Yard Design

Asked January 15, 2021, 8:25 AM EST

Wife need big help in designing our front and side yards at our home in Springfield. She is ready but needs help. Want to design now for spring too.

Lane County Oregon

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We here at Ask an Expert can answer specific questions, but we can't do a yard design for you. Every yard is unique, as are the needs of the people using it. A great place to start is to consider what uses you want to make of the yard, which is important for determining where you want paths, patio, raised beds, or other hardscape. Also take a close inventory of what the site conditions are (sun and shade, water availability, soil type and such). This will help you choose plants that will do well in your conditions.
To get you started you could sign up for our Sustainable Landscape Design short course https://workspace.oregonstate.edu/course/master-gardener-series-sustainable-landscape-design?hsLang=...
There are also many books and other resources on landscape design.
Or, you could call on a professional landscape designer for help, to help you design a garden that will thrive, and meet your needs for a long time.
If you come up with specific questions, such as "what tree is good for growing in a wet area, and doesn't get over 30 feet", please contact us again.