Help with ID of evergreen ornamental

Asked December 17, 2020, 3:54 PM EST

I'd love assistance ID-ing an evergreen ornamental, photos attached. The small summer flowers turn to bunches of pea-sized red berries that the robins come devour at a certain point over the winter. It's getting quite overgrown so any advice on pruning would be welcome. Thank you.

Lane County Oregon

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This looks like Cotoneaster lacteus (Parney cotoneaster), a native of China used as an ornamental. This identification is courtesy of Neil Bell, Oregon State Extension Community Horticulturist. Here is a link to an Oregon State University landscape plants description -

Any pruning should be done to enhance the shrub's natural form. You can take out dead & diseased branches anytime but most pruning should be in spring before flowering. Prune longer branches back to side branches just above new buds. You could cut out a few branches in the center down to ground level if shrub is really dense.

Hi Bill, thanks very much to you and Neil.