soil sample

What is the turn around time from mailing sample to receiving results?


Charles County MD soil testing 8 days ago

Insects on marsh sunflower - need identification

I planted a marsh sunflower earlier this year. This morning, I noticed several of its stalks had lines of small insects I have never seen before on them. One is some sort of spotted beetle-type insect. The others are smaller insects, some of which are red and some of which are black. I also saw a larger ant on one of the stalks that had the black insects. I am not sure if any of these insects are helpful, harmless, or harmful. I took some photos and was hoping that someone could identify these insects and let me know if I should be concerned for the plant/the other plants in my yard.


Beetle2marchsunflower_300x300%2523 Blackbugsmarshsunflower1_300x300%2523 Blackandredinsectsmarshsunflower_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD flowers aphids marsh sunflower cucumber beetle 8 days ago


What do I do with the clover that has invaded my back yard? I need to also reseed the backyard and am not sure what to do about the clover. Leave it or try to get rid of it? Thank you


Montgomery County MD seeding lawn clover 8 days ago

Sick peace lilly

What's causing my peace Lilly leaves to turn brown and th stalks yellow?


20191012_091557_300x300%2523 20191012_091550_300x300%2523 20191012_091542_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County MD peace lily houseplant browning 8 days ago

Identify tree from it's seed

I have tried and tried to identify this tree from it's seed pod. The tree is planted along a sidewalk in Frederick MD. I would greatly appreciate any information. The curiosity is killing me! Thank you so much!


1570884775987408356218_300x300%2523 15708849667591626949609_300x300%2523 1570885100538820188657_300x300%2523

Frederick County MD plant identification tree 8 days ago

lawn questions

1. Can spot seeding be done through October 2. PH of lawn is 6.5 but I have not applied lime in years. I was thinking of doing it and thinking best time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Do you agree?


Anne Arundel County MD seeding lawn liming 9 days ago


What can one do about the Mites this Fall very dry season? What do you recommend?


Montgomery County MD insect identification mites 9 days ago


I live in Baltimore City. And recently I've been wanting to grow Georgia collard greens what is the latest date I want to start collard greens. From seed to ground in Baltimore City?


Baltimore MD 9 days ago

What to do with all these pine needles

What to do with extra pine needles?


Baltimore County MD mulch pine needles 9 days ago

Pruning an old Lilac bush to get flowers

I have an old Lilac bush that has pretty much stopped blooming. What should I do to "rejuvinate" it? And when? Thanks.


Montgomery County MD lilac shrub pruning 9 days ago

Are my arbor vitaes sick?

Hello, I have three arbor vitae in my backyard. During this summer exoensive brown areas showed in all of them. Is this due to drought or is it a sign of a disease and if so what should I do to cure them? Thanks you,


Arbor_vitae_1_300x300%2523 Arbor_vitae_2._jpg_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD trees arborvitae 9 days ago

Some animals Are Eating my Mums!

I just put out 4 pots of fresh mums and last night they were pulled out of the pots and most flowers were eaten! Could this be squirrels, rabbits or moles? Is their any humane way to ✋ this?


Baltimore County MD wildlife eating mums 9 days ago

Tree ID

Can you please identify this tree? Alternate branching.

First leaf photo shows leaves taken at about 6 feet up the trunk. Tree is very roughly 30 or so feet as I can recall it.
Last photo shows some leaves higher up the trunk in which some are without the very marked notches. Thanks!


C9d76f30-b3cd-481e-942c-e39e6de7f736_300x300%2523 F0df2b62-efc7-4764-9c86-d63b2fe7b7e0_300x300%2523 49af1450-9a87-4d3d-a725-8eadcf52c4c3_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD plant identification trees 9 days ago




Baltimore County MD wildlife deer diet 9 days ago

Japanese stilt grass

What shall I do with bagged Japanese stilt grass ? Any choices other than land filling?thx


MD invasive disposal of japanese stilt grass japanese stiltgrass 9 days ago

Colorful plants early September

Daughter to get married early next September and wants a garden-party in our yard! Looking for colorful perennials/annuals. Bride likes black-eyed susans. Bridesmaids wearing wine-red and groomsmen wearing navy blue. Must be deer-resistant and rabbit-resistant. We have mostly sun and some shade. Thank you!


