Myoga (Zingiber mioga)

Asked December 1, 2020, 7:08 PM EST

I would like to grow myoga in Denver. In September, I bought some myoga plants and regular ginger plants from a nursery in Florida. It's December 1st. The ginger is doing well indoors, but the myoga is dying back to the ground. I read that it might die back a bit, but it looks completely dead. Will it sprout new growth in spring? Or is it likely completely dead?

Can myoga be grown successfully in Denver in containers or in the garden? It's a very hardy plant in the mountains outside Kyoto, Japan, so it seems like it might adapt to Denver if protected from winter.

Denver County Colorado

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Myoga is only hardy to 3 degrees which is USDA hardiness zone 7. If you are living in Denver, you are almost certainly in hardiness zone 5a or 5b, which is too cold to grow myoga. If you have a particularly good microclimate (i.e. south facing, full sun, protected, near a wall that stores and radiates a lot of heat) your myoga might survive. That is a long shot. At this point, you might as well wait and see what happens in the spring. Most likely, your myoga will not be perennial in our climate.