Sudden death 4 wk spot

Vaccinated entire litter post weaning for Influenza, PRRS, Circo. Only 1 pig was found dead in pen less than 24 hrs later. All others are fine. Thoughts?

Maryland about 2 hours ago

Pruning a dwarf Alberta spruce

Can your prune evergreen shrubs. I am pretty sure that this is a dwarf Alberta spruce. I had gotten quite large and I would like to trim it. Is it possible to transplant it? Thank you


Baltimore County Maryland about 4 hours ago

Spider ID

We found this spider in our basement. My son who is currently in quarantine there thinks it is a brown recluse. I think it is not primarily due to the violin mark being upside down. We appreciate any help.


Montgomery County Maryland about 6 hours ago

soil testing

Does MD Extension offer to come get sample and test it? If not, are there test kits that one may get with instructions on taking a sample and mailing or dropping it off for analysis? Thanks! Jim 301-675-0751

Montgomery County Maryland about 7 hours ago

Is This a Molting Fox?!

This guy just spent about 15 minutes in my front yard. I thought a hyena had escaped from a zoo! I suspect it's a fox, but where's all its fur?!

Img_20200401_144412_300x300%2523 Img_20200401_144414_300x300%2523

St. Mary's County Maryland about 9 hours ago

preying mantis

I'm shocked!! Aren't preying mantis always thought of as "good" predators? The answer is "yes", if they are native (Stagmomantis carolina), but most of the mantis you see in Maryland are invasive Chinese preying mantis. The problem is becoming so bad, that the Maryland Invasive Species Council selected them as last June's Invader of the Month. Your information sheet on the mantis still shows the Chinese mantis as beneficial. Is the position of the Cooperative Extension going to change? I've included a link to the article below. Stay healthy, Debbie Werre Horticulture Chair, FGCMD, DII, AA Co Master Gardener

Anne Arundel County Maryland about 11 hours ago

What is this invasive grass?

An invasive grass is covering our woodland, looking like haystacks, and creeping into our lawns, looking like dead grass clippings. They are climbing up trees and growing into vines. Burgundy in spring and looking like a net. Can you tell me what this is and how to control it? See attached pictures. I live in Catonsville, MD. Thank you. Alvera Winkler

Img_2451_300x300%2523 Img_2452_300x300%2523 Img_2453_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland stiltgrass lesser celandine about 11 hours ago

Shot weed?

We have what I've been told are something called shot weeds ALL over our gardens and now lawn every spring. They eventually "disappear" but are so irritating because we cannot see where our little perennials are popping up or not because they are covered! My husband thinks they come from the mulch? Any suggestions or thoughts?

Baltimore County Maryland about 11 hours ago


Can you please help me identify this plant? Thank you


0401201055_hdr_300x300%2523 0401201105_300x300%2523 0401201105_hdr_300x300%2523

Talbot County Maryland weeds flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials plant identification about 13 hours ago

Native Plant Sources

I'm looking for a nursery that will ship native plants in small quantities to my house. Can you advise?


Anne Arundel County Maryland native about 13 hours ago

Mystery Groundcover

Hi, I’m hoping for some help identifying this ground cover. It looks a little like poison ivy, but it has green, herbaceous stems that come right up from the ground—no obvious vine—with opposite leaves in groups of up to 5, as you can see on the photos. I think it may be an ornamental ground cover from my neighbor’s yard, but I’m not sure.


93fb19d7-3eb4-4e93-847a-e30f87e2d151_300x300%2523 073267e8-abeb-4064-9d8c-a33d0e94e8b0_300x300%2523 Ef5b1e57-c2af-463f-a05a-17863a6db3f7_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland plant identification flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials weeds 1 day ago

Could you help identify this tree in my back yard?

Hello, I have quite a few of these in my backyard. I think that it is very likely an invasive species but I am curious to find out what it is. I am attaching three photos of them. One is the closed up shot of the dried flowers, and the others show their branches. They are very fast growing. Thanks so much in advance as always!


Img_20200324_173423_300x300%2523 Img_20200324_173408_300x300%2523 Img_20200324_173248_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland plant identification shrubs 1 day ago

Lolling skip laurel

I have 4 large skip laurels along the front of my house, all planted at the same time. The front-most one has branches that are lolling, while the others are compact. Can you advise me on whether it just needs pruning, and if so how (and how much) should I prune errant branches to restore fullness? Back to the base, less severely. I am a timid pruner and I don't want to do more harm than good.



