Dormant spray - fruit trees

Asked January 15, 2021, 4:44 PM EST

Is a dormant spray harmful to bush tits that hang out in our apple trees? We have a flock of about 30 bush tits. Could they be eating insects on our apple trees. They come to our suet block n then fly to the apple trees.

I have lettuce and kale growing near our apple trees. If I spray will it harm the lettuce and Kale?
how late can I apply a dormant spray to our apple n pear trees?
Thank you, Bernadette

Multnomah County Oregon

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What pest(s) are you trying to control?

Are you trying to control scale, aphids, and mite eggs? Did you have problems with those pests last year?

If yes, late winter, before the flower buds start to break is the latest you's apply dormant oil.

Read the product label to determine if there are any risks to wildlife to determine the risk for the birds in the apple tree. The birds are likely eating the aphids and scale insects, so control is probably already being taken care of.

If you are not trying to control aphids, scale, and mites, then dormant season sprays aren't necessary at all.

Depending on the pest you are trying to control, here's a great calendar of pest management activities for apples here:

In terms of your kale, are you vegetable crops immediately beneath the apple you would treat? If yes, look carefully at the product label to see if there's information about damage to other crops.

I hope this information helps.


Thank you for your reply. How do I control Apple Maggot and coddling moth organically.

For apple maggot and codling moth, you best approach is to put paper bags or nylon footies over individual apples to protect them from the crawling larva of each of the insects.

Here's more information about bagging fruit:

These guidelines will apply to both insect pests:

Cleaning up fallen fruit is key.

If you determine you need an insecticide, Cyd-X and Spinosid are made from organic materials.

Good luck.