What is this under my vinca?

I clipped my annual vinca back and found all these black dots underneath. They remind me of moose poop. What are they?


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Calvert County MD flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials seeds of annual vinca not mouse poop 10 days ago

Clover or micro clover as a lawn

I have a shady back yard and can not grow grass. Would clover or micro clover be a good alternative?


Montgomery County MD lawns and turf plant selection t2 clover as lawn shade lawn 10 days ago

10 foot Weed

I have a weed in my yard that is now about 10 feet tall with huge leaves. I was wondering what it is.



Cecil County MD trees plant identification 10 days ago

Euonymus alatus

Is euonymus alatus considered an invasive species in Maryland?
If okay to use in our area, is it deer resistant?
Thank you


Howard County MD plant identification invasive 10 days ago

Service Berry Tree W/Spots

Three of my Service Berry trees have developed green/blue crusty blotches and dropped leaves. What is it and can the tree be saved? What is the treatment? These are beautiful trees and I would be devastated to lose them! HELP Please!


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Baltimore County MD normal growth trees lichens 11 days ago

Planting Japanese Maples in Wooded Lot

I have about 60 potted Japanese Maples that I was thinking of planting in a clear spot in my otherwise wooded lot. I was told that they would not do very well because of the root competition from the lot's large oaks, maples, and poplars. Therefore, it was suggested that we bring in topsoil and raise the level about 10 inches before planting. But I was also told that this would eventually harm the trees whose roots would now be 10 inches further from the surface. I was thinking maybe of leaving the plants in pots, but killing the grass and placing them on a couple of inches of wood chips or mulch. Would this damage the roots? Is there any particular way to kill the grass that would not damage the roots? Any other ideas as to how to deal with my conundrum? 60 pots cover a fairly large area. Thank you in advance for your wisdom.


Baltimore County MD trees japanese maple volunteers abiotic issues 11 days ago

Green Tomatoes

I have several dozen tomatoes that still are on the vine and have not yet turned pink or red. I am concerned that an early frost may damage them before they ripen. In response to an earlier question, an expert told me that if I picked the tomatoes when they turn pink and put them on a window sill they would ripen and I found this to be true. If I do so while they still are green, will they eventually ripen ... or must they be pink?


Charles County MD vegetables 11 days ago

White insects and webbing on boxwood

I am new in the area what are the small inchworms and wedding I sought on my box wood?



Montgomery County MD wildlife spiders shrubs spider mites boxwood natives beneficial insects and pollinators 11 days ago

Composting options for condo owner

I live in Leisure World and would like to start composting my vegetable food scraps and whatever else is allowable. There are no options within LW even though they have garden plots. I've reached out to people outside of LW and have received a few offers, but one suggested that I contact you all. I don't think I want a worm box. I know Mom's market takes compost, but I'd prefer something closer. Also , if I find someone close who'll accept my scraps, what's the best way to collect and transport it?Thanks for your help


Montgomery County MD composting 12 days ago

Inkberry Holly Issues

Hi! My inkberry holly leaves are turning brown/black. I assumed it was due to the drought and me not watering it enough (it's been here for 2 years) but after googling i'm wondering if it's anthracnose. Can you tell me what to do? There are a few dark leaves on the plant next to the bad one but not nearly as many.


Mvimg_20191007_133821_300x300%2523 Img_20191007_133832_300x300%2523

Baltimore County MD shrubs abiotic issues 12 days ago

front yard tree

Hello, My front yard Japanese Maple died. I thought to replace it with Blue Shiner Spruce, but I read that the blue spruces, any of them, get sick easily. Is it correct? So, I thought to replace it with Southern Magnolia, but my street is open for north-west winter winds and, as I read, it is not good for magnolias in our state. Is it correct? Do you have any suggestion for evergreen, preferably, front yard tree? Any other ideas for a interesting looking tree? Thank you.


Baltimore County MD trees plant selection 12 days ago

latest planting date for perennial landscape plugs

Hi there, I am working on a home conservation landscaping project in which I'd like to include the plants below. Estimated installation date is 11/4/2019. Do you think this is too late in the year for the plants to survive the winter? Thanks! Eli Geranium maculatum Carex rosea Clematis virginiana Matteuccia struthiopteris Scutellaria incana Waldsteinia fragarioides Tiarella cordifolia Stylophorum diphyllum


Montgomery County MD wildflowers and native plants plant care 12 days ago


Its a good time to plant roses in the ground at this time of the year ?


