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Frederick County MD about 6 hours ago

Holly shrub branches turning brown

We live in Port Tobacco Md. and have a line of Holly shrubs (possibly Compacta Hollies) as foundation plants along our walkway, they are established and maybe as much as 30 yrs old. We have only lived here for two years now and have noticed branches here and there on many of the Hollies turning brown and brittle from time to time. We do not see any signs of insect infestations or physical damage, and we cut out the dead branches when we find them. From a discussion with UMD Extension Master Gardener in La Plata MD we question if this is Black Root Rot or Root Self Strangulation, and what can we do to safeguard these plants?

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Charles County MD about 8 hours ago

Best practices for fertilizing trees and shrubs

I am eliminating lawn in my landscape and have many shade trees, ground covers, and grasses (Shore juniper, sarcococca, ferns, butterfly bushes, sedges, miscanththus, etc., black walnut, cottonwood, maples, willow oak) and I would like to give them a fall dose of fertilizer. Everything is healthy, but I have tried to fertilize at least every other year, often using woodace, but would prefer an organic fertilizer that would be good for everything. The woodace was fine when I had lots of lawn, but with much of it given over to growing less needy and more environmentally friendly things, I am not certain what to do. I have Espoma that I can use around the azaleas, but what about the rest? Is there one thing that I can use, or do I have to buy several different, specialty items? Also, soil tests show an over-abundance of phosphorus (even though I avoid it in fertilizers), as well as magnesium and calcium. My garden center owner told me not to worry about the phosphorus in the ground when buying fertilizer because the plants cannot take it up. Is that true?

Prince George's County MD about 16 hours ago

tree borers

a tree expert showed me that i have a tree borer infestation in a big black cherry tree and suggested a treatment. 1. I've looked at youtube videos and it seems like I could spray a systemic insecticide myself rather than paying them to do it. Do you have any advice about that? I would use a respirator. 2. When is the best time to treat and how often should I treat? 3. What is the best insecticide to use for the borers we have in Montgomery County? Thanks.

Montgomery County MD about 18 hours ago

fungus or scale or Pyracantha

Hi, Some kind of scale or fungus is coating the branches and leaves of a pyracantha. It is planted in a small protected garden. Grows on west facing wall. I trimmed back some of the growth before recent rain and it looks better, but much of scale remains. Should I spray this with some kind of garden chemical? Please advise. Plant has been in the ground about 10 years.

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Howard County MD about 21 hours ago

Blueberry plants

I have fuzzy yellow and brown caterpillars in my blueberry plants. Many of the plants now have browned leaves pasted together with what appears to be eggs stuck in between. I have also found some light colored egg pods. What insect is responsible - or are they part of the caterpillar life cycle?

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Prince George's County MD 1 day ago

Green Needles dropping from I believe Spruce Tree

Green needles are dropping from the lower third of the tree, which is becoming denuded. I believe it is a spruce tree and probably 50 years old. The top third of the tree looks good. Trunk shows white discharge. The first photo shows the bottom lowest branches; the second photo shows the top of the tree, and the third photo, the trunk. Thank you for your help.

Armshaw-lowerbranches_300x300%2523 Armshaw-treetop_300x300%2523 Armshaw-trunk-whitedischarge_300x300%2523

Baltimore MD 1 day ago

Controlling altissima

Hi, Is it too late in the year to use the hack & squirt method of controlling altissima? Are there any other methods that can be used late fall and winter? Thank you!

Frederick County MD 1 day ago

Cover crops for a small backyard garden

Hello! I have a few cover crop questions: 1.) When is it too late in the season to plant cover crops? 2.) What types of cover crops do you suggest for small backyard garden beds? We're looking for something that will prevent erosion but won't spread and take over. We have 4 raised beds about 5ft. long by 3ft. wide. Two of them have young blueberry bushes in them, and two are for annual veggies. 3.) Does the cooperative extension sell cover crop seeds? Thanks so much for your advice!

Montgomery County MD 1 day ago

Grass and lawn destruction

I suspect deer are tearing up my lawn, mostly one kind of grass. What can I do?

Baltimore County MD 1 day ago

Bee problem

A number of what appear to be ground or bumble bees have taken up residence in my perennial garden, and the last 2 times I went in to do some fall cleanup, I was attacked by 8-12 bees. They move too fast for me to take a picture. I haven't seen a hive or holes in the ground associated with ground bees, but I'm afraid to get too close to look. I've had the garden many years and this is the first time I've had trouble with bees. Any suggestions?

