Grafting an apple tree

Asked January 16, 2021, 12:15 PM EST

I would like to take a graft of an apple tree from my parent's house in Banks in Washington Co. They planted this winter apple tree over 40 years ago and have no idea of the variety. There is a lot of information online about how to graft; really too much information so I thought you would be able to tell me the best/easiest way to do the graft and to keep the tree happy and growing. I plan on keeping it in a pot on my patio in Lake Oswego, I assume I will just give it larger and larger pots over time as it grows. Also, any advice you have on where I can find the right kind of root stock would be really helpful as I am not sure where to find just root stock (and not a whole tree) for sale.
Thank you so much!

Washington County Oregon

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Finding root stock may be a challenge. The Home Orchard Society (HOS) used to be an excellent source of root stock for home gardeners but, in 2020, the membership inactivated the group. Even so, the HOS Forum is still active. Consider posting there to ask about a source for root stock there. Be certain to explain that you want to grow the apple in a container. You might even be able to locate an experienced member who will do the graft for you.

Other potential resources are large local garden centers which may be able to order root stock for apples. The choice of stock depends on the size of the original tree and how much you need to dwarf it to be able to keep it in a container. It may be best to find those answers in the HOS Forum mentioned above.

If you have further questions, please ask in a reply to this email.