Firewood safety

Asked December 2, 2020, 12:24 PM EST

Is it safe to burn firewood or kindling that was stored outside, uncovered during last summer's wildfires? Just wondering if the ash contains harmful toxins that would present a health hazard if wood is used in fireplaces or inserts.
Thank you!
Joan Hurley

Benton County Oregon

2 Responses

Hello, my understanding is that the wood is fine to burn, but the issue may be the residual ash that covered everything. You should use a dust mask when handling the wood at the pile to avoid breathing any of the residual ash on the wood, and I would also suggest knocking off the ash by banging the wood or using a blower. Again, the main issue is breathing the ash. Avoid that, and don't transport the ash into the house.

Thank you so much--that is very helpful, and much appreciated!
Best regards,
Joan Hurley