What is this fungus?

Asked January 19, 2021, 7:10 PM EST

This is growing on a maple log in my yard. Would you be able to help me identify it? Is it poisonous?

Lane County Oregon

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Thank you for reaching out to Extension Services, unfortunately, we don't have any experts in our system that can ID mushrooms - our Master Gardener programs also are not able to ID mushrooms. We generally recommend that you contact a local mycological society. In your area, your statewide Mycological Society has resources for identification, you can find them here, scroll down to Guidebooks and Eating Wild Mushrooms https://www.wildmushrooms.org/

Like Extension, The Oregon Mycological Society doesn’t identify mushrooms for the public via email or its website. (It’s too easy to get wrong from just photos, and there are liability issues.) You may be able to get help by posting photos on web sites like:
Facebook Pacific Northwest Mushroom Identification Forum
Mushroom Observer
(Neither OMS nor Extension are associated with these sites. The identifications they offer may be inaccurate.)