Is my doug-fir dying?

Asked January 21, 2021, 4:19 PM EST

The Doug-fir in our backyard is about 90 years old and probably 5 feet in diameter -- a towering grandfather tree. It has been seeping sap on the bark, and there is some bracket fungus growing at the base. How can I tell if it is healthy or not? This matters, because it leans over our house. Thank you.

Benton County Oregon

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Thanks for reaching out about the problems with your tree.

So we can better understand the issue and see how else we might be able to help, can you please share some photos? A photo showing the tree and its surroundings, plus a photo showing a close-up of any affected areas, might help us get a better sense of what's going on and suggest next steps. Sometimes photos can help reveal either a non-issue, a problem that might respond to adjusted management, a tree that is past saving, or else a situation that needs to be investigated by an arborist to diagnose and make a plan.

You can also just go right to contacting an arborist, most will assess your situation free of charge and write a bid for any work needed.

As a public service, we're not able to recommend one business over another, but instead, we direct people to the International Society of Arborists to locate certified arborists in their areas: