Fern Propagation

Asked November 14, 2020, 4:26 PM EST

Do you have information on native fern care and propagation?

Lane County Oregon

2 Responses

Caring for and propagating native ferns is pretty much the same as for any fern. Almost all of them prefer a moist, partly shady to shady location. They are propagated primarily by spores (instead of seeds). This can be challenging, but worth the effort. The Hardy Fern Foundation https://hardyferns.org/propagation/ offers a nice illustrated tutorial. Basically, you need warmth, moisture, a sterile medium, and patience.
Some ferns naturally form offsets or creeping rhizomes; these can be divided like any other perennial.
Here is a very nice guide to identifying and growing PNW native ferns, at http://nativeplantspnw.com/ferns/

Thank you so very much!