Where can I get affordable soil testing?

Asked January 12, 2021, 6:57 PM EST


I live in Salem, OR and I'm wondering where I would be able to get a soil testing kit and service for an affordable amount. I've never tested my soil before and would really like to know before planting my garden this year. Thank you!

Marion County Oregon

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Hello and thanks for contacting us. While we do not track the fees charged by soil testing laboratories, you may find information on the websites of the laboratories. Here are two publications that may help you:

It is worth doing a bit of investigation to find a lab that will provide the tests that you want. There are also several good websites on how to collect soil samples for testing. To find these, enter the followinng in the search box:
"soil sample" site:.edu

Hello again,

I meant to inclcude this link in my previous email. I hope it helps.


Lynne Marie Sullivan