Montgomery County Maryland shrubs plant care 1 day ago

Is this grassy weed Poa trivialis (aka Roughstalk bluegrass)?

Is the lime colored grassy weed shown in the attached photos Poa trivialis (Roughstalk bluegrass) as shown on your web page at If yes, do you have any further advice to control this beyond what's shown on above web site? If no, what is it. This grassy lime colored weed first appeared in my tall turf-type fescue lawn about three years ago. Fig-1 shows a typical circular patch of this weed in my lawn. I've seen similar patches in several neighborhood lawns. The weed in my yard seems to out compete my fescue and recurs each year. I 've had very limited success digging it out. The weed is fast growing. Fig-2 shows the height difference two days after cutting the lawn. Any help getting rid of this weed would be gratefully appreciated. Sincerely, Patrick Martin


Fig-1_300x300%2523 Fig-2_300x300%2523 Fig-3_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland lawns and turf poa trivialis 1 day ago

root bound new garden

Making a new garden close to the house and the area is root bound with chick weed and wire grass. So much so I cant hardly get a shovel in it. Please help.


Calvert County Maryland weeds 1 day ago

Tree identification

Can you help me identify this tree? We noticed it for the first time last year. It appears to be an early bloomer. At this time it is probably about 10-15 feet tall on a wet wooded lot adjacent to our property. We never noticed it until a large dead tree was taken down on our property two years ago. It is beautiful, so we are pleasantly surprised... please send me good news!



Anne Arundel County Maryland trees plant identification 1 day ago


I've read there is a weevil that is specific to Mile-a-Minute. Is this available in Maryland? Are there problems associated with the weevil ? I don't want to replace one problem with another, of course.


Baltimore County Maryland weeds 1 day ago

Yellow leaves

I have several >10 yr old 20 ft high Thuja green giants. On two of them they have yellowing leaves from the bottom up. I am not sure what this is or how to treat. The only problem I ever had was with bag worms on some but that was several yrs ago and we removed all of them off the trees. Any advice and/suggestions would be appreciated. I have attached some pics. I can add additional pics if requested.


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Baltimore County Maryland abiotic issues trees insect issues 1 day ago

Tiny blue flower

This tiny blue flower is popping up around our neighborhood in weedy areas. Do you know what it is? Thanks! Ruth



Anne Arundel County Maryland weeds 1 day ago

Fresh Collard Greens

What is this on my collard greens? Will it make me sick? I bought a couple of bunches from the super market 2 days ago. I have never seen this before. Should I throw them out?



Baltimore Maryland vegetable 1 day ago

St.John's Wort

Hello, My question is should I cut back my St.John's Wort in spring or just let it be? I planted this 3 years ago and I usually cut it down to about 4" . This year I noticed all the new growth in last year's branches. Thanks for your help, Michele Roche



Baltimore County Maryland shrubs plant care 1 day ago

Lawn Problems

How can I get my lawn healthy? My grass keeps dying and is overtaken by weeds.


Prince George's County Maryland lawns and turf 2 days ago

Pissard Plum tree sick

Is there any way to cure the problem I am having with this 20 ft tall tree that is about 25 years old and 20 ft tall. About half of the branches have what I'd call "black gall" and the foliage/flowers are about half as dense as I expect from such a tree. It gets full sun in my front yard.


Img_5193_300x300%2523 Img_5192_300x300%2523 Img_5191_300x300%2523

Howard County Maryland trees disease issues 2 days ago

apple tree

I grew a fuji apple seedling from a seed and have just planted it in my yard. I'm not interested in getting any fruit. Will the tree thrive without another apple tree nearby? Again, as I'm not interested in fruit and pollination, just having a nice tree. Also, will it at least flower without pollination?


Baltimore County Maryland fruit trees 2 days ago

Holly transplanting time

Hi, I have a holly tree that I would like to relocate. It has been in a very shady spot for a few years and I think it needs more sunlight to flourish. I have attached a photo; it is about six feet high at the top and just kind of thin. Is this a good time to transplant holly? Is a sunny spot better than shade? If it's a good time to transplant can you give me any advice on making the move? Thank you.



Baltimore County Maryland plant care trees abiotic issues 2 days ago

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