Safety of eating ground up prune pits...? We make a fruit lax for our...

Asked December 21, 2020, 9:37 AM EST

Safety of eating ground up prune pits...? We make a fruit lax for our disabled daughter using prunes, raisins and dates which we steam and then puree (she does not chew and has a swallowing disorder).

Recently we made up a batch - which we steamed in the instant pot and then pureed before we realized that the prunes we used still had the pits in them. We discovered this when we used the Vitamix to puree the mixture and the noise sounded like we were crushing ice cubes.

I will not put my daughter at risk of cyanide poisoning from the ground up prune pits, but wondered if it would be safe for my husband and I to eat it. The pits were whole inside the prunes when they were heated in the instant pot. They were ground up after cooking.

Would they be safer to eat (if at all) if the now pureed mixture was heated again?

Thank you so much!


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Hi there,

This is a good question and I'm glad that you asked. Yes, there is a risk of cyanide poisoning with the consumption of certain fruits and vegetables and we have to follow cooking instructions in order for that risk to be reduced. Similarly, many stone fruit pits contain substances that can also lead to cyanide poisoning, but since we don't eat those portions we usually don't pay attention. In your case, you have inadvertently ground up some stone pits into your puree. There is no way to know how much pit was ground and how much potential toxin is in the puree. Boil these types of foods for long periods of time and that will reduce the amount of toxin in the food. There are no specific recommendations for your situation, but you can find some additional information from this website:

Hope this helps. Wishing you a happy holiday season. Thanks for using Ask an Expert!