Pruning backyard peach tree

Asked November 20, 2020, 5:40 PM EST

Hi, I would like to know if there’s any way to have a master gardener show me how to prune my peach tree? I watched a very informative video on the OSU Extension website, but I still am not sure exactly how to do it correctly. I’d like to have a good start, since this is the tree’s second season. I welcome any advice. -Jean

Washington County Oregon

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We don't have any services available for Master Gardeners to travel and visit your site to help you prune your tree.

If you send several pictures of the tree, I can mark them up to show you where to make cuts.

For peach pruning, I'd prune anything that's broken or damaged now, but otherwise wait until summer to prune. There's less risk of spreading disease via pruning in the summer compared to winter pruning.


Thank you for your answer. Here are a few photos of my tree. I look forward to your input regarding the pruning that should be done.

Hello again,

I have marked up one of your photos indicating pruning cuts.

I'd wait until next summer (June-early August) to minimize potential disease problems associated with pruning stone fruits.

Overall, the shape of the tree is looking good.

Make cuts to your main lateral branches, removing about 1/3 of the length. Prune the branches just above branches that face outward so the growth resumes going away from the center of the tree.

Also prune out inward facing branches from your main laterals as indicated by the longest diagonal white line in my marked up photo. In pruning, you are encouraging the tree to grow upward and outward.

Remove any dead, disease, or damage branches.

Here is a good publication for pruning fruit trees:

Good luck.