Need help identifying tiny jumping insects...

Asked December 12, 2020, 11:17 PM EST

I was outside putting up Christmas lights today and I saw +100 tiny bugs that jump like fleas on a stone slab in the yard. They are about 1mm. Too small to see any detail.

I took a picture of one with my iPhone 11 and can see that they are sort of flat and look to be brown hard bodied with yellowish/orange legs and head with long straight antennae. (The antennae almost make a prefect right angle that points to the center of the insects head.)

*Pictures attached are taken as close as possible with an iPhone 11.

ALSO, i found a swarm of small winged insects in this exact same spot in the middle of summer. They looked sort of like ants with wings and I assumed they were some kind termites. I have no idea if they have anything to do with this new swarm of tiny bugs, or if they were in fact termites, but figured it might help to mention it.

Sussex County Delaware

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Thank you for your question. The assigned expert has been unavailable for some time. I suggest you contact your own county Extension service directly for help: Good luck!

This looks like a member of the Dicyrtomina genus. I can't see the details well enough to positively identify the species. It's a member of the collembola family--springtails. Here's a cool article about the family:
Springtails do their jumping with an appendage that is tucked under their bodies--a furcula. When disturbed, it untucks the furcula and can jump as high as 4-6 feet! Cool little creature.