yard grass looking good. Applied fungicide, fertilizer, lime. It looked good until 2 weeks ago the spots of grass began to die. SEE Pic. below


Anne Arundel County Maryland lawns and turf disease issues 3 days ago

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