Renewing a Hugelkultur ?????

About 5 years ago, I built a very successful Hügelkultur on the strip of grass between the sidewalk + the street. Now the garden has sunken, and I am wondering if I should try to renew it. I think digging it all up + adding a lower level of rotten logs would be too traumatic for the soil microorganisms. Every year should I dig up a small portion + add rotten logs or should I just amend the soil from above? Thank you in advance for your advice.

Baltimore County MD about 10 hours ago

Native hollies dying

Over the past 6-9 months approximately 20 native hollies in our community have experienced total leaf drop and dead branches. Holly pit scale was suspected. Can that cause tree death? Currently a few hollies have lost lower leaves but have green leaves at the top. Any advice?


Anne Arundel County MD about 12 hours ago

feeding daffodils

when and how should I feed my daffodils?

Howard County MD about 13 hours ago

Culinary chervil &coral chrysanthemum

Is it okay to plant in my vegetable plot? I have heard it can be invasive. Is it better grown in a pot?

My chrysanthemum, planted last spring, seems to be sending out suckers. Should they be dug up or is that just the new spring growth? Can they be transplanted?

20200224_172429_300x300%2523 20200224_172440_300x300%2523

Baltimore County MD about 14 hours ago

Turf Type Fescue Germination

What is the temperature threshold for fescue germination? What is optimum ground and air temperature and minimum ground and air temperature for Fescue Type grass germination?

Cecil County MD about 14 hours ago

American Boxwood Blight or . . . ?

All 8 of the boxwood shrubs on the sides of our front steps looked fine until end of last summer or beginning of fall. Just one of the boxwood shrubs started turning yellow with a small branch at the bottom, which I cut out. Over the late fall and through until now more and more of that one shrub has turned yellow. All of the 7 other shrubs are healthy. Can you please tell me what this is and how to deal with it? Thank you in advance! John Day

Boxwood_top_side_view_300x300%2523 Boxwood_top_side_view_300x300%2523 Boxwood_inside_view_300x300%2523

Frederick County MD about 15 hours ago

Crabgrass prevention 2-24-20

Hello, with this warm winter, I am trying to figure out when to apply crabgrass preventer. The lawn was over-seeded in early October, and I see that some pre-emergents can kill young grass. Some areas of new lawn did not take, and is bare soil. I know crabgrass will germinate there. Looking for recommendations. Also, do I want something with post-emergent qualities as well? Or is that a separate application. Concerned about chemicals in soil. Least harmful would be great. Hoping to get dense enough grass to not have to use the chemicals. Clay soil. Thank you

Talbot County MD about 16 hours ago

White oaks

Thanks to research by Doug Tallamy and others, we have learned that white oaks are a premier species of tree for supporting insect life. Given the extensive problems with disease in white oaks in Maryland in the past year or so (we have lost several and anticipate a few more dying this year), does it make sense to plant more white oaks? I have heard there may be some varieties resistant to diseases, but has this resulted in diminished support of insects?

Baltimore County MD about 18 hours ago

Pruning after a mild winter

I had been waiting to prune our roses until after a significant freeze but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards this year. I see buds forming already on last year’s stems which I would usually cut back now. Should I proceed with the cutting? Will it injure the plant development this season? Thanks, Jim O’Neill

Baltimore County MD about 18 hours ago

Identify toads

What species of toads are these



MD about 20 hours ago

How to store bramble cuttings

I bought two bramble (raspberry and blackberry) cuttings at Lowe’s and I’m wondering if it’s too early to plant them. If it is, how can I store them until it’s time? Thanks, Lenore


Howard County MD plant care raspberry small fruit blackberry 1 day ago

Removing a 20+ yo ornamental cherry tree- how soon can I plant where it was?

We have a 20+ yo ornamental cherry tree in our south facing front yard. It only looks good 2 weeks out of the year and is getting increasing shade from a nearby oak tree. If we remove it, how soon could we plant in the area it was? We’d like to put a mixed hedge perennial bed.


Howard County MD plant care trees planting after tree removal 1 day ago

Chickween- Till, burn or chemical control

I have been troubled by chick weed in my yard for several years, but now it's in my 50x50 vegetable garden. I have several option to manage it. I have Troy Built tiller I have flame dragon I have an option of applying chemicals What is the most effective way to control it? I have used the flame dragon burner in the past 2 years but it the weeds seems to grow back. I am hesitant to till because I think the roots may spread. I really don't want to use something like Round up or weed-be-gone because it's a vegetable garden. Any suggestions for me? I live in Tyaskin with sandy soil Thanks John



Wicomico County MD weeds vegetable garden chickweed 1 day ago

butterfly bush

I usually prune my butterfly bush back to about 8-10" at the end of February. However this winter has been so mild that the leaves never dropped and in fact are still green. Is it safe to prune it? Thank you for any information you can provide.


