Peach and Pear trees

Asked January 16, 2021, 1:16 PM EST

I live about 5 miles out of Willamina at 600 ft elevation in the foothills of the coast range. I have some trees from a homestead orchard that goes wayback, Gravenstein, Bartlett pear, a fall/winter apple and several self starters around. I prune yearly but don't spray. Last year I went to the Island to look for peach's and realized that the old self-pick community Mom used to visit every summer no longer exists..... So I would like to add some other trees to my orchard and I wondered if there was a peach variety that will do well at my location and elevation that you could recommend ( plenty of water on the place) ?

Yamhill County Oregon

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Peaches will not grow well in western Yamhill County, but with treatments, I hesitate to tell you it’s impossible. The orchards at Grand Island are gone? I remember those. I picked peaches where Ponzi vineyards is now, also. This prior Q&A about peaches is a detailed answer to your question. Note the links at the end for OSU Extension publications on home orchards for good information as you consider expanding yours.