safe strawberry habanero canned jam recipe

Asked December 18, 2020, 8:08 PM EST

hi Iam in search of a safe recipe for canned Strawberry Habanero Jam..

Thank You

Marion County Oregon

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Kraft, makers of Sure Jel Fruit pectin have this recipe. It is mostly strawberry with enough peppers to perk it up. We know that pectin manufacturers test the final acidity of the product to ensure it is safe to seal in jars.

You can substitute any pepper, so habaneros would work.

If you wanted a higher ratio of peppers to fruit, you could start with an existing pepper jelly recipe from a pectin manufacturer. Most pectin packages have a pepper jelly recipe in the instructions. You could follow one of those recipes and add strawberries, either reducing the amount of peppers or just adding strawberries. This would be safe because the original pepper jelly recipe should have plenty of acid (vinegar) to make the product safe and adding strawberries won’t change the safety. It may change the final consistency a little since strawberries add liquid.