Pine cones

Asked November 21, 2020, 5:31 PM EST

Why are the pine cones so small this year?


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You do not say what type of pine tree you have. There are many species of pines and they all have different size cones. Two needle pines, for example, like our lodge pole and shore pine, have small 1-2” cones; three needle pines like our Ponderosa and Jeffrey pine, have larger cones 4-6”; and 5 needles pines like our sugar and white pines have the largest cones of all some up to 12-15” long. There are many factors affecting cone production, mostly including cold weather and drought. Some trees only produce cones at different yearly intervals, say 5-8 years. Sometimes, if a tree is under stress from drought or insects, it will produce an abundance of small cones.

Hope this helps!