ID on invasive vine

Asked January 6, 2021, 2:25 PM EST

I bought 11 neglected acres in Umpqua (zone 8b) off of Tyee/Highway 138 area. I just pulled some invasive vine (still alive and green) from some trees I was limbing up for fire protection. Some old 1 inch plus dead stalks winding into oaks and firs but clearly alive and thriving in what was shad and due to 3/2020 logging is now getting sunlight. Older leaves yellower, growing singly directly across from each other, no clusters, no variegation, no sawtooth leaves, light attachments points if at all, not growing on trunk mostly up through branches like reaching for sunlight, roots came up pretty easily until I traced it to one growing point, then had to cut and will dig later...nothing specific to help me ID from internet photo searches. I do have a rash which started in an area where my long sleeves and gloves met, so I assume rash is from this vine. Would love to know what it is.

Douglas County Oregon

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I don't recognize it. I will send the photo to another person who helps in our plant clinic.

This looks like a variey of honeysuckle. It is native, although some like the Japanese honey suckle are not. They can get up into trees and girdle small trees. The vines can also reduce photosynthesis by blocking sunlight.
Hope this helps!