Lilac lost leaves this summer

I would like a diagnosis of what might be wrong with my lilac. It lost it's leaves ( turned brown ) but still has buds on the stems and had 2 blooms, after the initial bloom was over. I would appreciate any thing you can tell me about this. I have been mulching under the lilac could this be the problem? The lilac is white but there is a purple one behind it and it is fine? One of my neighbors said the same thing happened to theirs.



Baltimore County MD shrubs lilacs lilac verticillium lilac turning brown disease issues 14 days ago

What happened to those pears?

Please see attached file: Those pears's surface is uneven. And inside, there are a lot of harden points which can not be eaten. Please advice me what happened of those pears and how to prevent it next year. Thanks a lot.



Baltimore County MD fruit abiotic issues pest insects and mites pear 14 days ago

Swollen tree trunk

Hello, I have a tree in my front yard approximately 2 to 2-1/2 foot diameter at the base and 80 foot tall. The base of the tree is swollen and the bark is separating but I see no obvious insect presence. The remainder of the tree seems to be very healthy. Is there some kind of treatment I can do to the base to ward off problems?


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Charles County MD arborist trees tree with swollen base tree with separating trunk tree close to house plant care 14 days ago

Can I relocate egg sacs left by yellow and black garden spiders?

I must have 15 - 20 yellow and black garden spiders and no idea how many sacs! Three of the sacs are on the underside of my deck rail and I wonder how they will fare in the winter with the wind. I've found several in bushes that I would like to trim. Can I remove them and place them somewhere else and if so, how should I pick a spot. Thank you!


Kent County MD wildlife spider eggs moving spider eggs native 14 days ago

Eggplant color

I've grown eggplant for decades, and they have always has color consistent with what is in grocery stores. However, at my new home, they are mostly brown instead of the rich, glossy purple (pic attached). They are also somewhat smaller than expected, but all including the pic are firm. Are you aware of any particular soil deficiency that might cause this?



Anne Arundel County MD vegetable abiotic issues 15 days ago

Question about grubs in the ground under my grass

Dear Maryland Extension, While digging a small hole in my lawn today, I found many grubs in the ground. They are of two types: half-inch-long white worm-like ones (shown in photo IMG_4745 attached), and inch-long brown insect-like ones (shown in photo IMG_4746 attached). I found them wherever I dug in the lawn. They are located 3-4 inches underground. I also found some holes dug into the ground -- I think by crows or rodents looking to find and eat the grubs. Are these grubs a problem, and if so, how do I prevent them in the future or kill them now? Also, a broader question: How do I know if I have too many insects in our lawn? Sometimes I'm walking around outside in the summer, and I'm disturbing small moth-like flying insects with every step.


Img_4745_300x300%2523 Img_4746_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD lawn grubs 15 days ago

two questions about bermuda grass

Dear Maryland Extension, Could I ask two questions? 1. After reseeding, I'm letting our grass grow for a couple weeks before mowing. I see that the bermuda grass patches are kind of sticking up in waves, and I can even put my hand under the tufts. What is that about? See my two photos. 2. About a fifth of my lawn now consists of bermuda grass. Could you tell me how I could get rid of the bermuda grass?


Img_4730_300x300%2523 Img_4735_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD lawn weed bermuda grass 15 days ago

Snake ID

I saw a snake on my driveway (Northern Baltimore County). It was about a foot long with reddish-brown pattern (see attached pictures)
Do you know what kind of snake it is? Is it poisonous?
Thank you!


Snake1_300x300%2523 Snake2_300x300%2523

Baltimore County MD wildlife identification milk snake 15 days ago

What is this plant ?

This came up in my small, damp and mostly shady back yard. It grew taller and taller from about June to August, eventually reaching about 4 feet high. It didn’t bloom until Sept. In the past month, I noticed that more of the same plants have sprouted in the yard, but they are no more than a foot high. The Master Gardener volunteers at the Annapolis Farmers Market couldn’t identify it. Do you know what it is? Many thanks! Ruth, Annapolis


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Anne Arundel County MD plant identification flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 15 days ago


What are these bugs and are they harmful to me or my plants? If so, how do I get rid of them? They have taken up residency in my perennial hibiscus seed pods. They are smaller than a ladybug and don't seem to fly.


71408126_10218188035526411_655976183388700672_n_300x300%2523 71969928_10218188036286430_3078935241298018304_n_300x300%2523

Worcester County MD insect or spider id 15 days ago

Pressure canning 6oz jars

How long would you pressure cook in a 6oz jar? All the recipes I have are for pints or larger. I make food for my disabled son and want to do serving size jars. Thank you


Frederick County MD home food preservation 15 days ago

Wintering Canna Plants

Hello, I decorated my patio this summer with Canna plants in pots. Now that it is getting colder, how do I winterize the Canna. Can the Canna be put into the ground for winter in this MD area or do I need to bring them inside? Thank you,


Baltimore County MD bulbs canna overwintering 15 days ago

Is vinca a good option to plant a cul de sac?

