Female toad trembling hard

Asked November 20, 2020, 5:32 PM EST

I have two American toads, a female and a male. We were pretty sure when one got atop the other. It started when we had put on some mating sounds from YouTube. When this happened, we worried because the female was much smaller then the male, and the male seemed to be suffocating her. But he got off her about four days later, when he realized she was too young to lay eggs. (At least, that's what I think. It might've been because there was no competition or not large enough of a water bowl.)

It's been almost a year since that happened , but just two days ago I was cleaning their tank and saw the male on top of our female, again. (Luckily, she is now bigger then him) This time he wasn't squeezing her, it was more like a snuggle for some reason. Today she had her right leg dragging behind her body. The leg looked broken and I started to freak out. When I looked up what she had been doing, I didn't find out anything on all the webs.

Soon after that I realized it must've been from how big she is. I have been feeding her about five to ten medium crickets a day, since she was under wait for so long. Ten minutes later, after I've done my research, the female has both legs stretched out and broken looking, but then she drags herself forward and her legs move. I see her trembling from claw to claw, with her fingers (or toes, talons, feet, etc.) are clenching and then releasing. I worry this might be breeding behavior (in the need of laying eggs) or just the normal overweight problem.

Please help me out on this one. I feel this is hurting our toad, maybe even killing her . . . Do I need to put them both on a diet, or get them a deeper bowl so they can lay eggs? This is worrying to me, please wright back as soon as you can. Thanks!

(Any incorrect words or missed punctuation is my fault. I'm sorry if there is any. Thanks, again!)

Kent County Delaware

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Thank you for your question. The assigned expert has been unavailable. I suggest you contact your county Extension office directly for help: Kent County Staff | Cooperative Extension | University of Delaware (udel.edu)

Good luck!