Montgomery County MD butterfly bush herbaceous perennial plant care 1 day ago


Is vinegar an effective weed killer? I have nasty vines growing behind and into my vegetable garden. I don't know their names. I call the one a "jungle vine" It has a thick black trunk that rambles around the ground until it finds a tree. It then goes up the tree to a height of 50' or more. The second one is 1/4 to 1/2" diameter and is green in color. It has very sharp thorns. It also uses other plants/trees for it's support. I'm sorry I cannot provide pictures.


Howard County MD weed control vinegar woody vines egetable garden 2 days ago

Sugar maple sawdust

We have sugar maple sawdust due to a project my husband has undertaken. Is there any way to use it to benefit the yard?


MD miscellaneous sawdust 2 days ago

Bamboo elimination

I have a stand of more than 1,000 bamboo trees on my property and adjacent lots, and I would like guidance on how to dispose of them and get rid of them for good. I’m told it’s an invasive species, and I know others in Cheverly want this information as well. Thomas Ruyle Cheverly



Prince George's County MD weeds invasive bamboo 3 days ago

Leaves falling off a healthy looking pland

I v had this plant about 10 years. Outside in warm weather,inside in same spot in winter. I water it about every 10 days. This year the plant looks healthy but one section of leaves continue to fall off. I ve checked for bugs or mites and find none. Its onlt on one stem. The leaves do not turn yellow or brown just drop off..


20200219_115751_300x300%2523 20200219_115751_300x300%2523

Baltimore MD houseplants plant care schefflera 3 days ago

worsening schefflera problem

I should have written months ago when this problem first arose. My beautiful schefflera was growing great with many new shoots. It was re-potted in 2018 and again last fall before bringing it inside. It did very well on the patio all summer; I sprayed the leaves with light soapy water about once a week. After being inside 2 months, I noticed the icky black spots as shown on the first 2 photos below. I got worried and wiped the leaves with soapy water and got off the black spots. However, the infected fronds fell off eventually but the plant otherwise looked healthy. Fast the two main branches where the spots were are now brown and dying off further (photo 3). Will this plant recover? Will it be able to grow taller? Your advice will be greatly appreciated.


Schefflera-1_fall_2019_300x300%2523 Schefflera-2__fall_2019_300x300%2523 Schefflera_2-21-20_300x300%2523

Baltimore County MD houseplants aphids pest insects and mites schefflera 4 days ago

High calcium and magnesium

I have very high/excessive magnesium and calcium pretty much everywhere in my garden, according to multiple soil tests over several years (two latest attached). I have not used any lime for at least 5 years, and the high rates occur in places that have not seen any fertilizers for at least 30 years (as well as others). The "ilex" test, for example came from an area that I just cleared out of a bamboo grove that has been there for at least 30 years. The "rhody" test came from a lawn area that 30 years ago got a lot of clay from the house construction, used to raise the level of the lawn. (no fill brought in from elsewhere.) It was recently dug over and a lot of compost added in preparation for tree planting. I would like to know where the calcium and magnesium might have come from and whether it matters. The garden is about 1/4 mile from the Maryland Mine at Great Falls (gold mine in operation until 1953), and there were several other mine diggings (abortive) within half a mile. I suppose that it's possible there was some waste from the mines spread about. However, I have several layers of clay, of different colors, and they don't seem to have been disturbed until I dug. The lot used to be a farm field, subdivided in 1948 but not built until 1990. What are the likely results of excessive magnesium? Are there other things that need to be checked, given the unusual profile?


Img005_300x300%2523 Img006_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD soil test high magnesium high calcium 4 days ago

Pb (Lead) in garden

Hello, While ago I learned one should never drink water off of garden hose because of excess Lead (Pb) leaching from hose and connection material into the water. From what I know garden hose is used in almost all home gardens, small farms (soil based or Hydroponics), backyard chicken (egg and meat production) and even small fish production. I learned that vegetables may not absorber lead but doesn't this lead accumulate in the soil and plants start absorbing it? Doesn't the lead in water absorbed by animals (chicken/fish) and ultimately go in our body? I do grow vegetables and have chickens and fish. Please Advise.


Montgomery County MD lead in water vegetables 4 days ago

Pruning roses

My roses are beginning to leaf out - NOW! Should I prune them now or wait until the end of March? (I'm in Baltimore Co, just north of the city line.) Thanks!


Baltimore County MD shrubs plant care pruning roses 4 days ago

Seed starting dates PDF

At the Feb 15 seed swap in Chestertown I picked up a single sheet (legal size) flyer with a chart of seed starting and plant out dates. I lost that sheet. Where can I find a PDF copy online? Thanks J. Michael Kramer


Kent County MD vegetables 4 days ago


I want to purchase a Blueberry bush that produces large sweet juicy berries. Their home will be in Carroll County. Can you please help me choose an appropriate bush?

Carroll County MD 4 days ago


I want to purchase a couple blueberry bushes for our son who lives in Westminster Md. I understand the best type bush to purchase in their area is Highbush. I want a large sweet juicy berry. Can you advise me what plant to buy. Thank You,


Carroll County MD blueberries fruit plant selection 4 days ago

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