Lilac white chalky substance on leaves

The lilac I planted a year ago has a white chalky substance on the leaves. Should I be concerned?

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Montgomery County Maryland about 6 hours ago

strange insect in Harford County

Please help me identify an insect in an attached file. It was about 2 inches long and eating a bee. It was taken in late October in Harford Co. I sent this same request to you over a week ago and got no response. Can you also identify the bird in the two attached files. It looked and flew like a turkey buzzard but obviously doesn't look like one. It circled my home in Harford Co. this past week. I took the photos with a telephoto lens. Can't figure out what it is. Thanks in advance.

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Harford County Maryland about 8 hours ago

Cenchrus polystachios subsp. polystachios, a species of Sandburs

Can you buy this plant in a store? Do landscape companies plant these in residential settings? This plant is growing in our back field and seems to have multiplied over the years. Okay to use it as a border plant in my yard? Thanks


Howard County Maryland about 9 hours ago

replanting after removing dying oak

Our neighborhood in Takoma Park has lost a number of oaks due to a combination of root rot and oak borers. I lost a large one due to root rot primarily. I want to replant with another oak in the same part of my yard. Is there a problem with putting a new oak in the same area where one died if borers were part of the problem?

Montgomery County Maryland about 11 hours ago

safe leaves for use as mulch

HI, I like to add mulched leaves to my vegetable garden this time of year. Are there leaves from any trees that are better or should be avoided? There are a couple of walnut trees and a Bradford Pear I'm not sure I can use. On the other hand there are several maples, poplars and oak trees (as well as a couple of trees I can't identify) that I usually use.

Baltimore Maryland about 11 hours ago

Mole v Vole

All of a sudden my main flower bed has tunnels zigzagging all across it. How do I tell if it's a mole or vole? How do I get rid of them?


Calvert County Maryland about 24 hours ago

Oak bark disease?

We have several trees on Main Creek in Anne Arundel County that have the problems shown. Can you tell us what it is and what to do? Thank you.

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Anne Arundel County Maryland 1 day ago

Yellow Jacket Nest

How should I address underground nest ? Much to my surprise, this summer, was stung many times after stepping on entrance hole. Will they over-winter underground ? Thanks / Ron

Prince George's County Maryland 1 day ago

What is this black stuff

Is this a disease that can be treated?

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Anne Arundel County Maryland 1 day ago

Winter Care - Water Lily in Patio Container

Good Afternoon, I have a “Pink Sensation” water lily in a 14” square plastic planter on my deck. I’d like to try to keep it alive for next year, but don’t know what to do for the winter. The websites I’ve seen talk about ponds, so they’re unhelpful for my situation. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Shannon

Howard County Maryland 1 day ago

Too late to use winter fertilizer?

I live in Ellicott City, MD, about 15 miles southwest of Baltimore. We are starting to have freezing temperatures at night. I still would like to apply fall lawn fertilizer. Is it too late in the season and I will be wasting the fertilizer? Should I use it in early spring, instead?


Howard County Maryland lawns and turf 1 day ago

Crepe Myrtle

I have been trying to grow a Crepe Myrtle and have not succeeded in getting it any taller than a shrub. In the winter what did grow dies back. In late spring some branches grow back. I live in East northern Harford Co. Thanks for your help. Ellen

Harford County Maryland 1 day ago

What is this?

Just found tones of this one in a bucket with muddy water. Not sure if it is an insect larvae or a tadpole. Thanks Jackie


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Maryland insect or spider id beneficial insects and pollinators rat tailed maggot 1 day ago

Plant smells like orange

There's a plant that grows all over my land that at this time of year, when it's dead and dried, has an orange-ish scent to it when the dry leaves and stalk are crushed. What is it, please?



Anne Arundel County Maryland plant identification 1 day ago

Bermuda grass in the asparagus bed

Hello, I have an asparagus bed that is being overrun by Bermuda grass and some type of wild garlic chive. I have been fighting this issue for 3 years and hate to lose the asparagus bed as it is producing well. Any tips on how to get rid of the Bermuda grass and garlic chives or do I just need to lose the asparagus and cover the bed to get rid of the grass and chives?


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Howard County Maryland asparagus bermudagrass 2 days ago

Soil testing

Where can I get a soil test bag to send to one of the labs listed on your website? Is there a universal bag or do I have to use a bag specific to the lab that I choose to use? Does the Extension Service make them available? How do I get it?


Anne Arundel County Maryland soil test 2 days ago

Mystery Fall Berry Shrub

Very pretty berries with picture attached. I love your website! Thank you!!



Anne Arundel County Maryland plant identification shrubs 2 days ago

Is this poison ivy?

Hello - I am concerned I have poison ivy in my wooded yard in Takoma Park. Is this poison ivy? It has thorns.



Maryland plant identification invasive 2 days ago

tennis fence and vertical agriculture

what advise i can get to convert a tennis court fence into vertical planting.


Montgomery County Maryland plant selection 2 days ago

North American Oil Beetles

We recently got some landscaping done at our house in Kensington MD (new mulch, dirt, and plants) and now notice we have North American Oil Beetles in our yard. We have notice three clumps of them and several scattered in the grass. Our internet research says they can cause painful blisters and I fear we have too many to remove by hand. What should and can be done to remove them? Thanks so much. William Zwack


Montgomery County Maryland 3 days ago

Fig tree that was planted early July

I have had a fig tree in a pot for years (outside in the warm weather and inside for the winter). It was two woody stems and seemed to do well. However, having learned of many local fig trees living happily outside, I decided to plant it in a bed outside in early July. It immediately grew maybe six more stems! It didn't even seem to suffer much with the drought. I watered it, but not frequently. It seems very happy. It is still very green and wasn't showing any signs of dropping it's leaves. Now, due to the freeze last night, the leaves look frozen and droopy. The outer branch on the left and right are the original branches. All the growth in the middle is the new growth since planting. You may be able to see that it has some green figs on it. My question is: should I cut it back? Could the freezing of the leaves damage the tree? Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. I'd really love for this tree to survive.



Kent County Maryland fruit figs tree overwintering 3 days ago

planting spaghetti squash

I have seeds from a spaghetti squash. I want to plant them next year. How do you suggest that I store them until I am ready to plant them next year? Thank you so much! Edgewood MD


Harford County Maryland vegetable storing seeds 4 days ago

growing herbs indoors

growing herbs indoors in winter. Recommendation for Soil mixture growing lights Thank you


Queen Anne's County Maryland herbs care 4 days ago



Calvert County Maryland trees plant propagation 4 days ago

Identifying This Insect

This insect hopped a ride on a package of salad greens and I found him alive yesterday, 11/6/19.. It looks somewhat like a grasshopper, but only crawls–doesn't fly or hop. it is about a half-inch long, grey, with long legs,and walks slowly around its new home. How can I identify it? I have no intention of killing it, and have tried to prolong its life with water, breadcrumbs, greens and an enclosed space. Can you refer me to a helpful expert?



Baltimore County Maryland wildlife assassin bug nymph insect and spider id beneficial insects and pollinators insect in house 5 days ago

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