Kent County MD shrubs plant care 12 days ago


I have an issue with some trees and thought I would ask. There are so called Bagworms in one of my trees and someone told me that it would eat the trees away. Wondering whats best to rid of them. I used warm water and dish soap, like Google says,but not sure if that is really working. I have also been cutting the ones I see, but cant get to the top of the trees. How do I get rid of Bagwroms in Leland Cypress trees?


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Anne Arundel County MD insect issues bagworms bagworm remedies not working leyland cyrpess trees 12 days ago

10/18/19 Carroll County Youth Stem Day Event

Hi, I would like to sign my son up for this event but wanted to confirm if it’s a “drop off” event or are parents required to stay. Thank you for any guidance you can provide.


Carroll County MD 12 days ago

Eroding Front Slope

Hello, and thanks in advance for your expertise. I'm hoping you can recommend a solution to our eroding slope (photos included). The previous owners pulled much of the English Ivy that protected the slope, and only 50% periwinkle remains. While we understand it's invasive, we've tried without success to help the periwinkle spread to protect against run-off, particularly since we are in a watershed community. We transplanted grasses (from a neighbor) that we hoped would spread, though they're slow to grow after a couple years, but they are surviving. We're under mostly shade from oak trees, with more sun in the winter when the leaves are gone. Can you suggest a native plant or landscaping solution to our steep, eroding front slope? Thank you!


Frontslope-01_300x300%2523 Frontslope-02_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD erosion control plant care steep slope erosion on steep slope invasive 12 days ago

Oleander Help

Hi, We noticed that our oleander was not doing well during the winter. We moved it outside for the summer and noticed some spots on the leaves of 2 different varieties and colors. Please advise on what we can do to clean it up before it comes inside for the winter. Thanks, Joe



Howard County MD houseplants pest insects and mites 12 days ago

Chicago Cold Hardy Fig

Hi, does this variety survive in Maryland Winters? The data shows that it will grow to be 20 feet, but with Maryland winners, will it die back down to the ground?


Wicomico County MD fruit plant care 12 days ago

donation of tiller

I have a large tiller that belonged to my mother who was an excellent gardener. Do you know of any organization, maybe one of the urban gardens under the supervision of an recognized farm, that would like to have it. I am cleaning out my shed and need to find a home for it.


Baltimore County MD miscellaneous 12 days ago

Male mate for my Shamrock Inkberry

I recently purchased two Shamrock Inkberry shrubs and found that I need a male 'mate' in order for them to produce berries. What is the scientific name of the Shamrock's male counterpart?


Anne Arundel County MD shrubs normal growth 13 days ago

Lilac lost leaves this summer

I would like a diagnosis of what might be wrong with my lilac. It lost it's leaves ( turned brown ) but still has buds on the stems and had 2 blooms, after the initial bloom was over. I would appreciate any thing you can tell me about this. I have been mulching under the lilac could this be the problem? The lilac is white but there is a purple one behind it and it is fine? One of my neighbors said the same thing happened to theirs.



Baltimore County MD shrubs lilacs lilac verticillium lilac turning brown disease issues 13 days ago

What happened to those pears?

Please see attached file: Those pears's surface is uneven. And inside, there are a lot of harden points which can not be eaten. Please advice me what happened of those pears and how to prevent it next year. Thanks a lot.



Baltimore County MD fruit abiotic issues pest insects and mites pear 13 days ago

Swollen tree trunk

Hello, I have a tree in my front yard approximately 2 to 2-1/2 foot diameter at the base and 80 foot tall. The base of the tree is swollen and the bark is separating but I see no obvious insect presence. The remainder of the tree seems to be very healthy. Is there some kind of treatment I can do to the base to ward off problems?


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Charles County MD arborist trees tree with swollen base tree with separating trunk tree close to house plant care 13 days ago

Can I relocate egg sacs left by yellow and black garden spiders?

I must have 15 - 20 yellow and black garden spiders and no idea how many sacs! Three of the sacs are on the underside of my deck rail and I wonder how they will fare in the winter with the wind. I've found several in bushes that I would like to trim. Can I remove them and place them somewhere else and if so, how should I pick a spot. Thank you!


Kent County MD wildlife spider eggs moving spider eggs native 13 days ago

Eggplant color

I've grown eggplant for decades, and they have always has color consistent with what is in grocery stores. However, at my new home, they are mostly brown instead of the rich, glossy purple (pic attached). They are also somewhat smaller than expected, but all including the pic are firm. Are you aware of any particular soil deficiency that might cause this?



Anne Arundel County MD vegetable abiotic issues 13 days ago

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