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Asked January 16, 2021, 12:54 PM EST

After living in the desert southwest for 50+ years we have moved to the coast. Newport, Lincoln County. The home we purchased has a green house. We have cleared the ground and would like to know the best time to start planting. We would like to grow herbs and vegetables. The greenhouse is on one wall of the garage and we have a dog. We would like to avoid any plants that would attract slugs. Would you recommend seed or seedlings or both? We’d appreciate any advice. Thank you, Cynthia

Lincoln County Oregon

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Welcome to the Oregon Coast. Here is a link to a very useful Oregon State Extension publication - "Growing Your Own" -

Page 6 - "Where is your garden?" - Region 1 - Oregon Coast
Page 7 - "Dates for Planting Vegetables in Oregon" - This will list suitable vegetables for the Oregon Coast (Region 1) and when to start.
Pages 18-19 - Provides some more specifics with respect to gardening on the coast
Page 13 - Discusses protecting from slugs.

With the relatively short growing season on the coast, it is usually better to start with vegetable seedlings. Although if you have a greenhouse, you have a better chance of extending the season and could try starting with good quality seeds.

Here also is a list of best vegetables for Oregon coastal gardens compiled by a Lincoln County Master Gardener -

Here is some information regarding growing herbs. Many can be grown by seed however, seedlings are usually available at garden centers/nurseries -
These herbs usually grow in Oregon:
- Basil Chives
- Parsley Sage
- Thyme Dill
- Oregano Cilantro
- Tarragon Rosemary (will quickly turn into a shrub)
- Mint (will spread quickly so either grow in a container or isolate from rest of garden)