Thinning replant units.

Asked November 9, 2020, 9:40 PM EST

Is there any forestery departments that are interested in hiring for thinning replant units? I've been noticing over the years that some of the replant units are overgrown. It seems you may need a crew to go in and thin. Not just for health but for fire safety.


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Hi there, Thanks for using Ask an Expert! If you are interested in seeking work on a reforestation/thinning crew I suggest contacting individual contractors in your area since many agencies and landowners contract this work out. Reforestation contractors are often looking for crew members. The Oregon Forest Industry Directory would be a good place to start looking for these companies in Oregon:
On the top tab select services, choose forestry services, select your region on the map. This will generate a list of forestry related service companies, click on each name to read more on what services they provide, it will also provide contact information. I hope this helps!