Prunning Apricot Trees in SE Bend

Asked January 12, 2021, 2:00 PM EST

My appricot trees need to be prunned as they are too tall and close to the house. With our warmer weather now they look like they are already budding. Can I still prune them now? Or should I wait until later on in the spring or some other time?

Deschutes County Oregon

2 Responses

Hello, it does seem that now would be a good time to prune your apricot tree but I advise you to wait. The new growth that will be initiated by pruning will be very tender and we are sure to have some cold nights still. Temperatures under 28 degrees Fahrenheit will cause a lot of injury that will then require more pruning. We generally recommend waiting until around March to prune fruit trees.

If you would like to read some information to get ready for pruning, here is a link to a great publication.

I might also suggest reading the book "Grow a Little Fruit Tree" by Anne Ralph. She has some great ideas for pruning back over-sized trees. You may be able to check this book out at your local library.

Good luck.

Thank you so much for your expert advice. I've downloaded the publication you recommended and ordered the book. I will wait to prune the fruit trees until March when the weather is a little warmer.
Happy Gardening!