Infested by mites

Asked December 14, 2020, 7:35 PM EST

In 2017 my landlord hired someone to fix my plumbing.The apartment flooded. An attic full of pigeon nests and bat feces was behind the wall of my kitchen. The water was never extracted properly. I began feeling stings on my skin and tiny black specks all over furniture and counters. After another year and a half I moved to a relatives. I moved with no issues. Four months later I got a new apartment. I made the mistake of keeping my vacuum.i swept the new apartment with the vacuum and within a couple of days began getting stung again. Same black specks everywhere. My boyfriend also began getting stung. I was getting stung so bad I had to sleep in my car. So three months later we moved and sold the car as it was now infested. We got rid of everything I ncluding clothes and only saved some paperwork which we kept in the trunk. We were great for a month and one day we were cleaning the car and we began getting stung thru the crack in the back seat which leads to the trunk. We realized the trunk was infested with these from the paperwork we had dragged along . I write this a year later. My car is so badly infested we can no longer drive it. Nothing kills this. My once long hair has been cut and my head is shaved. My boyfriend has to shave his body hair to keep from getting stung and black specks everywhere. We are not delusional. I know the Covid virus is most important at this time but I am asking for someone to please look at my samples when able to. This issue of becoming infested with these microscopic black specks is increasing among humans per my support groups and we need help. Thanks

Washington County Ohio

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Thank you for your question. The assigned expert has been unavailable for some time. I suggest you contact your own county Extension service directly for help: Good luck!