Best E;derberry

Asked December 2, 2020, 12:07 PM EST

Decided to stay id Denver for 10-20 years so now time to do yard for me not big lawn for selling.
90% of lawn was covered with six inches of mulch right after I moved in eight years ago.
Looking for list of best fruit trees, elderberry, can I plant several varieties or do I need to plant same variety for pollination?
The apple trees (looking to plant old heirloom varieties) I grow 50 to 100 varieties of tomatoes and other vegetables. I would be looking for smaller size trees for a city sized lot.

Denver County Colorado

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There are a variety of fruit trees and shrubs that will grow in the Denver area. Some are self pollinating and some are not. I am attaching links to several useful Colorado State University publications that will help you decide which trees or shrubs will work best for you.

The first links to CSU PlantTalk fact sheets on a variety of fruits and berries. Each discusses the growing and pollination needs of that particular fruit or berry. Most will list cultivars that do well here in Colorado.

The second link is to the Front Range Tree Recommendation list. The list grades a large variety of trees on how well suited they are for our growing conditions. The list covers a wide variety of trees including fruit trees.

The third is a CSU fact sheet on deciduous shrubs. It includes a number of berries that might work for you.

Good luck with your landscape project.