Details of the Master Melittologist course

Asked December 26, 2020, 2:25 AM EST

What is required beyond the $185 fee and materials fees? Any volunteer hours required? How much killing of bees is required for the course?

Washington County Oregon

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Thank you for your question. Here is the OSU webpage about the course: It does not indicate how many bees must be. killed, but you can ask that of the instructors once you have signed up. Good luck!

I had already seen and read that web site which does not answer any of the questions I asked you. Numbers of bees killed will determine whether I really want to take the course, so, no, I will not simply sign up and wait to ask an instructor. It's OK with me if you don't know the answers to my questions, but I would have liked a referral to someone who was likely to know the answers. I have spent additional time clicking around on the OSU web sites and have sent these questions to someone who seems likely to be able to answer them.

If you click on the Faculty and Staff link, you will find contact information for those who might know (but are not on Ask an Expert). The disclaimer that details are "still in development" would indicate none of the information you are seeking is currently available.


Did you see that there seems to be an Outreach track which doesn't involve killing/collecting bees?

"DISCLAIMER Killing bees is an unfortunate aspect of the work that we do. All Atlas members will be required to kill specimens for collection and curation. Bees must be collected in this manner for educational purposes and to gather scientific information. If you are uncomfortable killing bees, we can assign you to the Outreach track of the Oregon Bee Atlas."

I hope that comes closer to answering your question but if not I encourage you to reach out to program support staff who will be most familiar with the details and can best assist you: