Peace lily in distress

Asked January 20, 2021, 8:56 PM EST

I have an indoor peace lily plant that doesn’t get sunlight. I got this about 4-5 months ago. I water this once in 4-5 days. Occasionally I add miracle gro plant food mixed in water. Of late, I noticed it’s not healthy. Tip of the leaves turning dark brown; odd whitish thing near roots; Is there anything I can do to revive this plant?

King County Washington

1 Response

Thank you for your (3) questions. Your plant appears to be suffering from a watering and/or fertilization problem. The following Extension article has advice on how to care for this species to prevent this leaf damage: Once the leaves are brown, and have holes, they cannot be revived, and should be removed. The grey material on the soil is a natural fungus that grows on potting soil, and, depending on the species, may produce mushrooms, described here: Nothing to be concerned about, but your watering care may promote this as well. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!