Howard County MD flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials plant selection 9 days ago

Growing grass

What is the best feeding program year round for a good yard?


Wicomico County MD lawns and turf 10 days ago

Lime green patches in new lawn

I have lighter green patches in a section of my front yard. It seems to grow a little faster than the darker grass around it. This area had, hopefully, a lot of false gree kylinga. In August, I sprayed the area with sledgehammer twice over a couple weeks. In September, I scalped entire lawn, core aerated, ovetseeded with Newsom trio mix of perennial rye, tall fescue & blue grass. Also used 18-24-12 starter fertilizer. Soil is clay based and low in phosphorus. Yard prior to Renovation was full of clover and Japanese stiltgrass. This is a lower area of my yard. Im very happy with the project otherwise and hope is it's something to do with erratic nitrogen availability and not the return of the kylinga. There are no seed heads so fingers crossed! Thanks, Ron Hurd


20191010_173508_300x300%2523 20191010_173355_300x300%2523 20191010_173206_300x300%2523

Cecil County MD lawns and turf possible poa triv 10 days ago

Meadow on top of Septic Drain Field

Looking for guidance in converting the grass lawn above our septic drain field into a meadow. It is less that 1/8 pf an acre and has hardwood trees on two sides. My concern is to not impact the underground pipes and to encourage growth besides lawn.


Talbot County MD meadow septic drain field lawn alternatives 10 days ago

How can I tell when my elm trees need to be pruned?

I know from a previous inquiry that now is the time of year to prune. One tree service came out and said no pruning was necessary, save for the branches close to the house. I've attached two pics of the two elms, and would welcome your opinion. Whoops, for some reason, the pics on my phone are not syncing with my Mac. If I had an email address, I would be happy to send them there. Thanks,


Montgomery County MD trees elm tree pruning 10 days ago

Pines with Spots on Needles

Several white pines are growing on the eastern side of a home in West Ocean City, MD. A few of the pines are showing full branch die-back and needle drop. Branches still containing needles on the same trees have spotting on the needles themselves. No fruiting bodies were observed, nor any galls, nor dead tips on the needles. The home is on the water so there is a possibility of salt water encroachment, and there is a lawn service at both the residence and the neighboring properties, who may or may not utilize herbicides in their work. Any idea what this could be and how to treat it?


Img_6935_300x300%2523 Img_6936_300x300%2523

Worcester County MD trees 10 days ago

Mt. Airy Fothergilla

Hi: I have three Mt. Airy Fothergilla growing in my back yard. They are full sun part shad. One of the plants, come autumn does not have yellow red orange leaves but has dead or near death leaves over a majority of the plant. It is also the smallest of the three. The leaves are brown and shriveled up. Thank you for your insight.


Baltimore MD native fothergilla poor growth on fothergilla abiotic issues 10 days ago

Lilac blooming in mid October - problem?

Why is my lilac blooming now & is it a sign of stress? I’ve been watering it some as the drought wears on. It dropped some leaves before putting out the flower buds. Is there anything additional I should do now?



Montgomery County MD shrubs abiotic issues 10 days ago

Tomato Ripening

I planted several varieties of tomatoes this summer (Celebrity, Robeson, Tasteful, Black Krim), and while they bore fruit, they never turned to red from green, only a pale pink. Can you tell me what caused this? Thanks - Thomas Harryman


Baltimore County MD vegetables 10 days ago

Mountain laurel with white on bark

We planted a couple of mountain laurel about 5 years ago. They seem to be doing very well, especially the one in question, it is the tallest ( first picture). I noticed some dead or brown leaves then I saw this white speckling on the bark. Some of it came off with hose water but you can still see/ feel it and it seems the branches with this white stuff (2nd picture) have more dead or curled leaves. The white is not sticky or sappy feeling. Is it fatal? Is there something I can do? Thanks Trish


380b79d1-998a-43f4-8db6-ecef4b3f9439_300x300%2523 34802c94-91c9-46c7-9408-ad16bcac04fb_300x300%2523

Baltimore County MD shrubs pest insects and mites white prunicola scale 11 days ago

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