Montgomery County MD 1 day ago

My rhododendron is dying

One of my rhododendron bushes turned brown and appears to be dead, since about mid August. Now other bushes in the group are turning yellow and dropping leaves. I checked the backs of the leaves to see if there are aphids but I can’t see any insect damage. Any advice?


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Howard County MD drought abiotic issues rhododendron shrubs 1 day ago

Bee Keeping

I'm interested in learning about Bee Keeping. Will you have any classes in the future? Ellen Crenson


Baltimore County MD 2 days ago

Eliminating unwanted baby trees and wineberry with herbicide....?

I let several areas and beds in my yard "go" with no mowing or care. In the spring and last fall I simply cut down young trees close to the ground. They have grown back !! Some are quite large. Would it be wise to cut them again and immediately apply a herbicide to the fresh cut? Would this herbicide harm the soil and make the area not fit to plant new material? Or would there be an alternative method to get rid of these trees? The wineberry has also gotten very overgrown. I previously would dig out as much of the roots as possible, but now they are massively many and tangled. What do you suggest for them??? Thanks so very much for your advice !!


Baltimore MD weeds invasive plant care wineberry wineberry removal 2 days ago

Bugs in moss of carnivorous plants

How can I safely kill insects that have nested in the moss without hurting the pitcher plants. What is the best way to keep them inside for the winter? Also, what kind of pitcher plants are the 2 types here?

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Baltimore MD 2 days ago

Apple Tree Help

Hi! I promised my three year old an apple tree if she helped with all of the weeding and lawn care throughout the year. I didn't think she was going to come through but she did. Even on days that I didn't want to go outside to do yard work -- she did. So I now have to keep my end of the bargain. I have no idea where to start. I read that you need two apple trees for pollination purposes? I don't know if we have room for two trees. I don't even know what kind of apple trees grow around here. When do you plant apple trees? I am reading conflicting information about this -- some say early spring, others say fall. What kind of species of trees are self-pollinating but sturdy to survive the weather here AND provide soft, juicy apples. They don't have to be gigantic apples either. I need to be directed in the right direction with RELIABLE information because the internet is full of opinions these days and not all of them seem right.


Calvert County MD fruit plant care apple apple tree choice 3 days ago

Effect of brakish water on native plant garden

Our community has a native plant garden at the dock. Last week the tide was high and water from Broad Creek off the South River came over the garden. It has since receded. Today we had about 2 inches of rain. I am wondering if the brakish water could have damaged the plants. My thought was that the rain today and the fact that the water receded prevented any damage. What do you think?


Anne Arundel County MD native plants brackish water 3 days ago

butterfly pollinator garden

Our community wants to plant a small area with native plants to attract butterflies, bees and birds. The area is about 30 x 50 feet with at least 6 hours of sun. Do you have plant suggestions?


Anne Arundel County MD plant selection butterfly gardening 3 days ago

Oh that sneaky celosia!

I planted brain celosia several years ago. It self seeds and comes up every year. It has many different sizes and shapes from short to about six feet and brain shaped, fan shaped and pointy. Is there any way to control the shape and size? Does it have anything to do with soil, food, water, crowding or anything else? I look forward to hearing from you


Celosia_300x300%2523 Celosia_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County MD flowers abiotics 3 days ago

Best garlic

What is the best type of garlic to plant in my Montgomery County garden this fall?


Montgomery County MD vegetable garlic 4 days ago

cherry laurel problem

Many leaves and branches a dead. There's white stuff on branches. I missed the info given in the Sun a few weeks ago... Is the whole shrub doomed? What can be done???


Baltimore MD cherry laurel shrub white prunicola scale 4 days ago

Cypress Trees Yellowing-Browning Problem

How can the cypress trees be restored to health? The yellow-orange-rust brown leaves are spreading throughout the trees and this seems to be happening at a rather rapid pace.


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Howard County MD arborvitae trees normal leaf shedding 4 days ago

How can I create a Patio Pollinator garden

What can I do with just a container garden to help pollinators?


Howard County MD container gardening pollinators 4 days ago

Beetle Eating My Trees

Dear Cooperative Extension Expert, I am attaching photos showing damage to my tree and the beetle that seems to be the culprit. Can you identify the insect (it is approximately 1 inch in length) and advise the best way to get rid of it. The damaged tree pictured is one of two in my yard, but I've noticed damage to trees in my neighbor's yard as well. None of the trees affected appeared to be sickly or distressed in any way prior to the infestation. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Cecil County MD invasive pest emerald ash borer 4 days ago

choke cherry?

I thought it might be choke cherry, but leaves look different from those in my tree book..Can you identify for me? Thanks,


Choke_cherry_1_300x300%2523 Choke_cherry_2_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County MD shrub identification invasive elaeagnus 4 days ago

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