mincemeat cookies

Asked December 17, 2020, 2:34 PM EST

a friend gave me a jar of home canned venison mince meat and asked me to make him some cookies like his late mom used to make. he has been unable to find her recipe. lost to the family as well. i have found tons of recipes that call for mincemeat but none differentiate between with or without actual meat. little did i know that mincemeat doesn't necessarily contain meat. any suggestions? would you happen to have a recipe that actually uses venison (or other meat)?

Linn County Oregon

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First, let's hope the mincemeat was canned safely. Here is a recipe and instructions from the National Center for Home Food Preservation for canned mincemeat. The source of the recipe and instructions for the canned product would be worth checking on to be sure they came from a relable source.

Older recipes for mincemeat all included meat, so “vintage” cookie recipes would have taken that into consideration. Either the meat or meat-free versions of mincemeat should work in most recipes. The recipes I saw all had the mincemeat stirred into the dough in limited amounts. Others were pinwheels with a thin layer of the mincemeat rolled into the dough. I would handle the baked cookies with meat in them more carefully- refrigerate or freeze rather than leaving them on the counter until eaten. http://katorade.blogspot.com/2013/09/getting-to-meat-of-it-mincemeat-pie-and.html

We don’t usually promote sites we find online, but I did find this blog that had posted the recipe for mincemeat, that incudes meat and then mincemeat cookies from the Fannie Farmer Cookbook. It will give you an idea of what older recipes were like.


perfect! fannie Farmer! whoda thunk it! should have thought of that one myself. should work perfectly, can't wait to try it. thank you so much for the quick response. i have been wrestling with this for months.
thanks again,