My dad’s gardener recommended planting vinca in shade under a huge holly on a cul de sac. It will not be able to escape by rhizomes since the cul de sac is surrounded by the road. Is vinca harmless in this case? I recommended planting natives instead and said I thought that planting vinca was worse than doing nothing, but perhaps I am incorrect. I’d appreciate your take.



Howard County MD plant selection invasive vinca minor native 15 days ago

Odd bugs eating rose of sharon

What are these bugs that are eating the rose of Sharon? Have tried soap, seven water spraying but nothing gets them.



St. Mary's County MD insect or spider id 16 days ago

Is this poison ivy?

Trying to identify some of the vines growing in the backyard and I’ve gotten poison ivy rash in the past, but never found the culprit. Any help?



Baltimore County MD plant identification 16 days ago

tree ID

I have poured over the tree books without success. Can you identify this tree? It has alternate branching. Photos attached. Thank you for your consideration.


Aedda959-a2de-422f-81fb-36e557668d0a_300x300%2523 A9f14508-9f89-4145-88ec-bc7f048c8826_300x300%2523 Fbfdc145-6139-4b81-9145-18fcd4868629_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD trees plant identification 16 days ago

Cover crops and raised beds

--Is it too late to sow a cover crop for a raised bed? When is the last date a cover crop can be sowed for it to be effective? Which cover crop(s) do you recommend/ or are your favorites? What do I do with the cover crop in early spring when is time to plant veggies? -- Also, what do you think about using pavers or similar (ie, stones) to create a raised bed? I have wood raised beds but the wood is decomposing after 5+ years. I like the idea of stones because is durable, looks nice, and each stone/paver can be managed individually. Do you have recommendations for types of stone to use for raised beds? Thanks so much, your feedback is very appreciated!!


Montgomery County MD cover crops vegetables raised beds 16 days ago

Fecal egg count for sheep

Do you conduct fecal egg counts for sheep? If you do not do it, where can I have it done? If only at veterinarian's office, can you recommend a vet near me (Freeland, MD 21053). (I prefer not to try to learn to do this myself, but to take it somewhere.) Another question: I've seen equine fecal egg count services offered at the Mill. If I gave them sheep feel samples would they yield good information? Thank you.


Baltimore County MD sheep 16 days ago

Why Are Trees Flowering Now?

Hi! I recently saw 5 or 6 trees along Oakland Mills Road (Columbia, MD) blooming with white blossoms. Is this a unique tree that blooms in fall or is it some weird climate related anomaly? Several of my neighbors think they are pear trees but I have never seen a tree bud and blossom in the fall and especially after so long a dry spell and after such a lot summer. Can you provide any information? Thanks,


Howard County MD trees blooming in the fall 16 days ago

Lawn Soil PH Test?

I am having a problem with brown patches in my lawn. This year is particularly a problem because of drought conditions. The property is high with elevation drops--some sharp, but most reasonably gentle. Most years are manageable because of ample rainfall. However, even in good years I develop areas of brown patches. I treat for grub every year or two, but don't think that is the problem. I feel it is more drainage to the properties below me. I have been seeding in the spring and fall these past few years, with mixed results. Some areas are heavy in grass, while other have the brown patch problem. I am wondering if I am having a soil ph problem. Maybe it is time for me to put down lime. Where can I get an accurate soil analysis? What do I need to do to assure providing the proper amount of test soil from different areas of lawn? Is there someone available to view my property and give an expert analysis?


Howard County MD brown spots lawn soil test 16 days ago

Fertilizing Plants now.

Is now the time to fertilize plants and trees.


Montgomery County MD trees fertilizer 16 days ago

What the heck is this?

Found this strange thing in the woods, any idea what it is?



Harford County MD miscellaneous 16 days ago

caterpillar on pyrocantha

A number of these caterpillars are stripping the phyrocantha of nearly all of its leaves. Good? Bad? Do I need to do something? Many thanks,


Img_1366_300x300%2523 Img_1369_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD insect identification yellow necked caterpillar pyracantha 16 days ago

Mice in compost bins

Hi, I have a plastic tumbler compost bin, and have noticed mice in the area. Two questions, is the compost safe to use if it may have been used as a nesting place for mice, and how do I get rid of field mice from my garden. I have a plot in a community garden in Anne Arundel County and there are adjacent woods and deer frequent the area. Many thanks.


Anne Arundel County MD compost compost bins mice 16 days ago

When juvenile pullets to join flock?

I can't put the juvenile chickens with the hens until they're old enough to eat layer feed. How do I know that they're ready for the high calcium content and decreased protein in the layer feed? Do I need to wait until one of them lays an egg? I'm anxious to consolidate everyone in the main coop, because it will be less work - and I don't want to have to buy a second water warmer (winter's coming).


Anne Arundel County MD 16 days ago

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