Asked November 26, 2020, 12:47 PM EST

Hi,am Jason and kindly do ask for a guidance. I have a female turkey who is alone and have tried to look for a male but in vain...will she survive alone? Second question; can I crossbreed female turkey with cocks?

Outside United States

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Turkeys can survive on their own if properly feed and managed. But turkeys liked most poultry species, are flock animals and they will not be very happy by themselves.

Thanks a lot and be blessed for the voluntary job you're doing to help us.Kindly I have two questions which am seeking your assistance; 1.How can I identity fertilized and unfertilized ducks eggs? 2.My two ducks have started sitting on their eggs, can I add them Turkey egg's? 3.At a room temperature, how long do eggs(ducks,turkey and chicken) stay without getting bad?

You cannot tell whether an egg (chicken, turkey, or duck) is fertilized or not without breaking them open or incubating them to see if an embryo develops.
See - AVIAN REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM – FEMALE – Small and backyard poultry (extension.org)
See - AVIAN EMBRYOLOGY – Small and backyard poultry (extension.org)

I would not add additional eggs once a hen has started incubating them.

At room temperature, eggs should not be eaten after 2 weeks or so, depending on the conditions of the eggs (dirty versus clean) and what temperature the room is. If you want to set the eggs, after 5 days at room temperature there will be a large drop off in hatchability.