Renew master gardener cert

Asked January 15, 2021, 2:58 PM EST

I took master gardeners course- Marion county in 1991. I would like renew cert. can I and how?

Marion County Oregon

2 Responses

Hello and thanks for contacting us. We are pleased that you would like to recertify with the Marion County Master Gardeners. A lot has happened in the horticultural world since you first qualified, so you may be asked to re-test.

Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, the Master Gardener Training classes are not being held in 2021. I will forward your inquiry to our extension agent, Neil Bell, who is better able to advise you.

I have been the Horticulturist in Marion County only since 2000 so I do not have any records prior to that. However, our policy for returning Marion County Master Gardeners who have been inactive for more that two years is they sign necessary paperwork, pay MG Association dues and audit the Master Gardener classes (at no charge) in order to become certified. Unfortunately, in 2021, Master Gardener classes are not being offered, other than online. Perhaps if you can contact me directly at my email address below we can discuss the possibilities directly. Thanks!